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Jun 25

EA’s 2015 E3 Conference Left Us Really Excited and Half-Asleep

Yesterday I kind of talked about the highs and lows of Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Overall it was pretty good and just left me wanting more as ambiguous trailer after ambiguous trailer told me nothing of what I could look forward to in the future. EA didn’t really have that problem. EA’s problem is that …

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Apr 15

Reality Check: Are MMOs Bad For You?

I’m not into MMOs but for all the positive reasons mentioned in this video I want to be. I am in love with the idea of an MMO but there are too many barriers for me right now really get into them. The first being that many of the popular MMOs are based around a …

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Oct 10

Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds Space Battles and I Vent the Reasons Why I don’t Care

I don’t know why I continue to post things about Star Wars: The Old Republic when I feel like I’ve made it clear that I didn’t really enjoy the game. Maybe because space battles is something that I felt should have been included in the game proper before hand? Maybe it’s because this would be …

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May 25

The Dark Side is Strong with this Darth Maglus Cosplay

This Darth Malgus looked like he jumped straight out of the The Old Republic. If there is one thing I sort of appreciate about the The Old Republic was it’s art direction. Even though I’m not a big fan of the style of the Old Republic Star Wars era, with it being pretty much the …

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Feb 18

Pach-Attack: Profitable PS+? Nintendo’s E-Shop Escapades? Star Wars: The Mac Republic?

Pach-Attack! 1) PS+ Profitable? Of course the PS+ would be profitable, because I can’t imagine Sony hemorrhaging money on purpose. It is interesting to know how those kinds of promotions work though, because I’ve always wondered that myself. 2) Nintendo’s E-Shop I guess I can kind of see how being late to the party hinders …

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Jan 10

Tera Goes Free-to-Play, The Right Way

Guess who is excited about Tera now? I am! Now normally, I wouldn’t post something like this because I wouldn’t usually be able to come up with anything interesting to say about it other than “hey looks, it’s free to play now!” But what makes this so special is it seems like the developers of …

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Dec 16

Gamasutra: The Problems With The Old Republic’s F2P Model

A great article discussing the failings of the free-to-play model of Bioware’s MMO Star Wars The Old Republic.   I really didn’t like The Old Republic. It was really fun at first, but after a while, I could not stand the tediousness of the game anymore. I could not stand the boring, hit the button …

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Dec 13

Gamasutra: Controversies and Disappointments of 2012

Gamasutra keeps rolling out the lists of top 5s of 2012 list. This time, we got controversies and disappointments.   On the controversy side, the Mass Effect ending controversy is an interesting one. As the article states it calls in the auteurship of a developer. Who decides how a game’s story should be written? At …

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Sep 09

MMO Girls by Genzoman

Saw this picture by way of Kotaku and just had to share it. Now can WoW and TOR players get along?   Art done by Genzoman.

Apr 20

Speculation Friday: The Next Star Wars Game

I can understand the rationale behind the latest Star Wars game, that is, Star Wars Kinect. Star Wars, I believe, has always been a franchise for the kids that we adults have taken with us from our childhoods. So with that, I have no problem with the more “kiddie” Star Wars games like that one …

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Feb 04

Star Wars The Old Republic and Same Sex-Relationships

Star Wars The Old Republic is allowing same-sex relationships and I guess that’s a big deal? People need to wake up and realize that allowing is not the same as forcing. If you’re aren’t into same-sex relationships, don’t choose them.

Jan 13

Audioticles #1: Tactics, Star Wars and Stories

Hey guys, long time no see. So I busted my hand while swordfighting (no joke) so I can’t type for an extended period of time without my right hand being seriously angry at me.  Like, bad-breakup ex-girlfriend angry.  So instead I’m going to try something new! This will be me recording what I would have …

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Dec 29

The Old World of Republic Warcraft

So recently Star Wars: The Old Republic released, and it was a hit among everyone here at VGO. However, once I booted up the game and finished installing the updates on release day, I was intrigued to see how similar the game was to another MMO Superstar, World of Warcraft. It’s not that the games are like …

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Dec 15

SWTOR Early Access One Hour In

Early access to Bioware’s first MMORPG began this week, December 13th.  The actual release date is December 20th.  Bioware was advertising that preordering the game would get you “up to five days” of early access to the new MMORPG.  Many fans are upset by the process being used to let people in. Bioware decided upon …

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