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May 30

The History of Star Wars Battlefront – BattlefrontUpdates

  The Youtube channel BattlefrontUpdates has a great video on the history of Star Wars Battlefront, one of the most popular Star Wars franchises of all time and proof that popularity and success, don’t necessarily mean you’ll always be funded.

Aug 10

Star Wars Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron Mode Trailer Makes My Childhood Weep With Joy

  I’m really only posting this trailer because oh my gosh look at it! I seriously cannot wait for the new Star Wars Battlefront game.

Jun 25

EA’s 2015 E3 Conference Left Us Really Excited and Half-Asleep

Yesterday I kind of talked about the highs and lows of Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Overall it was pretty good and just left me wanting more as ambiguous trailer after ambiguous trailer told me nothing of what I could look forward to in the future. EA didn’t really have that problem. EA’s problem is that …

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Jun 17

EA’s E3 2015 Conference is Both Exciting and Cringe-Worthy All at Once

  EA’s conference was really a few swings with some hits and some misses. The sports, as always, is a major turn-off for me, but Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and, of course, Star Wars Battlefront kept me pumped all the way to the end.

Jun 13

Star Wars: Battlefront – Going to the Source To Recreate the Magic

I got misty eyed the first time I watched this. Star Wars is so embedded into my childhood and Star Wars Battlefront is one of my favorite games. And oh my God those graphics. It actually looked like it was from the movies. Also being able to go the Lucas Archives and the original set …

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Jun 06

Question: What Are Your E3 2014 Expectations?

E3 is literally just around the corner and it seems like it’s going to be a big year for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. A lot of game trailers and info has been dropping all week, which may leave someone a little confused about what we’re going to be surprised about. We already know about the …

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Feb 04

Question: What is Cheating in Video Games?

Haven’t asked a question in a while, so here’s one that has kind of been on my mind lately.   What do you consider cheating in video games? There’s the really obvious side of this question which I think many people would say that using outside devices to manipulate the rules or systems into creating …

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Jul 12

Speculation Friday: Franchises That Need a Reboot

Sometimes a series goes on for so long that it has become impossible for anyone new to jump in. Other times, a series is seen to be a good idea, but the original execution just wasn’t good enough to warrant any more sequels. What do you do then? You reboot it of course. That seems …

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Jul 05

Speculation Friday: What I Want to See In the New Star Wars Battlefront (Part 2)

EA has the license of make Star Wars games, and so far the only thing confirmed to come out of it is a Star Wars Battlefront reboot. The game is being made by DICE, the same guys who make the Battlefield series, and aside from that all we know is that the guys behind Dead …

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Aug 31

Speculation Friday: The Future of Battlefield

Last week I talked about how games could still try new things in space and one of those ideas is what I called Spacefield, a game that takes the Battlefield into the far future, focusing on the idea of how a realistic shooter like Battlefield could do space combat.   To recap, I would love …

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Jul 05

Why Did They Cancel Star Wars Battlefront III?

They game was shaping up to look so cool. One thing I noticed in particular was that there were multiple heroes on the battlefield, and Lando and IG88 made it out of just being mod added characters and were to made officially into the game, although it seemed random. Also, combining space and ground combat …

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May 18

Speculation Friday: What I Would Like To See In Star Wars Battlefront III

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 is probably one of the more anticipated Star Wars games. Despite being a shallow knockoff of the Battlefield series, it’s Star Wars. The soldiers are iconic, the locations are epic, and everything about fighting in a galaxy far, far away is just made better because it’s Star Wars. The …

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Apr 04

Leaked Star Wars Battlefront III Video

Before anyone gets their hopes up, no, this isn’t any new Star Wars Battlefront III stuff, this is old stuff. As in, whats we could have had by now if the universe wasn’t made of pure evil or something. I’m beginning to think they made Battlefront 1 and 2 just to tease us with 3. …

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