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Mar 03

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition – A Once Dead Fan-Game, Brought Back to Life

I’d never thought I would see the day where the world would finally have My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic.   This fan-made fighting game, spearheaded by fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, received a cease and desist order from Hasbro. While this is par the course for most fan-related projects, as fans …

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Apr 01

Welcome to My Little Ponyologists – Why Season 3 Doomed the Fandom

Okay, so the Naruto thing is kind of a dumb idea. I dunno they’re in filler right now so I can’t bring myself to even look at Naruto right now. But that’s why I decided that the site’s new direction is going to be the second best animated show out there: My Little Pony Friendship …

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Jan 30

Fighting is Magic – Fluttershy Trailer

This game is a beacon of inspiration to all future game developers out there. I mean, despite it being based on a show about talking technicolor horses who talk about friendship all the time, this fighting game has attracted both the bronies and fighting game enthusiasts alike. And by watching this trailer for Fluttershy, the …

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Jan 08

GameSpot: The Most Unlikely Fighter You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, fighting games, or are just getting into game development, then you should probably read this article detailing the story of the dev team known as Mane6 and their debut game in progress, Fighting is Magic.   The article goes into pretty …

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Oct 15

Games That Shouldn’t Exist: Wolfpuncher 2

If you are familiar with the fan-made My Little Pony content, then you are probably familiar with the Pony.Mov videos made by Hotdiggedydemon. Well, in a non-canon video that premiered at a con, he had two characters playing a “game” called Wolfpuncher, where you, predictably punch a wolf. It was featured in another video where …

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Sep 09

Reach For The Elements of Harmony (Sonic Colors x My Little Pony)

There are a ton of MLP/Video game remixes out there on the internet, and I don’t normally like posting them for 2 reasons. The first that a lot of times a mash-up sounds too much like the two songs are just playing at the same time, which hurts my ears. The second is that I …

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Jun 02

The Magikarp Song: A Pokemon Shanty

I heard the pony “squee” noise…this is the best video ever! Also, why would anyone travel around with a bunch of Magikarp? But I’m sure some pro will think of a killer strategy using one of these guys.

May 11

This Picture Was Too Adorable To Not Post

If you ever felt like you couldn’t wear clothing that expressed your love of My Little Pony and Final Fantasy, well now you can to show every pony!   Of course, the only way to get the T-shirt this image is on is to build a time machine, cause they’re already sold out.    

May 11

Speculation Friday: Franchises That Need Fighting Games

The best thing about a fighting game is that it’s the ultimate way for someone to prove that their favorite character is better than another person’s. When dealing with franchise based fighting games, it also serves as a tribute to that franchise. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is filled to the brim with little references to …

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Apr 13

Pinkie Pie Wants Skyrim to Smile

In the Brony fandom, Pinkie Pie is sometimes depicted as a slash happy murderer. Never look up the fanfic Cupcakes. Note: Prepare for a Skyrim heavy day for extra credit and happy Friday the 13th!

Apr 03

Escape from the Cutie (Crush 40 vs My Little Pony)

There needs to be a new meme, City Escape goes well with anything. To prove it, have a mash-up between City Escape and the cupcake song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (apologies to those who aren’t into the whole pony thing, but the fanbase is focused heavily on remixing).  

Mar 20

My Little Skyrim

This is great, I absolutely love it. Even if you aren’t a brony, you could probably appreciate a video like this that so humorously recreated the Skyrim theme.

Mar 05

Pinkie Pie is Navi, Your Logic is Invalid

Finally, a video that expresses how I feel about Pinkie Pie. Oddly enough, even though this video is made up of only Zelda sound bites and Pony animation, it fits very well. Probably helps that the Zelda music is also used. I know not everyone is a brony, but hopefully you will still enjoy this …

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Feb 25

Culture Wars: I Just Don’t Know What Went Wrong!

  I wanted an opportunity to have some off-topics posts and now is as good a time as ever.   For those who don’t follow the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom, there is a background character who was recently edited from itunes to become a bit more soulless. Her fan name was “Derpy …

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Nov 16

Unless you Have a Week of Free Time, Don’t Get Skyrim: A Warning

So Skyrim launched last Friday.  I don’t think I’ve came out of my room since.   This game is incredibly addicting.  It’ll blow your socks off with how immersive it is.  No, seriously, you will get lost in Skyrim.  You will be so completely absorbed in the world that the world you actually live in …

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