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Feb 09

RokcetJump’s Birth of Man – A Minecraft Film Trailer

So this is neat. I don’t know if I am going to support the Kickstarter to make this a full movie because I feel like this trailer encapsulates everything it’s going to be. Maybe I’m wrong and if enough people think the opposite as I do, then I can’t wait to see what it turns …

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Feb 08

Video Game Medley on Accordion by Jackson Parodi

Well, the accordion is an instrument we don’t hear to much from. In terms of covers, the music selected for this one are also ones I don’t normally hear (except for To Zanarkand). If you liked this stuff, be sure to check out the other video game, and non-video game covers Jackson Parodi has done.

Jan 10

PBS Game/Show: Why Hasn’t There Been Another Minecraft?

  I’m I’m not entirely sure if he is talking why there aren’t more Minecraft like games out there or why hasn’t anyone been able to replicate the success of Minecraft. This is an important distinction because there are plenty of Minecraft copycats out there from smaller indie devs, but bigger companies are pouring all …

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Dec 30

Pixel Passion – A Live-Action Minecraft Fan Short

I really want to see a Minecraft game that is a more realistic art style. Not that I don’t think the 3D pixel stuff of Minecraft isn’t appealing, but I guess I just dream of a game that looks like Skyrim but plays like Minecraft.

Dec 15

Did You Know Gaming: MineCraft

Man, I really would like to see the opposite of the Nether in MineCraft. I even like the idea that you can randomly get there by sleeping, making it a world of dreams. I hope they do one day implement that.

Nov 21

Skyrim Meets Minecraft in an Official Mash-Up

Well this seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun. You know, I think I would be a lot more interested in The Elder Scrolls Online if it wasn’t an MMO. I really don’t care about exploring the world of Tamriel with a bunch of other people getting in the way. I just …

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Nov 10

Notch on “The Late Late Show”

Notch is probably one of the coolest guys in “the game industry”, right now. Though I don’t know how much of “in the industry” he would consider himself. He seems like a pretty nice guy to talk to and it’s pretty amazing how relaxed he is about all of his success.   I will say …

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Oct 19

Use Papercraft to Make Your Own Minecraft Chess Set

Not enough people play Chess. It’s a fantastic game that can do just about everything that a modern game can do, but quicker. It teaches strategy, critical thinking, and sportmanship. You know one way to trick a young gamer these days to visit one of the most played games in the world? Disguise it as …

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Oct 08

Vsauce3: How Much Can You Carry in a Video Game vs. Real-Life

So who said that video games are hyper-realistic again? Sure, they may look real but it’s hard to train teens and children to be mass murders when a game literally teaches them that they can carry 800 lbs. of gear. That includes rocket launchers, miniguns, and snipers. Also, look at games like Skyrim. Where does …

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Sep 15

OperaCraft – The Mozart Opera That Using Minecraft

Minecraft. What makes it a powerful teaching tool is that you can basically do anything in the game. Add mods into the game and you literally could do anything in the game. I’ve heard of teachers who have taught their students history, reading, computer science, music, social skills and I have one friend who said …

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Sep 02

Let the Night Rail Being – A Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Minecraft Roller Coaster

From the same people who brought you the Beetlejuice and Ghostbuster themed Minecraft roller coasters is one inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Like the others, this features a plethora of well timed mechanisms and optical illusions.   Also, in the video description is describes how they are rebuilding all of their coasters on …

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Jul 23

Minecraft Finally Goes to Space With a Mod – Galacticraft

Now I’m not saying anyone took my advice to take Minecraft into space. I’m sure lots of people have wanted this for a long time. Ok, the latter option is probably more likely but still, I’m so excited! Minecraft in space. Now, they just need to make it so we can build our own space …

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Jul 11

FamilyJules7X – Sweden Minecraft Guitar Cover

FamilyJules7X has made a Sweden Minecraft cover and while it’s just as cool, if not cooler, than his last Minecraft guitar cover, I’m at a loss of what makes me it “Sweden”. It just seems like Minecraft to me.

May 12

You Need to be a PhD to Play Minecraft – Cracked

Minecraft is a kind of intimidating game. There’s so much to learn that if this game was released before the internet, it would need a whole book to just explain how to do everything in the game. But, since it didn’t it is really easy to go from Minecraft novice to Minecraft master.

May 04

Notch Teaches Typing – Drop

If you haven’t already heard, Marcus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has a new game out for free as a browser based Unity game. Of course it isn’t on the same scale as Minecraft, but it’s interesting. It’s called Drop and it’s basically like one of those old games that taught kids how to type. …

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