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Jun 29

Is Fallout Just a Popularity Simulator? – Cracked’s After Hours

  Cracked‘s After Hours gives us an interesting, and hilarious, perspective on some of favorite games. Is Fallout, when reduced to it’s core appeal, just a popularity simulator? We all know it’s an RPG, but so many different games are RPGS and shooters, that those no longer act as descriptors for what really makes the …

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Feb 01

Going Back to Minecraft (PS4)

It’s been awhile since I last played Minecraft let only remember what I did in my last saves. Though I never played on the PC, the console versions proved to be competent enough and a good entry to what the whole game is about. Minecraft for the longest time was one of the few games …

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Dec 07

Nerdy Nummies with Rosanna Pansino Creates Coal Cookies Inspired by Minecraft

  Rosanna Pansino shows us how to make Minecraft themed cookies shaped like coal. Because only if something is Minecraft related are we glad to get coal for Christmas.    

Aug 14

Gamasutra: “7 crafting systems game designers should study” by Bryant Francis

Here’s an article from Gamasutra by Bryant Francis on 7 different styles of crafting systems that designers should study. Some of these seems pretty straight forward and range from crafting unique weapons in a game like Fire Emblem to give your characters more unique and diverse roles to Minecraft’s shape based crafting. The most interesting …

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Mar 12

PBS Game/Show Explains Minecraft’s Procedural Generation

  PBS Game/Show probably has given one of the most in-depth videos about procedural generation that I’ve seen. Procedural generation is definitely an astounding novelty that really has given some games way more life than they otherwise would have had, but I’m not terrible afraid of it replacing designers. At least, not for a long …

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Nov 19

PBS Game/Show Asked “What is a Game?” and Here’s My Answer

So this is long overdue and that’s mainly because I think the question Jamin is asking is very important and that the things that I agree with and disagree with in his arguments may warrant a lot of explanation.   So let me first address the point about Extra Credit’s stance on the question “What …

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Nov 10

VGFacts Reveals 5 Video Game Rumors Acknowledged by Developers

  I love it when video game rumors end up becoming a reality. It just happens so rarely that other than Herobrine, I was really unaware that any of these, like Ermac and the Secret Cow Level, started out as rumors that were later acknowledged by the developers. I’m more familiar with the Sonic and …

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Oct 10

Wired: “How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read” By Clive Thompson

An article on Wired.com by Clive Thompson discussing how games like Minecraft can help kids with their reading comprehension skills by encouraging them on their own to seek out online wikis and guides for how to do stuff in those games. For me this is kind of a “water is wet” story because I know …

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Sep 17

Polygon: “In the shadow of a $2.5 billion deal, one famed game dev slips away” by Brian Crecente

An article over at Polygon by Brian Crecente looks back on the reasons why a video game rock star like Notch would sell his company and go on to smaller, more meaningful projects.   So yeah, Markus Persson, also known as Notch and the creator of Minecraft, sold Mojang to Microsoft and left. He feared …

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Aug 29

PBS Game/Show – Top 7 Creative Videogames

I feel like creativity doesn’t get enough praise when critiquing and analyzing games. Granted it should not be the end all be all for whether a game should be considered good or bad. Like Jamin’s Resident Evil example for instance. I would argue that the cinematic camera, while good for providing scares, was horrible for …

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Aug 04

PBS Game/Show: Is Minecraft the Most Important Game Right Now

An interesting theory. I am some one who would advocate the benefits of unstructured play and would definitely like to see a bigger study done on the effects of children who play Minecraft and the type of parenting their receiving. Or something equivalent. If Jamin is right then I would certainly look forward to Minecraft …

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Jul 12

Minecraft’s “Sweden” A Capella perf. by Smooth McGroove

I think Minecraft has one of the most soothing soundtracks ever. How could it be made even more soothing? Throwing the A Capella styling of Smooth McGroove into the mix!

Jun 20

Gamasutra: “But It’s Worse in Games Because They are Interactive” by Krystian Majewski

A rebuttal by Krystian Majewski regarding whether or not video games interactive nature somehow makes it worse when portraying problematic content. The article stems from Anita Sarkeesian’s recent “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” video where she asserts that violence against women is made worse because the player is control of the situation, rather than …

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Feb 09

RokcetJump’s Birth of Man – A Minecraft Film Trailer

So this is neat. I don’t know if I am going to support the Kickstarter to make this a full movie because I feel like this trailer encapsulates everything it’s going to be. Maybe I’m wrong and if enough people think the opposite as I do, then I can’t wait to see what it turns …

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Feb 08

Video Game Medley on Accordion by Jackson Parodi

Well, the accordion is an instrument we don’t hear to much from. In terms of covers, the music selected for this one are also ones I don’t normally hear (except for To Zanarkand). If you liked this stuff, be sure to check out the other video game, and non-video game covers Jackson Parodi has done.

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