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Dec 03

Link and Samus Almost Teamed Up With Marvels Greatest – VG Facts Talks About Cut Characters From Games

  It’s always shame when characters get cut from games, but I suspect that it’s never an easy thing to do. Afterall, for to know about some of these characters means that someone must have put in a lot of time and effort into making them at least somewhat presentable. The Link and Samus in …

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Oct 09

The Gist Counts Down the 5 Scariest Video Game Monsters

Halloween is just around the corner, unless you’re on Tumblr in which case it’s a month long event. I know that a friend and I are planning on watching all the Alien movies then play Alien: Isolation to celebrate.   Now I don’t normally play a lot of horror games, so it’s hard for me …

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Jun 03

Super Smash Bros. Source – A Clever Recreation of Melee’s Opening, But With Valve Characters

A very cool recreation of the Super Smash Bros. Melee opening with Valve characters by crazyhalo.   You know, there was a time where I wanted more people to do Super Smash style cross-overs with all their iconic characters. Then PlayStation All-Stars happened and I can kind of see why this doesn’t happen more often. …

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Sep 10

“To All Who Come to this Happy Place: Welcome. Disneyland is Your Zombieland.” – Journey to Splash Mountain Left 4 Dead Mod

Left 4 Dead isn’t exactly what I would call my cup of tea, but Disneyland is. This mod is all the reason I need to get Left 4 Dead 2. To say that I’ve always dreamed of fighting zombies in the empty streets of the Happiest Place on Earth is a little bit of an …

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May 19

Your Favorite Video Games Demade for Atari, Gameboy, and NES

Vsauce3 recently released a video that featured 4 video game demakes that I think might interest everyone. These games include demakes of Halo, Super Smash Bros., Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead. They’re kind of cool, though I think for most of these, the benefits of modern video game technology and design. For example, …

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Jan 06

The Zombie DK Rap Feat. Left 4 Dead Zombies

Yep, another silly video. This one though has a fun surprise.

Sep 29

Fan-Made Left 4 Dead Movie: Proving Some More That Fans Can Produce Professional Level Material

Okay maybe, not “professional level”, but still pretty darn good. There are three parts to this series, but I’m going to post the last one because its the longest and the best with the most story. You can find the rest on their YouTube channel.  

Sep 06

Scout Vs. Witch

This is totally me during the zombie apocalypse.

Jun 19

It’s Like Smash Bros but with Box Art

Or following their own description: “It’s like Toy Story, only shittier.” This was a lovely bit of commentary as well as a lot of fun. I loved the Modern Warfare little dance (“We’re all the same”) and how the different box art had different advantages based on what their game decided to focus on for …

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Feb 13

Toys of Valve’s Big Games

Yo dawg, I heard you like toys. So if you’re one of those types who believe that interactive digital media is nothing more than a fancy toy, then I got you some toys so you can play with toys while you play with toys.   Seriously, it looks like Valve is releasing some toys (or …

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