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Jun 26

Halo: Reach’s “We Remember” Cover perf. by TeraCMusic and ArnyUnderCover

  I honestly never thought I would hear someone cover a song from my favorite Halo game. I feel like that’s a pretty controversial thing to say but I thought Reach was really well put together and I liked the characters. Anyway, thanks to TeraCMusic and ArnyUnderCover for this awesome cover.

Jun 24

Not Everything Is As it Appears – Reviewing Microsoft’s E3 2015 Conference

Moving things along, Microsoft was the first of the Day 0 press conferences and to summarize, they did alright. I was pretty invested into this because as an Xbox One owner, I need more exclusives to be coming down the pipeline. I feel like the only exclusives I played all year was Sunset Overdrive and …

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Apr 03

How Much Do Fans Love Halo, A Hurricane’s Worth – Did You Know Gaming: Halo Part 2

  Bungie and the fans were really close. Whether it’s between turning jokes from Red vs. Blue into Easter Eggs in the game, or a fan standing at a payphone in a hurricane to play the ARG for Halo 2, it’s always really cool to see that kind of dedication to each other that only …

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Mar 05

PBS Game/Show Thinks Halo’s Weapons are Designed Brilliantly

  I never actually knew about the special abilities of Covenant weapons in Halo, so I’ll have to seem them in action for myself. I like the original design intention of the weapon matrices but I’m not entirely sure how much of it is still there anymore. Afterall, where does an automatic weapon, or even …

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Feb 25

Halo 2’s “Main Theme” perf. by Taylor Davis

  Last weekend I beat Halo 2 with a friend for the first time in years. It was really great to play through my first real drop into the Halo universe again after so long. Especially because when the game has music, I really like it’s music. Taylor Davis plays a wonderful rendition of Halo …

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Feb 17

How 4 Games Evolved From One Game To Another – Gamespot

  I hope that aspiring game developers can look at all of these games here and realize that not every initial idea is going to be a home run. That you shouldn’t be afraid to let an idea expand, evolve, and change into something that creates a more wholesome and complete experience.

Jan 13

Did You Know Gaming Delves Deep in the History Of Halo and Bungie

Woooooowwww! It must have sucked to be a Mac fan excited for Halo around the time of the Xbox’s unveiling. Microsoft just literally swooped in and stole that game. At least it’s good to know that Bungie was given some good accommodations. Still, I would have never guessed that one of the Xbox’s biggest claims …

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Jan 06

PBS Game/Show Tries to Relate Games to Tinder

This episode is a little weird. If only because what Jamin is calling “game design” I believe most people call interaction design. A broader category that app developers and game developers no doubt look into.   A lot of what Jamin is talking about in this video is relates to how the user interacts with …

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Nov 01

Master Chief and Samus Aran, Mayan Style by Sita Nevas

The universe’s greatest badasses have been given a proper hero’s treatment in the form of Mayan style paintings by Sita Navas. Take a look and if you might want to purchase them, you can do so on Sita’s Etsy page.

Oct 29

Halo 2 Anniversary’s Re-Mastered Cinematics Are Absolutely Beautiful

Halo 2 was the first Halo game I ever played, so naturally this trailer offers me more than just snippets from Halo 2 Anniversary’s gorgeous cinematics. Yet at the same time, holy wow these are really good. I remember how on the Xbox, where Halo 2 looked good for it’s time but has not held …

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Oct 27

The Official Trailer for Halo: Nightfall

I don’t feel like this trailer for Halo: Nightfall has properly excited me for Halo: Nightfall, which is a shame because I am looking forward to it. It’s not that I think Nightfall isn’t going to be good, it’s just that based on this trailer I don’t know enough about it. I don’t know when …

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Aug 29

PBS Game/Show – Top 7 Creative Videogames

I feel like creativity doesn’t get enough praise when critiquing and analyzing games. Granted it should not be the end all be all for whether a game should be considered good or bad. Like Jamin’s Resident Evil example for instance. I would argue that the cinematic camera, while good for providing scares, was horrible for …

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Aug 01

“The Evolution of Video Games” an A Capella Performance by Triforcefilms

Triforcefilms takes you on a magical journey exploring the history of video games from 1980 to 2007 starting with Pac-Man and ending with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. All in A Capella!

Feb 13

Man At Arms: Energy Sword from Halo

The energy sword in Halo works because it probably doesn’t weigh anything. The real life version looks very breakable and very difficult to wield. On the plus side, what they did to give it that purple shine….that was pretty cool.

Feb 01

Video Game Music Choir at Nintenshow

Last December the Video Game Music Choir performed at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA. Their song selections seemed to include a Castlevania Medley, Click Clock Woods, the theme from Diddy Kong Racing, The Ghosts of Reach, and Pokemon and more. Here are some of my favorites but you can also check out their …

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