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Aug 07

Halo 3’s “Never Forget” Guitar Cover perf. by ArnyUnderCover

  Of all the Halo games, I think Halo 3 gets the least amount of fan treatment (yes, even more than Reach). It’s possible I’m not looking in the right places, but even I wasn’t all that impressed with Halo 3 the first time I played it on the Master Chief Collection. But at least …

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May 11

GamesRadar Looks at 9 Complicated Game Plots That Started Off Simple

  GamesRadar talks about 9 games that seem like they should have a simple, straight forward plot but actually involve evil corporations, ancient conspiracies, and insurance fraud. Some of these games have really intricate plots that really showcase how  games can transfer information to their audiences in ways other mediums can’t. In other cases,  though …

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Apr 10

Halo Medley, String Quartet Arrangement perf. by Videri String Quartet

  A beautiful string quartet arrangement of various Halo songs performed by Videri String Quartet. As always, very excellent and very classy.

Feb 26

Cracked: “7 Classic Video Games With Horrifying Backstories” By Adam Wears

Cracked writer Adam Wears talks about 7 classic games that have horrible backstories. These can range from developers have their games stolen, such as EA stealing code from Bethesda, or a question about ethics, such as Bioshock essentially is a shooting gallery full of disfigured war veterans. Just another reason why I can not like …

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Nov 18

Cracked: “6 Collector’s Editions That Massively Screwed Over Gamers” by Luke McKinney

Cracked’s Luke McKinney has compiled a hilarious list of times when Collector’s Editions of games had royally screwed over the fans they were suppose to be rewarding.   Some of these ranged from really grotesque and sexist decorations (?) one could put up in your house, I suppose as a woman repellent, to trading cards …

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Nov 17

Polygon: “How the leading women of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Halo 5 are changing games” by Allegra Frank

Polygon’s Allegra Frank talks about two actresses who are contributing the ever diversifying landscape of video game characters. In this article, she talks to Laura Bailey, an industry voice acting veteran who plays Olympia Vale from Halo 5, a Spartan with a background in diplomacy, and Victoria Atkin who plays Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed …

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Nov 16

Newstatesman: “Stop insulting our intelligence by pretending there’s a good reason for naked women in videogames” by Phil Hartup

A very sharp tongued article by Phil Hartup of NewStatesman about the insultingly lame excuses game developers are giving when trying to justify their inappropriate clothing for their female characters.   This is mainly pointed at, and in response to, 343 Industries’s recent claim that the reason why Cortana appears naked in the Halo games, …

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Nov 15

Wisecrack on the Philosophical Ideas Presented in Halo

  Here’s a really excellent break down by Wisecrack of the themes and ideas contained with the Halo franchise, including a discussion on identity and Halo’s parallels with American’s history of colonization and other conflicts.    

Nov 12

The Man at Arms Master Forgers Create Halo’s Gravity Hammer

  Man At Arms Reforged over on the AWE me YouTube channel has created one of the coolest weapons in the Halo series, the Gravity Hammer.   Now my question is: is there anything special about the gravity hammer that makes it the gravity hammer? I mean, I know it has ammo and probably releases …

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Sep 12

Gamasutra: “How working on gross, violent games can mess with developers” by Alex Wawro

A good article on Gamasutra by Alex Wawro talking about how the mental effects animating and creating gruesome and violent imagery in games can have on the artists who make them. In the article he talks to Vic DeLeon, who worked on Halo, Steve Bowler,  an animator on Mortal Kombat, and Mike Jungbluth,  who worked as …

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Jun 26

Halo: Reach’s “We Remember” Cover perf. by TeraCMusic and ArnyUnderCover

  I honestly never thought I would hear someone cover a song from my favorite Halo game. I feel like that’s a pretty controversial thing to say but I thought Reach was really well put together and I liked the characters. Anyway, thanks to TeraCMusic and ArnyUnderCover for this awesome cover.

Jun 24

Not Everything Is As it Appears – Reviewing Microsoft’s E3 2015 Conference

Moving things along, Microsoft was the first of the Day 0 press conferences and to summarize, they did alright. I was pretty invested into this because as an Xbox One owner, I need more exclusives to be coming down the pipeline. I feel like the only exclusives I played all year was Sunset Overdrive and …

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Apr 03

How Much Do Fans Love Halo, A Hurricane’s Worth – Did You Know Gaming: Halo Part 2

  Bungie and the fans were really close. Whether it’s between turning jokes from Red vs. Blue into Easter Eggs in the game, or a fan standing at a payphone in a hurricane to play the ARG for Halo 2, it’s always really cool to see that kind of dedication to each other that only …

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Mar 05

PBS Game/Show Thinks Halo’s Weapons are Designed Brilliantly

  I never actually knew about the special abilities of Covenant weapons in Halo, so I’ll have to seem them in action for myself. I like the original design intention of the weapon matrices but I’m not entirely sure how much of it is still there anymore. Afterall, where does an automatic weapon, or even …

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Feb 25

Halo 2’s “Main Theme” perf. by Taylor Davis

  Last weekend I beat Halo 2 with a friend for the first time in years. It was really great to play through my first real drop into the Halo universe again after so long. Especially because when the game has music, I really like it’s music. Taylor Davis plays a wonderful rendition of Halo …

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