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May 19

Feast or Fiction: Skyrim Sweet Rolls

Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll? Well stop your crying because now if you ever do lose your sweet roll, you can just make another.

May 12

Feast or Fiction: The Cake is No Longer A Lie

Hey, it might be a Portal day! If a turret can be turned from fiction to fact, well then, why not the cake that we were all promised by GLaDOS? Well, good thing the guys at Feast or Fiction got us covered.

Apr 21

Feast or Fiction: Poffins from Pokemon

I never got into the whole poffin thing, probably because I never entered the contests all that much. OF course, these poffins look absolutely tasty and I’m afraid that if Pokemon were real, I would like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and just eat all the Pokemon food.

Mar 01

Feast or Fiction: Sea-Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts 2

The question is now: Who will I eat this ice cream with!?! Don’t get that? Go play 358/2 Days!

Feb 14

Feast or Fiction: Heavy’s Sandvich

It’s coming for you! Also, I think a video to make a sandvich, I mean sandwich, seems kinda silly. But hey, at least its easy to make.

Feb 08

Feast of Fiction: A Series On Turning Fantasy Foods Real

This was something I just recently discovered, its a series featuring recipes to turn video games (among other) fictional food into a reality. It’s called Feast or Fiction and it’s pretty interesting. They’ve prepared dishes from Skyrim, to Minecraft cakes, and recently did a The Legend of Zelda Heart Potion. I can’t wait to try …

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