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Oct 03

Gaming is a Valid Medium, Mom (GOSH!)

I’m not here to argue if games are art or not since the requirements for something to be “art” is vague and dependent on personal view. But what most young gaming enthusiasts want is justification – validation from the public that the medium they love is worth something more than $60. They want others (non-gamers, …

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Mar 31

Saturday Songs: Dragon Quest VIII

Music, a sometime overlooked but essential element to video games.  It sets the mood, prepares the players for an oncoming attack, and even lifts spirits with a victory tune.  Even a bland game can gain notoriety if it’s got an amazing soundtrack.   Today we’ll be taking a look at one my all-time favorite game soundtracks …

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Mar 09

Artist Spotlight: 8-Bit-Painter

This might just be because I’m a sucker for the classics but I was searching around on Deviantart and found a piece that made me stop dead in my clicks.  The artist is known as 8-Bit-Painter. Here are a couple other pieces of his work. Personal Favorite Check out the rest of his awesome art …

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Nov 15

Look at the Money Fly: How Some “Gamers” Spend Their Money

As a gamer, I find it enjoyable to get a system for the multitude of games that are on it. I purchased a PlayStation 3 for Sonic, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, and many other series I felt I’d enjoy. I got a Wii for Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and the many games I knew were going to …

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