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Jul 09

Call of Duty and the History of the CIA – History Respawned

  History Respawned‘s Bob Whitaker talks to Christopher Dietrich and Joseph Parrot about how Call of Duty portrays the history of the CIA and US Black Ops missions, including the depiction of key players within the Cold War time period. It’s really interesting and as always goes into a fair amount of depth.

May 10

Man at Arms Creates Call of Duty’s Fury’s Song – Makes it Bulletproof

I never thought I’d see a Call of Duty on AWE-Me’s Man at Arms show. Then again, I never thought I’d see such a popular sword in Call of Duty.

Nov 18

Cracked: “6 Collector’s Editions That Massively Screwed Over Gamers” by Luke McKinney

Cracked’s Luke McKinney has compiled a hilarious list of times when Collector’s Editions of games had royally screwed over the fans they were suppose to be rewarding.   Some of these ranged from really grotesque and sexist decorations (?) one could put up in your house, I suppose as a woman repellent, to trading cards …

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Oct 25

Dorkly: “6 Disastrous Attempts at Video Game Marketing” By Tristian Cooper

Marketing is weird. Especially for video games. On one hand, you want to get the word out on your newest game and you figure one way to do that is to pull of publicity stunts. Whether it’s sending special items to journalists or making a huge public spectacle, these marketing stunts never seem to, well, …

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Sep 12

Gamasutra: “How working on gross, violent games can mess with developers” by Alex Wawro

A good article on Gamasutra by Alex Wawro talking about how the mental effects animating and creating gruesome and violent imagery in games can have on the artists who make them. In the article he talks to Vic DeLeon, who worked on Halo, Steve Bowler,  an animator on Mortal Kombat, and Mike Jungbluth,  who worked as …

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Aug 11

Cracked Lists 7 Great Examples of Foreshadowing Used in Video Games

  Sometimes video games can be really clever with their stories. As Cracked points out, some games make really good use of foreshadowing.

Jun 11

Making Sense of the Squiddy Madness in Splatoon – My Thoughts on Some of Splatoon’s More Controversial Design Decisions

I hope you’re enjoying Splatoon Week. With this week in mind, I figured I would talk about some of the really interesting aspects of the game and perhaps give my take on some of the more controversial decisions take by the developers.   Splatoon really does characterize how Nintendo approaches a game idea. While I …

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Mar 31

The Misrepresentation of War in War Games – PBS Game/Show

  When watching this video I was reminded of a comment I read DICE make when discussing their design philosophy when it comes to Battlefield. They won’t let realism get in the way of fun which is why some of the non-realistic, but awesome stuff (and some not awesome mechanics) still exist in the game. …

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Feb 02

The Hollywood Machine: Call of Duty

Recently I’ve been thinking about that David Cage talk at DICE 2013 conference about the “Peter Pan Syndrome” in which videogames refuses to grow up. It was an interesting talk and one I don’t completely disagree with. However when it come to some of his brief points on how to cure the problem, he mentioned …

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Jan 14

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “In the Zone: How Gamers Experience The Real Chernobyl” by Nick Rush-Cooper

A pretty thought provoking article by Nick Rush-Cooper on games using real-world spaces. In this case, he examines the inhabitable Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and how it is used, changed, and rearranged in games like Call of Duty 4 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.   The experiences he talks about in this article are ones that I …

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Dec 15

First Person Scholar: “Procedual Realism: The Political Representation of Reality in Video Games” by Steve Wilcox

I really love this article by Steve Wilcox over at First Person Scholar in which he asks us to examine the politics of game design. It’s a topic that has very much interested me for a long time and essentially means the arguments made by game designers by what they allow the player to do, …

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Nov 04

The Guardina: “Call of Duty: gaming’s role in the military-entertainment complex” by Simon Parkin

A kind of unnerving article about the relationship between video games and the U.S. Military written by Simon Parkin. It basically talks about how an ex-Call of Duty writer was asked to partake in a panel discussing real world modern warfare. Apparently, the plot for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 “was unusually credible for …

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Oct 16

Exciting Technology Seen in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exists In Some Form Today – Reality Check

We have hoverbikes already? Or at least will have them soon? Aw yeah, count me in for driving one of those.

Sep 30

Reality Check Explores The Ideas of Call of Duty Advance Warfare Style Exoskeletons

I know the discussion in this video is about Call of Duty but I can’t help but think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Human-machine integration like this is pretty much just one step removed from actual augmentation like in Deus Ex and it has all the practical uses shown from that game to such as …

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Sep 19

8 Examples of Video Game Lawsuits That, Well, Backfired

  These certainly are some silly examples of why a game would be sued. My particular favorite was Universal finding themselves violating Nintendo’s copyright over the word “Kong”. While these are silly lawsuits that are notable for how badly they backfired, I think it’s always important to remind people that not every video game is …

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