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Nov 12

Reality Check: Why Are People Online Jerks?

I think there is something to all this. A big mixing pot of inhibitions in conditions that would normally have a rule of conduct.   There is something though that I’m not sure of. When you say online community, do you mean the people who talk and communicate to each other or do you count …

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Nov 05

Reality Check: Will We Ever Have Remote Controlled Dogs

It’s kind of scary, just thinking about how mind control is possible. Heck, it’s scary to think that a fungus can mind control certain insects, now I have to worry about people doing it to. I wonder what mind controlling people would do to our society. Would we establish some stupid universe like “Gamer”, with …

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Jun 07

Woof Woof: Collar Duty Dog is Barktastic!

Woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof bow wow.

Apr 16

Vsauce2: How Much Would Call of Duty Cost In Real Life?

Vsauce2 shares with us some really interesting tidbits about Call of Duty that put the real world into perspective. The idea of “hyper-realism” and how it makes up think that something is cooler/better has been brought up before, but I think that a video like this really shows how unrealistic “realism” can be. Not just …

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Apr 13

Idea Channel: Is Buying Call of Duty a Moral Choice

I think this is a topic that not many of us actually think about, for the reasons explained in the video. As someone who doesn’t really want to support the gun industry, this does make me think about my interest in games like Battlefield 4 and about where my money has gone when I bought …

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Jan 03

2012 in Reveiw Part 2: The End of an Era, The Rise of Revolution

Man I remember a bunch of my friends getting all psyched up for Diablo III. Based on what I’ve heard though, I’m kinda glad I never got into it. However, tons of memes came from this game, so as a bystander, I’m glad it exists. I never really heard a lot of Kingdom of Alumar. …

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Dec 03

Feast of Fiction: Nuka-Cola, Bonk, and Perk-A-Cola

This episode of Feast of Fiction is kinda…different. The crafts approach is alright, especially considering how hard it is to make soda. Still, these would be pretty nifty gifts and decorations.

Oct 19

Wrong Opinion: Lack of Creativity Is Killing The Games Industry

I want to preface this extra credit with my belief that the game industry is not in trouble. I think it’s thriving and more and more people become interested in what was once an odd phenomenon and I do think that people threatened by this are silly. I say this because I want to dissect …

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Sep 24

Video games and the Creation of our Past(s)

Medal of Honor was the first in a line of games that truly attempted to explore (and create) a shared collective past. Now, video games are creating a warped, two-dimensional view of a collective present. What happened?   The Medal of Honor (which began in 1999) series got its start as, essentially, a companion piece …

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Aug 12

Pach-Attack: No Interest in Motion Control and How the Publishers Can Get More of Your Money

Pach-Attack! This was an interesting episode. 1) It’s interesting to hear Pachter’s take that Nintendo was pressured by other developers into making the very Xbox like controller for the Wii U, instead of it being Nintendo’s idea to attract more developers. I think either way the outcome is the same, it’s a way so that …

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Jun 19

It’s Like Smash Bros but with Box Art

Or following their own description: “It’s like Toy Story, only shittier.” This was a lovely bit of commentary as well as a lot of fun. I loved the Modern Warfare little dance (“We’re all the same”) and how the different box art had different advantages based on what their game decided to focus on for …

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May 28

Remember the Veterans with the Ending to Call of Duty World at War

Something I appreciated about the World War 2 video games that everyone grew sick of, was the developers never lost the seriousness and the gravity of the subject matter they were dealing with. This ending left me silent for the longest time, the number of lives lost just had to sink in for a second. …

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Apr 14

Jonathan Blow’s Subversive Video Games & The Player’s Role in Crafting Meaning

First off I need to say this right now, this video is so pretentious and snobby. Not so much for the speaker’s opinions, but just in really the way he presents them. This is probably a good point to examine the rift in video games between narratologists and ludologists. You might know them by other …

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Jan 17

How do you feel about Discrimination in Games?

  An interesting question posed by this site: here.   I never think of this phenomenon as discrimination, but just the developers giving the market what it wants. Many developers design games from a western perspective for a western market. Naturally this means that America will be the “good guys” and the others guy are …

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Dec 05

In Defense of Call of Duty: Part 2

In spite of quite literally the second sentence of my last article (part of the first if you really want to get English-teacher critical about it), a few people who commented on other sites referred to me as  a CoD fanboy.  If you’d like a quick giggle, then go take a look at the article …

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