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Feb 02

The Hollywood Machine: Call of Duty

Recently I’ve been thinking about that David Cage talk at DICE 2013 conference about the “Peter Pan Syndrome” in which videogames refuses to grow up. It was an interesting talk and one I don’t completely disagree with. However when it come to some of his brief points on how to cure the problem, he mentioned …

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Jan 14

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “In the Zone: How Gamers Experience The Real Chernobyl” by Nick Rush-Cooper

A pretty thought provoking article by Nick Rush-Cooper on games using real-world spaces. In this case, he examines the inhabitable┬áChernobyl Exclusion Zone and how it is used, changed, and rearranged in games like Call of Duty 4 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.   The experiences he talks about in this article are ones that I …

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Dec 15

First Person Scholar: “Procedual Realism: The Political Representation of Reality in Video Games” by Steve Wilcox

I really love this article by Steve Wilcox over at First Person Scholar in which he asks us to examine the politics of game design. It’s a topic that has very much interested me for a long time and essentially means the arguments made by game designers by what they allow the player to do, …

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Nov 04

The Guardina: “Call of Duty: gaming’s role in the military-entertainment complex” by Simon Parkin

A kind of unnerving article about the relationship between video games and the U.S. Military written by Simon Parkin. It basically talks about how an ex-Call of Duty writer was asked to partake in a panel discussing real world modern warfare. Apparently, the plot for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 “was unusually credible for …

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Oct 16

Exciting Technology Seen in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exists In Some Form Today – Reality Check

We have hoverbikes already? Or at least will have them soon? Aw yeah, count me in for driving one of those.

Sep 30

Reality Check Explores The Ideas of Call of Duty Advance Warfare Style Exoskeletons

I know the discussion in this video is about Call of Duty but I can’t help but think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Human-machine integration like this is pretty much just one step removed from actual augmentation like in Deus Ex and it has all the practical uses shown from that game to such as …

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Sep 19

8 Examples of Video Game Lawsuits That, Well, Backfired

  These certainly are some silly examples of why a game would be sued. My particular favorite was Universal finding themselves violating Nintendo’s copyright over the word “Kong”. While these are silly lawsuits that are notable for how badly they backfired, I think it’s always important to remind people that not every video game is …

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May 14

The Point – Call of Duty Meets House of Cards

Just in case you ever wanted a look at who is making the newest Call of Duty game. I’m kind of intrigued and though I never really played much of any of the games mentioned in this video, I’m still looking forward to a slightly more science-fiction based FPS.

May 12

Hollywood Nor Their Stars Add Legitimacy to Videogames

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Celebrities aren’t the selling point of a videogame. They may have that kind of hold in movies and television, but not in videogames. The games speak for themselves. However, we have moved onto a different discussion, and one I think is very similar to marketing star …

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May 07

The Point: History of Nazis in Video Games

I think Danny brings up a good point, arguing that video games aren’t desensitizing people to the horrors of war but rather are a product of the time. A direct result to our already desensitized and glorified impression of war. Though this isn’t an opinion I necessarily hold. I do agree that World War II …

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May 03

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer

So I never really liked the “modern warfare” take on Call of Duty, or really any other shooters. Especially since I was a pretty big fan of the WWII shooters and even though they were played out to death, it still felt kind of cool. I am also a big fan of sci-fi shooters, mostly …

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Apr 21

Pach-Attack: Will Microsoft Keep Their Exclusive DLC

Pach-Attack! 1) Will Xbox Keep Exclusive DLC on Call of Duty?   Kinda interesting how console sales and install base don’t seem to play a role in this decision or at least not as much as the question asker probably thought. With more money and a lower install based, I think Microsoft will try more …

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Nov 12

Reality Check: Why Are People Online Jerks?

I think there is something to all this. A big mixing pot of inhibitions in conditions that would normally have a rule of conduct.   There is something though that I’m not sure of. When you say online community, do you mean the people who talk and communicate to each other or do you count …

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Nov 05

Reality Check: Will We Ever Have Remote Controlled Dogs

It’s kind of scary, just thinking about how mind control is possible. Heck, it’s scary to think that a fungus can mind control certain insects, now I have to worry about people doing it to. I wonder what mind controlling people would do to our society. Would we establish some stupid universe like “Gamer”, with …

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Jun 07

Woof Woof: Collar Duty Dog is Barktastic!

Woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof bow wow.

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