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Aug 01

“Good Games, Good Splatfests” – Fan Art by Hierokier

Splatfest ended, but it was a bittersweet victory (Team Marie FTW) because it was the final Splatfest. It was a fun ride and even though it didn’t end with the announcement of Splatoon 2, I’m still really glad to have participated in it. That’s why I love this Splatoon piece by hierokier who really captured …

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May 12

Cracked: ” 4 Ways You Are Being ‘Aged Out’ By The Gaming Industry” By Winston Rowntree and David Wolinsky

I don’t necessarily agree with everything this Cracked article by Winston Rowntree and David Wolinsky talks about, but I do think it has some good points.   Without sounding too much like a pompous jerk, I really do work to make innovative games. If I can, I want them to be meaningful works of art …

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Mar 29

Paste: “How Videogame Depictions of Racism Distract from Real Discourse” By Imran Khan

Here’s an interesting article by Imran Khan on how depictions of racism in the games is kind of surface level and avoid any real discourse.   While I haven’t really played any Witcher games to know exactly how that game deals with racism (though the comments assure me that it’s nuanced and not in ANY …

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Mar 08

Mario’s Mushrooms and Situational Choices – PBS Game/Show

  Jamin of PBS Game/Show discusses situational choices in the original Super Mario Bros. game and how it works. It’s a great piece that really delves into something that many professional game designer still have a hard time grasping. I definitely agree with him that situational choices are the most meaningful choices a player can …

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Feb 26

Cracked: “7 Classic Video Games With Horrifying Backstories” By Adam Wears

Cracked writer Adam Wears talks about 7 classic games that have horrible backstories. These can range from developers have their games stolen, such as EA stealing code from Bethesda, or a question about ethics, such as Bioshock essentially is a shooting gallery full of disfigured war veterans. Just another reason why I can not like …

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Dec 27

First Person Scholar: “Bioshock to the System: How Gaming Reconnected me to a Childhood Trauma” by Mathew Wells

Here is an interesting article on First Person Scholar by Mathew Wells on Bioshock Infinite and how the immersing himself into the world of Columbia made him revisit some childhood traumas. Wells asks us what is the importance of remaining impartial and detached from games when talking about them in a scholarly way.   In …

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Aug 17

PBS Game/Show and I Disagree on How Brilliant Bioshock’s Level Design Is

  Two things about this episode of PBS Game/Show. Yes, the art deco inspired world is great and makes Bioshock immediately recognizable. But no, Bioshock has terrible level design, or at least, mediocre level design. In short, the art style betrays it, creating a unified world where everything looks the same. I don’t believe any …

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Aug 11

Cracked Lists 7 Great Examples of Foreshadowing Used in Video Games

  Sometimes video games can be really clever with their stories. As Cracked points out, some games make really good use of foreshadowing.

Jul 21

8-Bit Philosophy Discusses the Ideas and Concepts Behind Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite

  The Bioshock games are a strange bunch. While I found the first game to be more a series of “shoot mentally ill people”, I did enjoy the philosophical background of the narrative. Personally, I believe the game to be a rebuttal against Ayn Rand and her objectivist views. Andrew Ryan tried to create an …

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Jun 03

Lego Films Shows Us Lego-fied Versions of Popular First-Person Games

  If they made Lego sets for video games ,does that mean video game sets could end up in the next Lego movie? Could they make video game adaptations of things that are already games? Would they look like this short film created by AndrewMFilms? The world may never know.

May 25

Lost Plasmids, Suspicious Security Programs, and the Movie that Never Was – ScrewAttack’s Five Fun Facts on Bioshock

Some interesting facts via ScrewAttack! on Bioshock.   Funny anecdote, for the game I’m developing I wanted to add some kind of short range teleportation. My programmer gave me a flat “no” pretty much citing that it would break the game.  

Mar 04

Discover Games: “Wind Waker, the “Reasonable Person,” and Subjective Criticism” by Shawn Trautman

An interesting blog post by Shawn Trautman that I think warrants a lot of thought. Essentially, it is Trautman’s rejection of the idea of the “objective review”. It’s a thought that has been circulating around lately but I think this article puts the idea of a subjective review into a new light that hopefully my …

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Jan 15

Bioshock For Fish – Super Fan Builds Create Bioshock Aquarium

Whoa this is cool. Like really cool. I’m not even a big Bioshock fan (or a fish fan) and I really, really want one of these as well.   This is part of a series published by the Awe Me YouTube channel. If you like it, then I suggest checking out the rest of the …

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Nov 26

Gone Home and Efficiency

It finally happened. I finally played The Fullbright Company‘s game Gone Home and thought it was pretty good. What finally spurred me to play this game? All the discussion surrounding it and what it means to be a game. Now, I’ve already answered why I think Gone Home is a game and how it fulfills …

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Oct 15

A Man Glitches, a Slave Obeys – Eggbusters Tries Out Two Bioshock Glitches

I think the saddest part about Bioshock is compartmentalized the whole world felt. It’s bad enough the that the game segments everything based on “levels” when the whole city is really the best part. I think it would have been really cool if it were possible to check out some of the places just shown …

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