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Mar 04

Discover Games: “Wind Waker, the “Reasonable Person,” and Subjective Criticism” by Shawn Trautman

An interesting blog post by Shawn Trautman that I think warrants a lot of thought. Essentially, it is Trautman’s rejection of the idea of the “objective review”. It’s a thought that has been circulating around lately but I think this article puts the idea of a subjective review into a new light that hopefully my …

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Jan 15

Bioshock For Fish – Super Fan Builds Create Bioshock Aquarium

Whoa this is cool. Like really cool. I’m not even a big Bioshock fan (or a fish fan) and I really, really want one of these as well.   This is part of a series published by the Awe Me YouTube channel. If you like it, then I suggest checking out the rest of the …

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Nov 26

Gone Home and Efficiency

It finally happened. I finally played The Fullbright Company‘s game Gone Home and thought it was pretty good. What finally spurred me to play this game? All the discussion surrounding it and what it means to be a game. Now, I’ve already answered why I think Gone Home is a game and how it fulfills …

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Oct 15

A Man Glitches, a Slave Obeys – Eggbusters Tries Out Two Bioshock Glitches

I think the saddest part about Bioshock is compartmentalized the whole world felt. It’s bad enough the that the game segments everything based on “levels” when the whole city is really the best part. I think it would have been really cool if it were possible to check out some of the places just shown …

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Sep 23

Reality Check – The Best and Worst Game Hacking

Whenever I think of hacking in any kind of popular media, I think of several cracked videos. Like this one. Or this one.   Personally, I think the hacking in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the best I’ve seen. I agree with the video where real hacking would probably be way too boring for most …

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Sep 18

Classic Book Covers for Classic Games From Gamertee

There is a certain aesthetic to those classic book covers that are definitely lost to our modern era. Even classic video games, or games that we at least consider classic, don’t have that same kind of “oldness” that I think draws some people towards collecting old books. That’s why these old book covers of some …

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Aug 22

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Bioshock Infinite Style Waltz by Post-Modern Jukebox

I did not know this but Scott Bradley, the one who did this arrangement, worked on Bioshock Infinite. This particular arrangement is an arrangement of the Bioshock Infinite’s version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”   If you want to buy this song on Itunes, you can by clicking this link here.

Jun 17

The Bioshock Infinite Song by Brentalfloss – The “Fox”iest Place on Earth

I’m not the biggest fan of Bioshock Infinite, but I am a fan of this. Brentalfloss basically summed up the entire experience of the game, in both events and tone. I think from now on I will always refer to Columbia as “Fox News Disneyland”.

Jun 09

Gamasutra: “Examining False Choice in Game Design” by Josh Bycer

An interesting article on Gamasutra by Josh Bycer about false choices in games.   Game balance is one of those things that I think isn’t really taught or picked up by game designers for modern games. Too often it is easy to find games where none of your choices really matter or dominant strategies are …

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May 08

Response to Satchel Drake’s Review of Bioshock Infinite

A few weeks ago Satchel Drake discussed racism and ludonarrative dissonance in Bioshock Infinite. It’s a great critique, mainly defending Infinite from some of it’s harsher critics, but one that I think either strawmans or misses the larger point at hand.   On racism, Drake argues that Bioshock Infinite maturely touches on race in a …

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Mar 07

Polygon: “The final years of Irrational Games, according to those who were there”

A Polygon article that goes in depth about the history and culture of Irrational Games and looks deeply at the kind of person Ken Levine is.   The environment at Irrational seemed crazy. Everyone competing against each other to gain Levine’s favor, dress rehearsals so that everything goes smoothly, a casual yet intense atmosphere. I …

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Feb 19

What Some of Our Favorite Games Might Look Like Years and Years Ago – Pieces by dudeitsmarcus

Tumblr user dudeitsmarcus has created some pieces that show us a world where many of our favorite modern games were made during the SNES/Genesis years. I think they are pretty good interpretations and actually would love to play some demakes of games like Pikmin and Bioshock.   Here are some of my favorites, but check …

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Feb 11

The Good, the Bad, and the AO Rating

An article on Polygon argues that the AO rating is bad for the gaming industry and that it hurts gaming as an art form.   The history of the ESRB is an interesting one. Essentially born out of the controversy that was Mortal Kombat and extreme depictions of violence, the ESRB plays a vital role …

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Dec 29

Art That Tells a Story by Joe Misrasi

Sometimes it’s not enough to just add class to your home with a video game print. Sometimes you want a video game print that tells a story. One that prompts people to ask you “what’s is this about?” or “who is this person?” That’s where Joe Misrasi comes in, with his amazing video game prints. …

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Nov 02

Bioshock: Burial at Sea – Rebuilding Rapture

It’s particularly heartbreaking to hear these guys express so much passion for what they do with the Bioshock series, yet kind of never achieve it. I mean, yes, all the Bioshock games are generally well-praised but when you start looking at it critically you see all the flaws. Both Rapture and Columbia had a great …

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