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Mar 07

Polygon: “The final years of Irrational Games, according to those who were there”

A Polygon article that goes in depth about the history and culture of Irrational Games and looks deeply at the kind of person Ken Levine is.   The environment at Irrational seemed crazy. Everyone competing against each other to gain Levine’s favor, dress rehearsals so that everything goes smoothly, a casual yet intense atmosphere. I …

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Feb 19

What Some of Our Favorite Games Might Look Like Years and Years Ago – Pieces by dudeitsmarcus

Tumblr user dudeitsmarcus has created some pieces that show us a world where many of our favorite modern games were made during the SNES/Genesis years. I think they are pretty good interpretations and actually would love to play some demakes of games like Pikmin and Bioshock.   Here are some of my favorites, but check …

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Feb 11

The Good, the Bad, and the AO Rating

An article on Polygon argues that the AO rating is bad for the gaming industry and that it hurts gaming as an art form.   The history of the ESRB is an interesting one. Essentially born out of the controversy that was Mortal Kombat and extreme depictions of violence, the ESRB plays a vital role …

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Dec 29

Art That Tells a Story by Joe Misrasi

Sometimes it’s not enough to just add class to your home with a video game print. Sometimes you want a video game print that tells a story. One that prompts people to ask you “what’s is this about?” or “who is this person?” That’s where Joe Misrasi comes in, with his amazing video game prints. …

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Nov 02

Bioshock: Burial at Sea – Rebuilding Rapture

It’s particularly heartbreaking to hear these guys express so much passion for what they do with the Bioshock series, yet kind of never achieve it. I mean, yes, all the Bioshock games are generally well-praised but when you start looking at it critically you see all the flaws. Both Rapture and Columbia had a great …

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Oct 21

Barbershop Trio of the Beach Boy’s “God Only Knows” perf. by Jimmy Wong, Adam Levine, and Bernie Balbot

I don;t know if it’s because I’m a 90′s kid, but I didn’t get the songs the Barbershop Quartet at the beginning of Bioshock Infinite were songs from their future. I didn’t really listen to the Beach Boys so I didn’t know about the song. Probably for the best since Booker wouldn’t have gotten it …

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Oct 06

Rapture: A Modern Day Atlantis?

So for the record, there is no part 1 to this video. I’m glad they are continuing these from Bioshock Infinite. So, I wonder if Burial at Sea is an alternate universe from Bioshock 1 or if they take place in the same universe. It’d be pretty interesting considering what we learned about at the …

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Aug 25

Book and Magazine Covers for Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite by Rodrigo Avila

DeviantArtist Rodrigo Sanches de Avila made some very fancy covers for some of the recent epic games such as Bioshock Infinite and Skyrim. If I owned either of these games in a physical manner, I would totally print them out and make them the new covers for the cases.   While these are the only …

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Aug 24

Polygon: What Games Can Learn From Experimental Theater

Another article from Polygon about what games can learn from experimental theater.   A lot of what this article says can be summed up into it created a good experience. The problem with Bioshock, which the article praises in being able to blend atmosphere and experience together, is that the combat gets in the way. …

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Aug 20

Gamasutra: Game Mechanics Can Mean A Lot More

An interesting article on Gamasutra that actually that relates to the kind of game I’m making right now. It has to do with subtext, even though it doesn’t really say that. Video games are a very power medium because it allows us to see the consequences of our actions. Games like the one mentioned in …

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Aug 17

Something Every Bioshock Infinite Fan Needs

I really wish Songbird played a bigger part in Bioshock Infinite. Like, I thought his part was fairly significant but I definitely wanted to know a lot more about him or it. Anyways, this metal statue of the giant bird was done by Geargoyle Metal Art.

Aug 02

Polygon: Ken Levine Talks About Violence, Religion, and the Ending to Bioshock Infinite

An interesting article from Polygon that interviews Ken Levine and giving us a kind of post-release look into Bioshock Infinite. Particularly into the way the story was presented, with violence and all, the religious implications and how that affected the story and players. I actually enjoyed a lot of the critiques on how religion can …

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Jul 30

Bioshock Infinite’s DLC – Burial at Sea

So two bits of DLC news for Bioshock Infinite dropped today. The first one is the combat focused Clash in the Clouds and the second is this one, the story driven Burial at Sea. While I couldn’t care less about Clash in the Clouds, given that I’m one of the folks who thought the combat …

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Jul 10

Spraypainted Video Game Characters by Melissa Smith

DeviantArtist BOMBATTACK, aka Melissa Smith, has some really cool…spraypaint art? I’m not sure what’s it’s called, but her stuff has that texture like spraypaint, even though it’s all digital. It gives each a piece a kind of street quality to it, holding a lot of a different emotions depending on the piece even though the …

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Jul 07

Young Women and Giant Bird Monsters – Metroid and Bioshock Art by Eddy Shinjuku

In some alternate universe, Samus from Metroid is Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite and Ridley is Songbird. I mean, just look at these pieces done by DeviantArtist Eddy-Shinjuku.     These by the way, are totally epic. While I don’t think these were done to contrast against one another, but I wonder if there is some …

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