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Mar 06

The Point – Those Games You Never Completed

Man, I have quite a few games that I’ve never completed. Most of them probably from my Steam library. Damn you Humble Bundle.   I don’t know if games I never opened count, but I’m actually one of those guys that generally finishes every game I play. At least to an amount I’m satisfied with. …

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Aug 21

Battlefield 4 – Blowing Stuff Up and Looking Awesome

If Titanfall can show a trailer that lets you see how the more scripted cinematic experience can work in multiplayer, than this game can show you the less scripted mutliplayer game can still be pretty darn cinematic. I love the Battlefield series, but it almost lost me after 3 because not only did I think …

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Aug 10

Battlefield Friends Encounter a PC Elitist

You got to love the elitists on both sides of this “debate”. It’s basically everyone acting like snobs so I don’t know why anyone bothers what’s better and what’s not. This extended to not just PC vs. consoles, but the console wars themselves. People get so invested into the things they buy that they act …

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Dec 29

A Battlefield 3 Deathrace by Mr Kees de Koning

Battlefield 3 is really pretty. This race is very cool, if maybe a bit too dramatic (the music, while epic, is kind of overbearing). I think one of the cool things about Battlefield 3 is that it’s so open and give so many options that seeing awesome stuff like this isn’t to uncommon. Epic car …

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Jul 26

Battlefield 3 Machinma: The Siege

Videos like this remind you just how pretty Battlefield 3 is. If it wasn’t for the complete lack of any narrative, I would say this could be an opening for a movie.

Jul 11

Let Me Help You: The Life of a Support-Class Player

A long time ago I faced the sad truth that I’m not the best FPS player in the world. I think Halo taught me that as time and time again I would be shot, stabbed, crushed, splattered, and as of Reach, assassinated until it finally was driven, much like the bullets, into my skull that …

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Jun 19

It’s Like Smash Bros but with Box Art

Or following their own description: “It’s like Toy Story, only shittier.” This was a lovely bit of commentary as well as a lot of fun. I loved the Modern Warfare little dance (“We’re all the same”) and how the different box art had different advantages based on what their game decided to focus on for …

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Jun 11

Battlefield Friends: Colonel 100

I always wonder how people get to these ridiculously high ranks. I mean, I guess they do what this guy said to do, nothing but play Battlefield. I wonder if they ever miss playing other games…

Jun 03

Battlefield Friends: Vehicle Waste

I remember in Battlefield 2142, when I sucked at piloting jet planes, I would use it to taxi myself to missile silos and just crash it. Now that I’m better and more experienced, I don’t do that anymore…mostly

May 27

Battlefield Friends: Administrator

I’m really glad that I’ve never run into a server like this. But I have heard the horror stories of people being banned from servers just for being good as the game.

May 18

Speculation Friday: What I Would Like To See In Star Wars Battlefront III

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 is probably one of the more anticipated Star Wars games. Despite being a shallow knockoff of the Battlefield series, it’s Star Wars. The soldiers are iconic, the locations are epic, and everything about fighting in a galaxy far, far away is just made better because it’s Star Wars. The …

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May 14

Art of the Instakill

Instant kills can be the most satisfying element or the more frustrating element in a big multiplayer game. On one hand, they require a lot more work to get than just regular kills, either being a melee attack up close, having to be right behind the enemy, or requiring precise aiming. On the other hand, …

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May 11

How To Boat (Contains Strong Language)

Repeatedly now, we have seen how the most realist shooter out there, just sometimes has to say “screw realism, screw physics, son, this is a flying boat!”

Apr 10

BFF’s: Battlefield Friends- Revives

I found this amusing video which reminded me a lot about how I play the assault class.

Mar 18

Battlefield 3: NES Edition

Opposite to that early video I posted about adding realistic sounds to old-school games, this video adds old-school sounds to Battlefield 3. The result is something that feels completely different. In a sense, the music makes it feel more epic than the developers were probably aiming for (i.e. realism) but I think it goes to …

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