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Aug 21

Battlefield 4 – Blowing Stuff Up and Looking Awesome

If Titanfall can show a trailer that lets you see how the more scripted cinematic experience can work in multiplayer, than this game can show you the less scripted mutliplayer game can still be pretty darn cinematic. I love the Battlefield series, but it almost lost me after 3 because not only did I think …

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Aug 24

Speculation Friday: Let’s Keep Going to SPAAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEEEE

After finally learning how to actually play Endless Space, I’ve been having a ton of fun with it as my first real civilization game. I’ve always been fascinated with space, whether it be the giant epic battles seen in the like of Star Wars, or just exploring the unknown depths of the universe. Likewise, games …

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Jul 11

Let Me Help You: The Life of a Support-Class Player

A long time ago I faced the sad truth that I’m not the best FPS player in the world. I think Halo taught me that as time and time again I would be shot, stabbed, crushed, splattered, and as of Reach, assassinated until it finally was driven, much like the bullets, into my skull that …

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Jun 10

Discussing the Disappearing Support Class

Here is a short little article about how support classes are becoming phased out of modern gaming.   I definitely agree and I’m sad to see that classes that are meant to just support your team are disappearing, being replaced by a more homogenous “everything must die” build.   Most of the time, in a …

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May 18

Speculation Friday: What I Would Like To See In Star Wars Battlefront III

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 is probably one of the more anticipated Star Wars games. Despite being a shallow knockoff of the Battlefield series, it’s Star Wars. The soldiers are iconic, the locations are epic, and everything about fighting in a galaxy far, far away is just made better because it’s Star Wars. The …

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Mar 08

GDC 2012: How Journey was designed to facilitate non-verbal communication, friendship

I haven’t played Journey yet, but after reading this I totally want to. For those that are like me or who have already played it, here’s an article that discusses the philosophy behind the game.   I love the emphasis on team interactions within games, especially amongst strangers. I do personally hate talking to strangers, …

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