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Mar 31

Why the Arkham Games Don’t Get Batman – Cracked

  Cracke’s analysis of the Arkham games does bring up some good points. They aren’t new points, but I think the desire to create a Batman beat-em up game does kind of hide a more interesting game, or at least some interesting mechanics and storytelling opportunities. Like, why was the detective side of Batman so …

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Aug 11

Cracked Lists 7 Great Examples of Foreshadowing Used in Video Games

  Sometimes video games can be really clever with their stories. As Cracked points out, some games make really good use of foreshadowing.

Aug 10

A Brief History of Combat in Batman Games – PBS Game/Show

Jamin of PBS Game/Show gives a brief breakdown on not just the history of the brawler genre, but also of how combos work in Batman Arkham games. It was actually pretty interesting, though I was a bit surprised that the success of games with similar combat systems that came out before Arkham Asylum, like Assassin’s …

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Aug 06

Giant Bomb: “Superheroes, Cities, and Empty Streets ” by Austin Walker

A great article on Giant Bomb by Austin Walker on superhero games and their relationships to the city they protect. It’s mainly a critique on how the Arkham games manage to miss the point of Batman as a protector of Gotham City by evacuating the cities and making them just playgrounds where Batman can punch …

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Jul 22

Reality Check and the Problems with PC Ports

  Lucy James of GameSpot’s Reality Check fill everyone in on why PC ports are so hard to do for many developers. It seems like so rarely is it a case where game developers aren’t aware of certain problems with their games. It’s just a matter of balancing time and money.  

Jul 20

Mark Brown Discusses How Larger Scaled Doesn’t Always Mean Bigger Payoff

  Ever since the last generation consoles I’ve often felt the same as Mark Brown does in this video. A large open world full of content isn’t always a good thing when the content being provided is average or mediocre. It’s my biggest complaint about Arkham City, which was the best parts, like the Mr. …

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Jul 14

Polygon: “A brief history of crappy Superman games” by Justin McElroy

Polygon writer Justin McElroy has compiled a history of Superman games and rated them on how well they represented the Man of Steel’s powers. It’s pretty interesting to see what past developers had done to try and make an authentic Superman game, but of course the problem is that Superman is way too powerful to …

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May 07

Gamespot Goes Over Some of the Best Gaming Anti-Piracy Methods

  GameSpot‘s video shows that there is an art to anti-piracy tactics. In the history of combating pirates, these examples might be the most effective. It doesn’t hurt the end users who purchase the game legitmately like a lot of always online services do while at the same, gives those same people some amusement as …

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Mar 23

Reality Check Looks at 3 Ways Science Can Give You Video Game Super Powers

  GameSpot‘s Reality Check looks at some pretty cool future technologies used by, or at least mimicking, super powers in video games. It all seems rather exciting if implausible, except for that Spider-Man climbing power.

Feb 05

Batman (NES) Full Soundtrack A Capella perf. by Triforcefilms

  This was an absolute joy to watch. Triforcefilms did an amazing job of capturing the bit music style of the NES in A Capella that felt like I was getting a live performance of someone plaything the game.

May 22

Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer – Here We Go Again

Sigh, so I don’t really care about the Batman Arkham games. I was kind of liking Arkham City until I realized that a lot of it was just going from point A to point B in a mostly empty city. When word first leaked that the next game was a prequel called Arkham Origins I …

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Aug 07

History of Batman Games Part 4: Dark Knight Rises

The night is always darkest just before the dawn, with the nigh being awful Batman games and the dawn being Arkham Asylum. It’s actually kind of neat how WB decided to take more active role in their IP’s representation in games, because it shows that these franchise owners are finally getting that games can longer …

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Jul 31

Batman Has Had Some Hard Times in the Video Game World

It seems that super hero games in general were cursed with sucking, not just movie tie in games. It’s good thing we know that Batman’s future ends on a high note after this all time low.

Jul 24

The Dark Knight’s Dark Past with Dark Games

Can’t believe I missed part 1 of this when it came out, but never fear for here is part 1 and 2 of All Your History’s 3 part lookback into Batman’s games. It’s really interesting to see that Batman broke the comic nerd stereotype and became mainstream. It’s also interesting to see how his character …

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Jul 22

Something to Reflect On: The Batman Shooting

As someone who was at a midnight showing of Batman, this was pretty terrifying to hear about. Something like this is absolutely horrifying and everyone at VideoGameOlogists wishes to send their condolences to those who lives have been directly affected by this tragedy. I posted this video for a couple of reasons. The first is …

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