Videogameologists is mainly about one thing, promoting intelligent discussion within the gaming community. To accomplish this however takes the work of more than just handful of people. That’s why we at Videogameologists want to tell you, the reader, how you can take part in this community.


The first way is remember our email at [email protected] This is where you can contact any of the heads of the website directly. From there you can let us know of any interesting articles, images, videos, etc. that we can post as extra credit. Extra credit is that supplementary we post that lets everyone know what cool stuff is going on in the gaming community. Things we like to post include:


  • Cool fan made videos that either offer commentary or some other kind of insight into a certain aspect of gaming culture. Helps if they’re funny.
  • Music videos or projects done by people in the community that highlights the awesomeness of video game music.
  • Independent game projects, especially ones that challenge or enhance types of gameplay offered by the mainstream gaming industry.
  • Articles from other sites that discuss one aspect or another of gaming culture along with an accompanying response.
  • Any kind of art that ups the class of the standard video game fan, especially ones that are different than the normal art from the game.
  • Any kind of video or article that discusses the history of the video game industry or video game culture.
  • Trailers for upcoming games that strike a particular chord amongst players, whether they’re looking to change the industry, offer a new and exciting mechanic worth discussing, or have a unique spin on an existing genre.


It would be a lot of help and even more exciting if more people were to help us compile all of this interesting stuff in one place and you can email us at [email protected] if you dig up a particularly cool nugget, we only ask that Extra Credit material is no more than a few weeks old, otherwise we may end up putting repeats of stuff.


Alternatively, you can also ask to become a contributor and post this extra credit yourself. Just email us and ask about what kind of duties that would entail.


If you have an opinion on a lot of aspects of the gaming community, industry, or culture, then you can also email us to become a writer. One thing that sets up apart from other gaming websites is that we are made up of more than just gaming enthusiasts and journalists, we are made up of vast array of disciplines focusing our interest into gaming. While we all love gaming, we want people who are designers, artists, programmers, and even people who have skills and talents not relating to the industry at all. One of our goals is to be more than just another website where people can get news and reviews, and be a place where people take their games more seriously and academically. In you are interested in this position then you can email us at [email protected] along with either some sample writings or a draft of what would be your first article for the site.

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