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Oct 05

Back After Two Week Break

After a much needed two week break, I’m back and ready to start writing and talking about video games again.

Apr 23

Weekly Update #20: Why!?!

Sorry this update is coming a week late…but let me let tell you what my last week has been. All of my classes decided to bombard me with major projects all due roughly in the same period, all assigned at roughly the same time. The last four days have been almost non-stop work, with writing …

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Apr 08

Weekly Update #19: Was Xenoblade Chronicles Worth It?

So only a few days ago I went to GameStop and picked up Xenoblade Chronicles, the long awaited Wii exclusive JRPG that was the first game in Operation Rainfall, a movement to help the Wii get out of the long drought of high profile games.So the question is, was it worth Nintendo’s time to localize …

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Apr 02

Weekly Update #18: Kid Icarus Uprising and Braid

First off, I’m sorry for not posting a weekly update last week, but I was on Spring break and went to Disneyland and had a bunch of other fun stuff (including doing taxes).   For the last week I’ve been playing Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS and let me tell you that it is …

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Mar 19

Weekly Update #17: EA Reported to the FTC For Mass Effect 3 Ending (Complaining about something until it changes)

“Bill Clinton: If things don’t go your way, just keep complaining until your dreams come true.” Marge: “That’s a pretty lousy lesson.” Bill Clinton: “Hey, I’m a pretty lousy president.” – The Simpsons, Saddlesore Galactica   This is how I feel most gamers operate. Don’t like something, just complain to someone until things changed. You …

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Mar 12

Weekly Update #16: Erik’s GDC Adventures (If you’re a game developer, please hire me)

So last Friday, I went to the Game Developer’s Conference and attended many talks about how to break into the game industry and how to pitch a product to some publishers. I also learned that networking is key to getting into the industry, so I have a lot of new friends to make…   Also, …

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Mar 06

(Late) Weekly Update #15: Blog Something and Win

You know why this weekly update is late? School. School sucks when they assign me work and these next couple of week are going to be hectic. So in the meantime, before I start talking about any of the news from last week I want to request from the people who visit this website a …

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Feb 27

Weekly Update #14: Dear Mass Effect Fans, What Rock Have You Been Living Under?

I don’t get this. Last week there was a leak that Mass Effect 3 would be having day 1 DLC and people flipped their lid. Seriously, there you can just google “Mass Effect 3 Day 1 DLC” and you’ll find a ton of people going crazy about the whole things. My response? Where have you …

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Feb 20

Weekly Update #13: Why I Love Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Now before anyone gets on my case about how the prequel Star Wars movies are shit and totally ruined the franchise or whatever, let me make one thing clear. I saw that movie pretty close to when it came out on May 19, 1999. This would have made me 9 years old, 9 years to …

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Feb 13

Weekly Update #12: I Used To Be a Skyrim Player Like You…

Then I took a creation kit in the knee. That will never get old. Ever.   But yes, I did get Skyrim for my PC and have pretty much gone cold turkey on it for my PS3 because of the creation kit. It’s pretty easy to use, so far, and once I’m past some school-related …

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Feb 06

Weekly Update #11: My SoulCalibur Nightmare

So on Tuesday I got SoulCalibur V and let me just say, it’s so much better than IV. At the same time, it’s not as good as 3, but the new characters, the fresh new look, and some solid online and single player modes definitely has rekindled my love for the series. At the same …

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Jan 30

Weekly Update #10: VideoGameOlogists Wants You!

First off, I know that we had a pretty lackluster week of articles last week. School is finally going into full gear and some of our writers have seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth. This is why we need you, that’s right, the talented young gamers looking to put their controller down for …

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Jan 24

(Late) Weekly Update #9: Why I Couldn’t Brain That Day

Hey y’all…first off, sorry for missing the normal time that a weekly update happens. Turns out, staying up til one working on an article that will probably never see the light of day when you have class the next morning is probably not the best policy. But if only everyone knew.   Before I get …

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Jan 16

Weekly Update #8: Running on Empty (Turning into a zombie)

Oh Skyrim, you pretty much take up all my free time. I honestly can’t wait til I’m done with this blasted game because my two hour breaks turn into all night affairs. Anyways, if you haven’t played Skyrim yet I suggest you do. But only if you have a ton of free time. Actually, I …

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Jan 08

Weekly Update #7: My Life Is Ruined!

So I’m finally back at school, so not only will everything be going back to normal, but also more stuff will be happening, right? Wrong!   Turns out my life is ruined not only because of The Old Republic, but I also started Skyrim today. I have to say, people were right when they said …

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