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Aug 15

VGO is on break

I’m on vacation for a week and I won’t have internet access. So, sorry but there won’t be any posts this week. Hopefully everything should go back to normal next Monday.

Jul 04

Happy 4th of July Everyone! (2016)

Happy 4th of July fellow American gamers. I was planning on doing a theme for today…but I couldn’t find anything good. So I’m just going to relax today. Everything should return to normal tomorrow.

Jun 28


I’m testing something . Pay no attention to this test.

Apr 28

Bravely Second’s “Great Distance” perf. by jparecki95

  I haven’t played Bravely Second yet, but one thing I loved about the first game was it’s music. So, if jparecki95 is even close to this new main theme, I will probably love the music in Bravely Second as well.

Apr 04

Breaking Down and Subverting Language in Adventure Games – Story Beats

Ian Danskin of Innuendo Studios breaks down a smart joke from the adventure game Ben There, Dan That. It’s a pretty good breakdown of what makes that kind of particular joke funny.  

Mar 28

Cracked: “The 5 Most Absurdly Difficult Video Game Puzzles (Pt. 2)” By Ian Ury, Ed Stevens, Ryan Menezes

Videogameologists is back after a two week hiatus caused by doing what I love doing, creating video games (I basically sacrificed two weekends and then took a few days of much needed R&R to recharge)   So, let’s get things restarted by looking at this Cracked article by By Ian Ury, Ed Stevens, Ryan Menezes …

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Mar 22

Why No New Content?

Sorry for being gone the last week, the thing is, I’m currently away on business and have been working through the weekends (when I usually post stuff for the week). Things should return to normal next week.

Mar 11

Kotaku: “I Was Homeless And Video Games Saved My Life” by Kelsey Gamble

Here’s a sort of uplifting story by Kotaku Australia’s Kelsey Gamble, who tells her story of how video games helped her stay sane after being homeless for awhile. It’s really details the horrors of being homeless in probably very tame ways (I cannot and hopefully will never be able to relate to that kind of …

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Feb 14

What Happens When Your Website Breaks

So…for the last week, our websites editor was broken. So I couldn’t make any new posts. And now it appears to have fixed itself.   Hooray.   Unfortunately, that got in the way of my plans make this week’s posts during the week so I could spend Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend, and since doing …

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Jan 27

“Inside Squid” – Nintendo/Disney Crossover Fanart by MrHaliboot

Deviantartist MrHaliboot has some cool pieces of fanart that smashes together beloved Nintendo games with some of Disney’s most recent films. Take a look at these and then be sure to check out the rest of his gallery.   

Dec 28

Taking Another Break, See You in 2016

Due to some last minute travel plans, this final week won’t have music posts and won’t have any posts starting on the 31st of December and lasting. I will try and start up again at the beginning of January but no promises since I have a very hectic schedule around that time as well.   …

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Dec 16

One Week Break

I’m finishing up a major crunch for work and it’s cut into my time to make posts. That’s why there wasn’t any yesterday. I think it will be best to simply skip this week, but I will make more posts next week. Sorry about this.

Dec 03

Super Mario Bros. 3 Acapella Medley by Mr Dooves

  Mr Dooves of Triforcefilms performs a catch medley of songs from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Sep 16

“I Can See the Future!” – Super Smash Bros. Themed Tarot Cards by Quas-quas

You may not be the kind of person to necessarily believe in the power of tarot cards, but even you must admit how awesome these Super Smash Bros. themed tarot cards look. They were created by DeviantArt user Quas-quas and are, at the time of this writing, currently sold out. But keep an eye on …

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Jul 01

Just a Quick Update

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that due to several factors (such as just moving and some not serious health issues), I’m taking the rest of this week off. I’ll most likely return to posting on Monday and continue my review of the E3 press conferences. Sorry for this, hopefully everyone is …

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