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Sep 16

“I Can See the Future!” – Super Smash Bros. Themed Tarot Cards by Quas-quas

You may not be the kind of person to necessarily believe in the power of tarot cards, but even you must admit how awesome these Super Smash Bros. themed tarot cards look. They were created by DeviantArt user Quas-quas and are, at the time of this writing, currently sold out. But keep an eye on …

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Jul 01

Just a Quick Update

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that due to several factors (such as just moving and some not serious health issues), I’m taking the rest of this week off. I’ll most likely return to posting on Monday and continue my review of the E3 press conferences. Sorry for this, hopefully everyone is …

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May 15

Ocarina of Time’s “Kakariko Village” Guitar Cover perf. by DSC

  A nice relaxing way to end a day, even if DSC gets a little metal towards the middle.  

Jan 28

Video Games Might Be Too Long? – PBS Game/Show

Another PBS Game/Show!   I do agree that games might be becoming too long and that there exists in some communities this idea that hour required somehow equals a better game. Jamin’s idea for being able to adjust the story is flawed however. While I think the option to skip cutscenes the first time you …

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Nov 20

Gamespot’s 10 Years of Wow – Part 6: The Inside Trader

The economy of an MMO like World of Warcraft never ceases to amaze me nor does the people who apply real world (albeit maybe illegal) tactics to make lots of gold in that economy.

Oct 07

Sonic Boom’s TV Teaser and Why Eggman Might Be My Favorite Character of the Bunch

The first time I saw a clip of Sonic Boom, I thought it was hilarious. Now I’m looking forward to it even more though I worry about it because Cartoon Network does not have a good track record of keeping around good shows based on licensed materials.   But can I take a minute to …

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Aug 11

Rerez: Positives – Desert Bus from Pen & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors)

Shane must enjoy the challenge of finding the good parts in every game because before I started watching this I was genuinely curious about what he had to say. I’m a little disappointed to see that he really had to stretch the definition of “positive” when saying nice things about desert bus because some of …

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Jul 04

Fourth of July Break

I said this week was going to be a little iffy. I’m taking July 4th off and I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t post any new content until Monday. Hope everyone of my fellow Americans has a good and safe 4th of July.

Apr 18

10 Little Known Facts About Sonic the Hedgehog

Are you ready to become the ultimate Sonic fan? Because here are 10 things that you must know if you are out to claim the title.

Apr 18

PBS Game/Show: What Does Your Favorite Game Genre Say About You?

Glad to see Game/Show is back on track with good material. Anyways, using the site that is provided by the video, I would have to say that I’m a hybrid of Discovery, Narrative, and a heavy lean towards Fantasy. I really love being immersed into my games and I have lost myself in games like …

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Apr 16

Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero Part 2 by James Farr

Well here it is, the conclusion to a very awesome and very unexpected Star Wars/Nintendo Cross-Over (unless he does the prequels.)   This was, I think, was kind of so-so. The emperor being Mewtwo was…eh. His one-winged angel form? Eh. I did enjoy that the ewoks were Pikmin though, very clever.

Jan 01

Happy New Year! We’re Off For a Week

Happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone has a fun and safe new year. As for VideoGameOlogists, we’re going to a break for this week. We’ll be back on the 6th.

Nov 08

Question: Do You Value Agency In Games?

I’m sorry for another question inspired by Beyond: Two Souls, but the last question got me to thinking that maybe you can make a game that takes away agency from the player, if the player doesn’t value agency.   When you talk to game designers or people who are really enthusiastic about board games, they’ll …

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Oct 01

Gamasutra: What it Was Like to “Go Indie” in the 90’s

Gamasutra reprinted an interesting article from 1998 about how to be becoming an indie game developer. Perhaps a bit unsurprisingly, a lot of this advice is still given to aspiring developers but might not be so applicable anymore.   Some of these like “building a viable team”, of course is good for any project you …

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Aug 30

Ballad of the Wind Fish Perf. by Insaneintherainmusic – The Song that Defines my Childhood

Okay, some serious technical difficulties hit me yesterday which put me out of commission for a short while. Which sucks because I really wanted to share this with you. I’m pretty sure I said it before, but Ballad of the Wind Fish is one of the most important songs in my life. Link’s Awakening is …

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