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Sep 06

Speculation Friday: It’s Time to Mega Evolve!

The newest Pokemon game is adding Mega Evolutions like there is no tomorrow and I am quite excited for it. I think Mega Evolutions are going to add an interesting twist to the single player game as well as the competitive side of things. Not only that, it’s making a lot of old fan favorites …

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Aug 23

Speculation Friday: The New Smash Stages – 3DS Edition

Last week we speculated on the possible stages that will be appearing in the next Super Smash Bros. Since there were so many possibilities and we know that they are going to be different for each console, I decided it would be best to split it up between what would be on the Wii U …

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Aug 16

Speculation Friday: The New Smash Stages – Wii U Edition

So with the addition of the Animal Crossing Villager, the Wii Fit Trainer and Megaman, it’s very clear that Masahiro Sakurai knows more about what’s doing than I do when it comes to character selection. He has a lot of possibilities but his dedication to making sure that his choices bring something unique to the …

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Jul 05

Speculation Friday: What I Want to See In the New Star Wars Battlefront (Part 2)

EA has the license of make Star Wars games, and so far the only thing confirmed to come out of it is a Star Wars Battlefront reboot. The game is being made by DICE, the same guys who make the Battlefield series, and aside from that all we know is that the guys behind Dead …

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May 31

Speculation Friday: If Nintendo Made A Wii Music 2

When I was freshman in college 5 years ago, I got a game that was pretty unpopular in the gaming community. That game was Wii Music, something more of a toy than a game. It was a music game where players worked together to make to create cool renditions of famous public domain, pop, and …

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May 03

Speculation Friday: Injustice For More Part II

I don’t mean to rehash old ideas, especially so soon but after watching some more Justice League I had about a dozen more ideas for characters that could be included as either DLC or in the next Injustice game. Some of them are more flushed out, with details into how they could be implemented. Others …

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Apr 05

Speculation Friday: New Tech For a New Age

When the Wii was released with it’s revolutionary motion controller, something in the gaming world changed. Suddenly, we weren’t limited to the standard controller anymore, alternative methods of input became the exciting new frontier for video games. Since then, we have seen the Wii motion plus, Kinect, the PS Move, and at GDC this year …

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Mar 22

Speculation Friday: How to Reinvigorate Pokemon Snap

A long time ago, many of us played an N64 game called Pokemon Snap. The premise of the game was simple: take pictures of wild Pokemon in their natural habitat. The better your photo, the more points you received and the game was full of so many secrets that I’d bet you could still learn …

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Mar 08

Speculation Friday: More Fire Emblem DLC

Fire Emblem: Awakening has been out for a while now and has been receiving a very steady stream of DLC. So far we have received maps where players get to battle heroes of past games, maps that will help you gain money, experience points, and weapons, and maps inspired by the earliest games. Upcoming, we …

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Mar 01

Speculation Friday: Pirates of the Assassin’s Creed

So the next Assassin’s Creed game has been confirmed to be all about pirates! That means we’re going to sailing on the high seas, pillaging villages, plundering booty, and drinking lots of rum. We’re going to meet famous pirates like Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and Jack Sparrow.     Okay, probably not, but once again it …

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Feb 22

Speculation Friday: The Future of Monster Hunter

Yesterday I witnessed two exciting Monster Hunter related events. The first was the trailer to Monster Hunter 4 and the second was the demo to Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate. Needless to say, I’m really excited and after getting just a taste of what is going to be in update to the game that got me …

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Feb 08

Speculation Friday: Sonic’s Next Big Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog has definitely been making the comeback hasn’t he? Not only has his recent outings in Sonic Colors and Generations finally ended the long era of Sonic games that suck, but it seems like Sega is really pushing the merchandising for the blue blur as well. From mobile games, to Monopoly, to the …

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Jan 25

Speculation Friday: Game Crossovers I Would Like to See

So in the latest Nintendo Direct, Mr. Satoru Iwata introduced something that I never would have expected: a crazy crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem. It seems to be a trend since I think Pokemon Conquest was fairly well received, which itself was a crazy cross over between Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition. Other …

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Jan 11

Speculation Friday: Musical the Game

I’ve dabbled on this topic before, but after seeing Les Miserables, the entire subject has become a bit more fresh in my mind. Modern musicals are very story driven, which to some would mean they are a perfect fit for the video game genre. To others like me though, the musical really lacks that important …

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Jan 04

Speculation Friday: Franchises That Need a Trading Card Game

So I’ve done what franchises need a fighting game and which game franchises need spin-offs, but you know what I really love? Trading card games. I’ve discussed why I love them so much already and why more game developers should think like card game designers, but when a series rich in story, characters, lore, etc. …

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