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Oct 29

31 Days of Roll’s Halloween Costumes by the Guy Who Draws the Mega Man Comics, Ryan Jampole

Ryan Jampole, the artist for Archie’s Mega Man comic, is doing a 31 days of Roll Halloween where everyone’s favorite robot girl dresses up as different pop culture characters for each day of October. Check out some of the cool video game ones (there are others besides video games) and if you like them be …

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Oct 06

One of the Best Renditions of Wind Waker’s “Molgera” You Will Ever Hear by Theophany

Zelda music is already pretty epic. So what happens when you make it even more epic? Well, it just blows everything else out of the water. It’s for songs like this that I still wish I had my hacked Wii so I could add it to my custom Smash Bros. playlist.

Nov 16

Random Selections: Uncharted 3/Minecon

Cameron and I talk about what we want to see at Minecon while playing Uncharted 3. Why? Answer is in the video! We both can’t wait for Minecon, since it will be the first big media thing that we’re going to as VideoGameOlogists. We’ll be sure to report on all the cool things but we …

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