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Mar 04

Question: Does the “Console War” Matter to You?

Earlier today I encountered a forum post that was celebrating Sony being ahead in the console race. Having sold 6 million PS4s, they’re beating the Xbox One and the Wii U. Their was praise in this thread for Sony while many insults were thrown about the other two consoles and I thought to myself: “why …

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Feb 04

Question: What is Cheating in Video Games?

Haven’t asked a question in a while, so here’s one that has kind of been on my mind lately.   What do you consider cheating in video games? There’s the really obvious side of this question which I think many people would say that using outside devices to manipulate the rules or systems into creating …

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Jan 06

We’re Back, Time to Start Off a New Year – Most Anticipated Game of 2014

Well, we are back and refreshed for the new year. 2014 is looking like it’s going to be a great year for gaming. Now that the next generation is officially kicked off we’re probably going to see the big 3, and more, pull out all the stops to show off the power of these new …

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Dec 28

Question: Worst Game of 2013

I asked what was the best and now I’m looking for what was the worst. A lot of stinkers came out this year and most of them a result of terrible planning, pretentious ideas, or just unfortunate circumstances. While I can’t say that I usually play “bad games” (I tend to know what I like …

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Dec 27

Question: What Was Your Favorite Game of 2013

With Christmas all wrapped up that means all that is left is to prepare for the new year. So let me ask everyone, what was your favorite game of 2013?   For me, there was just so many choices. I haven’t had a chance to play some of the later games to have come out …

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Dec 18

Question: Is Microsoft Making Its Own Smash Bros. Game?

My friend and I pursuing the List of Xbox One Titles on Wikipedia led to an interesting discovery. One game on that list was called “Xbox Arena” and was under the genres “platform”, “action”, and “fighting”. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like Microsoft didn’t want to be left out of the platform fighter party …

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Nov 05

Question: What Can’t Be a Video Game

So I’m watching a Let’s Play of Beyond: Two Souls and aside from laughing at how horrendously worse it is than Heavy Rain (and that is quite an achievement), it got me thinking about video games as a medium. More specifically, what can’t be a game?   It’s a difficult question because you don’t want …

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Oct 25

Question: What Horror Movie Would You Turn Into a Game?

Last night I saw Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” for the first time. It was a pretty excellent, if not sometimes silly, movie and it got me to thinking how a game could simulate that kind of experience and from whose point of view would the game take?   You would play the role of Jack? …

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Oct 04

Question: How Do You Feel About Spoilers

So Pokemon X and Y are releasing soon as despite efforts from Nintendo, leaks and spoilers are all around.   So my quick question is: how do you feel about spoilers?   I have a lot of friends who for some games or TV shows will do everything short of actually unplugging the internet to …

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Aug 20

Question: What is the Most Creative Game You’ve Ever Played?

I was recently is a discussion over what makes something creative and it got me to thinking what is the most creative game I’ve ever played. Now of course I think the opinions on creativity can differ, but I think that creativity is the ability to create new and novel ideas. To create something that …

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Jul 26

Question: Are There Games You Should Only Play Once?

Instead of a Speculation Friday today, I’m just going to ask a question.   So recently, I decided to replay Fallout:New Vegas for the first time in a couple years. It was my first Bethesda game and I remember how it instantly sucked me in and became one of the most engaging experiences I’ve ever …

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Jun 27

Question: Should Sony Continue Support for PS3 After PS4 Launch?

According to this Kotaku article, Sony plans and following their same plan from last generation and support their current console well after the launch of their next console. Support from the other two companies for their older consoles has pretty much died out as we’ve pretty much seen a stop to Wii games and will …

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Jun 20

Question: Does the New Xbox One Entice You?

I was going to write an article about how the old DRM system of the Xbox One might not be all that bad. I’ve already kinda talked about how once you look past the DRM, it and the PS4 look roughly the same. Well, according to this Kotaku article, that DRM is gone. In a …

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Jun 04

Question: Does This E3 Feel Important?

This E3 should probably be one of the most important E3′s in a long time. Finally we’re going to see Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, with a ton of new games, services, and aw who am I kidding? Both companies successfully de-hyped E3 by showing off their new consoles during their own events earlier in …

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May 21

Question: What Was Your Favorite Xbox 360 Experience

While I do have a lot of different experiences with the Xbox 360, it’s hard for me to pick out a favorite one. Mainly because I don’t own one, but also because most of the games I’ve played on it were multiplatform and my friend just bought them for the 360. I mean I still …

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