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Jul 07

Hidden Gems on the Wii – IGN

  IGN has a video with 11 Wii game recommendations. Kind of weird that this comes near the end of the Wii U’s lifespan. Reminds me of my Wii game recommendations that I made a long time ago.

Apr 27

Square Enix is Killing It on Mobile

Who knew a console game company could produce good games on a smaller scale? Normally I complain a lot about mobile games, specifically freemium and their poor implemented tactic to withhold the flow of the game for a little bit of money. Now let me speak about the good side of mobile, mainly the side …

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Jan 21

Hey! You Should Play Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds!

Yesterday, one of the games that defined my childhood finally returned. For the measly price of $5.99 you too can own a copy of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga from the good ol’ folks of Good Old Games.   Star Wars: Galactic Battlegronds is a Star Wars real-time strategy game using the Age of Empire’s …

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Nov 17

BitCoin Billionaire

When a game, let alone a mobile game, shows some decency to its players, you know you’re in for a ride. The good people at Noodlecake Games and Fizz Pow have made what I would consider an average game that somehow is able to surpass the bland mindless actions most idle clicker games resort to …

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Mar 10

Another Case Solved Overview

Rather than just review the entire game, I decided to look at some of the elements Another Case Solved gets right, wrong, and could improve. Unlike many free-to-play games, Another Case Solved really is free-to-play…so long as you don’t complain too much about the dependency on consumable items for completion. For some reason, the last …

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Jan 27

Lightning Returns Demo Impressions

Lots to talk about this week in gaming, but only one thing is jumping up and down people’s minds. The Machinima and Microsoft secret deal? No. King trademarking “candy” as protection for their mega hit Candy Crush Saga? Nope. Sexual harassment from a gaming journo? Embargoes on Kickstarter games? Jelly donuts on Mars? Feds fighting …

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Jan 20

Broken Age Impressions

On Tuesday, Double Fine’s Broken Age Act 1 Beta was made playable to all Kickstarter backers. Those who didn’t back the project will have to wait until the 28th of January for the official release, but for many backers the wait has been worth it. Though many gaming sites are now posting official reviews of …

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Dec 23

Underrated: The Cave

The (somewhat) true story of seven strangers picked to venture in a cave, work together, and have their lives played to find out what happens when people stop being polite and starting getting real… The Cave. Ron Gilbert’s The Cave is one of the shortest and intruding adventure games to have been released earlier this …

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Dec 20

Depression Quest – Interactive Fiction About Living With Depression

I just played a really interesting game called “Depression Quest” by Zoe Quinn and Patrick Lindsey. It’s interactive fiction that puts you the role of person going through depression and its no non-sense approach to the subject really provided a powerful experience.   The goal of this game is to kind of give a person …

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Dec 17

Underrated: Sleeping Dogs

If any of you jumped on those Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, then you know a lot of good videogames lowered their prices that cold, dark day(s). Games which weren’t giving much of a chance fell under the radar after all the hyped up titles stomped out the competition. Games like Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider, and …

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Dec 16

iOS Gems

Though I haven’t played as many console games as I would have liked this year, I have tried out many iOS games (both good and bad). Even having complained about the iOS market this entire year, I have spotted a few gems deserving some of your hard earned dollars, time, and love. If you have …

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Apr 30

Play This! Rayman Legends Challenge App

One of the best reasons to own a Wii U early was Rayman Legends. Based on the demo, it was the first game to really show how the gamepad really changed the way we approach games (the second game was ZombiU). Then the news hit that the game would be delayed. Why? Delayed to port …

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Feb 26

Touhou Project – Bullet Hells from Heaven

You know those neat scrolling shooter games? You know like Gradius? or Galiga? OK, what if I told you there was one with lesbian anthropomorphized versions of mystical creatures spamming you with bullets until you cry?   Yeah, I would play it too.   Thus, I bring you the Touhou Project series, a bullet hell shooter, and …

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Nov 15

Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

I don’t care what anyone says, Space Jam was the shit…when I was 10. Yeah, I know, a lot of things were awesome when I was 10, but Space Jam was the best candy-coated crack a 10 year old could get at the time. The greatest role model, of the 90’s, Michael Jordan teaming up …

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Sep 26

Play This! Episode “Star Wars: Republic at War”

Play This Episode 1 Part 1 Play This Episode 1 Part 2 Erik and I decided to create a little discussion on videogame content and media that we feel deserve a little more recognition in the community. Things like game mods, indie games, iOS games, poorly rated video games will be top priority on our …

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