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Any non-gaming related article. These can be about upcoming movies, certain real life events, music, anime, manga, etc. As long as it doesn't relate to games but something you want to talk about.

Aug 04

Wanted: Sci-Fi Recommendations

Calling all phreaks, I’m in need of assistance. A genre I’ve been unfamiliar with for too long has been poking its head into pop culture recently and I wanted to better understand it. It calls itself science fiction, and I don’t know where to start. What books, movies, TV shows, games, and other mediums should …

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Jul 18

Idea Channel: Could Sports Ever Replace War?

So not related to video games but I think an interesting idea to think about. And uh….Mike says “War, war never changes” from Fallout.   I think it’s an interesting thing to think about simply because games are becoming a rising e-sport and the alternate universe in which sports could be used to replace war …

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Jun 30

What’s On the TV?

Now that E3 is over, and Watch Dogs hype is down, the wait for 2015 games is starting. Some of you probably feel there is nothing to do. Hey, take a break from gaming and find a show to watch. There’s quite a few of them on that there TV, some of them you can …

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May 09

io9: “Why Do We Care So Much About What Female Superheroes Wear, Anyway?” by Lauren Davis

An article from io9 by Lauren Davis titled “Why Do We Care So Much About What Female Superheroes Wear, Anyway?” This is of course a very serious topic that is highly debated on whether or not female comic book characters are unfairly sexualized and serve as male sexual fantasies where as impossible beefy men are …

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May 09

Idea Channel: The Future of Fandoms

Another interesting Idea Channel episode that relates to video games but is not explicitly about them.   The future of fandoms is one that every game developer should be thinking about, especially in the way they might contribute or even begin to dictate it.   I for one am totally against giving free reign to …

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Apr 22

Transcendence Review – Critics Not Rich in Logic But Abundant in Irony

So this is going to be a kind of review/examination of the recently released movie Transcendence. I can’t really spin a video game theme into it but the futurist idea of transcendence is one that has really interested me ever since my first year in college where I took a class in the ethics of …

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Apr 19

Frozen’s “Let It Go” perf. by Hatsune Miku

I hope you’re ready for a groovin’ Saturday full of jams! Mainly because I have a surplus of music that I want to share.   This first one kind of relates to games, right? In that, Hatsune Miku has games…oh forget I just really like Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen.   Full version right …

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Apr 17

Idea Channel: “Did How I Met Your Mother Earn Its Ending?”

A little off-topic but in relation to the last post I think relevant.   For a while now I’ve believed that to make a good game you need to be an incredibly generous and sympathetic person because ultimately, you make games for people to play them. You need to understand how people work so that …

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Apr 03

Idea Channel: How is Ms. Marvel Changing Media for the Better?

This is an idea channel that doesn’t necessarily deal directly with video games, but addresses issues found in both the game and comic communities.   I really liked Mike thought that “we are told that superheroes are not real but we are not told that every Muslim being a terrorist is equally unreal.” It’s the …

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Mar 31

Off-Topic: Book Club

Yeah, books. Back in 2012, I made a resolution to read more. In 2013, I’m surprised to say I actually followed through on my resolution. It may not be as impressive as most readers, but hey, I did it. This post isn’t meant to brag — nor is reading 6 books in one year worth …

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Jan 23

IdeaChannel – The Experience of Being Trolled

I know this is slightly off topic, but seeing how the video game community is also part of the internet community at large I thought it was still relevant.   I can definitely see Red Shirt Mike’s point about how trolling can be seen as a positive force in some cases. I know that I …

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Dec 09

Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

It’s the holiday season, foo. You know, jingle bells, snow, and whatever else involves not staying home playing videogames. That time of year when the mall is crowded and wallets are cleaned out. It can only be for one reason: that day you get presents. (Varies from person to person.) But for all you lazy …

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Nov 30

I’m On Vacation Until Friday

Hello everyone. I’m on vacation right now with the family up in Colorado and while I do have internet, it’s very, very slow. Coupled with not too many interesting things happening lately I think I”m just going to take a week off. That means nothing is going to be happening here for a while, but …

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Sep 23

Meanwhile, in Real Life…

September 17, 2013 will mark the day when a noticeable amount of the population forgot to attend work/school. September 18 will also mark the day when those same individuals used the same excuse used on September 17 to stay away from work/school. If only we can figure out what is making so many people miss …

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Sep 08

Robot Boxing Toys – Welcome to the Future

This might be a little off topic and this might be from a year ago, but dammit these little toys are just so cool. You have to wonder if the influence of the Wii and Wii Boxing inspired these toys (of which I will one day own). Also, this video was from June of last …

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