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Any non-gaming related article. These can be about upcoming movies, certain real life events, music, anime, manga, etc. As long as it doesn't relate to games but something you want to talk about.

Apr 03

Idea Channel: How is Ms. Marvel Changing Media for the Better?

This is an idea channel that doesn’t necessarily deal directly with video games, but addresses issues found in both the game and comic communities.   I really liked Mike thought that “we are told that superheroes are not real but we are not told that every Muslim being a terrorist is equally unreal.” It’s the …

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Mar 31

Off-Topic: Book Club

Yeah, books. Back in 2012, I made a resolution to read more. In 2013, I’m surprised to say I actually followed through on my resolution. It may not be as impressive as most readers, but hey, I did it. This post isn’t meant to brag — nor is reading 6 books in one year worth …

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Jan 23

IdeaChannel – The Experience of Being Trolled

I know this is slightly off topic, but seeing how the video game community is also part of the internet community at large I thought it was still relevant.   I can definitely see Red Shirt Mike’s point about how trolling can be seen as a positive force in some cases. I know that I …

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Dec 09

Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

It’s the holiday season, foo. You know, jingle bells, snow, and whatever else involves not staying home playing videogames. That time of year when the mall is crowded and wallets are cleaned out. It can only be for one reason: that day you get presents. (Varies from person to person.) But for all you lazy …

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Nov 30

I’m On Vacation Until Friday

Hello everyone. I’m on vacation right now with the family up in Colorado and while I do have internet, it’s very, very slow. Coupled with not too many interesting things happening lately I think I”m just going to take a week off. That means nothing is going to be happening here for a while, but …

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Sep 23

Meanwhile, in Real Life…

September 17, 2013 will mark the day when a noticeable amount of the population forgot to attend work/school. September 18 will also mark the day when those same individuals used the same excuse used on September 17 to stay away from work/school. If only we can figure out what is making so many people miss …

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Sep 08

Robot Boxing Toys – Welcome to the Future

This might be a little off topic and this might be from a year ago, but dammit these little toys are just so cool. You have to wonder if the influence of the Wii and Wii Boxing inspired these toys (of which I will one day own). Also, this video was from June of last …

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Aug 13

I’m Back With Oh So Much to Catch Up On

After a fun, revitalizing trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, I’m back and ready to start posting new things and old things from last week. Which apparently was a lot because the internet doesn’t sleep.

Aug 05

One Last Summer Hurrah For Me!

I’m going on a holiday that will last a little over a week starting today. As such, I will not be able to maintain the 3-4 posts I usually try and do. So I’m going to be stretching out everything I can find to make at least one post a day. It’s only for a …

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Jul 22

Looking for a Few Good Podcasts

Summer means a lot of things to different folks. For movie goers, it’s PURE ACTION, buildings collapsing, fight scenes galore, and the cool gust from theater air conditioners. For gamers, it’s STEAM SALES, XBOX LIVE SALES, PSN SALES, SALES, SALES, SALES! Maybe all that is a little too much adrenaline for someone as simple as …

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Jul 16

Cracked: If Educational Shows Were Honesty

Okay, this is a little bit off-topic but it does relate to games. Game testers, from what I’ve read, aren’t the most appreciated folks in any game developer team. Their job isn’t to play games all day but to look for things that are un-fun. I remember as a kid, thinking that game testing would …

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Jul 12

Off-Topic: How to Get a Job at Pixar

How about something a little off-topic today? Pixar is one of those big places where I think a lot of creative people would like to work. They are like the Valve of CGI Animation…well hopefully not exactly like Valve but you get the idea. I found this video to be very interesting and from the …

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Jul 04

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all those American gamers. Hope you enjoy your fireworks tonight. To celebrate, Kotaku has compiled a list of fireworks from multiple video games, enjoy.

Mar 28

Idea Channel: Will Kickstarter Replace Hollywood

I know this is a little off-topic, but since Kickstarter is playing such a large role in the indie video game industry that I figured anything related to it might be interesting. Could Kickstarter replace Hollywood? I think this question could easily be extended to publishers and video games as well, where the crowd funding …

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Dec 31

VideoGameOlogists: Some Thoughts Before Closing Out 2012

So it’s the end of another year. Honestly can’t say that I think we’d make it this far. Okay, I had my suspicions but c’mon you got to admit that 12/21/2012 got you a little worries at the beginning of this year huh?   Well, here at VideoGameOlogists, we are now over a year old. …

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