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Any cool webcomics (single or ongoing) that we find.

Jul 16

The Reason Chrom Isn’t In the New Smash Bros.

So why isn’t Chrom his own character in Smash Bros.? Well, Tumblr user graphiteknight has a theory.   If you click on the link above there is a bonus.

Mar 13

Brawl in the Family – Plumber’s Best Friend

Brace yourself. This is sad. I wasn’t expecting it to be so sad when I first started watching it and then it comes at you like a truck.     At first I amused that Yoshi sounded like Doug the Dog from Pixar’s Up. I was like “aw, Yoshi’s like a dog.” Around the middle …

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Mar 12

Man At Arms: Honedge From Pokemon – Seriously? Awesome!

You know what this video reminded me of?  

Mar 11

Pokemon Webcomic by mrdittomansir Gives Even More Feels

Pokemon X and Y must have really hit their mark because I had not seen Pokemon talked about like this since I was a kid playing Red and Blue. In fact, with the internet, this is the biggest I’ve ever seen Pokemon. I’m only saying this because I’ve seen loads of Pokemon comics that try …

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Feb 25

We Can Finally See Each Other – Pokemon Comic by Ponpekopomn

Pokemon is a game that is nothing but frustration and feels. Here’s an example of the latter in comic form done by Ponpekopon.

Feb 12

Perils of the Lady Gamer by Shaenon K. Garrity

  A comic by Shaenon K. Garrity.   I honestly don’t have enough personal experience within the actual game industry. I have the privilege of going to game and comic book stores where the guys who run it are pretty chill and don’t seem to judge anyone who comes in. I’ve worked with young men …

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Dec 26

Wonder – A Pokemon Webcomic by Renee P.

Pokemon is a devious game. In your brain you know that they are just sprite art representing lines of code. A lot of the times though, we refer to them as if they were living things. We breed them, we train them, we teach them stuff. Pokemon X and Y even has us feeding and …

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Dec 11

Forest Fire

Ready to feel some Pokemon feels, brought to you by the tumblr “The Very Worst Thing“:       Bonus Pic:    

Nov 13

Wind Waker Comic About Saying Good-Bye and Starting a New Journey by Kiana Art

I think the King of Hyrule in Wind Waker is kind of an under appreciated character. I think too many people just associate him with the talking boat, but it was him. You travel with him for most of your journey but it isn’t until about half-way through that you actually meet him. He isn’t …

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Oct 24

This Webcomic Gives 3DS Owners the Feels (of Sadness)

An artist named Lark has crushed my soul. Like a lot of 3DS gamers, I obsessively played Animal Crossing over the summer. It consumed almost all my free time and I loved spending my days shopping, chatting with animals and all that fun stuff while at nights I would catch bugs to become rich. Then …

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Jun 16

Father’s Day: Dear Dad

To all the gamer dads and the dads of gamers. Happy Father’s day. From Dorkly and from VideoGameOlogists.  

Jun 13

We’re Really Close to a Captain N Reunion

DeviantArtist Ian Samson has made a quick webcomic over what we’re all thinking when Mega Man was announced for Smash Bros.   Seriously, we are one Simon Belmont short from a Captain N reunion. Do it Nintendo. Do it Sakurai. You can make an event match called Captain N Reunion just for it.   On …

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May 29

Super Mario Bros 2 – A Sequel to the Classic Movie

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. movie, is being continued in the form of a webcomic. With a script penned by SMB Archive founders Ryan Hoss and Steven Applebaum, the story continues the movie which ended on a BS cliffhanger. Though at the time of this writing only the first …

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May 27

Inside the Cube of Curiosity with Peter Molyneux

Curiosity was a game for mobile devices where players were tasked with working together to chip away at this cube made up of millions of little cubes with the hopes of being the person who breaks that last block to win a life changing prize.   We can watch the video above because the winner …

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Mar 20

Zac Gorman: The Easiest Path

Zac Gorman is at it again with another amazingly deep and but amazingly minimalist Legend of Zelda comic.     I like the message, and really, it kinda sums up why we play games. We challenge ourselves to have fun.

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