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Sep 12

“Childhood Hero” – Short Overwatch Webcomic by Glow

Like me, I think Tumblr user Glow, AKA Chloe, likes all the little bits of characterization revealed in the dialogue in Overwatch. There’s so much of it and some of their exchanges are so cute. Take a look at the start of this webcomic, but then be sure to check out Chloe’s art tag for …

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Jul 22

“The Final Concert” – Final Splatfest Comic by 3D ROD

TumblrArtist 3D ROD is celebrating the final Splatfest with this touching comic. I think it’s a great reminder of how Splatoon has brought many of us together. How it was an incredibly journey and showed the world how to make a shooter game that isn’t based around gritty realism or killing. I love this game …

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May 31

“I Can’t Believe It’s Been A Whole Year” – Splatoon 1st Anniversary Comic by Sami Briggs

Tumblr user Sami Briggs reflects on a year of Splatoon as she joins the celebration of the game’s anniversary with this comic. I’m only giving you the first two pages, so you can read the conclusion on her art blog, as well as check out her other pieces.

Apr 26

“Three Little Princesses” – Fan Art and a Fan Comic by Yves Bourgelas

Yves Bourgelas, AKA thebourgyman, has a webcomic about Princess Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. He also has a gallery full of silly artwork like the examples below. Be sure to check out the rest of his gallery when you get the chance.

Aug 29

“Baymax Used Thundaga” – Comic by jenkuhaha

Plenty of people were excited to hear that Big Hero 6 was going to be represented in Kingdom Hearts. Particularly jenkuhaha who drew this lovely comic about how Baymax might be able to help you as an ally.  

Nov 25

Why Dr. Mario is Back in Smash – Comic by 100 Skulls

Another tale of how a character came to Smash, or in this case, how he returned to Smash.     Yes, according to Tumblr user 100 Skulls, Dr. Mario is a separate character to Mario and has a score to settle with the Nintendo icon.

Sep 19

“And That’s Why You’re In!” – A Webcomic Strip Imagining The Origins of This Super Smash Fighter

Warning: The following comic contains spoilers for secret characters in Super Smash Bros. Don’t look at it if you want to and somehow have remained completely unaware of who is in the final roster.       ——————–   This is pretty touching comic by Brian (no last name given) who runs the Tumblr blog …

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Sep 09

“To My Small Friends” by Renee P. Available for Pre-Order

From the amazing artist who brought us the Pokemon comic Wonder comes another cute adventure based on a Nintendo series. Renee P. (aka Laughingbear) is taking pre-orders for the Pikmin based comic called “To My Small Friends.” Below are some images from it, but you can always click on the link and see more.  

Sep 08

Brawl in the Family is Ending And Now You Can Own The Whole Series in One Big Collection

So with a new Smash Bros. on the horizon it only seems fitting that the webcomic series Brawl in the Family is coming to an end. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t go out with a bang. This Kickstarter seems like a great way to celebrate a great webcomic that celebrated what some might consider …

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Aug 14

Dorkly: “The Undeniable Link Between Video Games and Violence”

This is pretty much what I hear now when people talk about the negative effects of playing video games on children. Pretty much because of this PBS Game/Show episode.

Aug 05

A.V. Clubs: “Amid all the Zelda tchotchkes, Link’s floppy little hat stands out” by Nick Wanserski

A short essay done in plain text comic form by Nick Wanserski who explores the artistic evolution of The Legend of Zelda and by doing so explores the evolution of the Zelda series, the nature of “family friendly”,  and what it means in gaming to be “mature”. And how it basically it all started with …

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Jul 16

The Reason Chrom Isn’t In the New Smash Bros.

So why isn’t Chrom his own character in Smash Bros.? Well, Tumblr user graphiteknight has a theory.   If you click on the link above there is a bonus.

Mar 13

Brawl in the Family – Plumber’s Best Friend

Brace yourself. This is sad. I wasn’t expecting it to be so sad when I first started watching it and then it comes at you like a truck.     At first I amused that Yoshi sounded like Doug the Dog from Pixar’s Up. I was like “aw, Yoshi’s like a dog.” Around the middle …

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Mar 12

Man At Arms: Honedge From Pokemon – Seriously? Awesome!

You know what this video reminded me of?  

Mar 11

Pokemon Webcomic by mrdittomansir Gives Even More Feels

Pokemon X and Y must have really hit their mark because I had not seen Pokemon talked about like this since I was a kid playing Red and Blue. In fact, with the internet, this is the biggest I’ve ever seen Pokemon. I’m only saying this because I’ve seen loads of Pokemon comics that try …

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