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May 25

Why Sonic Boom Failed – DidYouKnowGaming?

  DidYouKnowGaming? talks about the how Sonic Boom failed, which is a shame because it sounded like, at the beginning, it had a lot of potential.

May 24

Overwatch’s “Main Theme and Victory” Metal Cover perf. by SwigglesRP

  Let’s celebrate the release of Overwatch with SwigglesRP awesome cover of the main theme and the victory theme.

May 24

Don’t Worry Loves, The Calvary’s Here with 10 Facts About Overwatch – ohnickel

  ohnickel gives us 10 facts about Overwatch that you may not have known, such as how Anita Sarkeesian’s criticism may have caused, or at least contributed, to the creation of characters like Zarya.   One thing this video is kind of misleading about however is the nature of the Tracer’s debate. Tracer’s pose was …

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May 23

“Fishy Love” – An Undertale Song by Griffinilla (ft. Eile Monty)

  This song, by Griffinilla (and featuring EileMonty) is absolutely hilarious. Seriously, it might be the best thing you watch all week.

May 23

Are Games Ruining Gaming? [Wisecrack Video]

Maybe. Every gamer knows the most important part of a game is gameplay. The controls, the mechanics, how the game plays, etc. all trump any other part of a game. It’s more important than graphics, story, and sound. We all know this. Did we also know, however, that the gamey part could get in the …

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May 22

Star Fox 2 Was Never Cancelled, It Lived On as Star Fox 64 – Beta 64

Beta64 barrel rolls into the beta builds and prerelease content of the classic Nintendo 64 game, Star Fox 64. A lot of interesting tidbits here, mainly in how many ideas and how much content was salvaged from Star Fox 2.  

May 21

How Controllers Control Games – Game Maker’s Toolkit

  Mark Brown of Game Maker’s Toolkit created an excellent video that coincidentally really captures my thoughts on controllers how people perceive them. A lot of games benefit from building on the games before it and creating this sense of game literacy. That literacy becomes so ingrained in gamers that any deviation feels like a …

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May 20

Strike a Pose: Pose Design 101 (And Overwatch’s Tracer) – Extra Credits

  Extra Credits has a great episode on pose animation using Overwatch and the Tracer’s ass controversy as a springboard. It’s really informative and shows you not only what was wrong with Tracer’s old pose, but why the new pose is better and what goes into making a great pose.   One of the most …

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May 19

Hidden Files and Easter Eggs in Undertale – Did You Know Gaming? Undertale Part 2

  Did You Know Gaming was just filled with so much determination to tell us more about Undertale, that they made a part 2.     I’m glad Toby Fox was able to ask people not to post things online without getting too much backlash (At least I think it wasn’t a lot of backlash). …

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May 18

Samus Arm Cannon in DIY Prop Shop

AWE me‘s DIY Prop Shop makes one of the coolest game props I can think of: Samus Aran’s iconic arm cannon. Not gonna lie, once I get some free time, I might try hand at this.  

May 17

The History of Sonic’s Smash Bros. Moveset – The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists talks about the history behind Sonic’s moveset in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.   This is actually conflicting information compared to what I’ve read before which stated that Sonic’s moves were based on virtua fighter, since he was more like Sega’s representative as opposed to just his own game’s. …

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May 16

Uncharted’s “Nate’s Theme” Violin Cover perf. by Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis performs a totally epic violin cover of Nate’s theme from Uncharted. Definitely one of my favorite video game themes in modern gaming.

May 13

A Difficulty Discussion – Game Maker’s Toolkit on Dark Souls and Easy Modes

Mark Brown of Game Maker’s Toolkit asks the controversial question of “should Dark Souls have an easy mode?”   His ultimate conclusion is that it’s not that simple, but it could/it does but it’s just buried within the game’s systems rather than given as as a literal option.   I’m actually not sure how much …

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May 11

GamesRadar Looks at 9 Complicated Game Plots That Started Off Simple

  GamesRadar talks about 9 games that seem like they should have a simple, straight forward plot but actually involve evil corporations, ancient conspiracies, and insurance fraud. Some of these games have really intricate plots that really showcase how  games can transfer information to their audiences in ways other mediums can’t. In other cases,  though …

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May 10

Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s “Big Arms” Metal Cover perf. by RichaadEB

RichaadEB covers one of my favorite songs from any Sonic game (or any game for that matter.) Big Arms is such an epic boss song and hearing it on a live electric guitar just ups the epicness to 12.

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