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May 25

Lost Plasmids, Suspicious Security Programs, and the Movie that Never Was – ScrewAttack’s Five Fun Facts on Bioshock

Some interesting facts via ScrewAttack! on Bioshock.   Funny anecdote, for the game I’m developing I wanted to add some kind of short range teleportation. My programmer gave me a flat “no” pretty much citing that it would break the game.  

May 24

Super Mario 64’s “Peach’s Castle” A Capella Cover perf. by Mr. Dooves

  Mr. Dooves is going back into Mario proper (after a brush with the Mario cartoon last time) with this classic tune.

May 24

Chrono Trigger’s “Wind Scene” Jazz Quartet Cover perf. by The Consouls

  As a jazz cover by the The Consouls, this song as some Studio Ghibli vibes to it.

May 23

Your NES and TV All Rolled into One – Gaming Historian

  TheĀ Gaming Historian looks at a rather unusual piece of gaming hardware. A game console and TV smooshed into one. I never really thought about it before, but this does seem like a really good idea. If only something like this could be sold competitively. I would love for a Wii U or XBox One …

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May 22

Link’s Awakening’s “Mabe Village” EWI Multitrack Cover perf. by Soundole

  Boy does this song really unlock some nostalgic feelings for me. This was the first Zelda game I ever played and it remains one of my favorites. So thank you Soundole of Soundole VGM Covers for covering of the BGMs of my childhood.

May 22

Feminist Frequency Discusses Jade from Beyond Good and Evil

  I can only imagine what a world where Beyond Good and Evil got the treatment it deserved would look like. Luckily, Anita Sarkeesian of feministfrequency pretty much sums up why it’s a game that challenges many of gaming’s biggest norms and why we need more of it.

May 22

Watch Out! Nerdy Nummies Makes Navi Nilla Pops

  Oh my goodness I want to eat a million of these. Curse you Rosanna Pansino! Curse you!

May 21

Star Fox 64’s “Aquas and Zoness” Accordion Cover perf. by Jackson Parodi

  You know, if Universal Studios and Nintendo are going to open some Nintendo themed attractions, I think they should totally hire Jackson Parodi. With his accordion skills, I’m sure he’ll draw in the crowd. I mean, listen to this. It’s a beautiful cover of Aquas and Zoness.

May 21

PBS Game/Show Offers Some Food for Thought – Why is There So Much Food in Games?

  An interesting episode of PBS Game/Show. I think Jamin is on the right track that associating food with health and power-ups plays into our kind of natural allure to food as a consumable good. Mechanically, I think food has a lot of design space yet to be explored, especially in the realm of creating …

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May 20

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Theme A Capalla Cover perf. by Mr. Dooves

  This is great. I never watched much of this show growing up, but what I have seen I really enjoyed. It was silly and a by product of a time when Nintendo ruled the world, but it was still very fun. Thank you Mr. Dooves of Triforcefilms for reminding that this show existed.

May 20

Wii Would Like to Know – Did You Know Gaming Looks at Nintendo’s Most Revolutionary Console

  Regardless of what anyone says, I think the Wii is one of the most revolutionary consoles ever made. Motion controls opened up so many new possibilities and I think paved the way for developers to think beyond just a normal button controller layout. I know a lot of people really like traditional gamepads, but …

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May 19

Chrono Trigger’s “Corridors of Time” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music (Feat. Brentalfloss

  Epic Game Music along with brentalfloss have put together a pretty chill guitar and piano cover of Chrono Tirgger’s “Corridors of Time.” It sound pretty awesome.

May 18

StreetPass Love: A 3DS Song by Random Encounters (with NateWantsToBattle & The Completionist)

  This catchy song by Random Encounters perfectly captures how I feel when walking around public places with my 3DS. It’s amazing how fun a silly little application like StreetPass can be.   Anyway, here are some links to the people in this video and how to buy this song if you want to.   …

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May 17

Super Mario Sunshine’s “Platforms a Plenty (Super Mario Bros. Theme) Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  Tsuko G. uses his kazoo to cover the theme from Super Mario Bros. as covered in Super Mario Sunshine. Pretty catchy.  

May 17

Tales of Symphonia’s “Fatalize” Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  This is the only Tales game I ever managed to play all the way through and one of my favorite JRPGs. It’s weird to hear this pretty epic battle them on kazoos, but as with all of Tsuko G. work, it’s brilliantly done.

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