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Oct 24

50+ Exciting Features in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Oh my goodness I cannot wait for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot!   All the modes, all the features, it’s simply just too much. I especially am excited about Ridley as a boss character and Smash Tour. And we cannot forget about 8 player Smash and Mewtwo as …

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Oct 23

Nightmares Return with Five Night at Freddy’s 2 on Steam Greenlight

It feels just like last week that Five Nights at Freddy’s first came out. Now a sequel is on it’s way in what I think might just be the quickest a sequel has ever been produced. I’m pretty curious about how the new features of this game is going to work, seeing as the original …

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Oct 14

The Star Wars Game We Almost Had – Found Footage of Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leaders

Star Wars Rogue Squadron is one of my favorite games series of all time. I remember when Factor 5 was shut down and hearing the loss of a Rogue Squadron compilation was almost too much to bear. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this. All the Rogue Squadron games together, with new …

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Oct 09

New Star Wars Arcade Game, Battle Pod, Looks Like an Update to Trilogy

One of my favorite Star Wars games of all time is the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game. Despite it being perfect for motion controls, I was pretty disappointed that the Wii came and went without this gem being ported to home consoles so I could play it whenever I wanted. To be honest though, the …

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Sep 17

The First Trailer for Rakuen, Plus Soundtrack Preview

  One of the musicians I follow on YouTube, Laura Shigihara, is also a game designer (I didn’t know that before) and has been working on this game project here for a while now. As well as doing the audio, programming, and pixel art). I don’t know much about what the core gameplay is going …

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Sep 08

Brawl in the Family is Ending And Now You Can Own The Whole Series in One Big Collection

So with a new Smash Bros. on the horizon it only seems fitting that the webcomic series Brawl in the Family is coming to an end. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t go out with a bang. This Kickstarter seems like a great way to celebrate a great webcomic that celebrated what some might consider …

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Sep 05

Bayonetta 2 – Brought to You, Directly!

In case you missed yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, here it is. It’s looking pretty awesome so far but as someone stepping into the Bayonetta franchise with this game I’m not entirely sure what to expect other than I hope there are some Wonderful 101 references.

Sep 03

Are You Feeling it? Shulk Foresees a Fight!

I know I’m a little late to this party but I cannot simply ignore this. Shulk is going to be in Super Smash Bros. confirming an earlier leak and he looks like he’ll be pretty fun to play as. I suppose it’s a little ironic that a character whose thing is all about reading the …

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Sep 01

A Kickstarter That Needs Your Help All About Game Music – The Players’ Score: A Videogame Music Documentary

If you are into or want to learn more about the video game music scene, then do I have a Kickstarter for you to fund. The Players’ Score: A Videogame Music Documentary is exactly what it sounds like and seems like it will be exploring the history of bit music and the entire musical movement …

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Aug 26

The Pokemon x Tekken Game is Finally Realized – Pokken Tournament Announcement Trailer

This is what some people suspected when the name “Pokken” was leaked. An honest to God Pokemon fighting game made by the people who have brought us the Tekken series. I am a little disappointed that it seems to be slated for Japanese arcades but I’ve heard that how most Tekken games start out before …

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Aug 15

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Gamescom Trailer – Sonic’s Bad Day

I’m really hope that this game turns out fun. As much as I liked Sonic Lost World, I can’t say that I liked it better than Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations. I really did miss the super fast feeling those games provided even if they weren’t as much of a challenge as Sonic Lost World. …

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Aug 07

Nintendo Direct: Hyrule Warriors….Directly!

So I know this is a few day’s late but HOLY MOLY are you even more psyched for this game than before? Because I know I am. I am very pleased with how this game seems to be shaping up and simply cannot wait to play as Ganondorf.   I also called Zant and Ghirahim …

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Aug 02

Impa Wields a Naginata in Hyrule Warriors

Impa’s newest Hyrule Weapon is revealed. So far she seems to be the most Dynasty Warriors type character of the roster, fighting with semi-classical weapons with an over the top style. I guess that’s fair since I don’t remember this Impa doing too much weapon combat.

Jul 31

The Latest Hyrule Warrior: Sheik!

So I think Shiek might be my new favorite character in Hyrule Warriors. I love her much more colorful look that seems more inspired by both Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword and I love the fact that she uses the songs from Ocarina of Time in her attacks. I kind of wish now that …

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Jul 31

Never Alone – Preserving the Culture of the Alaskan Natives Through Video Games

Just reminding people that the game Never Alone is an important thing. You can read this Polygon article about it for more information but I cannot stress enough how important this is for video games. An interactive way to preserve a culture. Something that will have greater meaning than just a documentary or even a …

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