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May 14

Get Hyped! Nintendo Has Big Plans For This Year’s E3

  I can’t believe they’re doing this! You know what this calls for? The Wizard 2!  

May 11

From the Team Behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country comes Yooka-Laylee!

I know I’m a little late to this party, but the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie is too big a deal to ignore. Despite never finishing, I have fond memories of Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 and seeing as this Kickstarter is well-beyond funded, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.   If you …

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May 08

Nintendo Direct: Splatoon Research Reports

More information one of my most anticipated Nintendo games. Everything just looks so cool.

May 04

It’s Finally Here – Broken Age Launch Trailer

  Part 2 of this game dropped last week, fulfilling the reason Kickstarter became one of the go-to methods for up and coming indie developers like myself. If you haven’t already played Part 1, you should definitely pick up the game now that it’s complete. I’ve only played part 1, but as someone who isn’t …

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Apr 20

Beyond Eyes Teaser Trailer Looks Inviting, Yet Uneasy

  Didn’t I see this game before? Ah, yes, I remember now. I wish I could remember what it was like back then but I think it’s come quite a long way. I can’t wait to play this game sometime later this year. You can follow more updates on Beyond Eyes by following their YouTube …

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Apr 15

Check Out Aurion: Legacy of Kori-Odan and Its Cool Combo System

  Aurion looks like it’s a game that will combine a fighting system like Dust with Marvel Vs. Capcom. It’s really flashy and just looks satisfying to play. This game is being developed by Kiro’o Studios, the first video game studio of Central Africa and they’ve already got through the Steam Greelight process. I can’t …

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Apr 01

Create a Visual Novel Today with Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Studio

  I know there are many budding visual novelists out there who were just dying for a platform like this. It looks so easy that I may want to give it a try. Best of all, it’s integrated right into Steam.    

Mar 18

The Official Trailer to Adam Sandler’s “Pixels”…Brace Yourself

  Hoo boy. This actually doesn’t look like it will be a total waste of time. Heck, it’s basically a feature length film of my favorite Anthology of Interest Futurama short.

Mar 13

Sing Along with Code Name S.T.E.A.M.’s Launch Trailer

  Games like this always need catchy theme songs. First it was The Wonderful 101 and now Code Name S.T.E.A.M.   Oh yeah, the game is out today!

Feb 05

The Foolish Brave: To Challenge a God – 2D Fantasy Beat Em Up Needs Your Help

The Foolish Brave: To Challenge a God has the makings to be a great new indie game. It’s got story, style, and a great mix of platforming and 2D sidescrolling beat-em up action. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but that’s just going off the demo. I’ve already backed it and I’m very …

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Jan 20

Prepare to Answer the Call for Help in Sid Meier’s Starships

  I’m always one for a space game, so the premise of this game look pretty interesting. It’s a shame there wasn’t much gamplay showed in this trailer, but maybe in the time between then and now we’ll get some more information.

Dec 24

Life is Strange Trailer is Certainly…Strange

Adapting games to tell a more realistic, down to Earth style story must be challenging. Even when you throw something strange in like time travel, as a designer you have to constantly struggle between giving the player freedom to do stuff while also keeping them on track with a solid narrative. Going too much in …

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Dec 16

Time To Battle in the Stars – Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer

  Elite: Dangerous launched today and while by the time of this writing I haven’t played it yet, it is a game that I’ve been really looking forward to.

Dec 03

Kickstart a 5 vs. 1 Horror Game Where One of Your Friends is Your Worst Nightmare

If you played Alien: Isolation but was disappointed you and your friends couldn’t go head to head in recreating some classic horror scenes, then you might like this game that is being Kickstarted right now. It seems pretty neat, and you can learn more by checking out it’s Kickstarter page. I already back it and …

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Nov 20

An Adventure Unfolds – Tengami’s Launch Trailer for Wii U

Tengami is one of those games I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. After playing a high action game like Bayonetta 2, it might be nice to relax with a more peaceful looking game like this.

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