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Feb 27

GameInformer: “Looking Back At 10 Years Of Monster Hunter With Its Producer” by Kyle Hilliard

GameInformer’s Kyle Hilliard conducted an interview with Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, revealing some interesting insights into the history and inspirations for the world’s best Monster Hunting game. (Sorry, Evolve.)   It’s certainly cool to get inside the head of the head of the Monster Hunter games, knowing why their worlds always seem so idyllic …

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Feb 25

Paste: “The Framerate Debate: Why Videogames Need To Take A Film Theory Class” by Gita Jackson

Paste Magazine’s Gita Jackson has an interesting article arguing that many AAA game developers need to take a film course. The central theme of this debate is over frame-rates, how the demand for games is 60, while some can only provide 30, where film only uses 24 and how some developers use “creating a cinematic …

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Feb 24

Making a Video Game Is Harder Than It Looks

I’ve recently been watching a lot of video critiques and reviews of games that…that I think a long time ago, I might have actually agreed with. Jumping from game lover to game maker is a huge step into a brand new world where you literally have to rethink everything about your passion. Nowadays, I generally …

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Feb 23

Polygon: “Games have basic, huge accessibility problems (that we celebrate)” by Daniel Starkey

This article by Polygon’s Daniel Starkey on the lack of game accessibility is thought-provoking. While reading through and some of the comments I noticed my opinion shifting around. Yes, games should be more accessible. Right now, a majority of games seem to cater towards neurotypical, non-handicapped people and I honestly do fear the day when …

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Feb 06

Paste: “Romanticizing Tragedy: Should Disaster Games Be Fun?” by Maddy Myers

Maddy Myers of Paste Magazine writes an interesting article about This War of Mine in the context of how not to romanticize a tragedy in games. In this article, Myers dissects what made games like Oregon Trail “fun”, despite it having a rather heavy and depressing subject matter. She expressed how heroic it made her feel …

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Feb 04

Medium: “On Designing Better Women in Games” by Ayla Arthur

A really great article by Ayla Arthur on Medium talking about designing female characters and looking at a lot of common tropes usually associated with female character design. In it, she confronts us with the idea that we assign gender to a character before we even start creating them and thus, even unconsciously, start relying …

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Jan 29

Kotaku: “How The First Resident Evil’s Been Censored And Changed Since 1996″ by Patrick Klepek

Kotaku writer Patrick Klepek has put together a timeline of the history of the first Resident Evil game, noting all the difference and censoring. I actually didn’t know that some of these ports existed of the game.

Jan 27

Femhype: “Press X to Exit: What It’s Like Gaming With Anxiety” by Mir

Mir, from Femhype, has an article about playing games with anxiety. It’s definitely given me a very different perspective on how people can enjoy, or rather, sometimes not enjoy games and just how AAAA game trends tend to not favor people who have to deal with these kinds of issues.   I guess there’s a …

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Jan 26

Joystiq: “Gaming while black: Casual racism to cautious optimism” by Jessica Conditt

A great article by Jessica Conditt on discussing the history of gaming while black and what modern day challenges developers and gamers are facing in order to make the gaming community more diverse and inviting.   One of the big points for me is the statistic identifying the rate of growth amongst black game …

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Jan 22

Polygon: “Conservative, stuffy old Nintendo and its weird habit of wild radicalism” by Colin Campbell

Polygon’s Colin Campbell recently wrote an article that gives us some insight into the Willy Wonka like workplace that is Nintendo. By talking to Dan Adelman, a former employee who was responsible for bridging together Nintendo and many indie developers, Campbell reveals Nintendo’s traditional and conservative corporate culture, one that rewards longevity and doesn’t necessarily …

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Jan 21

Gamasutra: “Postmortem: Monolith Productions’ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor”

On Gamasutra, Michael de Plater, design director at WB Games studio Monolith Productions, wrote up a post-mortem on Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor detailing what went right and what went wrong with development on the game.   Overall, I really enjoyed this game but can definitely see where de Plater is coming from. The nemesis system …

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Jan 14

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “In the Zone: How Gamers Experience The Real Chernobyl” by Nick Rush-Cooper

A pretty thought provoking article by Nick Rush-Cooper on games using real-world spaces. In this case, he examines the inhabitable Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and how it is used, changed, and rearranged in games like Call of Duty 4 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.   The experiences he talks about in this article are ones that I …

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Jan 12

Kill Screen: “The Year in Maps” by Chris Breault

2014 saw a lot of big open ended games that required one of gaming’s most useful innovations, the map systems. Chris Breault of Kill Screen has decided to look at a handful of those maps from some of the biggest games and critique them and the world’s they represent looking at elegance, mechanics, and artistry. …

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Jan 08

Gamasutra: “Lessons Of A Failed Game Dev Studio” by Dan Drysdale

It’s always such a shame when we need to learn lessons for success from someone who has tried and fallen down. But that’s what mistakes are for. They are for learning. So that’s why I appreciate Dom Drysdale who wrote a blog piece on Gamasutra titled: Lessons Of A Failed Game Dev Studio.   In …

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Jan 05

Femhype: ” Playing Broken Games Motivates Me to Play Them More ” by Nicole

An amusing article by Nicole on Femhype about how a game’s brokenness motivates her to play them more. At first, it doesn’t really surprise me that she found some enjoyment from overcoming these unexpected obstacles. That’s what gamers do. I have to admit that I’ve done the same thing, whether it Fallout: New Vegas constantly …

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