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Jun 30

Not Your Mama’s Gamer: “Privileged Play: The Gaze, Interface, and Video Games” by Bianca Batti

Bianca Batti has an interesting article over on Not Your Mama’s Gamer on the topic of video games and the gaze. Presumably, a game is built to cater towards the straight male gamer. Though it may not, and most often isn’t, intentional, there are things to consider when examining how games are put together and …

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Jun 26

Polygon: “Yu Suzuki, Tim Schafer and others discuss hype in game development By Blake Hester” by Blake Hester

Polygon’s Blake Hester has an excellent article talking to Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue, Dennis Wedin and Jonatan Söderström, creators of Hot Line Miami, and Tim Schafer, creator of Brutal Legend and Broken Age about their thoughts on hype, living up to the expectations, and the fear of failure. It’s really a good read that …

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Jun 25

First Person Scholar: “I Can’t Take This: Dark Souls, Vulnerability, and the Ethics of Networks” by Matthew Kelly

If you’re looking for a deep reading of networks and ethics explored via the lens of Dark Souls, then look no further than this Matthew Kelly essay on just that very subject via First Person Scholar. It’s a pretty in-depth piece that explores a facet of our modern society using a really popular video game. …

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Jun 23

Deorbital: “What Michonne, Sasha, and Beyoncé Teach Us About the Complexities of Anger” by Shonte Daniels

Shonte Daniels of deorbital writes a great piece discussing the representation of women of color in games (and Beyoncé) and two positive examples of characters who express anger owning and defying the stereotype of Black and Latina women.   In this article, Daniels discusses how The Walking Dead’s Michonne and Severed’s Sasha use their anger …

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Jun 22

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “Hype Check: Debunking E3’s Marketing” By Brendan Caldwell

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Brendan Caldwell has an interesting article examining some of the lies, half-truths, and technically trues that were told during the various E3 press conferences.   It’s easy to forget that E3 is not a celebration of gaming, but one really long commercial. Which means all the standard marketing BS is going to …

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Jun 20

Cool Ghosts: “Cool Ghosts and E3: No” by Matt Lees

Matt Lees has written an excellent article on his site, Cool Ghosts, critical of the E3 culture, specifically mentioning how distasteful it is to tout a brand new shooter game merely a day after the attack in Orlando. His larger point though is how the video game industry consistently brags about being bigger than ever, …

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Jun 12

Kotaku: “Uncharted 4 Solves The Series’ Identity Crisis” by Evan Narcisse

Kotaku’s Evan Narcisse has an Uncharted 4 article that I think I can get behind, talking about how the game solves Uncharted’s identity crisis. Be aware, this article has spoilers.   Without going into spoiler territory myself, I did find this game to be a lot more subdued than the previous entries. I think it …

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Jun 11

IGN: “How Feminist Frequency Is Helping Women, Real and Fictional”

IGN has an interview with famed (or notorious depending on who you are) feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the Tropes vs. Women in Gaming and Ordinary Women YouTube series.   The interview is fairly basic by all accounts. It explains who she is, gives some backstory, and talks about her new series as well …

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Jun 09

The New Yorker: “The Coming Horror of Virtual Reality” By Simon Parkin

A great article by Simon Parkin via The New Yorker exploring and ultimately warning about some of the darker sides of VR, particularly in what VR can do for the horror genre.   In this article, Parkin talks about how VR has proven psychological effects on the user. Even if it’s just a head mounted …

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Jun 07

Guileless Monk: “Achievements are Permission”

Here’s an interesting essay by Guileless Monk on Tumblr about how Achievements (and whatever other name they make take) aren’t just there to reward players, but also act as permission for players to treat the game as a game, rather than an experience.  In a good perspective to look through, because Monk points out that …

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Jun 05

Polygon: “Designing Mirror’s Edge: The Making of a Franchise” by Phil Kollar

Polygon’s Phil Kollar has a great cover piece on Mirror’s Edge including how the game got it’s start and how it finally is returning with a sequel.   I’m someone who played the original really late (like only a couple of years ago late) but actually found that it had a lot of great ideas. …

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Jun 03

PC Gamer: “How to be a better roleplayer” by Jody Macgregor

A great article at PC Gamer by Jody Macgregor exploring why we roleplay and how we might become better at it.   I had to admit, when I play a video game, I don’t do a lot of actual roleplaying. I really do just like inserting myself into the role. But mainly because a lot …

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Jun 01

Kotaku: “Uncharted 4 Has The Perfect Video Game Ending” by Luke Plunkett

An examination by Luke Plunkett of the ending to Uncharted 4 and how it managed to hit all the right notes.   Spoilers ahead.   There’s a few parts in this article that strongly resonated with my own feelings. I thought the epilogue to Uncharted 4 was a great conclusion to not just the game, …

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May 29

Popmatters: “Difficulty As Tone in ‘Hyper Light Drifter'” by Boen Wang

An interesting article on Popmatters by Boen Wang on the game Hyper Light Drifter and understanding the game’s harsh difficulty.   I haven’t played Hyper Light Drifter, so I cannot comment on the game itself, but based on playing other notoriously hard games I feel like I can say that there is a difference between …

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May 27

FemHype: “Ableism, Accessibility, & The Farce Against Casual Games” by Ishki

Femhype’s Ishki has a pretty harsh article discussing how games have failed to be accessible to a variety of gamers and how the idea of the “filthy casual” is rooted in ableism.    First off, I completely agree with Ishki that there is no reason to call casual games “not real games”. It is a …

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