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Sep 03


A very lengthy and academic, but still fascinating article by Benjamin J. Triana on transportation theory and video games, specifically Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and it’s conceptualization of masculinity. Basically, Triana asks whether or not a video game’s narrative and mechanics can influence a player’s values and opinions in the same way some theorize other …

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Sep 02

BuzzFeed: “Meet 6 Women Who Are Winning The Gaming Game” by Colleen Stufflebeem

Buzzfeed’s Colleen Stufflebeem has an excellent interview with six women game designers/UX Designers asking them about what got them into gaming and what their experience in the industry has been like. These women are Catt Small, Aileen Z, Del Northern, Jane Friedhoff, GJ Lee, and Julia Keren-Detar and they have some great insight into working …

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Sep 01

Radiator: “Massive Chalice as Pre-Apocalyptic Existential Game Industrial Dread” by Robert Yang

An interesting look at Double Fine’s Massive Chalice and how it broke the mold from other strategy role-playing games by Robert Yang.    Massive Chalice is described by Yang as a game that doesn’t want you to love it, because it’s a game that doesn’t cater to the escapist fantasies like other games. It isn’t …

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Aug 30

Kotaku AU: “Beyond Eyes Is A Video Game About Loss” by Mark Serrels

Here is a lovely article by Mark Serrels of Kotaku Australia on the game Beyond Eyes and how it is a game about loss. It’s nice to see game developers really put themselves into their work, to express an idea that might be unique to them but can be universally understood. I always feel like …

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Aug 28

Gamasutra: “Personal Challenges for the Solo Indie Dev” by Cory Spooner

As someone who is working with a few others on the same project but is still pretty much working at home on an indie game, I found this blog by Cory Spooner on the personal challenges of a solo indie dev very relatable. These are problems I encounter almost daily and nearly everyday I kick …

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Aug 27

Kotaku: “Why Most Video Game ‘Aggression’ Studies Are Nonsense” by Jason Schreier

The question rages on: Do video games make people more violent? Kotaku’s Jason Schreier challenges studies that say they do by pointing out what he perceives are flaws in the method in which these studies are conducted. Flaws such as “subjective” ways to measure aggression, short term vs. long term, and whether or not people …

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Aug 26

Kotaku: “Teenage Girls Are Playing Video Games. You Just Might Not Hear Them.” by Chris Suellentrop

Kotaku’s Chris Suellentrop wrote an article on teenage girls who game but are rendered practically invisible because they do not use any forms of voice communication. It’s an interesting piece as it once again shows that at least a good chunk of people playing video games are women. According to the article, 60% of the …

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Aug 25

FemHype: “How a Lack of Racial Diversity Inhibits ‘Life Is Strange’” by Sheva

A very clear and concise article on the racial representation issues in Life is Strage by Femhype’s Sheva. In this article, Sheva makes an excellent point to not be afraid to criticize games. For as good as she says Life is Strange is (It’s on my to-do list), for as progressive that it is, that …

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Aug 24

FastCompany: “Unraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later” by Benj Edwards

Fastcompany writer Benj Edwards has written up a fascinating piece on the history behind Nintendo’s greatest failure, the Virtual Boy. Framed as a kind of grand experiment that fits with the innovating stylings of Nintendo, Edwards goes over the creation of the technology needed for the Virtual Boy and all the obstacles that stood in …

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Aug 23

FemHype: “Video Games Are Utterly Failing Trans Gamers & It’s Time We Did Something About It” by Sheva

An article from FemHype by Sheva that gives the gaming world a much needed examination of how games and the gaming community treats trans- gamers. It is very eye opening and a must read for anyone interested in creating games.

Aug 22

The Guardian: “The sometimes fatal attraction of video games ” by Simon Parkin

A in-depth article from The Guardian by Simon Parkin on what makes video games so appealing that some people would play them to death. It’s a long but very interesting read.

Aug 21

FemHype: “Armor Score: Permission to Be Femme in ‘Splatoon’” by Skye

An interesting article on Femhype by Skye on how how Splatoon allows for self-expression. Skye explains the connections between clothing and power and how Splatoon has created a system in which people could express themselves however they wanted, to be cute, or cool, or weird, or plain, and how it can be empowering. I think …

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Aug 20

Gamasutra: ” Honest tales from the trenches of AAA game writing” by Bryant Francis

Here is a great resource for anyone interesting in becoming a writer for video games by Bryant Francis.   As someone who has written and it editing a game’s story right now, I actually find it humorous how much of the advice here is stuff that I came to on my own or have read …

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Aug 19

Listen to the 1990’s Metal Gear Solid Radio Play

Apparently there was an old Metal Gear Solid Radio Play from the 1990’s that has been unearthed and translated into English. Polygon’s Colin Campbell has more details on the matter, but if you want to listen to part 1, it’s pretty neat.   Here’s a Youtube version and here’s a Soundcloud version.

Aug 18

BoingBoing.Net: “No girl wins: three ways women unlearn their love of video games” by Juliet Kahn

Here is a great article by Juliet Kahn on 3 ways girls are excluded from gaming, especially as they get older. As a boy, some of these things I am aware of but have never really experienced. I can only imagine what it’s like but what is great about this article is that it offers …

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