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Nov 29

Kill Screen: “Dogmeat, Fallout 4, and the Anxiety of Everything” by Reid Mccarter

Here’s a cool article by Reid Mccarter from Kill Screen on Fallout 4’s Dogmeat.   As a dog lover, I’m on-board any game that offers me a canine companion and in any game that does it right (such as Fable 2), they become one of your most important characters.   Why is that so though? …

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Nov 26

Gamasutra: “Asymmetrical Overbalance in Game Design” by Josh Bycer

Here’s an interesting article by Josh Bycer on balancing via asymmetrical means, particularly with strategy games where the game’s AI is given unique perks because they cannot match the planning and strategy of an actual human.   I know plenty of RTS games that do this and Bycer is right when he says that it …

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Nov 25

GameInformer: “Worried About Gaming Getting More Expensive? It Already Has” by Mike Futter

GameInformer’s Mike Futter wrote this piece about a month ago, but it still has some interesting questions to think about regarding DLC and microtransactions.   The reality of the situation is that these practices exists for two reasons. The first, as the article pointed out, is that games are regularly costing more than the $60 …

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Nov 23

Gamasutra: “Opinion: ‘Interactive fiction’ is just another way of saying ‘game'” by Katherine Cross

An interesting article by Katherine Cross on Gamasutra legitimizing the Interactive Fiction genre as a game. It’s an interesting look into all the different and unique mechanics interactive fiction can offer the gaming world and it all ties into how limiting the “is it a game or not” debate can go.   Me? I say …

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Nov 19

Gamesutra: “Architecture in Video Games: Designing for Impact” by Deanna Van Buren

Deanna Van Buren is an architect currently working on Jonathan Blow’s “The Witness” and she has some amazing insight into how designers can make better levels with the help of architects.    I remember a long time ago actually reading another article that talks about how level designers should be dabbling in architecture. It’s an …

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Nov 18

Cracked: “6 Collector’s Editions That Massively Screwed Over Gamers” by Luke McKinney

Cracked’s Luke McKinney has compiled a hilarious list of times when Collector’s Editions of games had royally screwed over the fans they were suppose to be rewarding.   Some of these ranged from really grotesque and sexist decorations (?) one could put up in your house, I suppose as a woman repellent, to trading cards …

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Nov 17

Polygon: “How the leading women of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Halo 5 are changing games” by Allegra Frank

Polygon’s Allegra Frank talks about two actresses who are contributing the ever diversifying landscape of video game characters. In this article, she talks to Laura Bailey, an industry voice acting veteran who plays Olympia Vale from Halo 5, a Spartan with a background in diplomacy, and Victoria Atkin who plays Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed …

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Nov 16

Newstatesman: “Stop insulting our intelligence by pretending there’s a good reason for naked women in videogames” by Phil Hartup

A very sharp tongued article by Phil Hartup of NewStatesman about the insultingly lame excuses game developers are giving when trying to justify their inappropriate clothing for their female characters.   This is mainly pointed at, and in response to, 343 Industries’s recent claim that the reason why Cortana appears naked in the Halo games, …

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Nov 15

Polygon: “Indie games are better because of Nina Freeman’s personal stories” by Allegra Frank

Polygon’s Allegra Frank writes about games that are the personal stories of love and sex and growing up of Nina Freeman and how there messiness and frankness led to Allegra having a very strong connection with them.   I’ve actually not heard of Nina Freeman, but this type of praise has got me interested. It …

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Nov 14

Polygon: “Smite, sexism and the soul of esports” By Colin Campbell

Polygon’s Colin Campbell has written a great piece on the toxic state of the MOBA Smite and how the community in general seems to treat women. Spoiler: It’s not great.   Campbell writes about the experience of Lydia Picknell, coach of the team Renegades from Hell and through it shows that, for a woman, just …

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Nov 12

Kotaku: “Could a Video Game Start A Religion?” by Chris Suellentrop

Here’s another article by Chris Suellentrop, this time on Kotaku US, posing the question of whether or not games could start a religion or provide the same kind of spiritual and emotional connection that a religious person might find at their church or other place of worship.   It’s an interesting question, because we know …

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Nov 08

Play the Past: “Medieval Ethics: Designing Historical Systems” by Peter Christiansen

An article by Peter Christiansen of Play the Past talks about the implementation of morality systems in medieval era games. Specifically, on how to avoid the presentism of representing a more modern sense of morality that wouldn’t exist back in that time period.   Christiansen brings up the Crusader Kings series as an example of …

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Nov 07

Kill Screen: “We Need to Stop Letting Everyone Save the World” by Frances Chiem

This Kill Screen article by Frances Chiem discusses the narrative power a game can have by not letting us save the world. Though Chiem doesn’t really go into the potential of this kind of narrative direction, and instead really talks about the ending of Life is Strange, a game I’m planning on playing so I …

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Nov 06

Tim Conkling: “‘Are Games Art?’ and the Intellectual Value of Design”

Here is a blog post by Tim Conkling and his experience with having to defend his craft.   In a way, I agree with him that the answer to the “are games art” question is one over semantics. How does one define art? If art is undefinable then why does it matter? If it’s a …

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Nov 05

New Republic: “Making Video Games from Art” by Simon Parkin

Simon Parkin of New Republic has an interesting piece that starts taking about the debate of whether or not games are art but then moves into how classical art has inspired games. Especially, as it would seem, the work of M. C. Escher. It does raise an interesting question though, can games really stand on …

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