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May 24

Polygon: “Overwatch artists bring a young fan’s character to life” by Own S. Good

Here’s a cute article by Owen S. Good on how Blizzard took a young fan’s Overwatch fan art and turned her into a character concept. It’s a really cute story and people are rallying to get Birst into the game properly. Maybe someday. It certainly would be a treat.

May 21

Kotaku: “Sources: The Ambitious (Now Cancelled) Plans For Disney Infinity’s Future Included Rogue One, Bigger Figures” by Patrick Klepeck

Adding to the long list of things recently cancelled, Disney Infinity is no more. Just as I was starting to collect the Star Wars figures too…oh well.   Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek has written an article on what the future of Disney Infinity might have looked liked if it had continued. Kelpek also goes into detail …

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May 18

Eurogamer: “Lionhead: The inside story” by Wesley Yin-Poole

If you’ve been keeping up with recent gaming news, then you might have heard that Lionhead studios, the developers behind Fable, have been shut down by Microsoft. While this came as a surprise to some people (even considering that just a bit earlier we had heard that Fable: Legends had been cancelled), to those working …

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May 17

“Remembering the Charming Maximalism of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Music” by Tyler Emken

Here’s a blog post by Tyler Emken on Kinja’s “Talk Amongst Yourself” (I got directed there through Kotaku) discussing the brilliance of the music from the Genesis era Sonic the Hedgehog games. He goes into some depth about what makes each song on the list so memorable, but it’s still a good trip down memory …

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May 16

Polygon: “Racism, Hearthstone and Twitch” By Colin Campbell

Polygon’s Colin Campbell writes a heart breaking story of the rampant racism that was displayed on Twitch during a recent Hearthstone event.   The abridged version is that 21 year old Hearthstone player Terrence Miller was on the receiving end of a lot of racist comments during his finals match. Terrance Miller, is black and …

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May 12

Cracked: ” 4 Ways You Are Being ‘Aged Out’ By The Gaming Industry” By Winston Rowntree and David Wolinsky

I don’t necessarily agree with everything this Cracked article by Winston Rowntree and David Wolinsky talks about, but I do think it has some good points.   Without sounding too much like a pompous jerk, I really do work to make innovative games. If I can, I want them to be meaningful works of art …

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May 10

Gamasutra: “Hero Shooters: Charting the (re)birth of a genre” By Alex Wawro

Gamasutra’s Alex Wawro has a great article discussing the recent emergence of a bunch of new “hero shooters.”   Between Overwatch, Battleborn, Gigantic, Paragon, Paladin, BattleCry, a lot of game developers seemed to have all had similar ideas at once. Wawro investigates the influences that may have led to this. As most could probably deduce, …

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May 09

Gamasutra: “Bringing Industry into Education” by Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts has written on Gamasutra his experience with educating the future generation of game developers and how his method of bringing in established industry names helps further the business senses, as well as the design senses, of the students. It’s a pretty interesting read, especially as someone who has experienced game development classes at …

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May 06

Unwinnable: “Xeno-Colonialism” By David Shimomura

Unwinnable’s David Shimomura has written an article talking about a not very discussed topic when it comes to certain kinds of games. Using the rumors that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be about humans colonizing our galaxies nearest galactic neighbor, Shimomura discusses the lack of moralization in games about xeno-colonialism (or any colonialism for that matter). …

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May 03

Boss Fight Books and Super Mario Bros. 3 – Kickstarter

This is neat, a book series where each book specifically talks about one game. It’s something I’ll definitely have to check out, especially with how good Kotaku’s preview of Super Mario 3. by Alyse Knorr is.   Here’s a link to the Kickstarter for their 3rd season of books as well as their pitch video. …

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May 02

Polygon: “How games are helping veterans recover from injury” by Colin Campbell

Polygon’s Colin Campbell has a great article about how video games can help veterans recovering from physical and mental traumas as well as how Operation Supply Drop is used to send video games to deployed soldiers. It’s really amazing to read about the healing potential of video games. From motion controlled Wii games to epic …

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May 01

Kotaku: “What A Video Game Producer Actually Does” by Jason Schreier

Jason Schreier asks the age old question of what exactly is a video game producer and what do they do?  Turns out, they are basically the people managers. They schedule, they work out problems within the teams to help make everything run better and smoother and overall, they are like coaches for the team. At …

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Apr 30

Gamasutra: “Crunch, Passion Killers, and Persistence: Finding Balance in Game Dev” by Rachel Presser

Rachel Presser on Gamasutra makes an argument against the culture of crunch that plagues the game industry. No doubt written as response to that toxic Alex St. John ramble about how making games is an art and thus demanding a livable wage was part of a victimhood complex.    In this article, Presser talks about …

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Apr 27

Kotaku: “What A Fan Learned About Game Development By Making His Own Star Wars Games” by Stephen Totilo

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo has written an uplifting piece about the lessons one Star Wars fan learned about making his own fan game. Totilo tells the story of a 21 year old man named Michael Real who had been using the game creation tool Project: Spark to essentially cobble together something that looked like a Star …

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Apr 24

Craft Your Own Elder Scrolls – DIY Prop Shop

  AWE me‘s DIY Prop Shop crafts an Elder Scroll, from…The Elder Scrolls games. It looks fantastic but despite the name of the show, I don’t think I could make anything like this. Even with all the instructions.    

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