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Jul 24

Start Making Your Own Games Now with this Ultimate Bundle

Do you want to start making your own games! Then you might want to look into this!   Go From Zero to Hero- The Ultimate Game Developer Bundle. It’s over $1,000 worth of software for only $49. If you want to jump into the amazing fun and awesome job of game development, I highly suggest …

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Jul 22

Polygon: “Gaming’s favorite villain is mental illness, and this needs to stop” by Patrick Lindsey

An excellent article on Polygon by Patrick Lindsey analyzing the portrayal of mental illness in video games.   Ever since I first heard of the Asylum Jam, I’ve just can’t stop noticing how many games use asylums as a setting and mental illness as the thing to fight against. It’s a disturbingly common trope and …

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Jul 12

“But What Can be Done: Dos and Don’t To Combat Online Sexism” by Leigh Alexander

So as most of probably know, sexism as well a whole slew of toxic behavior is very prevalent in the gaming community. Sometimes the hardest part about those of us who want to help solve this issue is that it’s hard to know exactly what to do. I suppose that’s why Leigh Alexander, a prominent …

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Jul 11

Fighting Game Primer – A Free eBook For Fighting Game Beginners

So, if you’ve ever watched high level fighting game videos you might have recognized how much an art form it is. Nobody has gone in there and just button mashed their way to victory, they’ve all learned how to play the game. They’ve all learned the complicated meta and have mastered their specific characters to …

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Jul 11

Karmaflow in Concert – A Video Game Rock Opera

How does one go about creating a game musical. I remember pondering that before when looking at both Epic Mickey 2, which uses singing through cutscenes, and Dominique Pamplemousse, which uses singing and musical styling to portray all dialogue in the game.   It seems the next game to give this a shot is a …

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Jul 08

Virtual Narrative: PBS Game/Show, Goat Simulator, and “Interactive” Humor by Justin Keever

You may remember that episode of PBS Game/Show about Goat Simulator and my own thoughts on that subject. I was very skeptical about the idea of emergent comedy in Goat Simulator since everything the player does in that game was in someway planned for the player to discover and laugh at. I didn’t really think …

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Jul 07

Here Are Your US Pokemon Champions

Last weekend was the Pokemon US National Championships and Nintendo has provided us with a list of the winners in each division as well as a look into decks and teams. For anyone who is thinking of becoming the next Pokemon master or just want to get some insight into how the pros play, you …

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Jul 03

Robot Entertainment’s Apparent Approval of Toxic Players: Tone Deaf or Terrible?

I’m not sure how someone can misinterpret what “toxic players” means. Which I guess is why I was so confused when I read this Polygon article written by Megan Farokhmanesh on Orcs Must Die developer Robot Entertainment’s apparent approval of those types of players.   In the article, designer Jerome K. Jones seems to think …

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Jun 28

Destructoid: “How do we stop Nathan Drake?” by RedHeadPeak

A very hilarious community blog post on Destructoid by RedHeadPeak discussing some of the problems present in Uncharted’s Nathan Drake. Namely, that he is a rampaging monster that cannot be stopped.   The article points out some amazing narrative flaws that I think often go underlooked because the Uncharted games present their story so fantastically. The …

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Jun 27

Gamasutra: What is the Point of Video Game Journalism?

An interesting article written by Keza McDonald examining the role of game journalism in the modern world.   She explains the history of the medium and how it started off as a source of information. Whether it would be announcing games or reviewing games, a game magazine would often be the only source a gamer …

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Jun 26

“Wildstar, Character Design, Female Objectification, Sexual Dimorphism and Biology in Video Games” by Bryce Mainville

An article by Bryce Mainville discussing the odd sexual dimorphism featured in Wildstar. Particularly that while the male character models for the various races get all sorts of cool alien features, like being robots, lizard people, or rock monsters, the female character models of those some aliens are all surprisingly human looking. And by human …

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Jun 24

Magic: The Gathering Enlist Popular Video Game People To Make Magic Cards

Wizards of the Coast did something pretty interesting. It seems that their latest coreset M15 is going to have something equivalent to a cameo appearance. Several of the cards have been designed by some pretty famous people in the gaming community including Markus “Notch” Persson who very appropriately made this card called Aggressive Mining.   …

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Jun 23

Game Skinny: “Why the Vita Never Had a Chance Against the 3DS” by Fathoms_4209

An article in Game Skinny by Fathoms_4209 analyzing why the Vita is not only failing in comparison to Nintendo’s 3DS, but how it was always destined to fail.   Fathoms follows the same line of reasoning that I have been using for years, even back when it was the PSP vs. the DS. Sony’s handheld …

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Jun 21

Polygon: “What is The Pokémon Company?” by Megan Farokhmanesh

A fascinating article on Polygon by Megan Farokhmanesh talking all about The Pokemon Company and what exactly their role is with the mega hit Pokemon franchise.   In a world where we are starting to see things like medias blend together, it’s a little strange to think that Pokemon might have been right at the forefront …

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Jun 20

Gamasutra: “But It’s Worse in Games Because They are Interactive” by Krystian Majewski

A rebuttal by Krystian Majewski regarding whether or not video games interactive nature somehow makes it worse when portraying problematic content. The article stems from Anita Sarkeesian’s recent “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” video where she asserts that violence against women is made worse because the player is control of the situation, rather than …

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