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Sep 17

Polygon: “In the shadow of a $2.5 billion deal, one famed game dev slips away” by Brian Crecente

An article over at Polygon by Brian Crecente looks back on the reasons why a video game rock star like Notch would sell his company and go on to smaller, more meaningful projects.   So yeah, Markus Persson, also known as Notch and the creator of Minecraft, sold Mojang to Microsoft and left. He feared …

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Sep 11

Gamasutra: “MP Alternatives: Lessons from the Classics” by Zack Wood

A blog post by Zack Wood on Gamasutra invites game designers to think of alternatives to the standard Magic Point (or MP) system found is most traditional RPGS.   Coincidentally this is something that has been on my mind as of late since I’ve finally gotten around to starting Bravely Default. The problems I’m running …

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Sep 10

Screen Robot: “The hypocrisy in giving controversial games high scores” by Josh Cook

An very thought-provoking article by Josh Cook on the incongruity between a game’s review scores and it’s reactions from critics. One thing that has been proven is that review scores do affect the sales of any particular game. So why is that a game containing some very problematic elements still get a high review score? …

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Sep 09

A Game of Me: “Why political engagement is critical to games journalism”

An interesting Tumblr article (?) on the rising antagonism that normal gamer reader base is taking with gaming journalism that wishes to bring up more social and political issues within the context of gaming. It brings up many good points about the nature of journalism and neutrality and one that really stood out to me …

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Sep 08

Polygon: “Inside a video game voiceover studio” by Russ Pitts

A Polygon article by Russ Pitts that takes a look into the story and recording process of Defense Grid 2. I think it’s a pretty rare opportunity to be an outsider looking in on what theses processes are like, and as someone currently working on a game right now that will have to be all …

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Sep 05

Polygon: “Rhianna’s rise: Meet the writer behind Tomb Raider” By Russ Pitts

Polygon’s Russ Pitts puts together an excellent article detailing the career of Rhianna Pratchett, the writer behind the most recent incarnation of Tomb Raider. Rhianna, a seasoned veteran having written for games like Overlord, Mirror’s Edge, and Heavenly Sword, reveals the details that led her to forge her own path and become one of the …

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Aug 27

Kotaku: “How to Balance an RPG” by Josh Sawyer

A very informative article on Kotaku written by Josh Sawyer, a veteran game designer for Obsidian, discussing techniques for how to balance your RPG game. This is pretty important because without proper balance, an RPG can go from being amazing to downright terrible. It’s truly the Dungeons and Dragons experience, so being able to challenge …

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Aug 25

Kotaku: “A Brief History of Non-Nintendo Made Zelda Games” by Richard Eisenbeis

In anticipation for Hyrule Warriors, Richard Eisenbeis has compiled a short history of all The Legend of Zelda games that were created by companies other than Nintendo. I think even to this day people believe that Nintendo rarely branches out to third parties with their first-party IPs or that they have just started recently but …

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Aug 21

Our Games Reflect Our Culture – The Issue with Battlefield Hardline

This is an article on Polygon by Chris Plante discussing the kind of issues that comes up with a game like Battlefield Hardline, especially in light of the recent crisis in Ferguson, Missouri. This was a thought that had crossed my mind after watching this Jon Oliver video which talked about the dangers of an …

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Aug 18

Popmatters: “The Assassins’ Propaganda” by Nick Dinicola

An interesting article by Nick Dinicola analyzing the world and themes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.   I’m not big on Assassin’s Creed, only having played the third one but this look at propaganda and the way that message are constructed and transmitted to us seems like a pretty cool topic to explore. When …

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Aug 15

Polygon: “A life spent gaming while black” by LeSean Payne

A greats essay by LeSean Payne on his experience being a black gamer growing up in a world where he doesn’t feel very represented. I have to say that I know that feeling to and I am guilty of just brushing it off once. Not anymore though. I mostly identify with being Navajo and Mexican. …

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Aug 14

First Person Scholar: “Video Games and Empathy” by Steve Wilcox

A great essay on First Person Scholar by Steve Wilcox about video games and empathy. More specifically, how games can be used to train our imaginations so that we can visualize and contextualize the situations of other people. This essay cites many great examples of how the systems and rules can go about doing this …

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Aug 13

A Link Between Worlds and the Ratio of Women to Men Saved

This is an interesting article by mrsdawnaway from BigTallWords on the literal objectification of women in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.   This article left me, conflicted. Partly because I agree with many of the points including that The Legend of Zelda series is historically not the best at spotlighting strong women. …

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Aug 08

Paste Magazine: “‘Troid Rage: Why Game Devs Should Watch Alien—and Play Metroid—Again” by Maddy Myers

A great article by Maddy Myers that serves as both a critique on current Metroidvania types games as well as connecting Metroid to it’s cinematic inspiration, Alien.   Something that has bothered me about current Metroidvania games is that they often play things to by the book. I’ve played Metroid: Zero Mission. I’ve played all …

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Aug 08

Gamasutra: “Color Blindness in Gaming” by Brandon Kidwell

An article on Gamasutra by Brandon Kidwell that gives a very brief overview on how to make your games a little more accessible to people who have different kinds of color blindness. This is actually pretty great because after yesterday’s article on game and accessibility, I was wondering what were some ways I could make …

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