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Jul 30

Kill Screen: “In praise of silence in videogames” by Deven Raposo

Here is an article by Devin Raposo on the use of silence in games. A pretty interesting article which actually has some good timing for me because silence is something I have been thinking about lately.   Before reading this, I would have argued that the reason silence and loneliness come up a lot in …

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Jul 28

Destructoid: “My trip to the National Videogame Arcade” by Joe Parlock

A great article detailing Joe Parlock’s adventure of the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham, England. Before this article though, I didn’t know this place existed and after reading it, I desperately want to go to a place like it. It’s finally a place that celebrates games as a creative art form rather than a history …

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Jul 14

FemHype: “Nostalgia By (Art) Design: ‘Spyro the Dragon’ Analysis, Part One” by Ashe

A retrospective look at Spyro the dragon by Ashe of FemHype that talks about the importance of art design and world building to create a memorable experience.   “The first Spyro the Dragon has shown us that a living, breathing world can exist almost entirely within the art design and little exposition. It’s shown us …

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Jul 14

Polygon: “A brief history of crappy Superman games” by Justin McElroy

Polygon writer Justin McElroy has compiled a history of Superman games and rated them on how well they represented the Man of Steel’s powers. It’s pretty interesting to see what past developers had done to try and make an authentic Superman game, but of course the problem is that Superman is way too powerful to …

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Jun 25

Polygon: “Colorblind: On The Witcher 3, Rust, and gaming’s race problem” By Tauriq Moosa

A great article by Tauriq Moosa on Polygon about race and why representation matters in video games.   The randomized race thing that Rust does, I thought was brilliant but the lack of self-awareness people have about having to play a character that doesn’t look like them really does go beyond me. I completely agree …

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Jun 24

Kill Screen: “How a Civilization V mod makes corruption the least of FIFA’s Problems” by Will Partin

A very thought provoking article on Kill Screen by Will Partin on a Civilization V mod that attempts to explain the FIFA corruption scandal. It’s a great explanation on how game can be used to get across a political message and how with the power of modding, gamers no longer have to build their entire …

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Jun 23

Gamesrader: “Sony’s nostalgia nuke is a masterstroke of misty-eyed misdirection” by David Houghton

I think this is a good article by David Houghton of Games Rader to remind us that no matter what we thought of all of the E3 conference last week, that it’s just marketing. No one was really there for us, but really there for them. But I do share his sentiments that Sony is …

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Jun 11

BoingBoing.Net: “I didn’t like shooting games. Then I fell in love with Splatoon” by Laura Hudson

An fascinating review of Splatoon by Laura Hudson on, discussing how truly inviting and playful Splatoon is compared to other shooters.   You know, before Splatoon, I didn’t think it would be possible to play a shooter with my girlfriend. We tried once with Halo: Reach and she didn’t like it. Heck, even I …

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Jun 09

Polygon: “Can we stop calling Splatoon a shooter now?” by Ben Kuchera

An interesting article on Polygon by Ben Kuchera on how Splatoon is not a shooter and why we shouldn’t call it that.   At first, I didn’t quite it. It wasn’t until I read this part where I finally started to understand what Kuchera was talking about.   The interaction isn’t about “shooting people,” it’s …

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Jun 08

Iwata-Asks Uninks Some of the Development History of Splatoon

With Splatoon out and taking the world by storm, you might be inclined to learn a little more about the history of the game. Well, here is an Iwata-Asks from just after the Global Testfire where Nintendo President Satoru Iwata asks some of the developers how Splatoon got started and why they made some of …

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May 21

BoingBoing: “Why Silent Hill Mattered” by Leigh Alexander

A great article by Leigh Alexander on BoingBoing on why Silent Hill mattered and why the cancellation on what would have been the latest entry in the series is signaling the end, or at least the decay, of the weird director led experiments that was done back in the day of Silent Hill 2.   …

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May 20

Kotaku: “Who Invented Let’s Play Videos?”

An interesting article on Kotaku by Patrick Klepek that details the nearly lost history of Let’s Plays.   I really don’t have much to add other than it was a great read.

May 12

Paste: “Violence is Boring: The Tedium of Violence as Progression” by Tauriq Moosa (Corrected)

An interesting article from Paste Magazine by Tauriq Moosa criticizing how the most popular games rely too heavily on violence and how that is becoming boring. In the article, he mentions how about 2014 Game of the Year Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and semi-panned hacking game Watch Dogs not only both have similar premises of …

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Apr 30

First Person Scholar: “Press A to Shoot: Pokemon Snapshots and Gamespace Ownership” by Alexandra Orlando

Here is a great dissection of Pokemon Snap written by Alexandra Orlando and posted to First Person Scholar. It goes into great detail in how Snap uses familiar on-rails FPS mechanics and repurposes them for a less violent means. It also goes into some length about Pokemon snap teaches and discusses photography and what it …

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Apr 21

Destructoid: “Lots of games are morally bankrupt, we get it” by Anthony Burch

Destructoid’s Anthony Burch has written a pretty insightful piece on video games using violence to criticize violence.   This is a kind of trend that has been annoying me lately as well. Quite a few games now want to question why you the player enjoy the chaos and violence you bring about as if you’re …

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