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Oct 14

Gamasutra: “The secret histories of indie games: What was uncovered at IndieCade” by Bryant Francis

Gamasutra has an interesting summation of a talk given at this year’s IndieCade that focused on the secret history of indie games. The article written by Bryant Francis highlights the keypoints given by John Romero, Laine Nooney, and Anna Anthropy. Their talks focused on reframing the history of indie game making, dispelling the myth that …

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Oct 13

Kotaku: “What Sleeping Dogs Gets So Right About Being An Asian American” By Kevin Wong

An interesting article on Kotaku by Kevin Wong on how Sleeping Dogs achieved an authentic Asian-American experience.   What I found really interesting was the idea of how stories like Sleeping Dogs or the Godfather excludes the audience who is not within the culture being presented and at the same time invites those that are …

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Oct 10

Wired: “How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read” By Clive Thompson

An article on by Clive Thompson discussing how games like Minecraft can help kids with their reading comprehension skills by encouraging them on their own to seek out online wikis and guides for how to do stuff in those games. For me this is kind of a “water is wet” story because I know …

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Oct 09

Kotaku: “Smash Bros. Creator Explains How Characters Get on the Roster” by Toshi Nakamura

A fascinating Koktaku piece by Toshi Nakamura summarizes how Masahiro Sakurai decides what characters to put into Super Smash Bros. and what characters to leave out. There are some really interesting tidbits such as character popularity and whether or not a series representative is a top priority or not due to a game in the …

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Oct 08

Polygon: “Old gaming magazines tell the awkward tale of an industry growing up” By Charlie Hall

Did you ever read Electronic Gaming Monthly? I was a Nintendo Power kid myself but I do remember every now and then perusing through the magazines at my local Borders every week. In case your ever interested in checking out what those were all about, there is this Tumblr run by games academic and developer …

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Oct 07

Polygon: “Kissing vs. killing: How Shadow of Mordor fails at explaining the difference” by Zach Gage

An interesting article on Polygon written by Zach Gage that looks at one of the tutorial sequences in Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor. Gage looks at the stealth tutorial where the player is prompted to sneak up on Talion’s wife and kiss her using the same button presses and mechanics that would later be used to …

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Sep 29

Videodame: “Quiet Objections: On Other M & Anxiety” by Jared Ettinger

I just wanted to share this article by┬áJared Ettinger I found discussing Metroid: Other M and anxiety because I don’t think there are enough people out there really defending this game.   I truly believe that Metroid: Other M is one of those underrated games. In which I mean because it’s actually pretty widely disliked …

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Sep 26

The Guardian: “Are multiplayer games really all that social?” By Leigh Alexander

An interesting article by Leigh Alexander asking if multiplayer games really are as social as we think they are.   What I really liked though was this preface, explaining how as gamers we feel the natural urge to defend gaming as a hobby. She explains how that comes a years of moral panic surrounding the …

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Sep 23

Polygon: “A brief history of Blizzard’s canceled and unreleased games” by Dave Tach

Blizzard cancelled Titan, a next-gen MMO seven years in development. While I wasn’t following much about the game I can imagine a lot of people are disappointed. Like most major studios though, Titan isn’t Blizzard’s only cancelled project, as detailed in this Polygon article by Dave Tach. It’s interesting to see what Blizzard had in …

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Sep 17

Polygon: “In the shadow of a $2.5 billion deal, one famed game dev slips away” by Brian Crecente

An article over at Polygon by Brian Crecente looks back on the reasons why a video game rock star like Notch would sell his company and go on to smaller, more meaningful projects.   So yeah, Markus Persson, also known as Notch and the creator of Minecraft, sold Mojang to Microsoft and left. He feared …

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Sep 11

Gamasutra: “MP Alternatives: Lessons from the Classics” by Zack Wood

A blog post by Zack Wood on Gamasutra invites game designers to think of alternatives to the standard Magic Point (or MP) system found is most traditional RPGS.   Coincidentally this is something that has been on my mind as of late since I’ve finally gotten around to starting Bravely Default. The problems I’m running …

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Sep 10

Screen Robot: “The hypocrisy in giving controversial games high scores” by Josh Cook

An very thought-provoking article by Josh Cook on the incongruity between a game’s review scores and it’s reactions from critics. One thing that has been proven is that review scores do affect the sales of any particular game. So why is that a game containing some very problematic elements still get a high review score? …

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Sep 09

A Game of Me: “Why political engagement is critical to games journalism”

An interesting Tumblr article (?) on the rising antagonism that normal gamer reader base is taking with gaming journalism that wishes to bring up more social and political issues within the context of gaming. It brings up many good points about the nature of journalism and neutrality and one that really stood out to me …

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Sep 08

Polygon: “Inside a video game voiceover studio” by Russ Pitts

A Polygon article by Russ Pitts that takes a look into the story and recording process of Defense Grid 2. I think it’s a pretty rare opportunity to be an outsider looking in on what theses processes are like, and as someone currently working on a game right now that will have to be all …

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Sep 05

Polygon: “Rhianna’s rise: Meet the writer behind Tomb Raider” By Russ Pitts

Polygon’s Russ Pitts puts together an excellent article detailing the career of Rhianna Pratchett, the writer behind the most recent incarnation of Tomb Raider. Rhianna, a seasoned veteran having written for games like Overlord, Mirror’s Edge, and Heavenly Sword, reveals the details that led her to forge her own path and become one of the …

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