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Apr 17

Guardian: “Why don’t we feel guilty in video games?” by Keith Stuart

The Guardian’s Keith Stuart posed a very interesting question about how can guilt be utilized in game design.   I took a minute to think about and process all the times I’ve actually felt guilty or remorseful in a game and I think I have answer for him.   Guilt is a very often seen …

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Apr 16

Paste: “The QTE is Dead—Long Live the QTE!” by Katherine Cross

Paste magazine’s Katherine Cross has written an interesting analysis on the state of the Quick-Time Event mechanic in modern games.   Quick-Time Events, or QTEs, are like all popular or common game mechanics, useful tools for a game designer that can be misused. I remember having to mash the A button in Star Fox Adventure …

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Apr 15

Guardian:”Monster Hunter 4: why some video game communities are friendlier than others ” by Jonathan Allford

A deeper look in the Monster Hunter community by Jonathan Allford and just why it is so friendly.   I really love Monster Hunter, even though I’m still pretty much a newbie to the franchise as a whole. Monster Hunter 4 marks the third time I’ve geared up to hunt with friends, the other two …

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Apr 14

Vice: “How ‘L.A. Noire’ Created the Illusion of an Autistic Protagonist” by Jake Tucker

An interesting article on Vice.Com by Jake Tucker on how LA Noire may have accidentally created an autistic protagonist.   LA Noire was a game that I ended up really liking. I loved the idea of being able to see tells and pick up clues that a person was lying, beyond using evidence and testimonies …

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Apr 08

Tor: “What’s the Point of an RPG Without a Main Villain? How Ultima IV Changed the Game” by Peter Tieryas

A really good analysis of some of the various mechanics from Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar and why not every game needs a central villain by Peter Tieryas. It actually did a great job of selling me on the game since everything in it sounded so interesting, especially since it’s free on   …

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Apr 07

Kill Screen: “Hatred, Milton, and the problem of pleasure” by Sam Zucchi

An article from Kill Screen by Sam Zucchi that explores the role of art and our morality and comparing it to the game Hatred by deconstructing the creator’s attempts to distance itself from the moral implications creating such a game implied.   I think in our society, there is an allure to evil. Maybe not …

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Mar 18

Femhype: “Vilifying Mental Illness: Horror Games & The Insanity Trope” by Lindsey

Yesterday I showed an article discussing the importance of representation of people with physical disabilities and how games have the ability to be empowering. Now there’s an article by Lindsay of Femhype discussing the negative effects of poor representation, this time on the stigma of mental disabilities.   As expected, the focus of this article …

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Mar 17

“Day In The Life: Disability and Representation in Videogames” by Javy Gwaltney

A very moving article by Javy Gwaltney discussing the current role of disability representation in games and how representation can affect people who typically find themselves marginalized.   Video games can have such an empowering effect but I think it’s very clear that it is way more common for a game to empower specific kinds …

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Mar 17

” The Power of Friendship” by Jeb Writes

A blog post by Jeb Writes discusses the importance of the representation of friendship in games, in contrast to just romance.   As part of the problem with how romance is normally done in games, friendship is often viewed as a lesser degree of romance. No game I can really think of treats friendship with …

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Mar 11

AV Club: “Wind Waker breaks from Zelda’s recurring legend to warn against blind faith” by Jake Muncy

A deeper look into the story of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by Jake Muncy of AV Club, exploring the ideas of not following blind faith.   The story of Wind Waker is really what cements it as one of my favorite Zelda games. It’s a story of literally burying the past, learning from …

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Mar 04

Discover Games: “Wind Waker, the “Reasonable Person,” and Subjective Criticism” by Shawn Trautman

An interesting blog post by Shawn Trautman that I think warrants a lot of thought. Essentially, it is Trautman’s rejection of the idea of the “objective review”. It’s a thought that has been circulating around lately but I think this article puts the idea of a subjective review into a new light that hopefully my …

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Feb 27

GameInformer: “Looking Back At 10 Years Of Monster Hunter With Its Producer” by Kyle Hilliard

GameInformer’s Kyle Hilliard conducted an interview with Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, revealing some interesting insights into the history and inspirations for the world’s best Monster Hunting game. (Sorry, Evolve.)   It’s certainly cool to get inside the head of the head of the Monster Hunter games, knowing why their worlds always seem so idyllic …

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Feb 25

Paste: “The Framerate Debate: Why Videogames Need To Take A Film Theory Class” by Gita Jackson

Paste Magazine’s Gita Jackson has an interesting article arguing that many AAA game developers need to take a film course. The central theme of this debate is over frame-rates, how the demand for games is 60, while some can only provide 30, where film only uses 24 and how some developers use “creating a cinematic …

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Feb 24

Making a Video Game Is Harder Than It Looks

I’ve recently been watching a lot of video critiques and reviews of games that…that I think a long time ago, I might have actually agreed with. Jumping from game lover to game maker is a huge step into a brand new world where you literally have to rethink everything about your passion. Nowadays, I generally …

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Feb 23

Polygon: “Games have basic, huge accessibility problems (that we celebrate)” by Daniel Starkey

This article by Polygon’s Daniel Starkey on the lack of game accessibility is thought-provoking. While reading through and some of the comments I noticed my opinion shifting around. Yes, games should be more accessible. Right now, a majority of games seem to cater towards neurotypical, non-handicapped people and I honestly do fear the day when …

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