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Oct 05

A Small Piece of Naughty Dog History – Did You Know Gaming: Jak And Daxter & The Original Uncharted Pitch

My little hiatus left a lot of good stuff being put up within the video game community, with naturally some overlap. So here’s a video dishing out some trivia about the hit Naughty Dog series, Jak and Daxter, and the original pitch for their other hit game series, Uncharted.   This link will take you …

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Sep 17

The Guardian: “Let’s throw the dice: what video games can learn from board games” by Quintin Smith

An interesting article on the Guardian by Quintin Smith on what video games can still learn from board games. Smith gives a list of three such things: fragile alliances, a focus on economic competition, and absurd physics. In some sense, I think these areas would be great to explore in video games. Video games have …

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Sep 15

Io9: “The Alternative Universe Of Soviet Arcade Games” by Kristin Winet

A great article from Io9 by Kristin Winet on the history of arcades in Soviet-era Russia. It’s fascinating to see how video games were introduced and expanded in places not in North America or Japan, and how Russia viewed gaming beyond just Tetris.

Sep 14

Gamasutra: ” The long shadow of Super Mario Bros. ” by Nathan Altice

A fantastic article on Gamasutra by Nathan Altice that gives a pretty technical breakdown at the marvel that is the original Super Mario Bros. It’s a little dense, but at the same time, really gives you a sense of how skilled and clever the original team was back in the day.

Sep 12

Gamasutra: “How working on gross, violent games can mess with developers” by Alex Wawro

A good article on Gamasutra by Alex Wawro talking about how the mental effects animating and creating gruesome and violent imagery in games can have on the artists who make them. In the article he talks to Vic DeLeon, who worked on Halo, Steve Bowler,  an animator on Mortal Kombat, and Mike Jungbluth,  who worked as …

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Sep 11

Kotaku: “‘Only Lesbians Play Pokémon,’ And Other Video Game Store Horror Stories” Collected by Tina Amini

Kotaku writer Tina Amini has compiled a collection of 18 stories of regular everyday gamers recounting their worst experiences involving video game retail. Some of these stories range from relateable “I’ve been there” moments to “holy cow how could that possibly happen!?!” Take some time to read some of the cringe worthy tales yourself.

Sep 09

FemHype: “‘Tri Force Heroes’ & Trans Girl Link: The Necessity of Visibility” by Mermaid

A great article on FemHype by Mermaid on The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes and the visibility of transwomen characters. In it, Mermaid emphasizes the importance of visibility is, specifically pointing how femme Link seemed to proudly sport Zelda’s Dress in official promotional artwork and how beneficial that is for transwomen of any age who …

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Sep 08

“Pokemon/Zoids Crossover is a Must” – Pokemon Fanart by 太斗

Kotaku has an article showcasing the artwork of Japanese artist 太斗· who has created fanart of what the mechanical zoids might look like if they were based on Pokemon. The results are…very pleasing.  

Sep 07

Gamasutra: “Hobby Horse Armour” by Paul Kilduff-Taylor

Here is a great blog post on Gamasutra by Paul Kilduff-Taylor on games as a hobby and games as art. Addressing mainly the conflict between the two and how the people that consider games an art and the people who consider games a hobby can learn from each other. Some points he talks about that …

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Sep 06

“The Latest in Inking Weaponry” – Fanart by vvater

DeviantArt user vvater is showing off the some of the latest Splatoon weapons in their gallery. Check these out below and then check out the rest of their work.  

Sep 04

Kotaku: “Exploring the Creative Process Behind Disney Infinity’s Growing Army of Toys” by Ben Bertoli

Kotaku’s Ben Bertoli talks to Jeff Bunker, the VP of art direction for Avalanche Studios who currently makes the Disney Infinity series. Bunker reveals the kind of work that goes into making each Disney Infinity game and figure, including how they decided which figures get made and how community feedback makes its way into the …

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Sep 03


A very lengthy and academic, but still fascinating article by Benjamin J. Triana on transportation theory and video games, specifically Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and it’s conceptualization of masculinity. Basically, Triana asks whether or not a video game’s narrative and mechanics can influence a player’s values and opinions in the same way some theorize other …

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Sep 02

BuzzFeed: “Meet 6 Women Who Are Winning The Gaming Game” by Colleen Stufflebeem

Buzzfeed’s Colleen Stufflebeem has an excellent interview with six women game designers/UX Designers asking them about what got them into gaming and what their experience in the industry has been like. These women are Catt Small, Aileen Z, Del Northern, Jane Friedhoff, GJ Lee, and Julia Keren-Detar and they have some great insight into working …

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Sep 01

Radiator: “Massive Chalice as Pre-Apocalyptic Existential Game Industrial Dread” by Robert Yang

An interesting look at Double Fine’s Massive Chalice and how it broke the mold from other strategy role-playing games by Robert Yang.    Massive Chalice is described by Yang as a game that doesn’t want you to love it, because it’s a game that doesn’t cater to the escapist fantasies like other games. It isn’t …

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Aug 30

Kotaku AU: “Beyond Eyes Is A Video Game About Loss” by Mark Serrels

Here is a lovely article by Mark Serrels of Kotaku Australia on the game Beyond Eyes and how it is a game about loss. It’s nice to see game developers really put themselves into their work, to express an idea that might be unique to them but can be universally understood. I always feel like …

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