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May 03

Boss Fight Books and Super Mario Bros. 3 – Kickstarter

This is neat, a book series where each book specifically talks about one game. It’s something I’ll definitely have to check out, especially with how good Kotaku’s preview of Super Mario 3. by Alyse Knorr is.   Here’s a link to the Kickstarter for their 3rd season of books as well as their pitch video. …

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May 02

Polygon: “How games are helping veterans recover from injury” by Colin Campbell

Polygon’s Colin Campbell has a great article about how video games can help veterans recovering from physical and mental traumas as well as how Operation Supply Drop is used to send video games to deployed soldiers. It’s really amazing to read about the healing potential of video games. From motion controlled Wii games to epic …

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May 01

Kotaku: “What A Video Game Producer Actually Does” by Jason Schreier

Jason Schreier asks the age old question of what exactly is a video game producer and what do they do?  Turns out, they are basically the people managers. They schedule, they work out problems within the teams to help make everything run better and smoother and overall, they are like coaches for the team. At …

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Apr 30

Gamasutra: “Crunch, Passion Killers, and Persistence: Finding Balance in Game Dev” by Rachel Presser

Rachel Presser on Gamasutra makes an argument against the culture of crunch that plagues the game industry. No doubt written as response to that toxic Alex St. John ramble about how making games is an art and thus demanding a livable wage was part of a victimhood complex.    In this article, Presser talks about …

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Apr 27

Kotaku: “What A Fan Learned About Game Development By Making His Own Star Wars Games” by Stephen Totilo

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo has written an uplifting piece about the lessons one Star Wars fan learned about making his own fan game. Totilo tells the story of a 21 year old man named Michael Real who had been using the game creation tool Project: Spark to essentially cobble together something that looked like a Star …

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Apr 24

Craft Your Own Elder Scrolls – DIY Prop Shop

  AWE me‘s DIY Prop Shop crafts an Elder Scroll, from…The Elder Scrolls games. It looks fantastic but despite the name of the show, I don’t think I could make anything like this. Even with all the instructions.    

Apr 24

Time: “See How Cuphead‘s Incredible Cartoon Graphics Are Made” by Matt Peckham

Time’s Matt Peckham has a great interview with Chad Moldenhauer, lead artist behind the 1930-era cartoon inspired shooter Cuphead.   This is a game that I’ve been looking forward to, mainly because I find those old Disney cartoons really fascinating. It’s interesting to learn what the motivation behind some of the art and design decisions …

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Apr 23

Gamasutra: “An Examination of Leitmotifs and Their Use to Shape Narrative in UNDERTALE” by Jason Yu

On Gamasutra, Jason Yu gives an excellent and exhaustive look at the music and leitmotifs of Undertale. Yu examines practically every song in the game and explains in pretty clear terms, how the game uses music to establish characters, themes, and moods all while remaining pretty economical in terms of actual melodies being used.   …

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Apr 21

Kotaku: “Sandstorms, Segregation, And Other Challenges Of Running A Women’s Video Game Convention In Saudi Arabia” by Nathan Grayson

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson has a great interview with Tasneem Salim, one of the founders of Saudi Arabia’s first women’s video game convention.   The piece highlights some of the challenges of running such a convention, especially in a place where gender segregation is legal and weather can reach apocalyptic status. Overall though, it seems like …

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Apr 20

Kotaku: “Game Industry Veteran Writes Horrifying Article In Defense Of Poor Working Conditions” by Jason Schreier

I hope you feel like getting mad today, because that’s what this Kotaku article did to me when I read it. Ok, technically, this article by Jason Schreier is about a blog piece written by Alex St. John, a game industry veteran, who basically hates video games.   Allow me to explain, Alex St. John’s …

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Apr 15

Cracked: “31 Design Tricks Behind Famous Video Games (You Can’t Unsee)”’s readers have contributed a collection of 31 design and programming tricks behind famous video games. Some of these are neat bits of trivia, like how mirrors in games work or how Duck Hunt’s Zapper is able to tell where you were aiming. It’s all pretty cool.

Apr 12

Cracked: “6 Things You Learn Writing Blockbuster Video Games” by Mark Hill

Cracked’s Mark Hill has an interesting article that delves into the hidden world of writing for blockbuster games. Some of the stuff isn’t too surprising, like the sheer volume of the game resulting in some not so stellar lines. As someone who has written scripts for two games (both in production still), I know that …

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Apr 11

Gamasutra: “Opinion: So you want to write a trans character” by Katherine Cross

Katherine Cross of Gamasutra has written an article on how writers might include trans character. This article is directly responds to some of the criticism of the trans character Mizhena from Beamdog’s Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear which included such insights as “Real trans people don’t talk about their histories at the drop of a …

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Apr 10

“New Difficulties” by Mattie Brice

Here’s an interesting blog post by Mattie Brice over on her blog talking about Fire Emblem Fates and how the Conquest version of the game is not only harder in terms of combat strategy, but also harder in terms of being able to generate the story you want to see. She talks about how even …

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Apr 09

Kills Screen: “The bot that dreams of forgotten videogames” by Chris Priestman

This article is weird, but also wildly fascinating. It’s written by Chris Priestman on Kill Screen and is about the AI project of game creator and critic Noyb that dreams of forgotten games. It’s a little complicate for me to just summarize, so please just read the full article.

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