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Jan 27

Portal 2’s “Want You Gone” perf. by Sabrina Valenzuela feat. David Nyman

  I honestly like this song more than Portal’s “Still Alive”. It has a bit more to it but I can understand why it isn’t quite as iconic. Luckily, there are a few like Sabrina Valenzuela and David Nyman creating cool covers of this song.

Jan 26

Smash Bros./Wario Ware’s “Ashley’s Song” perf. by The String Player Gamer Feat. Miss SPG

This is probably one of my favorite songs from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I do wish I could have enjoyed it in Wario Ware, but either way, it’s fun to listen rather it’s the original or Diwa De Leon’s cover.

Jan 23

World of Warcraft’s “Legends of Azeroth” perf. by Critical Hit

  Critical Hit, an epic group of musicians covering game music, recently created a video for one of their songs from their first album. These guys definitely have a way of upping the ante when it comes to game covers as their work is always top quality and unique. If you liked this, then you …

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Jan 22

Nintendo Medley perf. by FAMIKOTO

Here’s something you don’t get to hear everyday. A Nintendo medley played on traditional Japanese instruments by FAMIKOTO. You should definitely check out their channel as they have done a lot of different covers.

Jan 21

Sonic Adventure 2’s “It Doesn’t Matter” perf. by Sab Irene

  I love slower versions of songs…I don’t know why but it’s why I love this cover of It Doesn’t Matter from Sab Irene. This song already is one of my favorite songs from the Sonic series, so it’s great to see it still getting some love.

Jan 20

F-Zero’s “Mute City” Electric Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

  I fell in love with most of F-Zero’s music from the Super Smash Bros. series and I think because of that series, Mute City is the most iconic. It’s a shame that Nintendo cannot find it in them to make a new F-Zero, but perhaps a littleĀ Epic Game Music electric guitar cover can change …

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Jan 17

Final Fantasy VII’s “JENOVA” Piano and Synths Cover perf. by Alodia Gosiengfiao and Her Dad

For a game I don’t really like all that much, the music of Final Fantasy VII is always a joy to listen to. Especially when you’re like Alodia Gosiengfiao and you throw some synths in for good measure.

Jan 16

Chrono Cross’s “Time’s Scar” perf. by moonbowmusicmovie

A very soothing and relaxing cover from Chrono Cross brought to us by moonbowmusicmovie. I feel like the covers I listen to often don’t have enough double bass. It has such a great sound when paired with acoustic guitars.

Jan 15

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes…uh… A Capella Cover perf. by Triforcefilms

    Has a game never considered doing their entire soundtrack in A Capella? Because Triforcefilms makes a very strong argument for how a game like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 would be greatly improved by such an idea.   What makes this A Caplla cover very fun is the fact that it doesn’t just choose …

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Jan 14

Super Mario Galaxy 2’s “World 3 Map” Violin and Guitar Cover perf. by Diwa De Leon

I’m so glad that Diwa De Leon decided to cover something from the Super Mario Galaxy series because I’ve been all about that recently. After way too long I decided to start and finish Super Mario 3D world and once I beat the game and unlocked the Star World, I noticed how reminiscent of Super …

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Jan 13

Mega Man X2’s “Bubble Crab (Dangerous Reef)” Electric Guitar Cover perf. by BMBGuitar

  A cool song. The performer, BMBGuitar, states in the video’s description that he covered this song so that he could show off some new techniques and doing something a bit different.   This was a fun cover to do! I learned the weird tapping at the beginning of the song several months ago and …

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Jan 12

Castlevania 2’s “The Silence of Daylight” perf. by Banjo Guy Ollie

Well this certainly is an interesting sound. The banjo actually kind of gives it a NES bit music style, though it still sounds like a real instrument. This song is performed by Banjo Guy Ollie.

Jan 09

Xenoblade Chronicles’ “You Will Know Our Names” Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  You know how you ruin a perfectly epic action song? If you were going to say covering it with Kazoos you’re wrong. Are you kidding? Tsuko G. rendition of “You Will Know Our Names” is practically perfect.

Jan 08

Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/ Wii U’s “Opening Theme” A Capella perf. by Smooth McGroove

He made a Smash A Capella before, it only seems right that Smooth McGroove returns to make another one. This time the main theme of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U. This one is a little less epic sounding than the original but definitely has this cool and almost relaxing vibe to it.

Jan 07

Pac-Man’s Theme in 10 Different Styles perf. by Davide Di Bello

  I don’t really have anything special to add to this video. It’s cool and I want to see more. Good job D Wave.   Here are some of his older videos, like ragtime Tetris and Super Mario Bros.

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