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Jul 23

Kingdom Hearts’ “Dearly Beloved” Acoustic Guitar Cover perf. by ArnyUnderCover

  Wow, Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts sounds really beautiful on an acoustic guitar. It was already a pretty song, but I think I might like it better like this. Thank you ArnyUnderCover for giving us such a great cover.

Jul 22

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s “Sylvalum (Night)” Electronic/Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  I can always count on Shady Cicada to give us some rock covers from unexpected sources. I’m always seeing love for Xenoblade Chronicles X, but not so much for the music. Personally, the game is really intimidating to start when you don’t have a lot of free time in the first place. I’m still …

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Jul 21

Civilization IV’s “Baba Yetu” Accordion Cover perf. by Jackson Parodi

  Since I don’t play much (or any) of the Civilization games, the first time I heard this piece performed was at Video Games Live and I instantly fell in love with it. While it may not have the majesty of the original, I commend Jackson Parodi for tackling this cover with his accordion. It’s …

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Jul 20

Undertale/Kingdom Hearts Mash-Up: “Memory of Hikari” by TeraCMusic

  I don’t think it’s common for me to find mash-ups video game covers, but this was of Memory from Undertale and Hikari from Kingdom Hearts by TeraCMusic is absolutely brilliant.

Jul 19

Team Fortress 2’s “Main Theme” Saxophone cover perf. by Music By Pedro

  In all the Overwatch madness, glad to see someone hasn’t forgotten about the always classic Team Fortress 2. This theme is go great, and when put in the expert hands of Music By Pedro, it only gets better.

Jul 18

Portal’s “Still Alive” A Capella Cover perf. by Peter and Evynne Hollens

  I don’t think I’ve featured Peter Hollens on this website for a while. I don’t think I’ve featured a cover of a Portal song for a while either. Luckily, this fixes both those concerns and boy, is it a good fix. Peter is accompanied by Evynne Hollens and this awesome music video was created …

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Jul 14

Skullgirls’s “The Legend of the Skull Heart” Accordion Cover perf. by Jackson Parodi

  Leave it to accordion super star Jackson Parodi to be the first person (who I’ve heard of) to cover a song from Skull Girls. Which surprises me, because the music in Skull Girls is one of the highlights of the game.

Jul 13

Dark Souls’ “Gywn, Lord of Cinder” Jazz Cover perf. by insaneintherainmusic

  insaneintherainmusic gives us this awesome cover of “Gwyn, Lord of Ciinder” from Dark Souls. I like how relaxing this piece is, which is ironic considering Dark Souls is anything but.

Jul 12

“Blackwatch”, “Calvary”, and “Just a Game” – Three More Original Overwatch Songs by MandoPony

MandoPony is back with two more original songs inspired by characters from Overwatch. First, here one inspired by Reaper, the Talon member who is hunting down Overwatch’s former ranks.     As expected of a character song about Reaper, this song is very death metal.   The next song is about everyone’s favorite…uh…”cheer’s love” sayer…sorry. …

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Jul 11

Undertale’s “Core” guitar & Violin Cover perf. by String Player Gamer

  The always amazing String Player Gamer is back with another Undertale cover, this time of Core. I can’t remember if I noticed this before, but this song has a vaguely Sonic the Hedgehog vibe to it, don’t you think? At least in this cover it does.   If you liked this song, you can …

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Jul 10

Donkey Kong Country II’s “Locking Jaws” Pirate-Metal Cover perf. by SwigglesRP

  Today’s game music is this really rockin’ cover of “Locking Jaws” from Donkey Kong Country II performed by SwigglesRP. Sounds like something from the JRPG if you ask me.   If you wants this song, SwigglesRP provided some links:   “GET IT NOW! ►Loudr: ►iTunes: ►Amazon MP3: ►Spotify: ►Google Play: …

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Jul 09

Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Green Hill Zone” perf. by Retro Game Remix

  More Sonic 25th Anniversary stuff.   This time, a great cover of Green Hill Zone by Retro Game Remix. This is great modern update to such an iconic song. I especially like the little personal flair added to it towards the end.

Jul 08

“Can’t Stop The Healing” – A Parody of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Instalok

Instalok has this great parody of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” all about the Overwatch healers. I’m going to play this song every time I’m raging over how incompetent my team is. Such is the life of the team’s healer.    

Jul 07

Overwatch’s “Main Theme and Victory Theme” A Capella Cover perf. by Mr Dooves

Mr Dooves and F1shard of Triforcefilms have put together an A Capella cover of Overwatch’s Main Theme and Victory Theme.

Jul 06

Street Fighter 2 “Guile’s Theme” Metal Cover perf. by RichaadEB and Insaneintherainmusic

  RichaadEB and insaneintherainmusic team up to perform a cover of Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter II.

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