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Aug 30

Fire Emblem Awakening’s “And What if I Can’t?” Violin Ensemble Cover perf. by TeraCMusic

  It’s very cool to hear some of less popular Fire Emblem Awakening tracks get some love. I especially love when those tracks get some love from TeraCMusic. This is a very cool sounding cover.

Aug 29

Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Spring Yard Zone” perf. by ArnyUnderCover, Bboynoe, 8BitBrigadier, and TeraCMusic.

  This is a pretty fun cover of Spring Yard Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s also a collaboration between ArnyUnderCover, Bboynoe, 8BitBrigadier, and TeraCMusic. 

Aug 28

Metal Gear’s “Red Alert” Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  Shady Cicada brings us another epic rock cover. This time for Metal Gear, which gets another installment soon with The Phantom Pain.   I had to admit though, when I first saw the title of the video, I thought it was a rock cover for Red Alert of the Command and Conquer series.

Aug 27

Final Fantasy VIII’s “Liberi Fatali” Acapella Cover by Mr. Dooves

  Mr Dooves of Triforcefilms does a pretty epic A Capella cover of one of my favorite Final Fantasy songs, Liberi Fatali. 

Aug 26

Heavy Rain’s “Painful Memories” Marimba Cover perf. by New Game Plus

  One of the things I don’t think of when I think of Heavy Rain is the music. Glad to know that people like the musicians of New Game Plus do though.

Aug 25

Donkey Kong Country II’s “Bramble Blast”perf. by SwigglesRP, Sab Irene, and Insaneintherainmusic

  Some nice relaxing Donkey Kong music to unwind after a hot stressful day. Loving this particular cover by SwigglesRP, Sab Irene, and Insaneintherainmusic

Aug 24

Wind Waker’s “Outset Island” Flute and Saxophone Cover perf. by Music by Pedro (feat. Meredith)

  It’s so hot out that I feel like I’m on Outset Island. Thankfully, this lovely cover by Music By Pedro makes it much more bearable.

Aug 21

Yo-Yo-Yoshi! (Yoshi’s Story) by The Consouls ft. Rohan “MC” Iyer

  Yoshi Story might be the first game where I really felt a connection to the soundtrack. So I’m really digging this version by The Consouls and the lyrics by Rohan “MC” Iye. 

Aug 20

Splatoon’s “Final Boss (Squid Sisters Ver.)” Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  As much as I like Splattack!, the Final Boss song is probably my favorite song in Splatoon. I also think it’s way fresh as rock version so thank you Shady Cicada.

Aug 19

Metroid’s “Kraid’s Lair” Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  Tsuko G.‘s rendition of Kraid’s Lair would sound great if Metroid ever did a cross-over with Ray Man.    

Aug 18

Final Fantasy VIII’s “Maybe I’m a Lion” perf. by DonutDrums and Lord Bif Music

    Boy does this sound pretty epic. DonutDrums and Lord Bif Music did an amazing job putting this all together.

Aug 17

Gauntlet’s “Song A” Metal Cover perf. by RichaadEB (feat. Josiah McDaniel)

  This sounds nuts to play. Good job RichaadEB and Josiah McDaniel. This song is part of the Multiplayer II: Co-Op album which should be released sometime this month.

Aug 16

Final Fantasy X’s “This is Your Story” Piano and Accordion Cover perf. by Jackson Parodi

  I would just like to thank Jackson Parodi for really showing me how much I should have been appreciating the accordion my whole life.

Aug 15

Megaman X’s “Spark Mandrill” Rock/Metal Cover perf. by Banjo Guy Ollie and DonutDrums

  Banjo Guy Ollie teams up with DonutDrums to bring this awesome cover from Megaman X.

Aug 14

Ori and the Blind Forest’s “Spirit Tree” Choral Cover perf. by TeraCMusic

  Ori and the Blind Forest looks like a pretty game. So it’s only fitting that it gets such a pretty song to go with it. Of course it helps when you have the lovely vocals of TeraCMusic.

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