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Jun 26

Halo: Reach’s “We Remember” Cover perf. by TeraCMusic and ArnyUnderCover

  I honestly never thought I would hear someone cover a song from my favorite Halo game. I feel like that’s a pretty controversial thing to say but I thought Reach was really well put together and I liked the characters. Anyway, thanks to TeraCMusic and ArnyUnderCover for this awesome cover.

Jun 25

Twilight Princess’s “Midna’s Lament” Violin Cover perf. by Taylor Davis

  Midna’s Lament sure is popular lately. Even Taylor Davis is covering it with a music video just as melancholy as the piece itself. As always her performance is beautiful.   Here are some links (no pun this time) if you like.   I’m Going On Tour!: Download this song on iTunes here: …

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Jun 24

Mega Man 3’s “Spark Man Stage” Guitar Cover perf. by DSC

  DSC awesome take on Spark Man’s Stage from Mega Man 3. And look, links to download it if you want.   MP3: Backing Track:

Jun 23

Twilight Princess’s “Midna’s Lament” Metal Cover perf. by RichaadED (feat. insaneintherainmsuic)

  Wow, RichaadEB and insaneintherainmusic create one of the coolest renditions of Midna’s Lament I’ve ever heard. I’ve personally never heard a saxophone used in something that could be called metal. It feels like a combination of metal and jazz, which is something I can dig for a piece like this.   Also, here are …

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Jun 22

Dragon Warrior with Lyrics by Brentalfloss

  Brentalfloss uses his unique musical styling to not only provide a summary of the game’s story, but also kind of gives a small review of the game as well as some commentary on the possible unethical business practices of old games.

Jun 18

Shovel Knight’s “Main Theme” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

  Epic Game Music‘s original guitar cover of the main theme from Shovel Knight. Pretty cool.   Sidenote: Due to packing up for a big move and being sick…and the rest of E3…I am taking the rest of this week off. See you all again Monday!

Jun 16

Streets of Rage II’s “Dreamer” Funk Quartet Cover perf. by The Consouls

  It’s hard to believe that this song was ever in Streets of Rage. But just leave it to the talented people in The Consouls to turn a pretty fast paced action bit into a funky smooth jam.

Jun 14

“I Ink Therefore I am (Do the Squid)” by MandoPony – An Original Splatoon Inspired Anthem

  Let’s end Splatoon Week with the original song “I Ink Therefore I am (Do the Squid)” by MandoPony. I actually really dig the lyrics to this song. It helps that it’s an anthem as opposed to just telling the story of the game. Now if only we could get a Callie and Mari cover …

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Jun 13

Splatoon’s “Main Theme” Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  Shady Cicada definitely is putting in a lot of energy in this performance. Which is good, because it gets me the mood to not just play some Splatoon, but to win at some Splatoon.   If you liked this song, Shady Cicada also provided a download link:   MP3 ➤…   You should also …

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Jun 12

Spatoon’s “Main Theme” Guitar Cover perf. by NateWantsToBattle

  Of all the songs featured this week, NateWantsToBattle has to have best “wa-wa”s (I don’t know what they’re actually called) of the bunch.

Jun 11

Splatoon’s “Main Theme” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

  So far this week, I’ve been looking at a lot of new faces now featured before no this site. But that doesn’t mean the people I regularly followed had been missing out on the Splatoon fun. Here’s Epic Game Music‘s take on the “Main Theme” from Splatoon and as always, it takes on a …

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Jun 10

Splatoon “Vs. Theme 3″ Instrumental Cover perf. by J. Daniel Orta

    Let’s spice things up by listening to J. Daniel Orta’s cover of the “Vs Theme 3″ from Splatoon. I’m not going to lie, a lot of the covers from this week are going to be of the main theme, so it can be easy to forget that the entire soundtrack for the game …

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Jun 09

Splatoon’s “Main Theme” Sort-Of Cover perf. by Strictly Nintendo

  A sort of different take on the Splatoon theme, this time performed by Strictly Nintendo. As described by himself:   This is not an exact performance of the Splatoon Theme. When I do a cover song, I put my own twist on things. I take a lot of artistic license with my covers. I …

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Jun 08

Splatoon’s “Main Theme” Guitar Cover perf. by Omar1up

  Kicking off the music portion of Splatoon week is omar1up who has a version of the main theme that I can best describe as slightly muted, as if underwater. It’s pretty epic and definitely fit for any heroic turf war turnarounds.   Download Links Wav: Mp3: Backing Track: While you’re at …

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Jun 07

Pikmin’s “Ai No Uta” Cover perf. by Princess Rizu

  I don’t believe I’ve ever posted someone covering a Japanese song in Japanese before. But now I can say that I have thanks to Princess Rizu and her beautiful cover of Ai no Uta from the Pikmin series.

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