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Nov 21

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS “Theme” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

To end today, I would like to show this music video by Epic Game Music honoring the release of Super Smash Bros. Wii U. What a great way to conclude a truly fun day of Smashing and hanging out with friends.

Nov 20

“Trapped in a Pokeball” – Pokemon TCG Battle Theme Remix feat. Belthesar by DJ CUTMAN

I cannot stress how much I enjoyed the Pokemon Trading Card Game Game for the Game Boy Color. Part of the reason I think is because the music was so good, which I think you can tell just by this DJ CUTMAN remix.   If you liked this song, you can buy it for $1, …

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Nov 19

What? There’s a 5 Minute Assassin’s Creed Musical?

  I’m not entirely sure what I just watched. But it was definitely a thing.   Actually, for a 5 minute musical based on Assassin’s Creed, it wasn’t that bad. It hit all the campy stage musical tropes, the music was catchy, the featured all the assassin’s before Unity, and it was just fun. Hopefully …

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Nov 18

Mario Kart 8 Guitar Medley by DSC

I’ve been back in the Mario Kart 8 mood ever since the DLC dropped, which makes this awesome guitar medley by DSC so convenient. This is actually so good and is making me nostalgic for game that isn’t even a year old. It helps that DSC pretty much picked some of my favorite songs from …

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Nov 17

Final Fantasy X’s “To Zanarkand” perf. by Videri String Quartet

A fantastic cover from Final Fantasy X performed by the always fantastic Videri String Quartet.   If you liked this, you can hear it forever on the group’s album Portals, available on iTunes and Loudr.   You can also check out a live-performance of this song, here.

Nov 13

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Medley perf. by Videri String Quartet (feat. David Ramos)

    It’s always a treat to hear The Legend of Zelda music played with an actual ocarina. It’s a sound that I think remains iconic to the Zelda series for the lot of gamers who grew up on Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. That’s why I’m glad that the Videri String Quartet teamed …

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Nov 12

Twilight Princess’s “Title Theme” Vocal Cover perf. by ♡ L i z z ♡

    So wow, this was awesome. ♡ L i z z ♡ may think it sounds a bit nasally but I think this was perfect. I can’t wait for more Twilight Princes vocal covers.

Nov 11

Super Mario 64’s “Main Theme” perf. by DSC

I will never get tired of the Super Mario 64 theme, I must have a ton of different covers of it. DSC‘s awesome guitar cover will make an excellent addition.

Nov 11

The Unbreakable Fighting Spirit – Fanart by Crew1

Little Mac is definitely an inspiration. No matter how often one may lose as him in Smash Bros., no matter how humiliating it might be, you cannot fault that fighting spirit. That’s the feeling at least I get from this simple .gif made by DeviantArt user Crew1. Below are just a sample of his art …

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Nov 10

Wind Waker’s “Aryll’s Theme” Jazz Cover perf. by Insaneintherainmusic

I really love the music from Wind Waker, especially jazzified by Insaneintherainmusic.   Is it just me, or does this sound like those jazz Christmas songs you start hearing in the malls around this time?

Nov 07

Super Mario 3D World’s “Bowser Mini Medley” Jazz Cover perf. by The Lonely Soundboard & Insaneintherainmusic

This is an absolutely amazing jazz cover. I seriously love the work both The Lonely Soundboard and Insaneintherainmusic put out, so naturally their collaborative effort yielded amazing results.

Nov 06

Ace Attorney’s “Turnabout Sisters” Ballad Piano Cover perf. by The Half Blind Prince

A simple piano cover of this song from the Ace Attorney games is probably one of the best ways to listen to it. Thank you The Half Blind Prince.

Nov 05

Super Mario World’s “Ghost House” A Capella perf. by Diwa De Leon

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we cannot still celebrate some of the timeless spookiness that is the ghost house from Super Mario World. Especially when it’s a haunting A Capella by Diwa De Leon (AKA The String Player Gamer)

Nov 04

Rogue Legacy’s “Lampry” perf. by Tetrimino

Aw yeah, Tetrimino released a new cover, this one from interesting rogue-like, Rogue Legacy, as part of an upcoming album.

Nov 03

Pollyanna – An Animated Tribute to Earthbound by Project PK Flash

Wow, look at this! Pollyanna is a 4 year long labor of love brought to us by Project PK Flash in honor of Earthbound’s 20th anniversary. I love the quirky, childlike style of the art and the lyrics added to the iconic Earthbound music. I’m not much of a fan myself, but between this and …

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