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Aug 04

Final Fantasy VII’s “Gold Saucer” Accordion Cover perf. by Jackson Parodi

  Sounds kind of like a song you’d hear on a pirate ship. This is Jackson Parodi‘d take on the Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII. Seems like everyone is getting excited for the remake.

Aug 03

Video Game Rock Tribute to Mr. Iwata perf. by Shady Cicada

  The passing of Mr. Iwata still hurts for some of us. Thank you Shady Cicada for this lovely tribute to the late game creator.

Aug 02

Chrono Trigger’s “Corridors of Time” Jazz Cover perf. by insaneintherainmusic

Another kicking jazz cover from insaneintherainmusic. This time from Choro Trigger.   He even provided some download links:   Free MP3 Download: Sheet Music:

Aug 01

A GameBoy Advance Medley perf. by omar1up

  Here’s another great piece by omar1up. This time, he pay tribute to the Game Boy Advance by covering some of the best songs from some of the most memorable games from the platform.

Jul 31

EarthBound’s “Onett Theme” Acapella perf. by Smooth McGroove

  Smooth McGroove returns, this time with a cover of Onett from Earthbound. He dedicated this piece to Mr. Satoru Iwata.

Jul 30

Wind Waker’s “Dragon Roost Island” Marimba Cover perf. by Mart0zz

  Dragon Roost Island is one of my favorite songs in the whole Zelda series. So I was really glad when the folks at Mart0zz decided to a marimba cover of it. It’s so very fitting.

Jul 29

Mario Kart 8 WITH LYRICS BY brentalfloss (Strong Language)

  Somehow in all the zaniness that is Mario Kart 8, brentalfloss manages to hone in on one that I’m sure too many people had really thought about. The race track is too dangerous for babies…why does Nintendo keep adding more?

Jul 28

Prince of Persia Medley, Metal Cover perf. by 331Erock

  This is pretty rockin’ Prince of Persia medley by 331Erock. It’s not something I hear covered too often too.

Jul 27

Final Fantasy VII’s “Aerith’s Theme” Vocal and Piano Cover perf. by Michelle Heafy

  This is such a pretty theme. Michelle Heafy’s vocal and piano skills really does do this piece justice.

Jul 26

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U’s “Main Theme” Banjo Cover perf. by Banjo Guy Ollie

  Back in the Brawl days, I used to hack in my own music. If I could still do that with Smash 4, I would probably replace the online waiting room with Banjo Guy Ollie‘s cover of the game’s theme. I just…really like it better.

Jul 25

Super Mario 64’s “Main Theme” Rock Cover perf. by Nirre + Something Extra

  Thanks a lot Nirre, as if I need this song stuck in my head again for the next hundred years. Oh well, at least it’s this awesome cover now. Yup…just the song from Super Mario 64…definitely nothing else unbelievably catchy added at the end…

Jul 24

Baten Kaitos’s “The Valedictory Elegy” Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  I’ve never played this game but I do know of this song from Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Of course, Shady Cicada‘s performance here is definitely making me curious about just what kind of game Baten Kaitos is.

Jul 23

Sonic Adventure 2’s “Escape From the City” Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  You would think that playing Escape From the City with a choir of kazoos would ruin the cool factor this song has. Well, thanks to Tsuko G. you now know you’re wrong.

Jul 22

Street Fighter II’s “Ryu’s Theme” Jazz Cover perf. by The Consouls

  Seems like The Consouls made this to celebrate EVO 2015 last week. Now I just want to see a montage of victories with this played over it.

Jul 21

ADHD Fully Explain What Zelda Is…in Song

  I’m not entire sure that if the actual Legend of Zelda theme had lyrics like Animation Domination High-Def’s take on it, that anyone would actually play the games. Because this is a pretty apt explanation of what you do in the Zelda games, everyone just silently tries to ignore it.

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