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May 04

Sonic the Hedgehog ‘s “Green Hill Zone” perf. by the Mini Mario Orchestra

  The String Player Gamer and his Mini-Mario Orchestra gives us a very masterfully put together version of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone.

May 03

Pokémon ORAS’s “Zinnia’s Theme (Sorrow)” Tenor Sax & Flute Latin Jazz Cover perf. by Sab Irene

  Sab Irene is back with a latin jazz version of Zinnia’s Theme from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

May 02

Super Smash Bros. Melee’s “100 Man Melee 2″ Guitar Cover perf. by DSC

  DSC covers one of the most memorably songs in Super Smash history, which is the opening to Super Smash Bros. Melee, though this is technically the 100 Man Melee version because as DSC says: “The main reason I chose to do this lesser known song rather than the classic intro version was pretty much …

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May 01

Mega Man 2’s “Crash Man” Blues Cover perf. by insaneintherainmusic, Jackson Parodi, and Swiggles1987.

  I never imagined a Mega Man tune can be made so…like this. Thanks to insaneintherainmusic, Jackson Parodi, and  Swiggles1987.    You should serious take a look at everyone’s channels. They got some great video game music covers.

Apr 30

Mega Man 3’s “Spark Man Stage” perf. by the Mini Mario Orchestra

  Mega Man has a such a huge musical legacy. I’m not a big Mega Man fan but between Super Smash Bros. 4 and String Player Gamer, I know I got to play them just to hear this music in it’s original form.

Apr 29

GoldenEye 007’s “Main Theme” A Capella perf. by Triforcefilms

  Triforcefilms managed to create something that is both really epic and really silly. I think it works. I would play some Goldeneye multiplayer to this.   Links: Download our Music in high-quality on Google Play Music… iTunes…

Apr 28

Street Fighter II’s “Guile’s Theme” Metal Cover perf. by Nirre

  This gets me pretty pumped up. Also, according to Nirre this is a cover of a cover.   So something a bit different this time, a cover of a cover! This is my rendition of “Rush of the Wind”, which is a rendition of Guile’s theme by Alph Lyla, Capcom’s house band in the …

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Apr 27

Battlefield 1942’s “Main Theme” perf. by SquidPhysics

  The one man symphony, SquidPhysics, is back with one of my favorite game themes ever. Seriously, I wish my love for Battlefield had nose dived with BF4, because I would really love to hear this theme more often.

Apr 25

Mega Man2’s “Main Theme/Dr. Wily 1″ perf. by String Player Gamer

  These two songs are probably some of the iconic songs in all of video gaming. Diwa De Leon’s, AKA String Player Gamer, just has such an awesome take on it.

Apr 24

Shovel Knight’s “Strike the Earth!(Plains of Passage)” Banjo Cover perf. by Banjo Guy Ollie

  Banjo Guy Ollie‘s banjo almost captures that chiptune feel. Just enough to make it feel like Shovel Knight and sounds like a live-instrument.   Here are some relevant links: Patreon: Facebook :… Download on Bandcamp: BGO on Twitter : Tipeee:…

Apr 23

Xenoblade Chronicles’s “Gaur Plains” Acapella Cover perf. by Smooth McGroove

    Everyone must have been pretty excited for the release of Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS. Even Smooth McGroove got in on the action.

Apr 22

Pokemon’s Main Theme perf. by The Videri String Quartet

  As always, Videri String Quartet knows how to keep game music super classy. I love it.

Apr 21

Final Fantasy VI Opera – “Aria di Mezzo Carattere” Perf. by Jillian Aversa feat. Tina Guo

  This was absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, major props to Jillian Aversa to another great vocal piece. Also major props to Tina Guo for that lovely cello performance.

Apr 20

Xenoblade Chronicles’s “Gaur Plains” Guitar Cover perf. by DSC

  DCS has a really awesome take on Guar Plains from Xenoblade Chronicles. He even provides a link to download it. MP3:    

Apr 17

Punch-Out!!’s “Fight Theme” perf. by Epic Game Music

  Punch-Out music always has a way of getting you pumped up. Especially if you put Epic Game Music behind the guitar.  If you jog to this music, you’ll be in shape in no time.

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