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May 29

Kingdom Hearts’ “Lazy Afternoon” Guitar and Melodica Cover perf. by New Game Plus

  New Game Plus covers one of favorite songs from Kingdom Hearts 2. This song is always so relaxing, perfectly capturing that end of summer feel and the sadness of it all coming to an end. Doubly sad because of what actually happens in the game though.

May 28

Four Undertale Song Covers Because They Won’t Stop Coming!

Too many people are covering Undertale!   Seriously…it’s like every week everyone I follow does an Undertale cover and they’re too good not to share. So, instead of doing another Undertale music week, here’s just all the Undertale covers that I stumbled across.   First up, we have a drum cover of Megalovania by DonutDrums. …

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May 27

Wind Waker’s “Title Theme” Jazz Cover perf. by insaneintherainmusic

  I love the Wind Waker theme. It’s probably my favorite Zelda themes of all time.┬áinsaneintherainmusic does the song justice with his cool jazz version.

May 26

Fire Emblem Fates’ “Road Taken (Roar)” Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  Here’s a pretty rockin’ cover of Road Taken (Roar) from Fire Emblem Fates performed by Shady Cicada. I don’t know any of the songs from the game by heart, but once the main part kicks in I recognized it. This is actually one of my favorites from the game.

May 25

Sonic ’06’s “Sweet Dreams” Cover perf. by Emi Jones (ft. Zachary Frazier)

  If there’s one thing good that came out of Sonic ’06, it’s that the vocal music is up to par with all the great Sonic songs that came before it. Emi Jones and Zachary Frazier did a great job on it.   Fun fact, because I had never beaten any stories in Sonic’ 06, …

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May 24

Overwatch’s “Main Theme and Victory” Metal Cover perf. by SwigglesRP

  Let’s celebrate the release of Overwatch with SwigglesRP awesome cover of the main theme and the victory theme.

May 23

“Fishy Love” – An Undertale Song by Griffinilla (ft. Eile Monty)

  This song, by Griffinilla (and featuring EileMonty) is absolutely hilarious. Seriously, it might be the best thing you watch all week.

May 17

“Remembering the Charming Maximalism of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Music” by Tyler Emken

Here’s a blog post by Tyler Emken on Kinja’s “Talk Amongst Yourself” (I got directed there through Kotaku) discussing the brilliance of the music from the Genesis era Sonic the Hedgehog games. He goes into some depth about what makes each song on the list so memorable, but it’s still a good trip down memory …

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May 16

Uncharted’s “Nate’s Theme” Violin Cover perf. by Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis performs a totally epic violin cover of Nate’s theme from Uncharted. Definitely one of my favorite video game themes in modern gaming.

May 13

Pokemon’s “Saffron City” Jazz Cover perf. by HoopsandHipHop feat. Insaneintherainmusic

Here’s a nice and soothing cover of Pokemon’s Saffron City by HoopsandHipHop featuring Insaneintherainmusic on saxophone..

May 11

Fable’s “Hall of Heroes” Orchestral Arrangement by RebeccaETripp

  Here’s a very pretty orchestral cover of Fable’s Hall of Heroes arranged by RebeccaETripp.

May 10

Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s “Big Arms” Metal Cover perf. by RichaadEB

RichaadEB covers one of my favorite songs from any Sonic game (or any game for that matter.) Big Arms is such an epic boss song and hearing it on a live electric guitar just ups the epicness to 12.

May 09

“Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” perf. by Videri String Quartet

Whenever the Videri String Quartet plays, I forget that they are playing a song from a video game. It probably just has to do with my perception of a string quartet and the type of music they play, but I also think it’s due to the quality of the game music and the particular musicians.

May 08

Mega Man 2’s “Air Man Stage” Electric Guitar & Violin Cover perf. by String Player Gamer

  String Player Gamer has a very epic cover of the Air Man Stage from Mega Man 2. Oh God, I love his electric violin playing in this piece. Just call me a sucker for violins (and cellos).

May 07

Super Mario Land’s “Muda Kingdom” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

  Epic Game Music covers an oldie. He covers Muda Kingdom from Super Mario Land, Mario’s first portable outing.

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