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Mar 30

Final Fantasy 7’s “Aeris’ ( or Aerith’s) Theme” Guitar Cover perf. by Super Guitar Bros

  With a theme like this, how could not expect her to die? Still, a pretty awesome cover by the SuperGuitarBros.

Mar 27

Doom 3’s Main Theme A Capella and Guitar Cover perf. by Triforcefilms and Aaron Reruink

  Triforcefilms and Aaron Reruink on Guitar cover the theme of Doom 3 and…not that the cover isn’t good but the song itself I never realized how bland it is. For a while, it actually sounded like background music from Halo, which is probably not a good thing to do for a main theme.

Mar 27

If Guile’s Theme Had Lyrics, It Wouldn’t Be What You’d Expect – Animation Domination High-Def

  You knew Guile’s theme went with everything, but did you know they went with Guile too? Animation Domination High-Def‘s take on giving lyrics to Guile’s theme is both hair (e)raising and eye(brow) opening.

Mar 27

Donkey Kong Country 2’s “Snakey Chantey (Rattle Battle Theme)” Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  More kazoo goondess with Tsuko he does a remarkably catch rendition of Snakey Chantey from Donkey Kong Country 2.   By the way, today is another music day.

Mar 26

Xenoblade Chronicles’s “Thoughts to a Friend” String Quartet Cover perf. by Patti Rudisill, Amy Helman, Michael O’Gieblyn, and Nick Gold

  I don’t think anyone will ever get how much it pains me that I don’t like Xenoblade Chronicles. I love the characters, the story, the art style, and especially the music. I don’t even hate it as a game that much but the parts that I think it does bad it does spectacularly bad. …

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Mar 25

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3’s “Good Ending” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

  Apparently Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 has multiple endings and the “good” ending can get pretty trippy. Don’t know how much of that is from the original and how much is Epic Game Music‘s own take and I don’t plan on finding out anytime soon. That game is too scary for me.

Mar 24

Ragnarok Online Medley perf. by String Player Gamer

  Ah Ragnarok Online…that game I played like once. I wasn’t a fan, but as Diwa De Leon, aka String Player Gamer, has proven, it had pretty music.

Mar 23

Dragon Quest IV’s “The Evil One” perf. by moonbowmusicmovie

  I really do love the sound of the concert bass. Not enough video game cover artists use it. Thank you moonbowmusicmovie.

Mar 20

Super Smash Bros. Rap Battle – Dan Bull vs. Rald V

  Really catchy Smash Bros. rap by Dan Bull and Raldy V. If you want to download it, here’s a link provided by Dan.   ► MP3:    

Mar 19

Super Mario Kart A Capella Cover perf. by Triforcefilms

  As always, Triforcefilms’s A Capella covers are super fun. I seriously want to see him (and probably some friends) live cover someone playing an old NES or SNES game.

Mar 19

The Wind Waker’s “Dragon Roost Island” Violin, Harp, and Guitar Cover perf. by Diwa De Leon and Joanne Moo

  This is one of my favorite songs from all of The Legend of Zelda. Just something about it has always resonated with me. I especially like the choice of having Diwa De Leon (String Player Gamer) on violin and Joanne Moo (Perovskite13) on harp. Not only does it lend itself to creating great music, …

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Mar 18

Final Fantasy XIII-2’s “Dash” perf. by Jason Yang, John Schroeder, Nick Klingenberg, and Sam Brawner

  It feels like forever since I’ve heard anything from Jason Yang but here he is with his hand playing a cover of a song from Final Fantasy XIII-2.  

Mar 17

Final Fantasy IV’s “Prelude” EWI Multitrack Cover perf. by Soundole VGM Covers

  I actually went to listen to the SNES version of this song because I was like “there’s no way the SNES could produce this kind of music, right?” What I love about Soundole VGM Covers version of the song is that it retained that retro bit feel but also has a richer sound. It’s …

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Mar 16

Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s “Angel Island Zone (Act 1)” Kazoo Cover perf. by Tsuko G.

  Of the original Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games, Angel Island Zone is probably my favorite intro levels. It at least has the best song of all the intro levels (Green Hill, Emerald Hill, and Mushroom Hill Zone). A thought shared by Tsuko G. as well as he says in the captions box: My kazoo …

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Mar 11

Animal Crossing’s “K.K. Crusin'” Rock Guitar and Violin Cover perf. by The String Player Gamer

    This was…so…cool! Diwa De Leon, AKA String Player Gamer, really outdid himself with this one. It just oozes cool.

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