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Aug 19

Generations – Ocarina of Time’s “Forest Temple” Vocal Arrangement by Jillian Aversa

This is pretty amazing. I love the kind of Celtic chant vibe the lyrics were going for and it was perfect for retaining the subtle eeriness that the Forest Temple has. The video is a little weird but sometimes weird is very good.   Jillian Aversa, by the way, is a vocalist and composer who …

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Aug 18

Sonic Adventure 2′s “City Escape” Jazz Cover by Insaneintherainmusic Feat. Sab Irene

It’s really cool to hear this song slowed down. I love listening to this jazz version of the main theme from Sonic Heroes and wish they would have given that treatment to a lot more songs from Sonic games. I guess that’s why we have the awesome talent of Insaneintherainmusic featuring the lovely vocals of …

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Aug 15

Donkey Kong Country with Lyrics by Brentalfloss

Brentalfloss giving us a brief musical summary of Donkey Kong Country Returns. The whole song reminds me of “I Want to be Like You” From Disney’s Junglebook.

Aug 13

Garchomp Using Dragon Dance Will Never Be the Same

You just….you just need to see this.

Aug 11

Portal’s “Still Alive” Rock Cover perf. Nate Smith

I love faster paced version of this song. It helps that “Still Alive” is already really cool. Anyways, Nate Smith really hits it out of the Test Chambers with this one. Great job.

Aug 09

Shenmue’s “Shehua Sedge Flower” perf. by Diwa De Leon

Never played any Shenmue games but man is this music good. I love the use of the Hegalong here. Makes me want to pick up and try the games out.

Aug 08

Pokemon R/S/E’s “Route 120″ Piano Cover perf. by insaneintherainmusic

Pokemon has always had fantastic music ranging from epic to calming. I’m not familiar with this particular song from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, though I soon will be once I get the remakes coming out, but the way Insaneintherainmusic plays this piano cover seems to convey the innocent and youthful adventure that has make Pokemon the experience …

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Aug 07

Mii Channel Guitar Cover perf. by SuperGuitarBros.

Ah yes, this wonderful little theme. So simple, yet so calming and relaxing which is perfect because I know that it can take quite a long time when you’re trying to get this Mii look just right.

Aug 06

Shadow of the Colossus’ “The Opened Way” Metal Cover perf. by 331Erock

Shadow of the Colossus already seemed like a pretty metal game, so naturally this metal cover of The Opened Way from the game is a perfect fit.

Aug 05

Ocarina of Time’s “Song of Storms” Flute Cover perf. by Music by Pedro

Music by Pedro returns with his flute cover of Ocarina of Time’s Song of the Storms. He even throws in a pretty jazzy improve towards the middle.

Aug 04

League of Legends’ “Quinn and Valor Theme” Violin and Guitar Cover perf. by Diwa De Leon

Despite it’s popularity, I don’t know much about League of Legends or its music. That didn’t really stop me from enjoying this awesome violin & guitar cover of Quinn and Valor theme by Diwa de Leon.

Aug 02

Super Mario Land’s “Overworld” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game’s Music

It’s apparently the 25th anniversary of the Gameboy. So why don’t you celebrate with a really awesome Epic Games Music cover of one of the first songs to be played on a Gameboy?

Aug 01

“The Evolution of Video Games” an A Capella Performance by Triforcefilms

Triforcefilms takes you on a magical journey exploring the history of video games from 1980 to 2007 starting with Pac-Man and ending with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. All in A Capella!

Jul 29

The Last of Us – Live Performance and Musical Number

So apparently there was a live performance of The Last of Us. You can watch it here. That’s not the really interesting part. The interesting part is that they apparently based the ending off of the alternate ending, which was an improvised musical number. I can’t embedd it, but you can view it here.

Jul 25

Twilight Princess’s “Hyrule Fields” Marimba Cover perf. by Mart0zz

The Marimba is not an instrument I get to hear a lot of. Hearing Twilight Princess’s Hyrule Field like this kind of makes the whole song feel a bit more, I’m not sure, zany? Upbeat? It’s actually surprising similar to the normal version of it.

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