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Sep 01

Twilight Princess’ “Midna’s Lament” Soprana and Alto Sax Cover perf. by Music by Pedro

Oh man, this is perfect. Music by Pedro is definitely improving as he perfectly recreates Midna’s Lament from Twilight Princess, which is one of my favorite songs from any Zelda game. I could listen to this all day.

Sep 01

A Kickstarter That Needs Your Help All About Game Music – The Players’ Score: A Videogame Music Documentary

If you are into or want to learn more about the video game music scene, then do I have a Kickstarter for you to fund. The Players’ Score: A Videogame Music Documentary is exactly what it sounds like and seems like it will be exploring the history of bit music and the entire musical movement …

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Aug 29

“Best Summoner”, a League of Legends/Pokemon Song, by Sabrina Valenzuela

League of Legends and Pokemon probably have a lot in common. I wouldn’t really know since I don’t play the former but perhaps that’s what Sabrina Valenzuela decided to mash them together using the tune of the first Pokemon theme song to sing about the popular e-Sport.

Aug 28

Critical Hit Performing “Sons of Liberty” From Metal Gear Solid 2 Live

Critical Hit playing Son of Liberty from Metal Gear Solid 2, live at Orlando Nerd Fest 2014. This video game tribute band is headed by World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes.   If you like what you hear you can pick it up on their album. Buy it on iTunes or Loudr here. I have …

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Aug 27

Songs You Didn’t Know Had Lyrics: Super Mario World – Mario is a Jerk to Yoshi

I was kind of getting flashbacks to that really sad Yoshi song done by Brawl in the Family. Luckily this turned out slightly more humorous.

Aug 26

Civilization IV’s “Baba Yetu” perf. by Peter Hollens and Malukah

I really love this song and I think Peter Hollins and Malukah did a great job covering it. It’s also totally rad that they got Christopher Tin to say a few words at the end. If you want you buy this song, it’s available on iTunes and Loudr.

Aug 25

Super Mario Bros.’ “Underwater Theme” perf. by Peter Anthony Smith

There’s something about this cover of the Underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. that makes it sound like a haunted amusement park. I can’t be the only one getting a Bioshock vibe from it, can I?

Aug 22

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Bioshock Infinite Style Waltz by Post-Modern Jukebox

I did not know this but Scott Bradley, the one who did this arrangement, worked on Bioshock Infinite. This particular arrangement is an arrangement of the Bioshock Infinite’s version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”   If you want to buy this song on Itunes, you can by clicking this link here.

Aug 22

DJ CUTMAN and Sammus Team Up To Bring You “Metroid: Another M”

ANOTHER M by Sammus Dj Cutman along with Sammus have collaborated and released a Metroid Tribute album called Metroid: Another M. I feel I should make another “authorized” joke but I fear I may have over used that them everytime something like this comes out. Anyways, if you feel like buying this, you can pick …

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Aug 21

The Toad Song by Diwa De Leon

Diwa De Leon is back with a Beatles inspired song about Toad. I guess he’s pretty hyped for Captain Toad, but then again, so am I.   If you like Diwa’s songs, you can buy some either through iTunes our Loudr .  

Aug 20

Assassin’s Creed Unity Rap by Dan Bull

I somehow think that the actual game will have just as much gratuitous French as this rap. I feel like I haven’t shared a Dan Bull rap in a while, so it’s about time I get back on that. For some reason though, after hearing this, I would really like Dan to write his version …

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Aug 19

Generations – Ocarina of Time’s “Forest Temple” Vocal Arrangement by Jillian Aversa

This is pretty amazing. I love the kind of Celtic chant vibe the lyrics were going for and it was perfect for retaining the subtle eeriness that the Forest Temple has. The video is a little weird but sometimes weird is very good.   Jillian Aversa, by the way, is a vocalist and composer who …

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Aug 18

Sonic Adventure 2′s “City Escape” Jazz Cover by Insaneintherainmusic Feat. Sab Irene

It’s really cool to hear this song slowed down. I love listening to this jazz version of the main theme from Sonic Heroes and wish they would have given that treatment to a lot more songs from Sonic games. I guess that’s why we have the awesome talent of Insaneintherainmusic featuring the lovely vocals of …

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Aug 15

Donkey Kong Country with Lyrics by Brentalfloss

Brentalfloss giving us a brief musical summary of Donkey Kong Country Returns. The whole song reminds me of “I Want to be Like You” From Disney’s Junglebook.

Aug 13

Garchomp Using Dragon Dance Will Never Be the Same

You just….you just need to see this.

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