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Oct 22

Pokemon X and Y’s “Professor Sycamore’s Theme” Flute Cover perf. by Sab Irene

Huh, when I hear Professor Sycamore’s theme like this it sounds like something out of Monkey Island.   This song was performed by Sab Irene and if you liked it, then you should check out her channel for more.

Oct 21

Limbo with Lyrics by Brentalfloss

I couldn’t remember if Limbo had a main theme or any other iconic tune and so I was really curious as to how Brentalfloss was going to make a “Limbo with Lyrics”. His solution was pretty interesting, though it completely undermines the creepiness of this game. I think that may have been the point though. …

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Oct 20

The Elder Scrolls’ “Main Theme” Violin and Guitar Cover perf. by Diwa De Leon

Diwa De Leon brings us his arrangement of the iconic Elder Scrolls theme. As always it’s excellent and can get any adventurer into the trekking mood.   If you liked this song and would like to hear more, check out Diwa’s YouTube channel.

Oct 17

The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Performs Music from Final Fantasy VI

Perhaps Nobuo Uemastu’s greatest musical work, performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s truly something to hear and I only wish I could be there to hear the whole thing live. Especially this is only a piece of the symphonic poem called “Born with the Gift of Magic”.

Oct 16

Doom’s “At Doom’s Gate E1M1″ Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

Epic Game Music brings to us today a cover of one of the most influential games of all time, Doom. Given his instrument of choice, I would say this is very appropriate.   If you liked this video and want to see more, I suggest checking out Epic Game Music’s YouTube channel.

Oct 15

“Stay Away From Me” – A Five Nights at Freddy’s Parody of “Stay With Me” by Nathan Smith

There is a reason why I haven’t talked about Five Nights at Freddy’s, despite thinking that it’s a pretty brilliant game, and that’s because the game terrifies me. I’m not big into horror games and get scared pretty easily which is what has kept me away from games like Amnesia and this game, but if …

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Oct 14

Tetris Opera perf. by Jillian Aversa at Video Games Live, San Diego Comic-Con 2014

If you’ve never been to Video Games Live, then you are missing out on a very special treat. I’ve had the pleasure of going a couple of times (one of them being their first performance) and let me just say that this video is a pretty accurate to representation of how fun the show is. …

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Oct 13

Gears of War 2’s “Main Theme” perf. by SquidPhysics

You got love that cello! As well as all the other instruments used in this cover of the main theme from Gears of War 2. YouTube user SquidPhysics continues to put out some of the highest quality game covers I’ve ever heard.   If you liked this video, then I suggest checking out the other …

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Oct 10

Harmony of Heroes – A Celebration of Smash Bros.’ Musical History

Coinciding with the release of Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, the people who brought us the two Harmony of a Hunter Metroid fan albums have also now put together a 101 song album celebrating the various music featured in the Super Smash Bros. series. It’s as awesome as you think it is and I’ve …

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Oct 09

Ash Will Make a Mon Out of You With this Mulan Parody

Gosh this captures the feeling of raising a Pokemon perfectly. I actually love all the different kinds of jokes made throughout this animation. I love that Gatomon, a digimon, was disguised as a Pokemon. I love how you don’t have to change much of the original song to get something Pokemon related (“once you find …

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Oct 08

Alien: Isolation Rap by Dan Bull

I’m pretty psyched for this game. Not so much playing it, but watching a friend go through it and hopefully not die over and over again.   This rap is by Dan Bull and if you like it then I suggest checking out the rest of his channel. You can also download this song on …

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Oct 07

Get the Entire Banjo-Kazooie Soundtrack Right Now!

Do you like Banjo-Kazooie? Then you’re in luck because the entire soundtrack is available directly from the composer himself. And it’s pay what you want. Banjo-Kazooie: Everything and the Kitchen Sink! by Grant Kirkhope

Oct 06

Super Mario 3D World’s “World Bowser” Guitar Cover perf. by Epic Game Music

While not one of the more traditionally spooky Mario themes, I fully expect to see a lot of them start popping up now that October has begun. Bowser’s themes always were good at being very scary in that immediate danger sense instead of that uneasiness the Ghost House levels had. Of course, Epic Game Music‘s …

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Oct 02

Outside Xbox Recognizes Songs In Games About the Games They Are In

  The Monkey Island song seems like an excellent premise for a true musical game. It only keeps going if you feed them the right lines.   This list though is not complete by Outside Xbox is not complete. Not at least until I make my own contribution.  

Oct 01

Rust Rap by Dan Bull (Warning: Contains Minor NSFW Content)

As someone who has played Rust once, this rap by Dan Bull is incredibly accurate.

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