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Jul 22

Banjo-Kazooie’s “Intro” perf. by SquidPhyiscs

This is quite the impressive Banjo-Kazooie cover. Usually in these types of things you don’t expect recreations of the voices as well but SquidPhyiscs went the extra mile.

Jul 21

Ni No Kuni’s “Main Theme” perf. by the Videri String Quartet

You can chalk Ni No Kuni as another game on my ever expanding list of games that I need to play someday, but at least now I can say I like the main theme. Thank you Videri String Quartet.

Jul 19

My Date With Captain Falcon (Feat. Markiplier & Nikasaur) by RandomEncounters

If Super Smash Bros. has taught me anything is that Captain Falcon is one weird dude. He actually kind of reminds me of Gaston in this video. Except with a mariachi band.

Jul 18

Donkey Kong Country’s “Jungle Groove” perf. by Music by Pedro

A good way to wind down after another work week.

Jul 17

“A Tomodachi Life” by Ryan Craddock

Well this is the most commercially sounding song I’ve ever heard, but I do think it’s catchy.

Jul 16

Pokemon Theme Song Acoustic Cover perf. by Nate Smith

Another cover of the 1st Pokemon theme song that just resonates with 90′s kids who loved the first generation of the games. I really like this version because it not only reminds me of the version used for the first Pokemon movie, but also because it reminds me of a version that I posted earlier …

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Jul 15

Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games Releases – Awesome Covers For Charity

So please pay attention to this video because the album they are talking about contains a lot of awesome covers of songs. I spent all day listening to it and it has some amazing covers from Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic Adventure 2, Okami, Metroid and more. Plus, some of the money goes to …

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Jul 14

Shovel Knight with Lyrics by Brentalfloss

Brentalfloss has such a way on convincing me to get games I previously had no interest in. I wonder, when someone asks him what a game is about does he just break out in song to describe it to them? I hope he does.

Jul 12

Minecraft’s “Sweden” A Capella perf. by Smooth McGroove

I think Minecraft has one of the most soothing soundtracks ever. How could it be made even more soothing? Throwing the A Capella styling of Smooth McGroove into the mix!

Jul 11

Super Mario 64′s “Wing Cap” Alto Saxophone Cover perf. by Music by Pedro

I absolutely loved this song from Super Mario 64. It was always one of those songs that just stayed with me long after I played the game, kind of like the main castle’s themes. Of course, hearing his cool saxophone cover with some improvisation was pretty neat as well.

Jul 11

Karmaflow in Concert – A Video Game Rock Opera

How does one go about creating a game musical. I remember pondering that before when looking at both Epic Mickey 2, which uses singing through cutscenes, and Dominique Pamplemousse, which uses singing and musical styling to portray all dialogue in the game.   It seems the next game to give this a shot is a …

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Jul 10

Pokemon’s “Pallet Town” Jazz Band Cover by Insaneintherainmusic

Holy wow this is awesome. Gone is the quiet town of humble beginnings and in it’s place a massive jazz band celebration. In the comments for this video I saw someone suggesting that this could be the fanfare the player receives after coming home the new Kanto champion. I think that is always how I’m …

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Jul 09

Yoshi’s Island’s “Theme” Ethnic Instuments Cover perf. by The String Player Gamer feat. JP and Frances

An amazing piece done by The String Player Gamer, Diwa de Leon, covering the theme to Yoshi’s Island using nothing but ethnic instruments. I’ve personally always loved the sound of these kind of instruments and I think this is the perfect kind of music to cover something from so beautifully naturalistic as Yoshi’s Island.

Jul 08

Castlevania’s “Vampire Killer” perf. by Tetrimino

Yeah finally another great piece by Tetrimino with a kick-ass cover of Vampire Killer from Castlevania. This is one piece I would definitely love to hear live someday.

Jul 03

Tetris Theme, Alto and Soprano Saxaphone Cover perf. by Music by Pedro

I’ve heard a lot of great Tetris covers before, but man do I love this one done by Music by Pedro. I love the improvised solos, I love the sound of his two saxaphones, and I love the fact that after being one of the first majorly popular video games that this tune is still …

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