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Apr 16

Metroid Medley by Epic Game Music

I can never get enough of classic Metroid music. Especially when compiled together in a cool medley like this.

Apr 15

Super Smash Bros. Melee’s “Menu 1″ A Capella perf. by Smooth McGroove

Ah Melee. Now I may be one of those weirdos who likes Brawl a bit more, but Melee is pretty much my childhood so hearing this wonderful rendition of the menu music brings a lot of memories back.

Apr 14

Animal Crossing’s “KK Cruisin” Band Cover Arranged by Zorsy

I wish this was released on Saturday night, but doesn’t change the fact that it’s still pretty cool. Seriously would love to listen to this in a cool club type setting. I know I keep saying that but that’s because I’m sure if I keep wishing for it, it will come true.

Apr 12

“Back to Tamriel” by Harry Partridge

Harry Partidge is back with another Elder Scrolls songs and holy crap, this is definitely making me want the game. Even the weird rap part.   Come to think of it, his first Skyrim song may have been what finally convinced me to get Skyrim….but I did not like what I saw in the Elder …

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Apr 10

Ocarina of Time’s “Market Theme” by Insaneintherainmusic

Another awesome rendition of the market theme from Ocarina of Time.   Usually, Insaneintherainmusic’s stuff makes me think of a video game jazz club, this one though makes me wish Nintendoland was a real place. Like, I can imagine this playing in a Disneyland esque park as people are shopping for all their favorite Nintendo …

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Apr 09

“It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” by Starbomb, Animated Music Video by Joel C.

This isn’t my favorite song from the Star Bomb album, but I really do like the animation done by Joel C.   We certainly are getting a lot of animations from this album. I hope they eventually do the Castlevania one.

Apr 07

Metroid’s “Brinstar” perf. by The String Player Gamer and the Mini-Mario Orchestra

For a series that everyone remembers being dark and isolated, it sure has a really upbeat theme for the first area you get to explore.

Apr 03

Ocarina of Time’s “Hyrule Market Theme (Day)” by FamilyJules7x

I suppose FamilyJules7X wanted to make up for this April Fool’s Prank of covering the best song ever with the Hyrule Market Theme (Day) from Ocarina of Time. This is probably one of my favorite songs from the whole series. It’s so catchy and even though it’s super repetitive, it’s one of those songs that …

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Apr 02

Ocarina of Time’s “Market Theme (Night)” Metal Version by FamilyJules7x

I have nothing to add. Anything more than this sentence will only serve to take away from the musical euphoria that is this song.

Apr 01

Kirby’s Dream Land’s “Green Greens” A Capella perf. by Smooth McGroove

This is one of my favorite Kirby Songs. If you’re like me and continue to support the awesome sounds Smooth McGroove makes with his mouth, then maybe consider becoming his patreon.

Mar 31

“My Life As A Video Game” Theme Perf. by Epic Game Music

Epic Game Music returns with the theme from a YouTube series called “My Life As A Video Game“. It’s pretty epic sounding and inspired me to check out that series, which is pretty okay in case you’re curious.

Mar 27

Tetris Theme by Critical Hits

Critical Hits is still amazing. I really love the cello part in this song and I am just saying that because I am (more like was) a cellist.

Mar 25

Stop Motion “Super Mario Bros. Theme” perf. by GuizDP

Haven’t had anything from GuizDP in a while and when we do it’s this awesome stop motion Mario Overworld theme. I love the little gag with the green screen and Luigi.

Mar 24

“Rap Battle: Ryu vs. Ken” by Starbomb [Explicit]

I can’t get enough of Starbomb’s first album. while not all the songs are my cup of tea, this one along with Luigi’s Ballad are absolutely hilarious. I’m also really glad that this one got animated in particular. I’m hoping for the Castlevania one next.

Mar 19

You’re Favorite Game Tunes Played on Empty Beer Bottles – It’s Big

No matter where you come from, no matter what you have lying around, just gather some friends and play your favorite video game music. I am seriously impressed by the talent these guys have. I wonder if these guys do parties.

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