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Aug 25

Megaman X’s “Intro Stage/Central Highway” Metal Cover perf. by Spirit Of Raijin

  Spirit Of Raijin is ready to get your blood pumping with this metal cover of the intro stage/Central Highway from Megaman X.

Aug 24

Yoshi’s Story Theme Jazz Cover perf. by The Consouls

  I absolutely loved Yoshi’s Story as a kid, with the music always being something that stood out to me as unique for it’s time. As The Consouls prove, those songs also make great jazz pieces.

Aug 23

Mario Kart 64’s “Rainbow Road” Rock Cover perf. by Shady Cicada

  Shady Cicada covers Mario Kart 64’s version of Rainbow Road, giving a cool rock feel to one of my favorite Mario Kart tracks.

Aug 14

Kirby’s Dream Land “Green Greens!” Saxophone Cover perf. by Music by Pedro

  This cover of “Green Greens!” from Kirby’s Dream Land by Music By Pedro is so great. I love how bouncy it feels. Listening to this saxophone cover makes me wonder why a Kirby themed level was never added to Mario Kart 8. It would have fit in so nicely.

Aug 13

Chrono Cross’ “Dimension Breach” Lyric Cover perf. and Lyrics by Josiah McDaniel

  Josiah McDaniel has given lyrics to this really beautiful song from Chrono Cross.

Aug 12

I am Setsuna’s “Waves of Hope” Piano arr. by Moisés Nieto

  Moisés Nieto performs a very soothing and beautiful cover of “Waves of Hope” from the RPG I Am Setsuna.   Nieto also provided some sheet music for everyone here.

Aug 09

A Link Between World’s “Lorule Castle” Chant Cover arr. by RebeccaETripp

  Just soak this cover of Lorule Castle by RebeccaETripp in for a bit. It’s haunting, yet…heavenly. I love it.

Aug 08

Super Mario World’s “Bowser’s Castle” perf. by Critical Hit

  Aw yeah. I feel like it’s been forever since I was able to post a Critical Hit performance. I really love their take on Bowser’s Castle.

Aug 07

Halo 3’s “Never Forget” Guitar Cover perf. by ArnyUnderCover

  Of all the Halo games, I think Halo 3 gets the least amount of fan treatment (yes, even more than Reach). It’s possible I’m not looking in the right places, but even I wasn’t all that impressed with Halo 3 the first time I played it on the Master Chief Collection. But at least …

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Aug 06

Pokemon GO’s “Gym Leader Battle” Guitar Cover perf. by FamilyJules7x

  I haven’t heard nearly anything from FamilyJules7X is a while. Glad to see even he has caught the Pokemon GO bug. I believe he’s done even more of songs from the game too.   He also provides a link to download this song: “Get the MP3 Below! Google Play: iTunes: Spotify:“ …

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Aug 05

Chrono Trigger’s “Epoch: Wings of Time” Cover perf. by Retro Game Remix

  Retro Game Remix gives us some soothing jazz drums and electric bass with his cover of Epoch: Wings Of Time from Chrono Trigger.

Aug 04

Undertale’s “Spider Dance” Saxophone Cover perf. by Music By Pedro

  I’m trying to not post as much Undertale covers these days, because everyone covers at least the entire Undertale soundtrack, but some covers I can’t resist. That’s why I’m posting Music By Pedro‘s Undertale cover of “Spider Dance.” Partially because I’ve only posted one Undertale cover by Music by Pedro before but mainly because …

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Aug 03

“The Last Metroid” – Metroid Cinematica by Sam Dillard

  Sam Dillard of SamoStudios has really taken his love for the music of Metroid to the next level. This piece, entitled “The Last Metroid”, is from a project he calls Metroid Cinematica. It is an amazing thing to listen to. I particularly love the cues it takes from the Metroid Prime series.

Aug 02

Bravely Default’s “Serpent Eating the Ground” Cover perf. by jparecki95 and RichaadEB

  I absolutely loved the final boss music to Bravely Default. I guess so did jparecki95 and RichaadEB. Cool to hear a collaboration between the two. 

Aug 01

“Hero of Our Time” – Ocarina of Time Inspired Song by Nathan Sharp

  Nathan Sharp has published a video putting lyrics to a really cool version of Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time. Personally, I don’t hear the Hyrule Field part but I’m still digging the song.   Here’s some other credits: Mixed/Mastered by Shawn Christmas ► Lyric Video by Zack Williams ►

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