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May 25

“Heroes of Gaming” – Fan Art by Noble–6

DeviantArtist Noble–6 has a collection of pieces stylistically showing off the heroes of gaming, including Gordon Freeman, Samus Aran, and others. Check out some of my favorites from his gallery and then check out the rest on your own.   

May 23

“Destiny and Victory” – Fan Art by Nagunkgunk

I feel like I don’t see a lot of Destiny Fanart, which is why I’m glad I stumbled across Tumblr user Nagunkgunk, who has an art blog mostly dedicated to Halo and Destiny. Though there are other games feature in the art tag (such as Overwatch and Pokemon), this blog has mostly some really cool …

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May 22

“The Weather Trio in Real Life” – Pokemon Fan Art by Jamie Flack

The last time we looked at the work of DeviantArtist Jamie Flack (AKA catandcrown) he portrayed a realistic life cycle of the Pokemon Aegislash. Now, we’ll take another look at more of his realistic Pokemon. Namely, the legendary trio from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. And here’s a bonus: the new starters!

May 20

“Look into my Eyes” – Fan Art by Spencer Bowen

DeviantArtist Spencer Bowen has this really cute style that emphasizes facial expressions. Just take a look at these examples below from his full gallery and notice how your eyes are really drawn to their faces.  

May 19

Pokemon x Custom – Custom Figures by Khrisamisu

Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Gundam? Then you’ll like these custom Pokemon Gundams created by Khrisamisu.

May 13

“Raining Justice From Above” – Fan Art by Kienan Lafferty

DeviantArtist Kienan Lafferty has some amazing pieces of fan art that are highly detailed and highly polished. Some of these pieces are even commissioned from the developers themselves! Now that’s gotta be pretty cool for any fan artist out there. Check out a few of my favorites below, but then be sure to check out …

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May 11

“It’s High Noon Somewhere” – Fan Art by Alex Chow

DeviantArtist Alex Chow has a gallery full of very stylistic pieces. Stuff that looks like you would find them in a museum. It’s a really cool way to see of these characters. Below are just some of favorites, but definitely be sure to visit his entire gallery for even more.  

May 08

“We’re Better Together” – Fan Art by Pablo Vallejos

DeviantArtist Pablo Vallejos, AKA Blopa1987, has some great video game fan art. The one’s I’ve chosen to showoff today are ones depicting heroes, rivals, and brothers, together and ready to take on any obstacle. As always, be sure to check out Pablo’s full gallery.   

May 07

“Creepy and Cute” – Fan Art by TeaRabbit

Deviantart artist TeaRabbit has a uniquely creepy, but cute style. I’m showcasing some of favorite examples below, but be sure to check out their full gallery for a better look of what I mean.  

May 05

“Squid Sisters, Ready for Battle!” Fan Art by Gomigomipomi

Tumblr user gomigomipomi has a lot of Splatoon art featuring the Squid Sisters who are getting ready for battle. Considering the recently announced Squid Sister amiibo announcement, I thought this was appropriate. Below are some of my favorite ones, so after looking at them, be sure to visit gomigomipomi’s art tag to see more.   …

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May 04

May the 4th Be With You! Let’s Kick Off Star Wars Day with some Star Wars Game Fan Art

Happy May the 4th!   For this year, I decided that I’m gonna post all kinds of Star Wars things because…well because I really love Star Wars.   For right now, here’s some Star Wars fan art featuring the lead characters of some of my favorite Star Wars games.     Republic Commando – Delta …

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Apr 29

“When Fantasy Seems Normal” – Fan Art by Mamimiliano Cabrea

There’s something I really like about Maximiliano Cabrera’s (AKA PArorororo on DeviantArt) artstyle. Something about the more muted colors and lighting that sort of makes the fantastic look a bit more mundane, which is a cool contrast. Below are some of my favorites, but definitely be sure to check out the rest of his gallery.

Apr 28

“Cute, Cuddly, and Dangerous” – Fan Art by Meowtwo

Deviantartist Meowtwo has a wonderfully cute and cartoony style. It’s like putting some of gaming’s most badass characters into a blender with Kirby. Take a look below at some of my favorites, b ut then be sure to check out the rest of their gallery.

Apr 26

“Three Little Princesses” – Fan Art and a Fan Comic by Yves Bourgelas

Yves Bourgelas, AKA thebourgyman, has a webcomic about Princess Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. He also has a gallery full of silly artwork like the examples below. Be sure to check out the rest of his gallery when you get the chance.

Apr 25

“Pixel Champions” – Pixel Fan Art by Daniel Oliver

Pixel art is a pretty unique kind of art. There is a certain flair to it that is absent in other art forms and that is no clearer than in the works of Daniel Oliver. Check out some example of his great work below, and then be sure to look at his Tumblr and Deviantart …

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