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Any cool non-comic based pictures we find.

Jun 29

“Heroic Gaze” – Fan Art by Ilya Kuvshinov

Want to see some great fan art, maybe even some fan art for games that don’t get a lot of love? Then look no further than Deviant Art user Ilya Kuvshinov. Seriously, take a look at some of the wonderful portraits and then check out the rest of his gallery for even more great stuff. …

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Jun 28

“Modern Day Zelda” – Fan Art by Jubeimuffins

Tumlbr user jubeimuffins has a really cool take on modern day Zelda games. Take a look below (as well as a Samus redesign). Take a look below and then check out the rest of jubimuffins’s art tag. I really like the style used here, reminds me a bit of The World Ends With You.  

Jun 24

“A-Mei-Zing!” – Mei From Overwatch Fan Art by PK4G

Love or hate her, Overwatch’s Mei is a pretty cute character. Especially when drawn by DeviantArt user PK4G. Take a look at some of this A-Mei-zing fan art to help you beat the heat, then be sure to check out the rest of his gallery. There isn’t a lot of video game fan art, but …

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Jun 21

“Ready to Fight!” – Fan Art by Prince of Cake

Tumblr user Prince of Cake is a webcomic artist who was great, cartoony style. Take a look at some of these great pieces of fan art, then check out the rest of his gallery.

Jun 13

“Ready To Go To Alola” – Fan Art by RoyalNoir

DeviantArtist RoyalNoir must be pretty excited for the new Pokemon games coming out soon. They already have some cute fan art of the recently announced new starters and some of the new Pokemon we will be encountering this time around. Check out some of my favorites (as well as non-Pokemon fan art), but be sure …

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Jun 10

“Pokemon in their Natural Habitat” – Pokemon Fan Art by Butt-Berry

Tumblr user…uh…Butt-Berry (AKA Mark) has some really great fantastic Pokemon fan art over on his blog. Check out some of these and be sure to check out the rest of Mark’s art tag.  

Jun 08

“Water Themed Warriors and Princesses” Fan Art by Apselene

Tumblr user apselene, AKA Jo, has some cute fan art of Mario’s princess trio as well as some aquatic badasses. Here are some of favorites. Check these out, then check out the rest.  

Jun 06

“Sparkle Sparkle” – Animated Fan Art by Rif

Tumblr user has a collection of sparkling, animated fan art of pretty ladies from video games (among other places). Check out some of my favorites and then check out the rest.    

Jun 04

“Some Good Looking Agents” – Overwatch Fan Art by yy6242

DeviantArt user yy6242 has a collection of pretty great Overwatch portraits. Check out some of my favorites and then check out the rest for yourself.  

Jun 02

“Game Characters vs. The World” – Fan Art by Madi Em

Madi Em has some great video game fan art over on her art blog and DeviantArt page. Check out some of my favorites and then check out her two art pages to see more.  

May 31

“I Can’t Believe It’s Been A Whole Year” – Splatoon 1st Anniversary Comic by Sami Briggs

Tumblr user Sami Briggs reflects on a year of Splatoon as she joins the celebration of the game’s anniversary with this comic. I’m only giving you the first two pages, so you can read the conclusion on her art blog, as well as check out her other pieces.

May 30

Kotaku: “The Best Overwatch Cosplay” – Gallery Compiled by Luke Plunkett

The cosplay section over at Kotaku has an excellent gallery of Overwatch cosplay compiled by Luke Plunkett. Below are some of my favorites. To see the rest, click on this link.   Seriously, these are all really good and the game’s only been out for about a week. Sure, there was the beta and preview …

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May 28

“Sci-Fi Zelda” – Fan Art by Magnus Norén

One of the most interesting parts of Skyward Sword was the idea that in the even more distant past, advance technologies existed. That’s what I was reminded of when I saw this sci-fi redesign of Link and Zelda by Magnus Norén. Check them out below as well as one of my favorite pieces of fan …

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May 25

“Heroes of Gaming” – Fan Art by Noble–6

DeviantArtist Noble–6 has a collection of pieces stylistically showing off the heroes of gaming, including Gordon Freeman, Samus Aran, and others. Check out some of my favorites from his gallery and then check out the rest on your own.   

May 23

“Destiny and Victory” – Fan Art by Nagunkgunk

I feel like I don’t see a lot of Destiny Fanart, which is why I’m glad I stumbled across Tumblr user Nagunkgunk, who has an art blog mostly dedicated to Halo and Destiny. Though there are other games feature in the art tag (such as Overwatch and Pokemon), this blog has mostly some really cool …

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