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Feb 05

Kotaku: “The Art Of Life Is Strange” by Luke Plunkett

I’m still totally interested in playing Life is Strange, but in the meantime, even I can appreciate these cool pieces of concept art collected by Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett. Here’s a few I think are particularly cool, but be sure to check out the rest of the collection and click on the relevant links there to …

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Feb 04

“A Great Battle is About to Begin” – Fan Art by Chriskot

Deviantart artist chriskot has some really great digital paintings of video game characters. I’ve picked out some of my favorites, with each one conveying the idea of “prepare to fight”. Be sure to check out the rest of the gallery.  

Jan 21

“Ready to Hit the Road?” – Nick Valentine Cosplay by Arcanum Order

One of the coolest characters in Fallout 4 is Nick Valentine. He’s a synth and a detective. I really hope that didn’t spoil too much already. Anyway, part of what makes him so interesting is his unique appearance. It’s not something you see everyday, and probably a challenge for any cosplayer. A challenge that was …

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Jan 18

Starting this Year Off Right – Bayonetta Fan Art by Peter Heisler

Hello everyone. We’re about half way through the first month of the new year and I think it’s about time I came back with stuff to share. Hopefully, this year will go pretty well but the hard part is trying to find the perfect thing to show everyone to kick things off.   So how …

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Dec 26

“The Gathering” – Fanart by Courtney Chitsiga

Courtney Chitsiga, AKA, siga4bdn has some really cool fanart that you should check out. It’s really got a unique style to it.  

Dec 25

“The Legends” – More Zelda Fanart by Tellie-Tale

Last time we checked in tellie-tale, she had some cool Legend of Zelda fan art done in the Wind Waker Toon Style. Why don’t we take a look at what she has done since then. And let’s show off some Splatoon fanart for good measure.

Dec 22

Kotaku: “The Art Of 1313, A Star Wars Game We Never Got To Play” by Luke Plunkett

Since Star Wars The Force Awakens just came out, it’s pretty neat that we get to see some concept art from the cancelled Star Wars 1313 game. My stance on this game was that it probably wasn’t going to very good, given Lucasarts track record at the time, but still it looks like it would …

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Dec 21

“The Spear, Sword, and Arm Cannon of Justice!” – Fanart by plastic-brain

DeviantArtist Aaron, AKA plastic-brain, has some pretty cool fanart featuring characters that I really like. Take a look for a sample of my favorites, and be sure to check out the rest of his gallery.   

Dec 10

“Smash Bros. x Persona” – Fanart by Guilherme Rego Magalhãe

Guilherme Rego Magalhães has a Deviantart and a Tumblr with some pretty cool fanart, including a Persona/Smash Bros. cross over and just some really cool Fire Emblem and Metroid stuff. Here, take a look at some of the ones I really liked below, but then be sure to check out the rest of his gallery. …

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Dec 07

“Squid Cuddles” – Splatoon Fanart by Pok Wern Wei

Pok Wern Wei has four awesomely cute Splatoon pieces being more about love than war. Check them out below and be sure to check out the rest of his gallery.  

Dec 06

“Gun Buddies” – Fanart by Tony Warne

Deviantart user Tony Warne, AKA Jedi-Art-Trick has some cool pieces of fanart featuring characters posing. Some are series cross-overs, some are his own stories set in the game world, and others are just a new perspective on old favorites. 

Dec 05

Gizmodo: “The Joys of Retro Gaming: A Photo Collection” by Attila Nagy

Gizmodo’s Attila Nagy has compiled a photo collection from the PixelCon 2, the retro gaming event in Budapest, Hungary. It’s a nice look at how people young and old can share a love for where video games got started. Be sure to check out the full gallery.  

Dec 04

“The Hero, the Prince, and the Party Animal” – Fanart by Kerri Aitken

I really like the expressive colors of these paintings by Kerri Aitken. Check out these pieces below, and then check out the rest of her gallery.    

Dec 02

“Sonic Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before” – Fanart by kawacy

Deviantartist kawacy has some pretty epic fanart from all sorts of series, like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. Also, there this Sonic.     

Dec 01

“Don’t be Greedy” – Fanart by CCCrystalClear

Deviantart user CCCrystalClear has some pretty cool fanart from Undertale, Assassin’s Creed 4, and Mass Effect. Of course, there’s some more, but you’ll have to check out her gallery to see it.   

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