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Aug 16

This Resident Evil Cosplay is Creepy Looking…And A Bit More

Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft has an article on how Cosplayer Gai created a truly horrifying and amazing William Birkin’s second mutated form from Resident Evil 2 costume. It’s a sight to behold since beyond just looking great, it also has some…moving parts, making the costume much more…creepy. Check out the article if you want to see it …

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Aug 15

Check Out These Cool CaseMods from the 14th German CaseMod Championships


Polygon’s Brian Crecente has written a cool piece showcasing some cool casemods (this is a link to the Polygon article) from The 14th German CaseMod Championship (DCMM). Below are some of my favorites but be sure to take a look at the gallery yourself to find some more awesome case mods.  

Aug 13

PasteMagazine: “Before Spelunky and FTL, There Was Only ASCII” by Mark R. Johnson

An interesting article by Mark R Johnson on the history of Roguelikes and how far modern Roguelikes (or Procedural Death Dungeons) have strayed from the original ASCII Rogue.   One interesting aspect Johnson mentions is how Roguelikes have developed a kind of metagame, where even failing can unlock new tools to help the player complete …

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Aug 09

“The Legend of Link: Twilight Prince” Fanart by Sandra

Imagine if a game like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess mixed things up a bit and switched the roles of not just Zelda and Link, but pretty much of every character who has an opposite sex counterpart. Well, it might look like these screenshot mockups of The Legend of Link: Twilight Prince by Sandra …

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Aug 04

Fun and Cartoony Videogame Fanart by Nintenderp23

Some very cute and cartoony fanart by DeviantArt user Nintenderp23. I really love the cartoony style used by him as it makes for a lot of humorous expressions.    

Jul 31

“Cute Together” – Fanart by TamarinFrog

DeviantArt user TamarinFrog makes some really adorable fanart featuring some cute characters. A lot of Nintendo stuff but my favorite pieces are Splatoon related. Here, check some of them out and then be sure to check out her gallery afterwards. This last image is a .Gif so if it isn’t playing for you, trying clicking …

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Jul 29

“Beautiful Colors” – Fan Art by LadyKuki

I really love the color choices of LadyKuki’s fanart.Seriously, just take a look at how pretty these are and then look at the rest of her gallery. 

Jul 25

“Splat!” – Video Game Fan Art by Chiou

If you wanted some cool video game fan art posters or charms? Then you should definitely check out the gallery of DeviantArt user chiou. Take a look at some of my favorites from her gallery, then head on over to her shop and maybe buy something. I’m strongly considering getting that cool Squid Sisters poster.

Jul 22

Gorgeous Recreations of Scenes from The Legend of Zelda Games by Orito Inn

Tumblr user Orito Inn has created some great paintings of scenes from all over The Legend of Zelda series. Check some of this stuff out. Then, if you want to, buy some prints of them or any of his other cool art.

Jul 21

“Games in Many Styles” – Fan Art by Theziminvader

What I like the most about Deviantart user theziminvader’s art is how varied the styles are. Just take a look at some of these and then be sure to go and take a look at the rest of their gallery.    

Jun 26

The Regressor Makes Splatoon into an N64 Game

Here’s a cool blog. It’s called The Regressor, and it is dedicated to creating low-poly models of modern games. The effect makes them look like they belong in the N64, Dreamcast, and PlayStation era. It’s actually really cool. Here’s his work on making Splatoon look like it came out in 1999.     Check out …

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Jun 13

“Welcome to the Salty Splatoon, How Tough Are Ya?” – Splatoonika’s Collection of Splatoon Miiverse Posts

For this week I was looking for a way that I could show off just how zany the Splatoon Miiverse community is. Because if you haven’t heard or noticed, the community is basically full of memelords. Talented artists and clever comedians who are wasting their skills on making miiverse memes and it’s wonderful.   Luckily, …

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Jun 10

“They’re Turning Our Kids into Squids!” – Splatoon Cosplay Showcase

There’s an epidemic! Some of our world’s best and brightest cosplayers have caught the Splatoon. Such cases include cosplayers like:      

Jun 10

Viku-Asakura’s 15 Days Of Splatoon Fanart Countdown

DeviantArt user Viku-Asakura was clearly excited for Splatoon. You can tell because he did a 15 Day countdown for the game and since the game has been released, you can check them out in his gallery made especially for the event (though it needs to be updated. You can still see the remaining images in …

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Jun 08

“Ready to Splat!” – Awesome Splatoon Speed Paint Video by bellhenge

Splatoon! from bellhenge on Vimeo. Check out this awesome Splatoon speed paint by bellhenge. Then you can look at the final product as well as some other cool video game fan art in her gallery.  

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