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Apr 29

“When Fantasy Seems Normal” – Fan Art by Mamimiliano Cabrea

There’s something I really like about Maximiliano Cabrera’s (AKA PArorororo on DeviantArt) artstyle. Something about the more muted colors and lighting that sort of makes the fantastic look a bit more mundane, which is a cool contrast. Below are some of my favorites, but definitely be sure to check out the rest of his gallery.

Apr 28

“Cute, Cuddly, and Dangerous” – Fan Art by Meowtwo

Deviantartist Meowtwo has a wonderfully cute and cartoony style. It’s like putting some of gaming’s most badass characters into a blender with Kirby. Take a look below at some of my favorites, b ut then be sure to check out the rest of their gallery.

Apr 26

“Three Little Princesses” – Fan Art and a Fan Comic by Yves Bourgelas

Yves Bourgelas, AKA thebourgyman, has a webcomic about Princess Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. He also has a gallery full of silly artwork like the examples below. Be sure to check out the rest of his gallery when you get the chance.

Apr 25

“Pixel Champions” – Pixel Fan Art by Daniel Oliver

Pixel art is a pretty unique kind of art. There is a certain flair to it that is absent in other art forms and that is no clearer than in the works of Daniel Oliver. Check out some example of his great work below, and then be sure to look at his Tumblr and Deviantart …

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Apr 22

“Stare Downs” – Fan Art by Vincent Vernacatola

DeviantArtist Vincent Vernacatola, AKA Vvernacatola has a pretty unique and intense style to his fan art. Take a look at some of these examples and then check out all of his other pieces in his gallery.

Apr 19

“Things are Strange, Things are Familiar” – Fan Art by Sakimichan

DeviantArtist Sakimichan certainly has a knack for making sexy portraits of video game characters. They have a real professional style and I was really tempted to post their more…arousing pieces…here, but instead I’ll let you sample how excellent their artwork is with the examples below, and let you explore on your own for the sexy …

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Apr 18

“Be the Best, Like No Squid Was Before” – Pokemom x Splatoon Fan Art by TamarinFrog

When we last looked at DeviantArtist TamarinFrog, she had some cute squids to show off. This time, she still has more cute squids from Splatoon to show off, but this time paired off with Pokemon to create some pretty cool looking pieces. Check out some of my favorites below, but then go back to her …

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Apr 17

“All The Beautiful People” Fan Art by SaladTurtles

A tribute to beautiful faces in video games by SaladTurtles. Surely, we are not worthy to bask in their glory.    

Apr 16

“Strange Yet Familiar” – Fan Art by Chris Moschler

There’s a lot of be said about fan artists playing with tone. When a video game is made, the art is usually there to reinforce a certain tone. So when people deliberately mess with it we get things that can be uncomfortable despite being familiar or strangely more nostalgic despite not being something we’ve seen …

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Apr 15

Cracked: “31 Design Tricks Behind Famous Video Games (You Can’t Unsee)”’s readers have contributed a collection of 31 design and programming tricks behind famous video games. Some of these are neat bits of trivia, like how mirrors in games work or how Duck Hunt’s Zapper is able to tell where you were aiming. It’s all pretty cool.

Apr 14

“The Face of Fire Emblem” – Fan Art by Casanovakevin

Tumblr user casanovakevin has made some really neat Fire Emblem portraits. I’ve selected to show them off here, but be sure to check out their art tag for a variety of cool pieces.  

Apr 13

“Classic Game Characters Get Hardcore” – Fan Art by Sylvain Sarrailh

Video games can be badass. Even when they’re not trying to be, many video games just naturally create awesome moments that make you feel empowered. But what if those kind of games looked the way they made you feel? Well, artist Sylvain Sarrailh might be able to give us an idea of what those games …

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Mar 30

“May the Tri-Force Be With You” – Fan Art by Shattered-Earth

Tumblr user Shattered-Earth has some pretty epic looking fan art. Including a cross-over between my two of my favorite franchises. Check out some of my favorites below and then check out Shattered-Earth’s tumblr. Though I found it sort of hard to navigate.  

Mar 10

“The Natural State of Pokemon” – Fanart by aocom

Deviantartist aocom has a gallery full of really cool Pokemon fan art. And I mean, the kinda stuff you wish you could just slap onto a Pokemon card or hang on your wall. Take a look at three of my favorites below, but then check out the rest of his gallery afterwards.  

Mar 08

“Ghosts, Hunters, and Angels” – Video Game Fanart by Mujia Liao

Mujia Liao, known on Deviantart as Kolorumuj, has some pretty cool landscape portrait fanart from popular video games. Take a look below, take a sip of wine (you are looking at fine art afterall) and then check out the rest of her gallery.

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