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Sep 18

Classic Book Covers for Classic Games From Gamertee

There is a certain aesthetic to those classic book covers that are definitely lost to our modern era. Even classic video games, or games that we at least consider classic, don’t have that same kind of “oldness” that I think draws some people towards collecting old books. That’s why these old book covers of some …

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Sep 18

James Zapata Makes The Legend of Zelda Look Like Skyrim

I think people really want The Legend of Zelda to more like Skyrim. In fact, I know I’m expecting something similar to Skyrim with the next Zelda game but since we already know what the new art style is going to be like, it’s safe to say that it’s not going to look exactly like …

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Sep 17

Awesome Video Game Sculptures By Brandon Thomas

DeviantArt user BThomas64 (AKA Brandon Thomas) makes some pretty cool sculptures as his form of video game fan art and it’s not one that I see too often.What’s great is that he still manages to apply his own style to these, making them cuter or more expressive than the characters they are based on. There’s …

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Sep 16

These Nintendo Character Posters by Michael Pitropov Look Dead Inside

These Nintendo character posters by Michael Pitropov are unsettling creepy. The lack of pupils in Link, Mario, and Fox remind me of 2D from the Gorillaz. Pitropov has a gallery full of trippy stuff like this, maybe even more so if you like this definitely check it out.  

Sep 15

Snake Eater Pin-up Posters by Hardedge-Maelstrom Highlight the Stealth and Action of Metal Gear Solid 3

I can admit that I’m not a Metal Gear Solid fan. The only game I’ve played is the 3rd one and I didn’t really like it. That does not mean though that I cannot enjoy these cool Snake Eater posters done by DeviantArt user Hardedge-Maelstrom. It would definitely get me interested in playing the game, …

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Sep 12

Mega Gallade is Ready To Battle in Pokemon Fan Art by Sa-Dui

In all the hype for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS I think people have also forgotten that the incredibly cool looking Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are just on the horizon as well. DeviantArt user Sa-Dui as she has created a pretty epic painting of Wally and the newly revealed Mega Gallade. In fact, …

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Sep 11

Smash Bros. in Flow: Nintendo Fan Art by Brakkenimation

Super Smash Bros. is nearly upon us and at the time of this writing I’m really hoping there is a demo being being released in North America soon. Nintendo characters always tend to have some really cool and unique designs which was why I was drawn to the artwork of DeviantArt user Brakkenimation who added …

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Sep 09

“To My Small Friends” by Renee P. Available for Pre-Order

From the amazing artist who brought us the Pokemon comic Wonder comes another cute adventure based on a Nintendo series. Renee P. (aka Laughingbear) is taking pre-orders for the Pikmin based comic called “To My Small Friends.” Below are some images from it, but you can always click on the link and see more.  

Sep 04

Toon Style Legend of Zelda Fan Art by Tellie-Tale

I really like Wind Waker Toon style. To the point where I wish Nintendo would make more Zelda games in that style. Anyways, that’s why I like the art of DeviantArt user Tellie-Tell who perfectly recreates the toon style to make original work.

Aug 26

Realistic Pokemon Doing Battle by Gangl Simon

I understand realistic Pokemon. The world would be a much different place with them and since many of us grew up with the idea of forming life-long friendships with mice that can shoot electricity and big yellow dragons, it is not surprising that people have often created artwork showing us what Pokemon might look like …

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Aug 21

How Pachirisu Won the 2014 Pokemon World Championships and Our Hearts

If you follow Pokemon at all, you might know that last weekend was the Pokemon World Championships where Se Jun Park became the 2014 champion. What has really caused the internet to go into a wild fervor is that the star of Se Jun Park’s team was, of all things, a Pachirisu. Just watch the …

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Aug 20

Game Inspired Pinafores and Kimono by Amanda Marin

I consider myself a man among men. Okay, not really but it but even I had to “aw” at these cute pinafores and kimono inspired by various video game characters. They’re all done by DeviantArt user Darling Army, aka Amanda Marin. These ones are just the ones I really liked and based off video games …

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Aug 19

The Princesses (and Goddess) of Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros.

The ladies of Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors are definitely taking the spotlight this time around. I’m interested in playing as all of them and it seems like other people might hold that same sentiment, such as DeviantArt user Bellhenge who has some lovely painted portraits of Princess Zelda and Agitha featured in Hyrule …

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Aug 13

Closed Fist, Open Hand – Digital Paintings by PrimalClone

Nick, otherwise known on DeviantArt as PrimalClone has some really cool digital paintings of popular fictional characters. Among them is Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Ezio from Assassin’s Creed. You should check out the rest of his gallery if this kind of stuff is your thing.

Aug 11

Guardian of the Sky and Sea by ShadeofShinon

So these are pretty cool. It would be pretty cool to have prints of these. The artist by the way is ShadeofShinon and she has a lot more cool Pokemon picture on her DeviantArt gallery. You should definitely go check them out.

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