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Any cool non-comic based pictures we find.

Nov 24

“A Cool Take on Iconic Characters” – Legend of Zelda Fan Art by Dylan Burnett

Artist Dylan Burnett has an cool twist on these classic Legend of Zelda characters.  

Nov 13

“Pure of Heart” – Fanart By Autlaw

You have to appreciate an artist who can cover so many different styles. That’s why I like the variety of pieces created by Deviantartist Autlaw. Be sure to check out some of my favorites below, and then be sure to see what else is there in the gallery.     

Nov 11

“The Disney Princesses of the Wasteland” – Mash-Up Fan Art by Peter Slavik

Here is something you may have seen floating around the internet already. Deviantartist Peter Slavik, aka Petarsaur, has mashed together two unlikely franchises by putting the Disney Princesses in the Fallout universe. Check out some of them below and find the rest over at his gallery.   

Nov 10

Kotaku UK: “What The New Assassin’s Creed Gets Wrong (And Right), According To A Historian” By Chris Suellentrop

Chris Suellentrop of Kotaku UK has written an article highlighting some key moments of Bob Whitaker’s podcast on the historical accuracy and inaccuracies of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. You know know Bob Whitaker as a historian of modern Britain from Louisiana Tech and as the host of the YouTube series History Respawned, which I have shared …

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Nov 09

“They Deserve to be Happy” – Fire Emblem and Zelda Fan Art by Erin Lyn

Take a look at the really smooth and soft style of Erin Lyn. I especially like how most of the fan art I saw from her are Zelda and Fire Emblem pieces. Take a look at some of the pieces from her fan art tag.  

Nov 04

“Chilling” – Fan Art by PikminAAA

I really love the art style of DeviantArtist Alyssa, AKA pikminAAA. Take a look at some of the pieces from her gallery and then be sure to check out the rest of it.

Nov 02

“Nintendo’s Radiant Heroes” – Fan Art by EternaLegend

Deviantartist EternaLegend has some really great portraits of famous Nintendo characters. Take a look at these ones and then check out the rest of the gallery.  

Oct 29

Dorkly’s Gallery of Awesome Konami Fan Art

Dorkly’s Jake Young has put together a gallery of 25 awesome pieces of fan art dedicated to the games of Konami. Below are just some of my favorites. If you want more and the links to their respective artists, be sure to look through the full gallery.

Oct 21

“Kingdom Hearts: From Start to Finish” – Kingdom Hearts Fan Art by Nijuukoo

Tumblr’s Nijuukoo has some amazing pieces of Kingdom Hearts fanart, including some fan concepts for Riku and Kairi. Take a look at some of my favorites but be sure to check out their art tag for a lot more great stuff. 

Oct 12

“The Heir to Ragnell” – Fire Emblem Fan Art by Roninkami

Tumblr user roninkami has some great pieces of Fire Emblem fan art. Below are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the draw tag for more.   

Oct 07

Jacqueline Cloe’s Fanart is Good Enough To Hang on Your Wall or Wear as a Shirt

Jacqueline Cloe has some great video game fan art that you can buy and put on t-shirts, throw pillows, or even just have framed and put it on your wall. Check these out, then consider buying one of them as a shirt.  

Oct 05

“Everyday Life with an Arm Cannon” – Fanart by BryanHeemsherk

DeviantArtist, BryanHeemskerk, has some really cool fanart depicting classic game characters in unusually typical situations, such as going on a date or using the bathroom.   Be sure to check out more of this gallery on his DeviantArt.

Sep 20

“The Cutest Pokemon and the Cutest Assistant” – Fanart by Bukoya-Star

Deviant Art user Bukoya-Star has some of the cutest Animal Crossing and Pokemon fanart I’ve ever seen. Check out the samples below and then definitely check out the rest of his gallery.

Sep 19

“Franchise Remixes” – Fanart by ZedEdge

DeviantArt user ZedEdge has this gallery he calls “Franchise Remix“, where he combines two existing franchises together and the results are pretty awesome. Check out his gallery which includes somethings like “Street Fighter+Kingdom Hearts”, “Metroid+Pacific Rim”, and “The Legend of Korra +Dishonored”.  

Sep 18

“Wonder Punch vs. Falcon Punch” – Fanart by HeavyMetalHanzo

DeviantArt user HeavyMetalHanzo created some really action packed pieces of fan art. Take a look at some of my favorites from below and then check out the rest in his gallery.  

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