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Apr 22

Feel Sophisticated For Liking Video Games – Press Start: Nintendo Charity Gallery

One of the stereotypical activities of top hat and monocle wearing fancy guys is to visit art galleries. Having posted about a few art galleries before to feature video games, I’m surprised I’ve never gone to one. Probably because I usually find out about them after they have closed or they are too far away. …

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Apr 10

“If You Are Hating on the Heels, Then We’re Going to Have a Problem” – Samus Fan Art by Vanillycake

This lovely piece of Samus fanart brought to you by tumblr artist Vanillycake.   I like these heels. I admit that I only realized Samus’ Zero Suit had heels in Other M after it was brought to my attention in the forward to “31 Days of Zero Suit Samus.” Once I realized they were there, …

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Feb 27

Essential Literature for the Video Game Appreciator by Joseph Eichstaedt

I love really old books. I don’t even care what’s inside them (as blasphemous as that might sound to some) but I really love old-fashioned book covers and printing and other physical aspects of old books. Joseph Eichstaedt created some fictional book covers in that old style inspired by what we might see in certain …

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Feb 19

What Some of Our Favorite Games Might Look Like Years and Years Ago – Pieces by dudeitsmarcus

Tumblr user dudeitsmarcus has created some pieces that show us a world where many of our favorite modern games were made during the SNES/Genesis years. I think they are pretty good interpretations and actually would love to play some demakes of games like Pikmin and Bioshock.   Here are some of my favorites, but check …

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Feb 14

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards for That Special Gamer

If you put off getting that special gamer in your life a Valentine’s Day card, here’s some last minute ones that I managed to find. Source Source

Feb 09

Real-Life Monster Hunter in Japan!

If you are a fan of Monster Hunter and have been looking for a good reason to go to Japan, it might just be for Monster Hunter Real. What is Monster Hunter Real you may ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This is from last year’s Monster Hunter and why don’t I live …

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Feb 04

The Twisted Video Game World of Brendan Corris

DeviantArtist Brendan Corris definitely has a hyper-exaggerated style. Everything is really exaggerated, some even really twisted but definitely adds to uniqueness of the artist.   Just look at some of these pieces and then check out more in his gallery.        

Feb 03

Double Fine’s Broken Age Fan Art Friday

Last Friday on Double Fine’s Tumblr, they featured fan art of their new game Broken Age as part of Fan Art Friday. Luckily, nothing too spoilerly (especially since I’ve only just started). So here’s two of the ones I liked but be sure to check out the Tumblr page for more.

Jan 29

Alaskan Style Pokemon by 扇風機

Artist 扇風機 on Pixiv has create a few pieces of Pokemon fan art in the style of Native Alaskan art. It all looks pretty cool. Definitely wouldn’t mind having it on shirt or poster. Here are some of my favorites.  

Jan 28

Hope Will Never Die! Chrom and Lucina, Back to Back, Cosplay by Rei-Suzuki

DeviantArtist Mariana van den Bos, AKA Rei-Suzuki has a knack for bringing Nintendo characters to life. Just check out this amazing Fire Emblem: Awakening cosplay featuring her as Lucina and her husband as Chrom.     In addition to that she always has an amazing cosplay of Twilight Princess Link.     Okay one more. …

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Jan 22

Signal Noise – A Tribute to Old Game Consoles

Remember the gaming machines of yesteryear with this tribute to old game consoles called Signal Noise. It’s not a big collection so I’m only posting my favorite. Be sure to check out the full gallery though.      

Jan 17

Realistic Zelda Skulltula, Goron, and Deku Scrub by Nate Hillinan

Sometimes, and I’m sure we’ve all felt like this at least once, I wish I lived in the world of a video game. Like, The Legend of Zelda. Except for the occasional world ending disaster, it all seems pretty idyllic.The only downside would be the monsters. Sure, sometimes they look kind of cute or goofy …

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Jan 16

The Creation of Regice, Regirock, and Registeel by Tappy

The golem pokemon, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, and Regigigas are weird to me, but obviously to people like Tappy, they are adorable. Check out this comic she’s done of them. I’m only posting half of it so you’ll have to check out the Tumblr post to see the whole thing.  

Jan 14

Pokemon String Quartet Fan Art and More by りーべ

I think Pixiv is like a Japanese DeviantArt and usually I don’t post some of the fantastic artwork from there because I can’t see all of it, but this time I’m saying screw it. This is artwork done by Pixiv artist りーべ and features Pokemon in a string quartet. Pokemon in a string quartet is …

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Jan 11

Pikmin Fanart by WishField

Haven’t seen any Pikmin fanart for awhile, but here’s Deviantartist WishField to fix that.  

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