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Jul 23

Prepare to Face The Kalle Demos! Fan Art by Vincent Bisschop


For whatever reason, Kalle Demos is one of my favorite bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this piece done by Vincent Bisschop.   Pretty neat huh. Yeah, Vincent has a lot of work up on his gallery, both fan art and original work. Here’s two …

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Jul 21

A Ghostly Gallery of Pokemon by sido魂

So as lot of my friends probably know, my favorite Pokemon type is ghost. There really are a lot of cool ones and based on what I’ve been seeing around lately, I’m not alone. Take Pivx user sido魂 who apparently likes them just as much as I do. Now since it’s Pivx, I didn’t actually …

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Jul 16

The Reason Chrom Isn’t In the New Smash Bros.

So why isn’t Chrom his own character in Smash Bros.? Well, Tumblr user graphiteknight has a theory.   If you click on the link above there is a bonus.

Jul 15

Pokemon in Our Daily Lives – Pokemon Illustrations by 茉莉

The Pokemon games always seem like they show us a really limited view of how Pokemon and humans interact. Sure, sometimes we see humans and Pokemon just living together, but what might that look like beyond the very game-structured world that is presented to us in the games. Well, it might look a little like …

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Jul 14

Video Game and Other Geeky Haircuts by Rob the Original

It seems like everyday I am discovering a new medium for which people can pay tribute to their favorite video games. Today I’m going to show you people who go to Rob the original, a master barber who will cut your hair so that you can show everyone your favorite geeky thing. Like video games. …

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Jul 10

Four Pokemon Done Okami Style by Mnemeth17

I bet you’ve always wanted to see some Pokemon in the beautiful art style of Okami, right? Well, Deviantart user Mnemeth17 has got the fix you’ve been craving. This is just a small sampling of a larger gallery with a variety of subject matter. If you liked this then you should definitely check out the …

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Jun 28

Zesty Does a Thing, And That Thing is Awesome Video Game Fanart

Was browsing Tumblr a few nights ago, having just beaten Child of Light, when I stumble across this piece done by Tumblr user Zestydoesathing.   Very different than the official art work, but still manages to capture their characters.   I also found a good mix of other pieces of fanart, ranging from a Gen …

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Jun 24

Magic: The Gathering Enlist Popular Video Game People To Make Magic Cards

Wizards of the Coast did something pretty interesting. It seems that their latest coreset M15 is going to have something equivalent to a cameo appearance. Several of the cards have been designed by some pretty famous people in the gaming community including Markus “Notch” Persson who very appropriately made this card called Aggressive Mining.   …

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Jun 19

Things Get Serious With HeavyMetalHanzo’s Fanart

HeavyMetalHanzo makes some pretty awesome pieces. The colors are vibrant, appropriate for their source material but the tone is darker and bit more serious. It’s nearly impossible to not just want to frame each and every one of these. Here’s a few of my favorites but be sure to check out his gallery for a …

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Jun 06

Luigi Has Some Serious Road Rage Issues – 5 Pieces of Fan Art of Death Stare Luigi

The Luigi Death Stare is the latest meme to sweep the internet and even started to expand to the world at large. Perhaps since the Year of Luigi was not Nintendo’s finest year, they’re going to start exploring that strange darkside hinted at with his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Either way, the …

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May 31

Lots and Lots of Links (And Some Zeldas Too) – Sketch Daily’s Legend of Zelda Theme

So on Sketch Daily, they did a theme around The Legend of Zelda and though I would like to share them all, I’m only going to share some of the ones I really liked. If you want to check them all out you can go to Sketch Daily’s website, but you may have to scroll …

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Apr 22

Feel Sophisticated For Liking Video Games – Press Start: Nintendo Charity Gallery

One of the stereotypical activities of top hat and monocle wearing fancy guys is to visit art galleries. Having posted about a few art galleries before to feature video games, I’m surprised I’ve never gone to one. Probably because I usually find out about them after they have closed or they are too far away. …

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Apr 10

“If You Are Hating on the Heels, Then We’re Going to Have a Problem” – Samus Fan Art by Vanillycake

This lovely piece of Samus fanart brought to you by tumblr artist Vanillycake.   I like these heels. I admit that I only realized Samus’ Zero Suit had heels in Other M after it was brought to my attention in the forward to “31 Days of Zero Suit Samus.” Once I realized they were there, …

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Feb 27

Essential Literature for the Video Game Appreciator by Joseph Eichstaedt

I love really old books. I don’t even care what’s inside them (as blasphemous as that might sound to some) but I really love old-fashioned book covers and printing and other physical aspects of old books. Joseph Eichstaedt created some fictional book covers in that old style inspired by what we might see in certain …

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Feb 19

What Some of Our Favorite Games Might Look Like Years and Years Ago – Pieces by dudeitsmarcus

Tumblr user dudeitsmarcus has created some pieces that show us a world where many of our favorite modern games were made during the SNES/Genesis years. I think they are pretty good interpretations and actually would love to play some demakes of games like Pikmin and Bioshock.   Here are some of my favorites, but check …

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