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Nov 21

Princess Peach’s Royal Portrait by Solbi Park

A portrait of Princess Peach, by Tumblr user Solbi Park. They have a  relatively small gallery but I’m sure it will fill up soon. This piece is very pleasant and would look great framed in any castle.

Nov 07

Game Heroes Caricatures by McGillustrator

The world needs more video game caricatures. Like these from DeviantArt user McGillustrator.    

Nov 05

The Year of the Yoshi – Yoshi Fan Art by JA-punkster

When is Nintendo going to announce the Year of the Yoshi? You know, there other green hero who even comes in a multitude of colors. A lot of ready, like DeviantArt user JA-punkster, who has a collection of Yoshi centric fanart over on her gallery. If you like these samples below, then you should definitely …

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Nov 01

Master Chief and Samus Aran, Mayan Style by Sita Nevas

The universe’s greatest badasses have been given a proper hero’s treatment in the form of Mayan style paintings by Sita Navas. Take a look and if you might want to purchase them, you can do so on Sita’s Etsy page.

Nov 01

Pokemon US Presidents Cosplay by Brandon Dayton

If Nintendo ever brings Pokemon back to a US based region like Unova and they continue to have Pokemon cosplay, I want Pokemon dressed up as US presidents. Like these by Brandon Dayton.   These is just a small sampling. The rest can be found on Brandon Dayton’s Etsy page and prints are available for …

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Oct 22

What Characters Might Look Like in a Disney Smash Bros. Game by MikeVDesign

Tumblr user MikeVDesign has conceived of something extraordinary. What if we took Disney’s epic heroes and villains, and put them into Super Smash Bros? Unfortunately we may never see a game like until Disney buys out Nintendo (or the other way around) but until then we can just imagine it with this cool pixel art …

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Oct 21

Little Mac Cosplay by Rae Kay Punches In!

Little Mac comes to life in this cosplay by Rae Kay. Check out these photos and then check out the rest here.  

Oct 21

Ready for Adventure – Legend of Zelda Prints by pepsie

Tumblr user pepsie has created some fantastic Legend of Zelda prints highlighting the feeling you get when you set off on your new quest to save Hyrule (or Termina) from the forces of evil. Check them out.  

Oct 14

The Amazing Adorableness of Toon Link and Zelda – Fanart by Cassio Yoshiyaki

If Wind Waker had an animated movie adaptation, I fully expect them to look like this artwork done by Cassio Yoshiyaki. These two pieces are just simply incredibly and I especially like the Tetra piece because I can really imagine that she would be spending her time hiding away from Ganondorf trying to get her …

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Oct 07

Battlefields! Fan Art by David Tsui

Today I’m featuring the art of DeviantArt User Quirkilicious AKA David Tsui who has a gallery full of characters ready to, or in mid, fight. Check out some of my favorite pieces below and if you like them, be sure to check out David’s gallery for more digital paintings from video games, anime, movies, etc. …

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Oct 02

“Lucario’s Creed” – Fan Art by xXNikleXx

I know Nintendo might seem cross-over happy what with Hyrule Warriors just releasing, a Fire Emblem x Shin Megumi Tensei, and Pokken Tournament still on the horizon, as well as Nintendo characters jumping franchises to appear in Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Bayonetta, and Monster Hunter, but if we were ever to see Assassin’s Creed …

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Oct 02

Samus Aran Comes to Life With This Amazing Cosplay

The power of 3D printing is amazing. For example, look at this.   Look at it shine. It’s almost as if Samus jumped right off the screen. I only wish I could find out more about the amazing craftsman behind this costume, but all I could gather is her name is Chelsea and she is …

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Oct 01

When Link Is Feeling a Little Tired – Video Game Fan Art by Ry-Spirit

I feel like this particular selection of works from Ry-Spirit sum up about every day for me. Struggle to get up, work on games, admire what I’ve done, then go to sleep. I really like how soft everything look, it’s an art style that I could always appreciate. If you like these then you should …

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Sep 25

Dorkly: “25 Awesome Pieces of Smash Bros. Fan Art That Will Blow You Away”

Super Smash Bros. is close upon us, and thus a surge of fan art has emerged recently. Dorkly has collected 25 of the best pieces of fanart, so if you want to keep getting pumped I highly suggested checking out their full gallery as well as the individual artists. Below are just some of my …

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Sep 22

Squid Girls and Bug Princesses – Nintendo Fan Art by Stupjam

Nintendo games are weird. Where else are you going to find games where little squid people do battle with colored ink? Or where giant energy bugs overrun the battlefield? It’s made even more evident when looking at the fanart of DeviantArtist Stupjam. Just take a look at these pieces depicting characters from Splatoon and Hyrule …

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