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Aug 24

“A New Look For Some Classic Pokemon” – Pokemon Fan Art by Piper Thibodeau

I love seeing Pokemon done in different styles. Whether they be more realistic or even more cartoony than they look now. Piper Thibodeau‘s art is an example of the latter. Check out a few of my favorites below and then check out the rest of the gallery. Piper does daily paintings so after this, be …

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Aug 22

“Do You Want to Build a Sandcastle Pokemon?” – Pokemon Fan Art by KaiserDragonian

Videogameologists is back after a week break and a lot has happened while we were gone. Like a new Pokemon trailer revealing even more critters for us to catch and people are excited. One of those people must be KaiserDragonian as he has done quite a bit of fan art of both the new Pokemon …

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Aug 06

“Nintendo Should Have a Trading Card Series” – Fan Art by Cryophase

DeviantArt user Cryophase has some pretty cool looking fan art that would be right at home on a trading card series. Below are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the full gallery to see even more.   I also know that Amaterasu from Okami and Genji from Overwatch are not Nintendo, …

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Aug 03

“The Team Leaders of Pokemon GO” – Fan Art by Tigera

I, like many others, have fallen instantly in love with Pokemon GO’s Team Leaders. I mean, Blanche is the best, but the others are also pretty cool. Tumblr aritst Tigera also seems to love them, as they have made some really cool pieces of fan art of them. Take a look at them and some …

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Aug 01

“Good Games, Good Splatfests” – Fan Art by Hierokier

Splatfest ended, but it was a bittersweet victory (Team Marie FTW) because it was the final Splatfest. It was a fun ride and even though it didn’t end with the announcement of Splatoon 2, I’m still really glad to have participated in it. That’s why I love this Splatoon piece by hierokier who really captured …

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Jul 26

“Birthrights and Mercy” – Fan Art by Paula Biedma

I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch and Fire Emblem, so it’s fitting that I stumble across Paula Biedma’s Deviant Art and saw these excellent pieces. I’ve also found a .Hack folder that has some interesting OC stuff based on the Cursed Wave. It’s really cool, since I don’t see a lot of .Hack fan …

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Jul 24

“Portraits of Heroes” – Overwatch Fan Art by Miguel Mercado

Sometimes fan art is so good you just want to frame it and hang them in museum. Just check out this Overwatch fan art by Miguel Mercado. I bet in a few hundred years scholars will look at this and speculate whether these were real people or not. Check out some of my favorites, but …

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Jul 23

“Overwatch Cats” – Overwatch Cat Fan Art by Lillu

Did you ever think there was something missing from Overwatch? Like, it could be better if one thing was changed? Is that one thing making all the characters cats? Well then you and Lillu are in agreement (I assume) because that’s what Lillu drew. Check out this fan art and then check out the rest …

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Jul 22

“The Final Concert” – Final Splatfest Comic by 3D ROD

TumblrArtist 3D ROD is celebrating the final Splatfest with this touching comic. I think it’s a great reminder of how Splatoon has brought many of us together. How it was an incredibly journey and showed the world how to make a shooter game that isn’t based around gritty realism or killing. I love this game …

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Jul 20

“The Next Generation” – Fan Art by Kenny Leoncito

Tumblr user Kenny Leoncito has a really cute and beautiful style. Just a take a look at some of his video game fan art to see proof of that. Then, check out the rest of his gallery to see more of his pieces as well as fan art from tv shows like Steven Universe and …

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Jul 18

“Armored Ladies and Adventurers” – Cosplay Gallery from Anime Expo 2016

Cosplay Kotaku has a fantastic gallery from this year’s Anime Expo, showcasing some of the awesome cosplayers that attended. Take a look at some of my favorites and then check out the article to see more as well as links to the Cosplayers websites.  

Jul 17

“Poke Pals” – Fan Art by Bedupolker

Tumblr user bedupolker is an artist and animator who has a very diverse art tag. While it’s packed full of original content there’s also some video game fan art you should check out. I’ll put some of my favorites below.    

Jul 16

“Fire Pet Pokemon” – Pokemon Fan Art by Naminori-Pikachu

If you’re in the mood for some cute Pokemon fan art, then have I got the blog for you. Today I’m showcasing the blog of tumblr user naminori-pikachu who seems to specialize in Pokemon art. Below are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out their blog for even more.

Jul 13

“Ace Attorney x Pokemon” – Fan Art by Addy

Pokemon crossovers are a thing that have fallen in and out of popularity from time to time. You know what game really needs a Pokemon cross-over? Ace Attorney. How do I know? Because Tumblr user Addy has made some pretty convincing fan art and more. Check out some of my favorites below but definitely be …

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Jul 11

“Teamwork!” – More Fan Art by Yagaminoue

It wasn’t too long that I showcased the fantastic artwork of Deviantart user Yagaminoue. But  I found that he had even more great pieces of artwork in his gallery that I’m doing it again! Take a look at these and then check out what’s new in his gallery.    

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