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Mar 20

“Super Smash Kids!” – Fan Art by Rainmaker113

You know how you can make a Friday even better? Audrey, AKA Rainmaker113, on DeviantArt knows and that is Super Smash Babies! This is some seriously adorable stuff right here and there’s more in her gallery such as the two below. Be sure to check out the whole thing though.  

Mar 03

Smash Bros. Outfit Swaps – Fan Art by Mimibert

Everyone loves costumes in fighting games. The latest Super Smash Bros. has some alternate costumes for some characters, but you know what would be cool? Costume swaps. Who wouldn’t want to see Ike dressed up like Ganondorf or Villager sporting a Mega Man look? Apparently DeviantArt user Mimibert felt that way because their gallery is …

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Feb 13

Nintendo’s Free Valentine’s Day Cards Are the Best! (For Friends!)

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…but you knew that right? Maybe you’re looking to finally ask that special person out? Maybe you’re fostering together a budding relationship? Or maybe you’re in for the long haul? You know what would make any relationship better, no matter how long it has lasted?   Nintendo Valentine’s Day Cards! Whap!   …

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Feb 11

“The Happy Go Lucky World of Nintendo” – Super Smash Bros. Character Fan Art by Guuguuguu

DeviantArt user Guuguuguu has a really style that I can only describe as simple, fun, cute, and cartoonish. They aren’t master pieces, or even comparable to some of the works I’ve seen, but as a result they’re a lot funnier.  He’s also made pieces starring the cast of Super Smash Bros. and it seems like …

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Feb 10

“A Guide the Physical Differences Between Wild and Bred Pokemon” – Fan Art by Oko

Tumblr user Oko has a really cool idea of Pokemon of the same species looking slightly different depending on whether they are wild, bred for battle, or bred for contests. It’s an interesting concept that I actually hope is one day introduced into the main Pokemon games. Even if they not as drastic changes as …

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Feb 09

“Big Smiles” – Fan Art by Villyre

Tumblr user Villyre has a style that really reminds me of Disney concept art. I love the faces (when you see them). Their smiles are just so big!      

Feb 02

“Light and Dark, War and Peace” – Fan Art by Raymund Anlocotan Florida

I really like Deviant Art user Raymund Anlocotan Florida, AKA Raydiant’s, art style. It’s very painted but not overly portrait style or realistic. These almost have a trading card feel to them. Here’s some of my favorites, but as always, be sure to check out his gallery for more.  

Jan 30

“Metal Flesh” – Fanart by Justin Currie

I really like all the little details that Justin Currie, AKA ChasingArtwork, put into this work. Just take a close look at these samples from his gallery, and then go check the rest out for yourself.  

Jan 28

It’s Not a Poe’s Curse, But it Is Tiny Golden Nintendo Character Jewelry

Looking to get your significant gamer something really special? Surprise them with perhaps one of their favorite game characters, made of gold…and really tiny. It’s jewelry. Really cool jewelry from Check out some of my favorites below, then check out the rest of the store.  

Jan 22

“Princesses” Fanart by Yagaminou

These digital paintings by Deviant Art user Yagaminou are fantastic. I sort of happened to pick characters from Nintendo games as my favorites, as they have backgrounds and some good use of subtle emotions but you should definitely check out more of his gallery.  

Jan 19

“The Magic Mushroom Kingdom” – Disney and Nintendo Collide with Fan Art by ちこみん

Sometimes I just have to break my no Pivx rule because the art I find sourced from there is too good. In this case, it’s art done by ちこみん. A wonderful mash up of Disney and Nintendo with makes me really wish Nintendo was making Kingdom Hearts.    

Jan 17

“Prepare to be Purified!” – Great Super Smash Fan Art by Nick Savino

Ready for some highly detailed, full-body character fan art featuring the cast of Super Smash Bros.? Good because here is a selection of the amazing pieces done by Nick Savino. Keep in mind, I was very tempted to just post the whole gallery but I want you guys check them out. So I’m only showcasing …

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Jan 12

“The Future is Not Written…It’s Ours to Decided” – Nintendo Fan Art by Kyte

In case your 2015 hasn’t been colorful or cute enough yet, here’s the art blog of kyte who has some great Nintendo fan art you should check out.  

Jan 07

Super Princess Peach and Rosalina – Fan Art by Topper

Do you like Peach and/or Rosalina from the Super Mario series? Yes, of course you do, what a silly question. Then you should really check out the Tumblr of the artist going by the user name Topper because their gallery has some really amazing these two amazing princesses.  

Dec 31

“A Great Adventure Begins” – Kingdom Hearts .Gifs by jojo56830

The end of the year is really just a new beginning. And a new beginning means a new adventure.   Tumblr user jojo56830 creates fun .gifs, especially it seems of Kingdom Hearts. Take these three for example:   I honestly never really noticed this parallel of looking out windows in the games, but it’s really …

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