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Nov 26

A Pirate’s Life Is Not For Those That Face These Creative Anti-Piracy Techniques – VG Facts Five Trivia

Knowing how much work goes into making even a semi-functional game, it’s pretty hard for me to find a justification for game piracy. I had plenty of friends in high school who tried, but when I said I was going to be a game designer that usually made them change the subject. That’s why I …

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Nov 25

Did You Know Gaming Breaks Down Some of Smash Bros.’ Advanced Techniques

In case you ever wanted to know what all the fuss was about regarding “advanced techniques” when it came to Smash Bros.   I think one of the biggest problems with these techniques is their implementation. It seems like having information hidden or made obscure has always been a problem with Nintendo’s most competitive games, …

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Nov 24

Gamespot’s 10 Years of WoW – The Tank, The Texan, the Replaser, and The Daughter

Here’s the rest of the of Gamespot’s 10 Years of Wow mini-series documentary.   One of the biggest problems I had with MMOs that use the World of Warcraft formula is that I never got the hang of fitting into a niche role. I didn’t know if I wanted to be DPS or Tank, use …

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Nov 21

The Fans of Mega Man Created His Enemies – Did You Know Gaming: Mega Man Part 2

So Capcom had a bunch of fans submit ideas for Robot Masters? That must have been fun legally to deal with though I suppose part of the contest was also “you give Capcom the rights to use these characters.” I hope none of the contest winners submitted characters they ever would want to use later. …

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Nov 19

“You may call me…Mr. PlayStation 2″ – Did You Know Gaming Drops The Strangest PS2 Facts

  The PS2 had a weird life. From surrealist marketing campaigns to accusations of military applications to a person changing their name to PlayStation 2, it’s really no wonder the PS2 did so well. Everyone must have been talking about it. I say must have because at the time I didn’t pay attention to any …

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Nov 18

Gamespot’s 10 Years of Wow – Part 4: The Couple

The 4th part in Gamespots 10 Years of Wow documentary focusing on a couple that met through World of Warcraft.   Though I don’t play any MMOs, I’ve always appreciated this social aspect that they bring. They have this kind of power to affect us in real life and suddenly something like WoW, or Elder …

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Nov 17

Gamespot’s 10 Years of WoW: Talking with the Game Master About Monitoring Harassment

GameSpot is hosting a 10 part special celebrating the 10 years of World of Warcraft. Here is the third episode talking about The Game Master, a person who dealt with online harassment and bullying within the game world.     Here’s a link to the first episode, talking with the GameSpot reviewer who reviewed the …

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Nov 10

VGFacts Reveals 5 Video Game Rumors Acknowledged by Developers

  I love it when video game rumors end up becoming a reality. It just happens so rarely that other than Herobrine, I was really unaware that any of these, like Ermac and the Secret Cow Level, started out as rumors that were later acknowledged by the developers. I’m more familiar with the Sonic and …

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Nov 04

Mario Has Donned Lots of Suits and Eaten Lots of Mushrooms Over the Years – The History of Mario’s Power-Ups

This is a great video that really lets you see one of the reasons why the Mario series has gone on so strong. One of the many advantages to making Mario games is that you can always find new ways to play with the help of powerups. It also helps give each Mario title their …

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Nov 04

“From Retro to Rift” – Reality Check Teaches Us About the History of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality definitely seems like the new frontier for video games. It truly is a unique and wonderful experience. I really had no idea how long ago research in VR had started and it’s kind of shame that commercial use for it kind of died with the Virtual Boy, though I suppose the technology just …

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Nov 03

Fire Emblem Was Almost Snuffed Out – Did You Know Gaming Looks at Fire Emblem

It’s funny that this would pop up, as I just started looking at my old Fire Emblem Awakening data again for the first time in months.   A lot of really interesting tidbits here. It seems that the series has a pretty arduous time making it over the west fully. Actually, it looked like Fire …

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Oct 31

Gore, Killers, and Hiding! PBS Game/Show Looks at the Evolution of Horror Games

  This week Jamin goes over the evolution of horror games by picking out key mechanics and systems that defined each era. It’s pretty fascinating.   The scariest game I’ve ever played, and I know I say this a lot, is ZombiU but that’s only because survival was an aspect to it. Every death would …

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Oct 30

Donkey Kong Really Wanted to Race – Did You Know Gaming: Donkey Kong Part 3

Rare seemed awfully determined to make another Donkey Kong racing game after Diddy Kong Racing. It did seem interesting though. I think I would have liked to see how it would have turned out.   This video was published by Did You Know Gaming and if you liked it you should check out the rest …

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Oct 29

VGFacts Reveals 5 Games Created Through Failed License Pitches

This video is just further proof that games would not be the way they are with a string of failed licenses. Afterall, Mario himself started as a Popeye game that couldn’t use Popeye. Though I had no idea that Croc and Id Software own their creations to not getting their hands on a license.   …

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Oct 28

Shane Luis Attempts the Impossible: To Find The Positives of Sonic 2006

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when Shane Luis put out a Positives for one of the worst games of all time, but I got to say that he had his work cut out for him.   I don’t even get the impression that he finished it. He left out a lot of the …

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