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Jul 25

The History of the Famicom Disk System – Gaming Historian

  Gaming Historian talks about the Famicom Disk System. I didn’t even know this existed. I think I might have actually liked having one game on a disk and going to a kiosk to change it. It was essentially like a video game red box. It’s weird to think that Nintendo was actually very quick …

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Jul 23

DidYouKnowGaming? Dishes Out Some Trivia About Perfect Dark

  DidYouKnowGaming? gives us some facts and trivia behind the development of Perfect Dark. Some of those tidbits are pretty nifty, like how Joanna Dark’s name come from Joan of Arc (Jeanne D’Arc). Others are a bit more hilarious like providing high heels to your motion capture actor. I suppose the easier solution might have …

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Jul 21

What’s That Pokemon Game? – HoopsandHipHop Takes You Through 10 Pokemon Games You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

  HoopsandHipHop has a top 10 of Pokemon games you might not have heard of. Now, if anyone lived through the late 90’s, you might remember that Pokemon ruled the world. Turns out a lot of people like collecting a colorful cast of monsters and training them to battle. So while I didn’t know about …

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Jul 18

How The Wind Waker Builds On Ocarina of Time to be a Better Game – Really Freakin’ Clever

  Okay, so Josh M. of Really Freakin’ Clever lost me for a bit at the beginning of his argument but towards the end, I found myself nodding in agreement. I love The Wind Waker. It’s one of my favorite Zelda games of all time, but I don’t think good storytelling, or even just plain …

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Jul 17

The Origins of Overwatch’s McCree, Pharah, and More – Shoodycast

  ShoddyCast has a video with some history and trivia about Overwatch, including the origin of some characters.

Jul 16

35 Years of Donkey Kong – Polygon

  Continuing the trend of video game anniversaries this summer, apparently it’s also Donkey Kong’s birthday. To celebrate, Polygon has released a brief look at the many games that the most famous Kong (and I’m counting King) has graced us with.

Jul 15

Polygon: “StarCraft: Ghost: What Went Wrong” by Patrick Stafford

If you’re like me, then the cancellation of StarCraft Ghosts was always one of those great mysteries of the gaming world. Luckily, what exactly happened with that game is the focus of this Polygon article by Patrick Stafford. In this piece, Stafford talks about Robert Huebner’s experience working with Nihilistic Software on what would have …

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Jul 14

The Dreamlike Development History of NiGHTS into Dreams – Did You Know Gaming?

  Last week was the anniversary of NiGHTS into Dreams, a fantastic Sega Saturn game that is pretty much the epitome of a cult classic. To commemorate the anniversary, DidYouKnowGaming? released a video detailing some of the development history of the game.

Jul 13

The Lost Cel Damage 2 Was To Be Bigger and Better – Unseen64

  Liam Robertson of Unseen64 talks about the lost sequel to Cel Damage, a cel-shaded vehicular combat game. I never had the chance to play this game myself (though I remember reading about it in Nintendo Power), but it looks fun. It’s too bad that it never got a sequel because of executives. At some …

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Jul 12

The Easter Egg Hunter Unearths 5 Dead Game Character Cameos

  I don’t know why, but for me, I love it when games reference other games. It makes our whole community feel a little more close knit. But sometimes, developers sneak in other franchise’s characters to take a little shot at their competitor’s. In this episode of The Easter Egg Hunter, James looks at 5 …

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Jul 12

Zam: “The ballistic politics of Hideo Kojima” by Robert Rath

To me, Hideo Kojima is a weird game designer. There’s a lot of aspects of his games that I love and some I’m not so sure about. I suppose part of my opinion comes from me not understanding him. There are so artists, where you really have to know where they are coming from to …

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Jul 11

Cracked Presents 9 Strange (and in some cases, Offensive) Video Game Ads

  Oh the past…how embarrassing. Hey, if you ever thought video games weren’t marketed explicitly to boys then maybe this Cracked video will prove to you otherwise. Seriously, I’m glad the times have changed and public opinion about certain people have evolved. Some of these ads are really messed up.

Jul 10

The Voice Actors Behind Mirror’s Edge, Team Fortress 2, and The Witcher

Here are some of the latest episodes of MeetTheVoiceActors featuring the the voice casts of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Team Fortress 2, and The Witcher 3. It’s nice how diverse the cast here is, especially compared to the latter two videos. I think for whatever faults this game might have design wise, we really can appreciate …

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Jul 09

Call of Duty and the History of the CIA – History Respawned

  History Respawned‘s Bob Whitaker talks to Christopher Dietrich and Joseph Parrot about how Call of Duty portrays the history of the CIA and US Black Ops missions, including the depiction of key players within the Cold War time period. It’s really interesting and as always goes into a fair amount of depth.

Jul 08

Did You Know Gaming Plucks Some More Facts About Pikmin

  DidYouKnowGaming? brings another video giving some background and trivia on Nintendo’s excellent RTS series.

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