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Aug 27

Unearthing Many More Secrets with Easter Egg Hunting – Mario Part 1

It seems like the Mario series is a never ending well of secrets and Easter eggs. Even when you think you’ve heard them all something new pops up like the iconic mushroom get jingle being the level complete theme sped up. I can’t wait for part 2 to learn some of the secrets from the …

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Aug 26

Learn About Historical Serial Killers and Obscure Mythological Figures with Did You Know Gaming: Castlevania

As someone who has never played a Castlevania game before (other than Castlevania Judgement which I had hoped would get me interested into the series), I didn’t realize that so much of it was based on various mythologies. I’m actually really interested in stuff like that and since I think I can pick up some …

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Aug 25

Kotaku: “A Brief History of Non-Nintendo Made Zelda Games” by Richard Eisenbeis

In anticipation for Hyrule Warriors, Richard Eisenbeis has compiled a short history of all The Legend of Zelda games that were created by companies other than Nintendo. I think even to this day people believe that Nintendo rarely branches out to third parties with their first-party IPs or that they have just started recently but …

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Aug 20

What Could Have Been – Unused Content for Team Fortress 2

It seems like the designers for Team Fortress 2 have a lot of fun when coming up with new ideas. That’s usually how broken or implausible things get into games such as these. Sadly I don’t play enough Team Fortress 2 to really comment much further.

Aug 12

IGN: 6 of the Greatest Demos Ever

I never really got into demos growing up. Somehow I always knew exactly what I wanted because I read so many previews and and review in magazines that I felt like I could take a risk (with my parents money that is…)   Though, I might just be making excuses since I primarily owned Nintendo …

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Aug 09

History Respawned: Valiant Hearts Reveiw

This is something you don’t see everyday, a review of a game from a historical perspective. It probably helps that this game being set during World War I and not being a military shooter but rather a puzzle game with an emphasis on story probably helps.

Aug 08

PBS Game/Show: The Secret History of Video Games and the Military

I guess we now know why military FPS games are so common place in video games. But seriously though, I knew of some video game technology coming from military research projects but I didn’t know it was to this extent. It’s good to know, though it doesn’t really change my perception of video games in …

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Aug 05

The Point – Doom 3 is 10 Years Old

Wow, Doom 3 came out 10 years ago? While I don’t have any nostalgia for the Doom franchise, I cannot deny that this game looks fantastic for coming out before Half-Life 2. To me it looks a whole lot better than some of the game’s releasing at the end of the last generation. I might …

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Aug 01

“The Evolution of Video Games” an A Capella Performance by Triforcefilms

Triforcefilms takes you on a magical journey exploring the history of video games from 1980 to 2007 starting with Pac-Man and ending with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. All in A Capella!

Aug 01

Extra Credit’s 200th Episode Celebrates the Last 6 Years of Games

I think it’s very important to realize just how far we have come in the last 6 years. 2008 is when I graduated high school. I don’t think there really was an indie scene at that point. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to make games and I was going …

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Jul 30

The Point – The Death of the Game Demo

I agree that with the death of the free demos included on compilation disks that perhaps our access to all sorts of games and genres we’re unfamiliar with has diminished. Perhaps if game publishers would start releasing demo packs.

Jul 30

Did You Know Gaming: The Legend of Zelda Part 4 – A Literal Link to the Past

It seems the Legend of Zelda franchise owes quite a bit to their literal link to the past. It’s almost funny just how many great and original games have come out of the developer’s desire to just remake their old stuff onto new consoles with new hardware.

Jul 17

First Level History Lesson – Super Mario Bros.

A new series from Kotaku that gives us some history of our famous video game franchises while also showing us their first levels.   I watch of a ton of videos that explore the history of the Mario series, though this is the first time that I ever heard a justification for Mario being in …

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Jul 16

Outside Xbox – The 7 Most Bafflinf Video Game Adverts That Somehow Got Made

Isn’t the point of a video game ad suppose to get people to buy the game? Isn’t this usually accomplished by showing people how much fun the game is or all the cool things that they can do in the game? You know, hook them in?   The early days of the modern console era …

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Jul 12

It’s Okay to be Smart: Why Did We Blow on Nintendo Games

This was pretty crazy because I’ve been blowing into cartridges for old games my whole life. I recently found my old N64 and when a game didn’t work this was the first thing I did to fix the problem. Our brains are really, really not smart.   Man, logic is one of those classes I …

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