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Oct 09

Link is Cool, but Not Too Cool in Twilight Princess – Did You Know Gaming?

  I love “research” for game development. It give you assignments like “go ride a horse.”   Twilight Princess is, gameplay wise, probably the most formulaic Zelda game. Which isn’t a bad thing because even the worst Zelda game is better than most developer’s best try (not counting the forbidden ones). I think, as a …

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Oct 08

The Path to Kingdom Hearts is Filled With Talented Voice Actors – Did You Know Voice Acting

Christopher Niosi, or Kiropher, continues his Did You Know Voice Acting series with part 2 to Kingdom Hearts. The voice acting in this game franchise is probably one of the highlights, featuring a good mix of famous voice actors and celebrity voices. The quality of the acting is one of the things that I think …

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Oct 06

The Secret History of the The Power Glove – Gaming Historian

Gaming Historian goes over the, probably not well known, history of one of gaming’s “baddest” peripherals: The Power Glove. I seriously never would have guessed this wasn’t the brainchild of someone working at Nintendo and never could have imagined the long life it led before becoming part of the Nintendo culture. This is a must …

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Oct 05

A Small Piece of Naughty Dog History – Did You Know Gaming: Jak And Daxter & The Original Uncharted Pitch

My little hiatus left a lot of good stuff being put up within the video game community, with naturally some overlap. So here’s a video dishing out some trivia about the hit Naughty Dog series, Jak and Daxter, and the original pitch for their other hit game series, Uncharted.   This link will take you …

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Sep 19

RelaxAlax Goes Over The Characters That Were Almost in Super Smash Bros. 64 and Melee

Youtuber RelaxAlax has released a video discussing characters who scrapped or at least considered from both the original Super Smash Bros. and it’s sequel, Melee. It’s pretty cool to know, with evidence, what the developers were thinking and hoping to fit into their game and how tough that can be when you’re dealing with the …

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Sep 18

Rare Collectible DidYouKnowGaming? on Amiibo

  DidYouKnowGaming? tackles the Nintendo phenomenon known as Amiibo. It’s strange to think of how much of an impact these little toys had, partly because I think before, actual Nintendo toys just seemed so rare. Sure, you might find Mario toys every now and then, but nowhere else would you find Captain Falcon, Olimar, or …

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Sep 15

Miyamoto and Tezuka on World 1-1 and Super Mario Maker – Eurogamer

      Eurogamer has some excellent videos with Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka discussing their thought process behind World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. and giving general tips for people who are creating new Mario levels in Super Mario Maker.

Sep 15

Io9: “The Alternative Universe Of Soviet Arcade Games” by Kristin Winet

A great article from Io9 by Kristin Winet on the history of arcades in Soviet-era Russia. It’s fascinating to see how video games were introduced and expanded in places not in North America or Japan, and how Russia viewed gaming beyond just Tetris.

Sep 14

Gamasutra: ” The long shadow of Super Mario Bros. ” by Nathan Altice

A fantastic article on Gamasutra by Nathan Altice that gives a pretty technical breakdown at the marvel that is the original Super Mario Bros. It’s a little dense, but at the same time, really gives you a sense of how skilled and clever the original team was back in the day.

Sep 13

Many Bothans Died For ShoddyCast’s Look Back at the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Series

  ShoddyCast goes over the history of the development of BioWare’s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series.

Sep 12

Old Board Games Inspired by Classic Video Games – Angry Video Game Nerd

  The Angry Video Game Nerd of Cinemassacre reviews some board games inspired by video games. All the while asking the important question: “why?”

Sep 11

How Assassin’s Creed II Evolved the Series – Ubisoft

  The Ubisoft blog returns talking about how the Assassin’s Creed series has evolved from the 1st game to the 2nd game.

Sep 10

JonTron’s StarCade Episode 4 – A Nintendo Hope

  JonTronShow is back with his fourth episode of StarCade, a series reviewing every Star Wars game. This time looking at the very strange, but very fun, Nintendo Star Wars games.

Sep 07

Feministfrequency Discusses the Women as Reward Trope (Warning: NSFW)

  Video games can be pretty embarrassing sometimes.Feministfrequency‘s Anita Sarkeesian returns this time talking about the women as rewards tropes and breaks them down to a series of categories. It’s, as always, a pretty educational video and should give game designers not wanting to fall into this demeaning and ridiculous trope the tools and signs …

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Sep 06

Ubisoft Goes Back to Show How Assassin’s Creed Began

  I’ve   I’ve never played any Assassin’s Creed game earlier than 3 and recently I finished Black Flag. I’m completely fascinated by the ever expanding story of the franchise, but judging by this Ubisoft vlog about the first game, I don’t think I could play it. I’m just way too use to improved mechanics …

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