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Dec 17

Reality Check Puts The Real Tesla Against The Order’s Tesla

An interesting episode this week. To be honest, The Order: 1886 really has nothing to impress me yet. The work of the real Tesla seems far more interesting than anything this fictional version seems to have.   Reality Check is a series hosted by Gamespot. If you want to see more, then I recommend checking …

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Dec 15

VGFacts Fights for No More Heroes Trivia

I really love No More Heroes and now I can love it even more knowing some of the secrets and references littered throughout the game.   This video is part of a series Did You Know Gaming‘s YouTube channel. If you liked it, then I suggest you check out more.

Dec 13

The Gist Looks Back at 5 Broken Games That Shouldn’t Have Been Released, But Did Anyway

  Think Sonic Boom and Assassin’s Creed: Unity are unfinished and bug-ridden? Well, take a look at these games.

Dec 12

5 Pieces of Suikoden Trivia Brought to You by VGFacts

VGFacts is talking about a series I’ve never even heard of…but it looks interesting. Maybe I should give it a try sometime.   This video was published by the Did You Know Gaming channel. If you want to check out more of the series, then you should definitely check out that channel.

Dec 10

Mario Spikers, Link’s Treasure Tracker, and Memory Issues – Did You Know Gaming Mario Part 6

With Mario in so many games and doing a variety of activities, it’s almost strange to hear about cancelled Mario projects. You have to figure there would be a lot of them but it just a thought that I think rarely crosses anyone’s mind.   The story behind Treasure Tracker though is one I really …

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Dec 08

VGFacts Offers Up Trivia On 5 PlayStation RPGs

Some random trivia on various PlayStation RPGS. I never played any of these so…hopefully you find it more fascinating.   This video was released on the Did You Know Gaming channel. If you liked this video, you should check out the rest of the series.

Dec 05

“Graffiti is Art” – Did You Know Gaming Shares Some Trivia for Jet Set Radio

  Jet Set Radio is one of those games that I don’t own but I don’t know why. I really liked a ton of the ideas in the game including mechanics that were like Tony Hawk Pro Skater, a vibrant and cool art style, and cool contemporary music. I also loved the fact that it …

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Dec 04

Links to Another World – Did You Know Gaming: The Legend of Zelda Part5

  It’s always great getting some insight into one of gaming’s most historic franchises. It helps kind of a get an idea of where The Legend of Zelda came from and perhaps where it is going. For example, Link having party members kind of makes me think of the companion characters like Midna and Linebeck. …

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Dec 03

JonTron Delves Deep Into the Seedy World of Plug and Play Games

  What strange…strange…world these plug and play games make. To be honest, I’ve always been curious about what kind of games the legit ones had. I remember that these things use to be everywhere, but I never knew anyone who had one. Nowadays I suppose these things have been usurped by mobile gaming.   Except …

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Dec 03

Link and Samus Almost Teamed Up With Marvels Greatest – VG Facts Talks About Cut Characters From Games

  It’s always shame when characters get cut from games, but I suspect that it’s never an easy thing to do. Afterall, for to know about some of these characters means that someone must have put in a lot of time and effort into making them at least somewhat presentable. The Link and Samus in …

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Nov 26

A Pirate’s Life Is Not For Those That Face These Creative Anti-Piracy Techniques – VG Facts Five Trivia

Knowing how much work goes into making even a semi-functional game, it’s pretty hard for me to find a justification for game piracy. I had plenty of friends in high school who tried, but when I said I was going to be a game designer that usually made them change the subject. That’s why I …

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Nov 25

Did You Know Gaming Breaks Down Some of Smash Bros.’ Advanced Techniques

In case you ever wanted to know what all the fuss was about regarding “advanced techniques” when it came to Smash Bros.   I think one of the biggest problems with these techniques is their implementation. It seems like having information hidden or made obscure has always been a problem with Nintendo’s most competitive games, …

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Nov 24

Gamespot’s 10 Years of WoW – The Tank, The Texan, the Replaser, and The Daughter

Here’s the rest of the of Gamespot’s 10 Years of Wow mini-series documentary.   One of the biggest problems I had with MMOs that use the World of Warcraft formula is that I never got the hang of fitting into a niche role. I didn’t know if I wanted to be DPS or Tank, use …

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Nov 21

The Fans of Mega Man Created His Enemies – Did You Know Gaming: Mega Man Part 2

So Capcom had a bunch of fans submit ideas for Robot Masters? That must have been fun legally to deal with though I suppose part of the contest was also “you give Capcom the rights to use these characters.” I hope none of the contest winners submitted characters they ever would want to use later. …

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Nov 19

“You may call me…Mr. PlayStation 2″ – Did You Know Gaming Drops The Strangest PS2 Facts

  The PS2 had a weird life. From surrealist marketing campaigns to accusations of military applications to a person changing their name to PlayStation 2, it’s really no wonder the PS2 did so well. Everyone must have been talking about it. I say must have because at the time I didn’t pay attention to any …

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