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Aug 01

“The Evolution of Video Games” an A Capella Performance by Triforcefilms

Triforcefilms takes you on a magical journey exploring the history of video games from 1980 to 2007 starting with Pac-Man and ending with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. All in A Capella!

Aug 01

Extra Credit’s 200th Episode Celebrates the Last 6 Years of Games

I think it’s very important to realize just how far we have come in the last 6 years. 2008 is when I graduated high school. I don’t think there really was an indie scene at that point. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to make games and I was going …

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Jul 30

The Point – The Death of the Game Demo

I agree that with the death of the free demos included on compilation disks that perhaps our access to all sorts of games and genres we’re unfamiliar with has diminished. Perhaps if game publishers would start releasing demo packs.

Jul 30

Did You Know Gaming: The Legend of Zelda Part 4 – A Literal Link to the Past

It seems the Legend of Zelda franchise owes quite a bit to their literal link to the past. It’s almost funny just how many great and original games have come out of the developer’s desire to just remake their old stuff onto new consoles with new hardware.

Jul 17

First Level History Lesson – Super Mario Bros.

A new series from Kotaku that gives us some history of our famous video game franchises while also showing us their first levels.   I watch of a ton of videos that explore the history of the Mario series, though this is the first time that I ever heard a justification for Mario being in …

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Jul 16

Outside Xbox – The 7 Most Bafflinf Video Game Adverts That Somehow Got Made

Isn’t the point of a video game ad suppose to get people to buy the game? Isn’t this usually accomplished by showing people how much fun the game is or all the cool things that they can do in the game? You know, hook them in?   The early days of the modern console era …

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Jul 12

It’s Okay to be Smart: Why Did We Blow on Nintendo Games

This was pretty crazy because I’ve been blowing into cartridges for old games my whole life. I recently found my old N64 and when a game didn’t work this was the first thing I did to fix the problem. Our brains are really, really not smart.   Man, logic is one of those classes I …

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Jul 12

Kids React to the Game Boy – “There are Buttons?”

It’s always a little mind boggling when you realize that there are people out there who aren’t wholly familiar with technology you grew up with. Like the oldest of these kids are like half my age and to hear some of there comments about a very strong piece of my childhood kind of stung. Mainly …

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Jul 11

Fighting Game Primer – A Free eBook For Fighting Game Beginners

So, if you’ve ever watched high level fighting game videos you might have recognized how much an art form it is. Nobody has gone in there and just button mashed their way to victory, they’ve all learned how to play the game. They’ve all learned the complicated meta and have mastered their specific characters to …

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Jul 10

Did You Know Gaming: Final Fight

You know things were rough in the 80′s when developers and publishers feared feminist backlash of men beating up on a women but not transgendered people. I’m sure a ton of stuff could be written on Capcom’s relationship with women and the LGBT community by people much more knowledgeable than I.

Jul 09

Reality Check: The Witcher 3 and Taking Drugs Before Battle

I could really use some of those anti-sleep deprivation pills when I get up every morning. The use of drugs in games, I’ve found, have always been kind of complicated. For the most part, like any potion, they seem to rarely have a negative side effect. In some games that feature real world drugs, they …

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Jul 08

Compilation of Various Battle of Hoths Gives Me Chills

Well, I was trying to write something up about my experience with a particular Star Wars game, but my brain stopped working. So instead have a compilation of the various Battle of Hoths in video games. For those unaware, the Battle of Hoth, from The Empire Strikes Back, in video games is kind of an …

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Jul 07

History Respawned – Exploring Slave Culture in Freedom Cry and Liberation

This 40 minute exploration into some of the real world elements that inspired Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Freedom Cry is definitely worth it. I don’t really have too much to add to it, since this kind of history is not exactly my forte and I haven’t played either of these games.

Jul 02

Reality Check: Weaponizing Animals in Far Cry 4

Sorry for missing today and this morning with scheduled goodness. I’m on vacation right now and when I get to post things is a little spotty because of other obligations. So I’m going to finish up this day and hopefully not miss anymore. I was kind of hoping for more examples of animals used in …

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Jun 30

Did You Know Gaming: Doom

I would really like to take a look at the Doom Bible some day. While there is no way that I think anyone at ID Software could have predicted it, Doom’s influence, I think, has been felt all over the game industry. A heavy focus on narrative in Doom could have changed the way early …

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