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Jun 25

Smash Academy On What Makes Smash So Different From Other Fighting Games

  Super Smash Academy has published video on what makes Super Smash Bros. such a unique and different fighting game. It’s a really cool look at why this series has remained so popular over the years and maybe even why no one can quite capture the same magic that it has. It’s fast and it …

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Jun 23

Ding! Ding! – Did You Know Gaming Goes Over the History of Punch-Out!

  Limitations and obstacles breeds creativity it would seem. Who would have guess that Punch-Out’s origin has a surplus of monitors to thank. Also, that two screen set up makes me think that a Punch-Out 3DS game would be inevitable but knowing what I do with Nintendo, they’re is just no way to innovate on …

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Jun 22

Game Maker’s Toolkit Reveals Resident Evil 4’s Greatest Design Secret

  I really like this system for pretty much all the reasons Mark Brown has laid out in this video. I think video games are about providing an experience and one way to ensure that experience is enjoyable, is by developing a system that caters to the individual player. Now, I can’t imagine this working …

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Jun 22

PBS Game/Show Reveals the Hidden Brilliance of Monopoly’s Rules

  This is a very interesting episode of PBS Game/Show, not only because Jamin gives us the history of a classic board game, but because it clearly demonstrates how dangerous “house rules” can be for the balance of a game and what happens when those rules become thought of as standard.   I feel this …

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Jun 12

GameXplain Looks at Splatoon’s Cut Content

  For this game being so anticipated and touted as one of Nintendo’s best games in years, I’m surprised by how relatively quickly it was made. The trailer from lat November seemed like it was all final stuff and the time until release was just polish, but based on GameXplain‘s video as well as the …

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Jun 09

WalkThruReviews Gives a Brief History on Nintendo and the Shooter Genre

  Quick disclaimer: this video was published by WalkThruReviews about a month ago, before Splatoon was released and exploded with even more popularity. It still puts up an interesting argument though.   Shooters are undeniable one of the most of popular game genres, at least in the west. Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, …

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Jun 08

Iwata-Asks Uninks Some of the Development History of Splatoon

With Splatoon out and taking the world by storm, you might be inclined to learn a little more about the history of the game. Well, here is an Iwata-Asks from just after the Global Testfire where Nintendo President Satoru Iwata asks some of the developers how Splatoon got started and why they made some of …

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Jun 05

Easter Eggs Searches for Hidden Luigis in Super Mario 3D World

    I had no idea that Super Mario 3D World had hidden Luigis. I don’t blame myself since a lot of them seem really hard/random to even catch a glimpse at.   And as if Nintendo wasn’t already the Disney of video games, these remind me of the Hidden Mickey heads that are hidden …

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Jun 04

The Adventure Begins – Did You Know Gaming Talks Sonic Adventure

DidYouKnowGaming? brings us some really cool trivia on the Sonic Adventure series such as the inspirations for locations, mini-games, and even the main antagonist, Chaos. I find it kind of odd that the shooting portions were both criticized and requested by fans. I always liked the shooting for the Gamma sections and also thought they …

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Jun 02

PBS Game/Show Questions Why Mario is Theme is So Catchy

  For an episode of PBS Game/Show talking about memorable game music and not mention that the reason these songs are memorable is because they have strong melodies. Sure, it could be nostalgic but I didn’t really play a lot of classic Zelda or Mario growing uo to get the main themes stuck in my …

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May 27

Ratchet & Clank [Insert innuendo Here] – Did You Know Gaming

  I would hesistate to say that the use of innuendos in the Ratchet & Clank series are “clever.” They are about as clever as they are subtle and to quote JonTron:   I always found that kind of weird. It seems like a game that would totally be for kids as well as adults, …

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May 25

Lost Plasmids, Suspicious Security Programs, and the Movie that Never Was – ScrewAttack’s Five Fun Facts on Bioshock

Some interesting facts via ScrewAttack! on Bioshock.   Funny anecdote, for the game I’m developing I wanted to add some kind of short range teleportation. My programmer gave me a flat “no” pretty much citing that it would break the game.  

May 23

Your NES and TV All Rolled into One – Gaming Historian

  TheĀ Gaming Historian looks at a rather unusual piece of gaming hardware. A game console and TV smooshed into one. I never really thought about it before, but this does seem like a really good idea. If only something like this could be sold competitively. I would love for a Wii U or XBox One …

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May 20

Wii Would Like to Know – Did You Know Gaming Looks at Nintendo’s Most Revolutionary Console

  Regardless of what anyone says, I think the Wii is one of the most revolutionary consoles ever made. Motion controls opened up so many new possibilities and I think paved the way for developers to think beyond just a normal button controller layout. I know a lot of people really like traditional gamepads, but …

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May 15

Really Freakin’ Clever Shows Us How…um…Clever HuniePop Is (NSFW)

    Well, this was awkward and embarrassing to watch.   So, even though I haven’t played this game yet, based on Josh’s description I think I can get a pretty decent grasp on what’s right, and what’s wrong with this game.   So first of all, I have to give kudos to a game …

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