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Jun 28

Marvel’s Daredevil Game Cancelled by Corporate Overseers –

  DidYouKnowGaming? published an Unseen64 on Marvel’s Daredevil game that was cancelled due to different corporations having differing opinions on the game. It actually seemed pretty interesting, at least for it’s time. Nowadays, I don’t think a game like this would be too groundbreaking, though it seems like it would have beaten Assassin’s Creed at …

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Jun 25

The Lost Sequels to Perfect Dark – Unseen64

  DidYouKnowGaming?published an Unseen64 on the lost sequels to Perfect Dark, Rare’s big shooter series made after the success of Goldeneye007. I feel bad that Rare wasn’t able to keep this series alive as it seemed like they had some really cool ideas  

Jun 24

Building Mighty No. 9 – A Documentary by 2PlayerProductions

  2PlayerProductions‘s official Mighty No. 9 documentary is here. This was one of the first big “old school game designer using Kickstarter to make a classic game” that came from Japan. I always love watching documentaries that showcase how a game is made. It really gets you in the designing mood. It’s a shame that …

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Jun 23

Happy 25th Birthday Sonic!

  Still hard to believe that Sonic the Hedgehog is 25 years old today. Take a look back at some of the main games throughout Sonic’s history…though for looking like an official channel, they sure do offer up some revisionist history. I can understand Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic and the Black Knight …

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Jun 22

JonTron on Disney Games – Both Fake and Real

JonTron has released a very bizarre  episode on bootleg Disney games. It’s…something else alright.   And in case you need to have your pallet cleansed (or your brain bleached) from that episode, here’s JonTron again in a DidYouKnowGaming?? on Disney games.  

Jun 21

King Dedede’s Faceplant in Smash Bros. is Canon – RelaxAlax’s Know Your Moves

  RelaxAlax has another Know Your Moves video going over the history of King Dedede’s moveset from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4.   If any characters would have the best representation in these games, it’s got to be the Kirby characters. But it’s still pretty impressive how much attention to detail …

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Jun 20

The History of Nintendo’s American Baseball Team – Gaming Historian: Nintendo and the Seattle Mariners

  Gaming Historian delves into the history of the Nintendo owned American baseball team, the Seattle Mariners. This episode takes a look at a fascinating controversy that sprung up that I don’t think a lot of people today are aware of. It also is one of the best examples of how Nintendo has a culture …

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Jun 19

Putting Together a Fire Emblem Timeline – Macintyre

  Macintyre attempts to piece together the Fire Emblem timeline, which is probably no easy task since a lot of the game’s don’t make any references to each other or they do but the actual connection between games is unclear.

Jun 18

Double Dashing – Beta64 and the Differences Between Mario Kart: Double Dash Pre-Release and Post-Release

  Beta64 talks about some of the changes made between the first reveal to the finished product of one of my favorite Mario Kart games, Double Dash. It’s great that Nintendo listened to fan feedback and prevented Double Dash from being one of the worst Mario Kart games, but I also think this video is …

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Jun 15

Enter the Double Dragon – Did You Know Gaming?

DidYouKnowGaming? gives us some history and trivia behind the classic Double Dragon and acts as a kind of lesson in what happens when you dilute a brand.

Jun 14

Nintendo’s E3 History From ’95 to 2000 – Nintendo Enthusiast

Nintendo Enthusiast gives us part 1 of a 4 part series that will go over the history of Nintendo at E3.   It’s fascinating to know that Nintendo’s E3’s have always been kind of rocky. In fact, from this and from what I’ve seen at E3, has Nintendo ever been declared the “winner” of one …

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Jun 13

How The Settlers of Catan Took Roots – Great Big Story

  I know it’s not a video game, but it’s important for game designers and critics to understand the history, limitations, and strengths of table top board games.   Take this video, created by Great Big Story, on Klaus Teube, his family, and his game “The Settlers of Catan.” It’s a great video that gives …

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Jun 11

By the Nine Divines – DidYouKnowGaming? Oblivion

DidYouKnowGaming? reveals some interesting tidbits and facts about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Jun 10

Not Every Failed Kickstarter is a Bad Idea – Larry Bundy Jr.’s Top 10 Failed Kickstarters

  Larry Bundy Jr gives us 10 Kickstarter games that ultimately failed. In this video, he occasionally points out why some of these games failed, such as not showing enough of a finished product before launching or being simply too ambitious. The most important lesson to take away from all this though is that even …

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Jun 05

Polygon: “Designing Mirror’s Edge: The Making of a Franchise” by Phil Kollar

Polygon’s Phil Kollar has a great cover piece on Mirror’s Edge including how the game got it’s start and how it finally is returning with a sequel.   I’m someone who played the original really late (like only a couple of years ago late) but actually found that it had a lot of great ideas. …

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