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Apr 25

Did You Know Gaming Blasts to the Past of the Sega Genesis

  The Nintendo vs. Sega Console wars truly was an influential time period for games. Who knew that being able to download games as part of subscription service was originally a Sega Genesis thing? Also, I never knew that “Blast Processing” was a real thing. Granted, it’s not like it made that big a difference …

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Apr 25

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol – VGFacts Lists 4 Games That Were Censored (And 1 that Wasn’t) For Various Reasons

  Oh video games and censorship. A lot of these don’t actually seem all that ridiculous and just go to show you what is culturally acceptable (or more likely tolerated) in one region vs. another.   Though in the case of D, I’m not entirely sure how a lying to the publisher and ratings board …

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Apr 24

Sonic Is All About Earning Your Momentum – Really Freakin’ Clever

  Really Freakin’ Clever‘s Joshua M. brings up some really good points in this video, but I don’t necessarily agree that Sonic the Hedgehog 1 is “clever” for making it about “earning your momentum”, at least, over any of the other Sonic games (minus a few, obviously). At it’s heart, the Sonic games have always …

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Apr 23

Gamers Nexus Interviews Richard Garriott and Talk About the History of MMORPGs

  A fascinating look into the history of the MMORPG. Really cool stuff being explained here.

Apr 22

Grand Theft Auto V Broke Tons of Records and Some People Wanted A Piece of That – Did You Know Gaming

  When you’re making a lot of money, it’s not a surprise that people come after you. I can’t believe how many hopeless cases there were against Rockstar. Though the one about the music in the game might be valid…I wonder if there was some sort of off the record agreement.   This video is …

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Apr 16

GameTrailers Gives Us a Refresher Course in Master Xehanort and His Evil Plans in the Kingdom Hearts Series

  Despite how convoluted and complex it has become, I really love the story for Kingdom Hearts and I really like Xehanort as a villain. It’s definitely going to satisfying to finally conclude all the madness that has Kingdom Hearts.   It is really sad though that Master Xehanort’s English voice actor, Leonard Nimoy, has …

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Apr 06

Nintendo’s Early Innovations With NES – DidYouKnowGaming?

  I’m always blown away by how far ahead of its time the supposedly backwards thinking Nintendo is. Just from this video we find that they were among the first to experiment with online consoles and 3D gaming.   This video is part of a series put out by DidYouKnowGaming? If you liked it, be …

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Apr 05

Box Art Mistakes are the Worst – VGFacts

  How could you possibly misspell the name of your own game? You think they have someone to like spell check that or at least have several levels of approvals before finalizing something, right?   This episode of VGFacts is published by DidYouKnowGaming? If you liked it, be sure to check out the rest of …

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Apr 04

The Gaming Historian Takes Us Through the History of Wolfenstein

A three-part series by Gaming Historian of Wolfenstien games through it’s 30 year run.         It has such a fascinating history and it just goes to show you that by constantly evolving your series, you can help keep it relevant while still connecting it to it’s roots.

Apr 03

How Much Do Fans Love Halo, A Hurricane’s Worth – Did You Know Gaming: Halo Part 2

  Bungie and the fans were really close. Whether it’s between turning jokes from Red vs. Blue into Easter Eggs in the game, or a fan standing at a payphone in a hurricane to play the ARG for Halo 2, it’s always really cool to see that kind of dedication to each other that only …

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Mar 24

Resident Evil’s Outbreak and Turn to Action – The Game Direct’s History of Resident Evil Part 4

The 4th part in TheGameDirect‘s look back at the history of the Resident Evil series.   I remember hearing about Resident Evil: Outbreak, but didn’t know what to think of it at the time. Finally seeing it in action, it actually looks pretty cool. Definitely hope to play something like it someday.   I also …

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Mar 23

5 Games Changed Due to Regional Licenses – VGFActs

  A lot of interesting tidbits about how different regions treat essentially the same game. It must have made working with licensed characters so much nicer and as long as you had a good game you could sell it to pretty much anyone. Could you imagine if the Batman: Arkham games had to rework their …

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Mar 12

PBS Game/Show Explains Minecraft’s Procedural Generation

  PBS Game/Show probably has given one of the most in-depth videos about procedural generation that I’ve seen. Procedural generation is definitely an astounding novelty that really has given some games way more life than they otherwise would have had, but I’m not terrible afraid of it replacing designers. At least, not for a long …

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Mar 11

The Truth Behind Hot Coffee – Did You Know Gaming: Grand Theft Auto Part 2 (Contains some NSFW content)

  It’s a little surprising that Houser of Rockstar Games wanted to push GTA as far as he wanted to. I just don’t see the appeal of it…then again, I didn’t really see the appeal of the strip clubs in GTA V and so didn’t really interact with them. I’m just surprised that even back …

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Mar 10

The History Behind Jump Scare: The Game – Did You Know Gaming: Five Nights at Freddy’s

  Leave it to a Christian game developer to create one the scariest games of all time. Seriously, I was done with this game the moment I even heard about it and the fact that it was some pretty exciting lore and comes out so quickly as if it was just episodic? Not to mention …

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