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Oct 01

Tropes vs. Women in 1980 Horror Films by Siskel & Ebert

  Not about games but incredibly relevant to the gaming community right now.   What I find the most interesting is that aside from these being two people talking about the issues instead of just one person, these videos are virtually no different in format and analysis style than Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women in …

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Sep 30

Durable and Ready for the City Life – Did You Know Gaming Looks Back at the Nintendo DS

Who knew that the social ideas of the 3DS like Streetpassing originated with the DS and the desire to make a handheld console suited for someone’s busy city life. I guess that explains why someone like me, a city boy, instantly grew attached to both consoles and took it everywhere I went.    

Sep 26

JonTron: Anti-Drug Games – The Weirdest of the Weird

It appears that games about not doing drugs may need to learn from their own message. These are some seriously weird games. NARC especially, as it seems to showcase just where American priorities were at the times. Drugs = bad. Ridiculous depictions of violence = eh.   Seriously, let’s contemplate just what games like NARC …

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Sep 25

Friendly Reminder: Rayman is Not Death – Did You Know Gaming Looks Back at the History of Rayman

The only Rayman game I’ve played is Rayman Legends on the Wii U, so a lot of the references they made I didn’t get. Now I’m glad to see that they made a lot of them to older games in the series.   The strangest thing about Rayman, for me at least, is that growing …

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Sep 24

Computer Simulation Attempts to Debunk Fake Moon Landing Conspiracies

All I can say that this is pretty mindblowing and it’s amazing how far computer graphics have come. Hopefully stuff like this can better convince people that the moon landing was one of the greatest human achievements of all time and, you know, not fake.

Sep 23

Easter Egg Hunting: Mario Part 3 – References. References Everywhere.

Lots and lots of reference in the later Mario games. Perhaps hinting at an interconnected universe. Maybe Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy takes place in yet another split timeline from The Legend of Zelda. I’m sure someone has written some sort of fan fiction where the Star Bits are actually a universe’s worth of people’s …

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Sep 23

Polygon: “A brief history of Blizzard’s canceled and unreleased games” by Dave Tach

Blizzard cancelled Titan, a next-gen MMO seven years in development. While I wasn’t following much about the game I can imagine a lot of people are disappointed. Like most major studios though, Titan isn’t Blizzard’s only cancelled project, as detailed in this Polygon article by Dave Tach. It’s interesting to see what Blizzard had in …

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Sep 19

8 Examples of Video Game Lawsuits That, Well, Backfired

  These certainly are some silly examples of why a game would be sued. My particular favorite was Universal finding themselves violating Nintendo’s copyright over the word “Kong”. While these are silly lawsuits that are notable for how badly they backfired, I think it’s always important to remind people that not every video game is …

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Sep 18

Inspiration and Easter Eggs – Did You Know Gaming: Mass Effect

  Some really interesting tidbits and trivia here about the Mass Effect series. It’s pretty cool how the alien races all had some animal or folklore related inspirations. Except for that race of all women. I wonder what everyone was like when that was brought up.   “Yes so we have this race inspired by …

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Sep 16

SimCity 2000’s “Serious Sims” EWI Cover by Peter Anthony Smith (With Trivia!)

  Music and trivia all in one? What a great combination! SimCity I feel is a not a game that gets too many of its songs covered, so it’s a good thing that Peter Anthony Smith and his trusty EWI is here to provide a pretty faithful sounding recreation.    

Sep 11

Pointing Out Cultural Changes and Small Oddities with Easter Egg Hunting – Mario Part 2

  Before I became a game developer, I would have wondered why some game would contain barely noticeable elements. Take the fish popping out of the thing for instance. Why would the programmers take the time to add that in. Now that I am working on a game and have complete creative freedom I know …

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Sep 10

IGN Shows Us the Artistic Evolution of Link From the Legend of Zelda

  IGN gives us a pretty thorough look at the evolution of Link’s character design from The Legend of Zelda series.   Link really does just have that kind iconic and instantly recognizable design, no doubt because of the uniqueness of his green cap.

Sep 05

Polygon: “Rhianna’s rise: Meet the writer behind Tomb Raider” By Russ Pitts

Polygon’s Russ Pitts puts together an excellent article detailing the career of Rhianna Pratchett, the writer behind the most recent incarnation of Tomb Raider. Rhianna, a seasoned veteran having written for games like Overlord, Mirror’s Edge, and Heavenly Sword, reveals the details that led her to forge her own path and become one of the …

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Sep 05

Video Game Novels: What Exactly Are They About?

The video game novel is not something I’m all too familiar with nor is it something that I think is usually looked at. So it’s kind of nice to get some insight into what I’m missing out on. Though I suppose it doesn’t seem like much.

Sep 03

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are RPG Buddies – Did You Know Gaming: Dragon Quest Feat. JonTron

I always wanted to get into the Dragon Quest games, even getting Dragon Quest XIII for the PS2 years ago. Sadly I just never had the time to get very far in it. Still, I love this back and forth referencing between it and the Final Fantasy series as I am a sucker for references …

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