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Feb 27

Pokemon Was Born Because Games Weren’t Good Enough For Its Creators – Did You Know Gaming

  Boy, who knew that Pokemon was a game created by fans who literally said “We can make a better game than all those people.” From my experience, not a lot of people can do that.   This video is part of a series called Did You Know Gaming. If you liked it, be sure …

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Feb 27

GameInformer: “Looking Back At 10 Years Of Monster Hunter With Its Producer” by Kyle Hilliard

GameInformer’s Kyle Hilliard conducted an interview with Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, revealing some interesting insights into the history and inspirations for the world’s best Monster Hunting game. (Sorry, Evolve.)   It’s certainly cool to get inside the head of the head of the Monster Hunter games, knowing why their worlds always seem so idyllic …

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Feb 23

The Rise and Fall of One of the Worst Game Publishers Ever

  A very brief, but in still in-depth, look at a publisher who has a reputation as one of the worst game companies of all time. Based on this video, it’s hard to say whether or not the Ljn games were put out there to make a quick buck or not, but it almost seems …

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Feb 17

How 4 Games Evolved From One Game To Another – Gamespot

  I hope that aspiring game developers can look at all of these games here and realize that not every initial idea is going to be a home run. That you shouldn’t be afraid to let an idea expand, evolve, and change into something that creates a more wholesome and complete experience.

Feb 11

PBS Game/Show Has Pac-Man Fever. The Cure? Learning How the Ghosts Work

PBS Game/Show‘s Jamin hits the nail right on the head when declaring the ghosts in Pac-Man as key to it’s success. I think it also goes to show you just how important a more artistic approach to game design can be rather than just a pragmatic one. How considering your players emotions and feelings is …

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Feb 10

Listen to Tim Schafer Talk about Grim Fandango and Game Funding on Gamespots’ The Lobby

  Tim Schafer sat down with Gamespot staff to discuss Grim Fandango Remastered. For me, there’s practically nothing more interesting than hearing game developers talk about the history of their older games.Especially in the context of other games that came out at the time, such as why Grim Fandango originally had tank controls because no …

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Feb 05

The Game Direct Looks Back Again to the History of Resident Evil

  Part 3 to The Game Direct’s History of Resident Evil series, looking back at the first Resident Evil mobile title and the short period where the series was exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube.

Jan 29

Kotaku: “How The First Resident Evil’s Been Censored And Changed Since 1996″ by Patrick Klepek

Kotaku writer Patrick Klepek has put together a timeline of the history of the first Resident Evil game, noting all the difference and censoring. I actually didn’t know that some of these ports existed of the game.

Jan 26

Joystiq: “Gaming while black: Casual racism to cautious optimism” by Jessica Conditt

A great article by Jessica Conditt on discussing the history of gaming while black and what modern day challenges developers and gamers are facing in order to make the gaming community more diverse and inviting.   One of the big points for me is the statistic identifying the rate of growth amongst black game …

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Jan 26

The History Behind Assassin’s Creed Unity Isn’t so Simple and Stabby – History Respawn

  Hope you’re ready for a crash course in the French Revolution, because this episode of History Respawn talks about the setting and time period of Assassin’s Creed Unity.   This video is part of a series. If you liked it, then I suggest checking out the rest of it on it’s YouTube Channel.

Jan 20

The Namco Patent that Made Loading Screens What They Are Today…Boring – The Point

  What a strange format this video had. Anyway, to the point (no pun intended). I never knew that this was the reason why Loading Screens were, well, loading screens You would think Nintendo would love to put in World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. while their latest platformer loaded. Maybe Danny is right and …

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Jan 17

Indieformer Tells Us What You Might Not Have Known About Bastion

  Supergiant Games might just be my hero. True indie game makers, making games in their homes, connected through the internet, and just chugging along to try and make the game as best as they could.   This video was created by Indieformer. If you liked this video and indie games in general, you should …

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Jan 16

How the Death of the Dreamcast Led to the Birth of the PlayStation and Xbox – Did You Know Gaming

  So it would seem we have piracy to thank for the Dreamcast’s demise. At least a little bit. This is why we cannot have nice things. Also, it’s interesting to hear that Nintendo’s raw deal that led to the CD-i was not the only reason Sony jumped into the console market. It was also …

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Jan 14

The Ninteno 64 by the Numbers – Fact Surgery

The numbers behind the N64 contains a couple of firsts, one lasts, and 80 million dollars spent on gloves. It was a fascinating console an I’m glad I got to see it’s entire lifespan.   Fact Surgery is part of a series hosted by Vsauce3, which you should be subscribed to anyway.

Jan 13

Did You Know Gaming Delves Deep in the History Of Halo and Bungie

Woooooowwww! It must have sucked to be a Mac fan excited for Halo around the time of the Xbox’s unveiling. Microsoft just literally swooped in and stole that game. At least it’s good to know that Bungie was given some good accommodations. Still, I would have never guessed that one of the Xbox’s biggest claims …

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