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Apr 12

Did You Know Voice Acting Webseries by Christopher Niosi

The world of video game voice acting I understand is big in some circles but has always remained kind of a mystery to me. I once had some interest in it but a difficult to work with voice director for a fan project eventually turned me away. Still, I have a lot of appreciation for …

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Apr 01

Did You Know Gaming – Mode 7 and Other Effects of the Super Nintendo

You don’t always need the latest and greatest to still do some pretty impressive technical feats. It seems like Nintendo has always been a company that would stretch out the lifespan of their console until something truly new was required. I remember the N64 itself requiring an expansion pack to play some of the later …

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Mar 31

Did You Know Gaming: PlayStation

I like how the PlayStation was kind of born from spite. But I guess anyone would have been upset when you realized that a good deal was cancelled without you knowing about it. Also, it’s kind of cool how Sony gave something for indie developers to use way back then.

Mar 29

See the Original Japanese Mega Man Commercial

Here’s a bit of history for you. The original Mega Man commercial, digitally restored. Cool huh?

Mar 26

Did You Know Gaming: Street Fighter

  A lot of interesting facts about Street Fighter. Like, if you didn’t know already how could you have guessed that combos were an accident? They are so genius yet I can see how the developers at first would think they are unfair. I myself am not a particular fan of fighting games where you …

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Mar 24

13 Awesome Nintendo Artifacts from the GDC Nintendo Museum

So sorry for the small delay. I was at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco and had to commute there. Got back super late each night and had to wake up super early each morning. But, It’s obviously over and I’m back. Here’s something that was there as well, a totally awesome museum of …

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Mar 17

Did You Know Gaming: Pac-Man The Sailor Puck

So now Pop-Eye influenced both the creation of Mario and a mechanic in Pac-Man? Wow! Who would have guess that two of gaming’s biggest icons would have so much to owe to that cartoon?        

Mar 12

Did You Know Gaming: Earthbound Part 2

) A lot of cool little factoids about this game. I remember hearing about how the reason this why Mother 2 made it to the US is because of music copyright issues. You got to admit, some of these are unmistakeably the same as those unrelated to the series songs.

Mar 11

Did You Know Gaming: Nintendo 64

  I love the N64. It was the first gaming console that I wanted at launch, where I saved up my money to get it, and contained some of the games that turned me into the gamer that I am today.   While many remember the N64 as being stuck in the past with it’s …

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Mar 10

Really Freakin’ Clever: Punch-Out

I think something has been lost amongst modern game designers and that is the ability to subtly teach your players how to play the game and to strike that balance between difficult and fair, which may be a better way of explaining it rather than “hard vs. easy.”    

Mar 10

AllTime10′s: 10 Worst Computer Consoles

Wow, a lot of stinkers in the history of video game consoles. I guess you could just say this was due to video game consoles still being relatively new. Still, what were some of these guys thinking with those prices and controllers? People think the Wii U gamepad is an awkward controller (it’s not by …

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Feb 25

Did You Know Gaming: F-Zero

I love the cross-overs the F-Zero and Star Fox series makes. James McCloud was my character in F-Zero GX and I loved the ending in Star Fox Command where Fox and Falco become racers.   If Nintendo ever would make another F-Zero game (something I’m not opposed to), I think a map and machine editor …

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Feb 24

Really Freakin’ Clever: Donkey Kong Country

Okay, so I’m not necessarily sure how much I agree with this episode but I do think that adding Diddy Kong instead of a life bar is really awesome.

Feb 20

Pop Facts – Secret GameCube Startup Sounds

Since I shared a video about the Xbox One, why not something about the little console that could: the GameCube.   I knew all of these little Easter Eggs except the last one. It makes me wonder what tiny secrets rests within the Wii U or the 3DS. How long until we discover them?

Feb 19

JonTron – Bootleg Pokemon Games

JonTron delves into the world of bootleg Pokemon games. It’s cool that there’s a wide variety of these types of games, ranging from poor man’s substitutes, original games that try to rely on the brand they are stealing, to rip-offs of rip-offs. I especially loved the double hacked Pokemon game Telefang.

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