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Oct 23

Ultra Combo Part 2 Did You Know Gaming Killer Instinct

More Killer Instinct History reveals some additional tidbits about Killer Instinct Gold, Killer Instinct for the Xbox One, and KI related Easter eggs that have popped up in other rare games.   This video is part of the series Did You Know Gaming. If you liked it, then I suggest checking out their channel for …

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Oct 22

History Respawned: Angels, Demons, and Souls – How Real World Mythology Influenced the Game

If you ever wanted a quick crash course in the history of western of mythology, well this video probably wouldn’t suffice but it has just enough make you even more curious. All in the context of Diablo III so what more could you ask for?   This video is part of a series by Bob …

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Oct 20

The Good Side to The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Positives

  Finally someone who talks some sense about the Super Mario Bros. Movie. I remember as a kid constantly renting this movie out and finally buying it when I got to college. It’s not great, obviously, but everything Shane Luis says about it I feel the same about. The movie has a cast of great …

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Oct 15

The Rare History of Killer Instinct Revealed by Did You Know Gaming

The history of Killer Instinct is seeped in the magic that made Rare one of the best developers of the olden days.   This is part of the Did You Know Gaming series on YouTube. If you liked this video then you should check out other videos exploring the history of various video game franchises.

Oct 14

Gamasutra: “The secret histories of indie games: What was uncovered at IndieCade” by Bryant Francis

Gamasutra has an interesting summation of a talk given at this year’s IndieCade that focused on the secret history of indie games. The article written by Bryant Francis highlights the keypoints given by John Romero, Laine Nooney, and Anna Anthropy. Their talks focused on reframing the history of indie game making, dispelling the myth that …

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Oct 13

Really Freakin’ Clever Looks at The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – The Oft Forgotten Zelda Game

I think streamlining the Zelda formula in this game is what led to revelation that Zelda games have become to much filler. Though I think some of the adventure is lost in games like Four Sword Adventures though their single player mechanics do seem like really clever solutions to the problems of not having three …

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Oct 10

PBS Game/Show Explains Why Mario’s Jumps Are So Important

I would not be surprised if Mario is the reason why jumping is so important in video games and why it’s so fundamental in many games. Look back a lot of old games, there were some games 2D games that didn’t have an emphasis on jumping and that seem to make everything a bit more …

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Oct 09

The Gist Counts Down the 5 Scariest Video Game Monsters

Halloween is just around the corner, unless you’re on Tumblr in which case it’s a month long event. I know that a friend and I are planning on watching all the Alien movies then play Alien: Isolation to celebrate.   Now I don’t normally play a lot of horror games, so it’s hard for me …

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Oct 08

Polygon: “Old gaming magazines tell the awkward tale of an industry growing up” By Charlie Hall

Did you ever read Electronic Gaming Monthly? I was a Nintendo Power kid myself but I do remember every now and then perusing through the magazines at my local Borders every week. In case your ever interested in checking out what those were all about, there is this Tumblr run by games academic and developer …

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Oct 06

Did You Know Gaming Remembers the Nintendo Difference With the Nintendo GameCube

The Gamecube is one of my favorite consoles ever. Not only does it have a really good controller that I think makes a lot more sense that most modern ones, but it had some of the best games I’ve ever played. To name a few: Metroid Prime 1 and 2, Wind Waker, Rogue Squadron II, …

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Oct 02

Outside Xbox Recognizes Songs In Games About the Games They Are In

  The Monkey Island song seems like an excellent premise for a true musical game. It only keeps going if you feed them the right lines.   This list though is not complete by Outside Xbox is not complete. Not at least until I make my own contribution.  

Oct 01

Tropes vs. Women in 1980 Horror Films by Siskel & Ebert

  Not about games but incredibly relevant to the gaming community right now.   What I find the most interesting is that aside from these being two people talking about the issues instead of just one person, these videos are virtually no different in format and analysis style than Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women in …

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Sep 30

Durable and Ready for the City Life – Did You Know Gaming Looks Back at the Nintendo DS

Who knew that the social ideas of the 3DS like Streetpassing originated with the DS and the desire to make a handheld console suited for someone’s busy city life. I guess that explains why someone like me, a city boy, instantly grew attached to both consoles and took it everywhere I went.    

Sep 26

JonTron: Anti-Drug Games – The Weirdest of the Weird

It appears that games about not doing drugs may need to learn from their own message. These are some seriously weird games. NARC especially, as it seems to showcase just where American priorities were at the times. Drugs = bad. Ridiculous depictions of violence = eh.   Seriously, let’s contemplate just what games like NARC …

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Sep 25

Friendly Reminder: Rayman is Not Death – Did You Know Gaming Looks Back at the History of Rayman

The only Rayman game I’ve played is Rayman Legends on the Wii U, so a lot of the references they made I didn’t get. Now I’m glad to see that they made a lot of them to older games in the series.   The strangest thing about Rayman, for me at least, is that growing …

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