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Aug 04

Kotaku: “What Happens After An Indie Game Fails On Steam” by Nathan Grayson

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson gives us a sobering interview with the developers of the game “Brigador” in a piece grimly titled “What Happens After An Indie Game Fails On Steam”. While many factors could have played a part in why “Brigador” commercially failed, none of those factors seemed to be exclusive to their team. A lot …

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Jun 27

The GOP Arcade – Flash Games With a Satirical Political Perspective

Feel like playing some satirical political games? Then maybe you should check out the GOP Arcade. The games featured on the website are simple, some unwinnable, but that’s by design. Some are definitely better than others. I think “Science Fighter” doesn’t go far enough traditional (if simplified) side scrolling shooters and adding a political skin, …

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May 08

History Respawned Discusses The Iranian Revolution with 1979 Revolution Black Friday

  History Respawned discusses the game 1979 Revolution Black Friday, a game that delves deep into the Iranian Revolution. It’s not a topic I knew a lot about going in, but this video does make a strong case for games being used as a means of contextualizing history as a means of education.

Mar 05

Extra Credit’s 8th List of Games You Should Try

  Extra Credits has some interesting choices this time around for game recommendations. I know I’ve already downloaded The Static That Speaks My Name and I am pretty interested in Thea and Lisa.

Mar 04

Gamer Maker’s Toolkit Demonstrates How to Properly Explore Morality Through Game Mechanics

  Mark Brown of Game Maker’s Toolkit discusses morality in mechanics, talking specifically about The Dark Below, Undertale, This War of Mine, and Papers, Please. Brown expresses a frustration that I share with how morality is presented in games where binary choices don’t offer any real moral choice, but instead just act as way to …

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Feb 02

The Guardian: “Doom returns: why John Romero made one last level” by Rich Stanton

Rich Stanton of The Guardian talks about John Romero’s new Doom level that was released on the 15th of this past January. He goes over some of the specific returns to form provided by the level, called Tech Gone Bad, and delves into the possible inspirations behind Romero’s choices. It’s really great to see a …

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Aug 06

Game Maker’s Toolkit Talk Risks and Consequences in The Swindle

  Mark Brown discusses the game “The Swindle”, which he calls the first great heist game. How does this game achieve such an accolade? By doing something that a lot of modern games seem to be to afraid to do, which is to create a risk/reward system that will have players taking risks and actually …

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Aug 05

Gamasutra: “Uncovering innovation in the hidden picture genre Exclusive” by Bryant Francis

A Gamasutra article by Bryant Francis on the innovation of hidden object puzzle adventure games. It actually sounds quite exciting and it’s a shame that this genre goes so often overlooked. I actually want to check out Dead Reckoning since it seems like it might be the detective game that actually makes you feel like …

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Jul 23

“Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet” – Would You Expect a Stephen Colbert Twine Game to be Called Anything Else?

Just because Stephen Colbert the character is no longer around to host The Colbert Report, doesn’t mean the real Stephen Colbert can keep the spirit of things still alive. Just use this Twine game “Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet” starring you as Stephen Colbert! Everyone’s dream come true! I won’t spoil anything and it should …

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May 28

Loved – A Simple Game On the Cycle of Abuse

Loved is a very interesting short game and one that definitely has something to say but has multiple ways to be read. Its’ short so I suggest playing it a few times before coming back and reading my thoughts on it (since I will spoil some things).     The focus of the game is …

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Apr 13

Getting Away With Murder – The Tell-Tale Heart Student Project

Here’s a prototpye to an interesting game concept. Imagine a detective game, not unlike Phoenix Wright or LA Noire, but instead of the detective, you were the murderer. That’s the premise behind the Edgar Allen Poe inspired The Tell-Tale Heart. It’s a student project used as a prototyle for a much larger project, at least …

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Apr 08

Tor: “What’s the Point of an RPG Without a Main Villain? How Ultima IV Changed the Game” by Peter Tieryas

A really good analysis of some of the various mechanics from Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar and why not every game needs a central villain by Peter Tieryas. It actually did a great job of selling me on the game since everything in it sounded so interesting, especially since it’s free on   …

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Mar 31

Paca Pong Combines Several Classic Arcade Games Into One

If you ever wanted to play a game that combined Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong…then you’re in luck because Paca Pong exists.     Overall, it’s a fun little two player game that is more about silliness than competitiveness. I say that because it feels like Pac-Man travels in a more less random …

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Mar 20

Extra Credits Recommends 7 Games You Might Not Have Tried

  A good list of games recommended by the Extra Credits guys. I know that I’ve been pretty interested in Life is Strange ever since I first heard of it and I’m already planning on buying Never Alone once it launches for the Wii U. I will have to check out Darkest Dungeons and Mount and …

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Mar 03

Possibly the Greatest Sports Game Ever Made – Gaming Historian

  I’ve always heard that Techmo Super Bowl was a fantastic sports game, but never as enthusiastically as Gaming Historian‘s little review here. I’m also impressed to hear that the game is updated by fans. That, I wish I was featured a little bit more in the video. Still, it seems like a game for …

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