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Apr 18

Polygon: “Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchet on the silver lining behind controversy” by Emily Gera

In this Polygon article written by Emily Gera, the writer behind the latest Tomb Raider game, Rhianna Pratchet, talks about the controversial writing and the kind of silver lining that comes from it.   The scene in question, and I have not played this game or seen the scene, is that Lara Croft is captured …

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Apr 14

Being Good Sucks

After playing the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, I’ve come to hate being “good.” Technically there is no good option in the game, but good comes in many forms. Good could mean kind, friendly, caring, charity, holy, not bad, etc. , and the main character Bigby has a few good options open to …

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Mar 14

Refuting Common Arguments for Why “South Park: The Stick of Truth” Shouldn’t Have Playable Female Characters

So the article I’m about to link to and this article has major spoilers for South Park: The Stick of Truth. If you wish to remain spoiler free for a very funny game, then I suggest book marking this page and returning to it later.   Okay, so I found this article on Polygon discussing …

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Feb 17

In Videogames, Back-Story is Optional

I don’t mind back-story in a narrative, whether it be in film, TV shows, or videogames. But after reading a little post from the movie website The Dissolve, I’m starting to debate if back-story is even necessary. Sure, learning about a character or a place can ground the fiction of the world, but for the …

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Feb 11

The Good, the Bad, and the AO Rating

An article on Polygon argues that the AO rating is bad for the gaming industry and that it hurts gaming as an art form.   The history of the ESRB is an interesting one. Essentially born out of the controversy that was Mortal Kombat and extreme depictions of violence, the ESRB plays a vital role …

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Nov 25

Pondering the Longevity of Pokemon

NPR ran a little post about the longevity of a well-known franchise that launched a little, yellow rodent into stardom. With the recent release of Pokémon X and Y, the franchise continues to endure aging while staying on top of its game…literally and figuratively. How Pokémon evolved into the hottest trend in entertainment –shared closely …

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Nov 18

Writers Needed: Temple Run Gets a Movie Deal

With new consoles upon us in the month of November, you’d think the PS4 and Xbox One would be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Nope. What could possibly capture the hype away from two major console releases? Temple Run, the iOS game everyone’s parents plays, is being made into a movie.   That’s right. …

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Nov 04

Time for Change: Final Fantasy

Read a little post by Game Informer hinting that Square Enix is thinking about letting their foreign cousin Eidos take the reins on the Final Fantasy franchise. Nothing is for sure yet, but the director for Lightning Returns has mentioned main headquarters discussed the possibility. And to be perfectly frank, they need that change. Having …

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Oct 22

Creating Better Massively Mutliplayer Online Games by Ditching the Massive Part

I think one of the many pinnacles of gaming achievement is the MMORPG. While single player games do a great job of creating a world for one person to inhabit a massively multiplayer online role-playing game is basically the fantasy world that we wish we could go to as children. How many other activities actually …

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Oct 18

A Good Trailer and a Bad Trailer – Hometown Story and Road Not Taken

Even though my game is still pretty far away, I’m trying to get a better understanding for what makes a good game trailer and a bad game trailer. We see a lot of the big AAA studios putting on trailers that look like cinema trailers, focusing on story, cutscenes, and maybe a few action scenes …

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Sep 16

Videogame Characters That Captured Your Attention

Spoiler Alert: For those who have not yet played Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, and Red Dead Redemption, be aware major spoilers will be shared in this post. You have been warned. Game Informer recently posted an interesting piece about Heavy Rain’s main character Ethan Mars and how the author, Kimberley Wallace, instantly …

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Sep 02

The Fifth Dimenson of Every Day the Same Dream

Lately I’ve been watching episodes of The Twilight Zone, one a day (along with one episode of Doctor Who). Rod Serling, creator of this masterpiece, was ahead of his time but luckily became a big influence on many creative individuals working in the entertainment industry today. His little anthology of shorts not only paved the …

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Aug 15

Why Are People Upset About $90 Xenoblade Chronicles?

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I ask what the big deal is with Xenoblade Chronicles. I was one of the lucky ones, I suppose, to have gotten the game during it’s initial run for the standard $50 price of a Wii game and while I initially was very enthusiastic about the game …

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Jul 18

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Video Game Companion – What Games Should You Play To Understand the Whole Story

After going on a marathon of all 6 Star Wars films, one gets in the mood to find out more about the characters and events that tie into the main story. Of course, with Star Wars being a huge transmedia story, you could potentially spend a lifetime exploring all the different content, ranging from TV …

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Jul 12

Speculation Friday: Franchises That Need a Reboot

Sometimes a series goes on for so long that it has become impossible for anyone new to jump in. Other times, a series is seen to be a good idea, but the original execution just wasn’t good enough to warrant any more sequels. What do you do then? You reboot it of course. That seems …

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