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Jul 17

On the Growing Usage of Graphic Violence in Video Games

A great article on Polygon by Chris Plante that discusses his growing uneasiness with the use of graphic violence in game marketing.   While I think Assassin’s Creed Unity might have been a pretty tame example, the in-general over use of graphic violence is something that has been making me rather uncomfortable. The strange thing …

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Jul 09

The Art of TCG Booster Packs

I feel like the art of making, designing, and implementing collectible elements in a game has been discussed before, but I rarely see any discussion in the art of distributing those collectibles. Rarely have I played a card game like Magic the Gathering, where opening a booster pack was actually one of the fun parts …

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Jun 18

Facing the Reality of Development: Untangling the Logic Behind Ubisoft’s Decision to Exclude Female Characters

So last week during E3, Ubisoft got into a bit of trouble with their comment regarding female assassins in the new Assassin’s Creed: Unity and playable female characters in the co-op of Far Cry 4. To sum it up, it’s too hard to animate female characters. They made claims about adding female assassin being in …

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Jun 12

My Favorite Game Shown At Nintendo’s Event Was Splatoon

I love shooters. I’ve always been at least a casual fan of Battlefield, I’m starting to warm-up to Call of Duty, I played the crap out of Titanfall, Metroid Prime is the best game ever, I hate Bioshock but I’ve played all of them, I swear by Deus Ex, Star Wars Battlefront and Republic Commando …

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Jun 10

No Longer in the Spotlight – What Kinect-less Xbox Might Tell Us

It’s strange how things change. A year ago, Microsoft was really trying to sell us on the idea that Kinect was going to change the way we think of our game consoles. Kinect was to tie into how we watch TV, how we communicate with each, and hopefully, how we play games. After a slow …

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Jun 09

What I’d Like to See in Kingdom Hearts 3 (and Not See)

After watching my cousins replay their favorite childhood game Kingdom Hearts (though it was the 1.5 Remix edition), I started to wonder about the upcoming third installment and what we will see. Based off of my observation of my cousins’ playthrough, I started making a list of things I really do and don’t want to …

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Jun 05

A Link Between Worlds Left Me Conflicted, But I Still Really Enjoyed It

It took me a while to finally start playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, but once I did I instantly fell in love with it. It was strange being trust into a game that had barely any set up or any more starting instructions other than “go”. Still, it was wonderfully nostalgic …

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Jun 03

Impressions of Mario Kart 8 – The Great Rebalancing

So Mario Kart 8 hasn’t been out for very long, but I feel like I’ve gotten to know the game really well since playing it the night it was released. At it’s core, it’s the same game that we all know and love. You race other players on crazy tracks, using items to blast each …

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May 20

8 Things To Keep the Same in Pokemon

Here’s an interesting design challenge. We all know there are certain parts of games that we would like to change. Some franchises have just been around for so long that when we look upon them and see another installment, we can’t help but think that they have gone stale. But changing things is easy, what …

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May 19

Double Screen Gaming

The double screen. A second screen meant to serve or compliment the events occurring on the primary screen, and now it has become a well-known concept used in all forms of media. Have we as a society advanced so far ahead intellectually that we cannot be entertained with just one screen anymore? We need another …

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May 12

Hollywood Nor Their Stars Add Legitimacy to Videogames

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Celebrities aren’t the selling point of a videogame. They may have that kind of hold in movies and television, but not in videogames. The games speak for themselves. However, we have moved onto a different discussion, and one I think is very similar to marketing star …

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May 08

Response to Satchel Drake’s Review of Bioshock Infinite

A few weeks ago Satchel Drake discussed racism and ludonarrative dissonance in Bioshock Infinite. It’s a great critique, mainly defending Infinite from some of it’s harsher critics, but one that I think either strawmans or misses the larger point at hand.   On racism, Drake argues that Bioshock Infinite maturely touches on race in a …

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Apr 21

The Power of Kairosoft

Kairosoft must have me wrapped around their finger because I continue to buy their games even though they all feel so similar to one another. Right now I’m playing Pocket Clothier, and it’s nothing extraordinary. It’s a simulation game where you manage a clothing store. I’ve done this before, except before it was a spa, …

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Apr 17

Idea Channel: “Did How I Met Your Mother Earn Its Ending?”

A little off-topic but in relation to the last post I think relevant.   For a while now I’ve believed that to make a good game you need to be an incredibly generous and sympathetic person because ultimately, you make games for people to play them. You need to understand how people work so that …

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Mar 17

Alien Race: Advertising Bullsh*t for the Modern Age

Ever bought something for one sole reason? Like watching a horrendous movie only because your favorite actor or director or writer was involved in the project. Ever bought a game that didn’t particularly tickle your fancy until a certain name popped up and changed your mind? Not an uncommon practice among consumers, but one we …

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