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Mar 17

Alien Race: Advertising Bullsh*t for the Modern Age

Ever bought something for one sole reason? Like watching a horrendous movie only because your favorite actor or director or writer was involved in the project. Ever bought a game that didn’t particularly tickle your fancy until a certain name popped up and changed your mind? Not an uncommon practice among consumers, but one we …

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Mar 14

Refuting Common Arguments for Why “South Park: The Stick of Truth” Shouldn’t Have Playable Female Characters

So the article I’m about to link to and this article has major spoilers for South Park: The Stick of Truth. If you wish to remain spoiler free for a very funny game, then I suggest book marking this page and returning to it later.   Okay, so I found this article on Polygon discussing …

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Mar 10

Another Case Solved Overview

Rather than just review the entire game, I decided to look at some of the elements Another Case Solved gets right, wrong, and could improve. Unlike many free-to-play games, Another Case Solved really is free-to-play…so long as you don’t complain too much about the dependency on consumable items for completion. For some reason, the last …

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Mar 05

Innovation and Inspiration

I thought we were done talking about Flappy Bird. That little game has put it’s creator through so much trouble and the game is not even worth it. The only reason I read “On Flappy Bird, Games Culture and the Problem with ‘Innovation‘” by Brendan Keogh is becausae it had the words “Problem with ‘Innovation’” …

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Feb 03

The Worst Type of Achievements

After looking through my achievement history, and wanting to up my gamer score a little, I noticed I missed plenty of easily obtainable achievements within many recorded games I’ve played. I would scoop up all the games I plan on playing again, but something stops me from revisiting those titles I had a grand time …

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Jan 09

Cutthroat Caverns and the Art of Betrayal in Games

One of the games I got for Christmas is a tabletop game called Cutthroat Caverns. In this game, you and your friends take the roles of adventurers who had just received a fabulous treasure and the only thing standing between you and the exit are 9 dangerous encounters. What I love about the game is …

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Dec 30

Plucking Random Thoughts

I decided to try something new with this post. This will be a random shoot down of things crossing my mind in free-style form. Hopefully it’s comprehensible. So you’re a tough guy, huh? Or at least that’s what you want NPCs to think when picking dialogue choices scaled to a morality option. Do I use …

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Nov 25

Pondering the Longevity of Pokemon

NPR ran a little post about the longevity of a well-known franchise that launched a little, yellow rodent into stardom. With the recent release of Pokémon X and Y, the franchise continues to endure aging while staying on top of its game…literally and figuratively. How Pokémon evolved into the hottest trend in entertainment –shared closely …

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Nov 21

Aiming For “Average”: I Hope This Isn’t Sony’s Approach On Future Games

I never had any love for Knack. Even when I was still on the fence about which console to get, Knack never seemed all that interesting. It looked like another God of War type type, platform brawler except with less interesting things to do. Growing bigger looked cool, but it was painfully obvious at the …

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Oct 28

Glitch Quest: Rage Quits from Bugs

Ever played a game that had, or still has, serious issues with bugs and glitches which disrupted the flow of your gameplay to the point of a rage quit? Browsing through my game collection, I can quickly point out which games I have and have not finished; and the ones that I have not finished …

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Oct 22

Creating Better Massively Mutliplayer Online Games by Ditching the Massive Part

I think one of the many pinnacles of gaming achievement is the MMORPG. While single player games do a great job of creating a world for one person to inhabit a massively multiplayer online role-playing game is basically the fantasy world that we wish we could go to as children. How many other activities actually …

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Oct 18

A Good Trailer and a Bad Trailer – Hometown Story and Road Not Taken

Even though my game is still pretty far away, I’m trying to get a better understanding for what makes a good game trailer and a bad game trailer. We see a lot of the big AAA studios putting on trailers that look like cinema trailers, focusing on story, cutscenes, and maybe a few action scenes …

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Oct 17

Looking at the Economy of Information in Games like Smash Bros. and Pokemon

This started off on my last post about The Smash Brothers Documentary but was spilling over into completely unrelated topics that I decided to make it its own article. This is also why the article is coming now instead of before.     If there is anything that the first episode of the Smash Brother …

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Oct 14

Will Cross-Platform Games Ever Become the Norm?

An article on Destructoid writes about how Nintendo has apparently gave the go ahead for cross-platform multiplayer. So like how you could play the Steam version of Portal 2 along with the PS3 version. The game that is breaking down these walls is Pure Chess, which will initially allow Wii U, 3DS, IoS, and Android …

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Oct 07

Lights, Camera, AHHHction: Why Are Horror Games Scarier than Films?

It’s October which means MURDER. No, not really. Actually I wanted to focus on something that’s piqued my attention more than the grotesque grinning toy clown lying under your bed. It’s a question that’s been asked numerous times before, and answered, but one that needs more explanation than what is given: why are horror games …

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