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Jul 24

My Favorite Game Moments

So last week I watched this video by Shut and Sit Down reviewer Quintin Smith where he brings up a few good and heartfelt points about games that I think sometimes gets lost in the thick of it all. You can watch it here but the short version is this: we don’t play games alone. …

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Jul 17

On the Growing Usage of Graphic Violence in Video Games

A great article on Polygon by Chris Plante that discusses his growing uneasiness with the use of graphic violence in game marketing.   While I think Assassin’s Creed Unity might have been a pretty tame example, the in-general over use of graphic violence is something that has been making me rather uncomfortable. The strange thing …

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Jun 25

Reality vs. Fiction: Why Nothing is Stopping Link From Being Black

A few days ago I stumbled across an article titled “Why Can’t Link be Black?” It dealt with the idea and implication of Link from The Legend of Zelda series always being portrayed as a human-like elf type character (Hylian) with characteristics most closely related to “white” people. Was that a mouthful? Well, remember how …

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Jun 23

Revise: Celebrities Sometimes Sell Game

There’s a new mobile game in town, and it stars a not-so lovable personality mostly everyone wishes would exit the Earth with her husband and entire family tree. Then again, I may be speaking on behalf of the minority since all the news clips I see on this game says nothing but nice compliments of …

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Jun 18

Facing the Reality of Development: Untangling the Logic Behind Ubisoft’s Decision to Exclude Female Characters

So last week during E3, Ubisoft got into a bit of trouble with their comment regarding female assassins in the new Assassin’s Creed: Unity and playable female characters in the co-op of Far Cry 4. To sum it up, it’s too hard to animate female characters. They made claims about adding female assassin being in …

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Jun 17

Now That E3 is Over, Let’s Rate The Presentations

So I figured everyone was doing this, I might as well throw in my post-E3 two cents. This will be as brief as possible and I’m going to be ranking them from the ones that I thought were the best to the worst.   Nintendo: They pretty much made the show due to them once …

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Jun 16

E3 Roundup

E3 2014 may have not been the mind-blowing event of videogame summer, but it did showcase a lot of titles with the potential for greatness. We’ll hold the “Is E3 Dead?” debate for later. For now, let’s focus on all the cool things each conference had to display. Indie Game I’m Most Anticipating: Cuphead and Inside …

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Jun 11

The Lack of Vita Makes Me Relieved I Never Bought One

Going by the E3 event alone and the some information I could find on the internet (technically at the time of this writing the show isn’t open to the public yet) Sony has pretty much abandoned their handheld the PlayStation Vita. Even if games start popping up in the coming week, it’s absence as it’s …

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Jun 10

No Longer in the Spotlight – What Kinect-less Xbox Might Tell Us

It’s strange how things change. A year ago, Microsoft was really trying to sell us on the idea that Kinect was going to change the way we think of our game consoles. Kinect was to tie into how we watch TV, how we communicate with each, and hopefully, how we play games. After a slow …

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May 27

Chuck E. Cheese Adventures into the Oculus Rift

When you think Oculus Rift, Facebook isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Even though Facebook did acquire the little VR set for a hefty some of money, the acquisition came with a lot of shock and fan backlash. Now that the dust has somewhat settle, though Zenimax would say otherwise, Oculus creators are …

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May 19

Double Screen Gaming

The double screen. A second screen meant to serve or compliment the events occurring on the primary screen, and now it has become a well-known concept used in all forms of media. Have we as a society advanced so far ahead intellectually that we cannot be entertained with just one screen anymore? We need another …

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May 12

Hollywood Nor Their Stars Add Legitimacy to Videogames

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Celebrities aren’t the selling point of a videogame. They may have that kind of hold in movies and television, but not in videogames. The games speak for themselves. However, we have moved onto a different discussion, and one I think is very similar to marketing star …

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May 05

Bad Ideas: Movie Studios Getting Into Videogames

Has anyone been pleasantly surprised by the quality of a videogame based off a movie franchise? Some may point to The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay or The Wolverine game. No one expected a B-movie adaptation to work so well in videogame format, and yet everyone expected a game based off a terrible …

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Apr 28

Apple or Google: Exclusive Game Deals Mean Little

Apple and Google want first dibs on games and have started implementing exclusive deals with game developers with popular franchises. This bit of news may have fallen by the waste side after the random terminations of an actor, artist, and music composer from well known game development studios hit news feeds. Even if the restructuring …

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Apr 17

Idea Channel: “Did How I Met Your Mother Earn Its Ending?”

A little off-topic but in relation to the last post I think relevant.   For a while now I’ve believed that to make a good game you need to be an incredibly generous and sympathetic person because ultimately, you make games for people to play them. You need to understand how people work so that …

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