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Sep 16

Would It Be Better If We Took the “Free” Out of “Free-to-Play”

Without a doubt, mobile games are popular. While some deride their simplicity and never ending nature, I actually applaud that kind of approach to games. Some of the best games around never truly end, even if you hit the credits. Competitive games for example tend to keep going for anyone who is interested in battling …

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Sep 08

Free to Hate Free-to-Play (Love Is Welcome Too)

You know we are under attack. You, the decent, pure-hearted gamer, know your hobby is under a threat so vicious it’s altering everything we hold dearly. A corrupt, malicious force is happening on this lovely pastime and twisting what could once be called games into something, for a lack of a better word, foreign. We …

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Sep 03

Games are Art, Not Business, and We Should Start Treating Them Like Art

The past couple of weeks has been disheartening for the game industry. In fact, it’s been one train wreck controversy after another for what seems like the longest time now. It may be time to face it, the game industry as we know it is broken on a fundamental level. The current way we makes …

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Sep 01

Guys, Women Are Allowed to Have an Opinion

Gender politics is a very complicated issue. It’s complicated because we made it that way. For some reason, we like competition and since there are two genders — enough to start up opposing teams and score cards — sides must be picked. You’re either with the girls or the boys. There’s no middle ground of …

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Aug 25

5 Games I Overplayed in My Youth

I’m sure we’ve all been there. As a child gaming was expensive and the family could only afford one, maybe two, games to play for the rest of the year until next. For as long as I knew, I’ve played countless hours on most systems through one game. Never got to own a plethora of …

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Aug 21

Our Games Reflect Our Culture – The Issue with Battlefield Hardline

This is an article on Polygon by Chris Plante discussing the kind of issues that comes up with a game like Battlefield Hardline, especially in light of the recent crisis in Ferguson, Missouri. This was a thought that had crossed my mind after watching this Jon Oliver video which talked about the dangers of an …

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Aug 18

P.T. Trailer/Teaser/Demo Thoughts: Half In

Have you “played” the P.T. trailer/teaser yet?(PS4) By the time this post gets out, you will have probably already heard/played/seen the secret that was hiding at the end of the teaser. Not only is there a game coming in the near future, but Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro, …

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Aug 13

A Link Between Worlds and the Ratio of Women to Men Saved

This is an interesting article by mrsdawnaway from BigTallWords on the literal objectification of women in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.   This article left me, conflicted. Partly because I agree with many of the points including that The Legend of Zelda series is historically not the best at spotlighting strong women. …

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Aug 11

Recant: Maybe We Aren’t Getting Smarter (App Store)

About a year ago, I had a premonition. In it I saw mobile app consumers getting smarter, wiser about their app purchases. As Apple continued to ignore the mess of apps clogging the storefront, the consumers would come together and rally as one against the lame pricing model, sneaky in-app purchases, and terrible gaming mechanics. …

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Jul 28

Best Female Videogame Characters*

*You should already be wary of any titles with an “*” in them   A lot of rumblings in the month of July, most of which involved the subject of women, fictional and non-fictional, in or working in the pop culture media. In July alone, Marvel announced Thor is now a woman (comic form, at …

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Jul 24

My Favorite Game Moments

So last week I watched this video by Shut and Sit Down reviewer Quintin Smith where he brings up a few good and heartfelt points about games that I think sometimes gets lost in the thick of it all. You can watch it here but the short version is this: we don’t play games alone. …

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Jul 17

On the Growing Usage of Graphic Violence in Video Games

A great article on Polygon by Chris Plante that discusses his growing uneasiness with the use of graphic violence in game marketing.   While I think Assassin’s Creed Unity might have been a pretty tame example, the in-general over use of graphic violence is something that has been making me rather uncomfortable. The strange thing …

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Jul 09

The Art of TCG Booster Packs

I feel like the art of making, designing, and implementing collectible elements in a game has been discussed before, but I rarely see any discussion in the art of distributing those collectibles. Rarely have I played a card game like Magic the Gathering, where opening a booster pack was actually one of the fun parts …

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Jun 25

Reality vs. Fiction: Why Nothing is Stopping Link From Being Black

A few days ago I stumbled across an article titled “Why Can’t Link be Black?” It dealt with the idea and implication of Link from The Legend of Zelda series always being portrayed as a human-like elf type character (Hylian) with characteristics most closely related to “white” people. Was that a mouthful? Well, remember how …

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Jun 23

Revise: Celebrities Sometimes Sell Game

There’s a new mobile game in town, and it stars a not-so lovable personality mostly everyone wishes would exit the Earth with her husband and entire family tree. Then again, I may be speaking on behalf of the minority since all the news clips I see on this game says nothing but nice compliments of …

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