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Aug 13

Don’t Be Spoiled

No Man’s Sky got an early review from one lucky gamer who paid, I would say, too much for early access. Unfortunately for everyone else, that person decided to share some of his thoughts on the game like exploits and how he reached the center of the galaxy in under 30 hours. With that information …

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Aug 12

Could True-Life Crime Stories Ever Appear in Games?

True-life crime stories are in. People love a good criminal mystery whether it’s the podcast Serial or the TV shows People v. O.J. Simpson, O.J.: Made In America, or Making a Murderer. Crime does not pay, but the stories about them are doing good business in the world of entertainment. Or maybe these particular stories …

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Aug 01

Stop Blaming Games for Your Short-Comings

I shouldn’t be surprised when it comes to media coverage and video games. Yeah, we get it. You guys don’t understand games, nor do you have any interest to learn about it. Every school shooting is because of video games. Every crazy massacre is because of Call of Duty. Armed forces uses first-person shooters for… …

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Jul 20

Pokemon Go and Accessibility: Not Impossible But It Will Need Work

Recently, Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio wrote an article discussing the feelings of exclusion disabled gamers have felt over the explosion of Pokemon Go. To me, it’s a really easy to understand article. Here’s a game, that everyone is playing and you really want to play it as well, but you physically cannot and that sucks.   …

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Jul 19

When Not Playing is More Fun Than Playing

I made myself a promise. The promise was I would play one or more mobile free-to-play games for one year and make a complete evaluation of that game within the time frame. That game was supposed to be Marvel’s Avengers Academy on the iOS. The game had enough updates and events through the rolling months …

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Jul 18

Las Vegas as the Next Great Arcade?

You ready to play in the biggest arcade ever made in the world? What if I told you that arcade isn’t just in Las Vegas, it IS Las Vegas? Or at least will be soon according to the New York Times. The younger crowd hasn’t been as engaged in gambling as their elder generations and …

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Jun 28

Overwatch Champions Diversity By Hurdling Over a Low Bar – How It Still Fails and How It Could Be Fixed

Susana Polo of Polygon recently wrote this article talking about how diversity has helped pushed Overwatch into financial success. In this article, she explained that:   “Blizzard took the time in their development cycle to plan and create female character models in a variety of class roles, difficulty levels and silhouettes. They did it explicitly …

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Jun 27

VR Is [Fill in the Blank]

VR tech is making a big play in video games as well as movies and other mediums willing to shell out millions of dollars for a glimpse of financial potential. Some claim it’s the next step in gaming. Others think it needs more fine tuning before it can capture the masses. And the corner dwellers …

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Jun 23

We Need a Single Sonic Universe (The Concept, Not the Comic)

Today is Sonic the Hedgehog’s birthday. That little blue hedgehog has been through a lot in these last 25 years and one might argue that he’s been through too much. That’s okay, luckily Sonic the Hedgehog’s adventures are not just split into two or three multiple continuities, but something like five.Probably more.     I …

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Jun 20

So That Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer…

What the hell is going on? It’s been 11 years since I played the last console Kingdom Hearts (KH2) game so my memory of what is going on is a bit hazy. But seriously, what the hell is going on? Do I really have to play all the DS versions of Kingdom Hearts to understand …

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Jun 14

The Movie That Would “Legitimatize” Video Games…

I was going through some old episodes of Movie Fights on the Screen Junkies YouTube page and happened upon one of a debate questions asking what video game franchise would be legitimize by a movie. A few things about that question has me scratching my head — like why would a video game need a …

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Jun 06

Is This the Year We Get That Great Video Game Movie?

This year we are seeing the possibility of the first “good” videogame movie if the hype around Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed are to be believed. And maybe Angry Birds. (I don’t know, I haven’t seen that movie, but it’s possible.) This may possibly be the year the curse of bad videogame movie adaptations are broken …

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May 23

Are Games Ruining Gaming? [Wisecrack Video]

Maybe. Every gamer knows the most important part of a game is gameplay. The controls, the mechanics, how the game plays, etc. all trump any other part of a game. It’s more important than graphics, story, and sound. We all know this. Did we also know, however, that the gamey part could get in the …

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May 12

Cracked: ” 4 Ways You Are Being ‘Aged Out’ By The Gaming Industry” By Winston Rowntree and David Wolinsky

I don’t necessarily agree with everything this Cracked article by Winston Rowntree and David Wolinsky talks about, but I do think it has some good points.   Without sounding too much like a pompous jerk, I really do work to make innovative games. If I can, I want them to be meaningful works of art …

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Apr 19

Stop Defending (Bad) Freemium Games

Yes, another post about freemium. I’ve played enough freemium games to know developers have reached their peak when it comes to innovative mobile games and how to price them. (Sure, I may be wrong, but based on the sameness of every freemium game I would say no.) The barrier to entry is low enough — …

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