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Apr 18

Polygon: “Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchet on the silver lining behind controversy” by Emily Gera

In this Polygon article written by Emily Gera, the writer behind the latest Tomb Raider game, Rhianna Pratchet, talks about the controversial writing and the kind of silver lining that comes from it.   The scene in question, and I have not played this game or seen the scene, is that Lara Croft is captured …

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Apr 17

Idea Channel: “Did How I Met Your Mother Earn Its Ending?”

A little off-topic but in relation to the last post I think relevant.   For a while now I’ve believed that to make a good game you need to be an incredibly generous and sympathetic person because ultimately, you make games for people to play them. You need to understand how people work so that …

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Apr 14

Being Good Sucks

After playing the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, I’ve come to hate being “good.” Technically there is no good option in the game, but good comes in many forms. Good could mean kind, friendly, caring, charity, holy, not bad, etc. , and the main character Bigby has a few good options open to …

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Apr 12

GAME_JAM – How Not to Run a Game Making Reality Show

I know this is pretty old news, but have you heard about GAME_JAM? It was this YouTube reality show that completely crashed and burned because the people making it had no respect for the indie game developers of whom they were hoping to exploit. For every reason mentioned in the linked to article, I am …

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Apr 07

Mainstream Media Don’t Care About Your Game

Imagine you created a game. It took many days from your life, but after all the stumbling blocks and personal sacrifice, it’s finally complete. You release it onto the iOS market, and it’s a success. Not an Angry Birds type of success, but something to be proud of nonetheless. Now imagine your game is cloned, …

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Mar 24

Aging: The Flaw to Gaming

We all love to game. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t at least have an interest in the gaming space. But as the years go by, our taste and habits begin to change and adjust to our daily routine. We start to sacrifice one thing for the other, our leisure for business, and …

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Mar 17

Alien Race: Advertising Bullsh*t for the Modern Age

Ever bought something for one sole reason? Like watching a horrendous movie only because your favorite actor or director or writer was involved in the project. Ever bought a game that didn’t particularly tickle your fancy until a certain name popped up and changed your mind? Not an uncommon practice among consumers, but one we …

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Mar 14

Refuting Common Arguments for Why “South Park: The Stick of Truth” Shouldn’t Have Playable Female Characters

So the article I’m about to link to and this article has major spoilers for South Park: The Stick of Truth. If you wish to remain spoiler free for a very funny game, then I suggest book marking this page and returning to it later.   Okay, so I found this article on Polygon discussing …

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Mar 10

Another Case Solved Overview

Rather than just review the entire game, I decided to look at some of the elements Another Case Solved gets right, wrong, and could improve. Unlike many free-to-play games, Another Case Solved really is free-to-play…so long as you don’t complain too much about the dependency on consumable items for completion. For some reason, the last …

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Mar 05

Innovation and Inspiration

I thought we were done talking about Flappy Bird. That little game has put it’s creator through so much trouble and the game is not even worth it. The only reason I read “On Flappy Bird, Games Culture and the Problem with ‘Innovation‘” by Brendan Keogh is becausae it had the words “Problem with ‘Innovation’” …

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Mar 03

Not Everything Needs More Female Characters

When it comes to females characters in, well, almost anything, the debate about sexism isn’t too far away. Readers, viewers, gamers, and/or activists have a bone to pick with creators who have been going back to the well and drying it clean, especially when it comes to characters fitting a specific detail. Of course creators …

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Feb 24

Total Anarchy: From Steam Tags to Pokemon

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of commotion has been going around the Twitch streams, specifically one involving a live Pokemon game playable to Twitch viewers. The stream has gathered some attention from gaming news outlets, even attracting NPR’s eyes, with almost 80k people watching and playing during a stream (120k was its …

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Feb 17

In Videogames, Back-Story is Optional

I don’t mind back-story in a narrative, whether it be in film, TV shows, or videogames. But after reading a little post from the movie website The Dissolve, I’m starting to debate if back-story is even necessary. Sure, learning about a character or a place can ground the fiction of the world, but for the …

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Feb 11

The Good, the Bad, and the AO Rating

An article on Polygon argues that the AO rating is bad for the gaming industry and that it hurts gaming as an art form.   The history of the ESRB is an interesting one. Essentially born out of the controversy that was Mortal Kombat and extreme depictions of violence, the ESRB plays a vital role …

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Feb 10

Peeking into the Future: Five Videogame Adaptations Set for Film

Over 30 movies based around videogames have been slated to be made for theaters. Whether those movies even reach a theater or not is another question, but that’s not what occupies gaming/film enthusiast’s minds. They want to know if one of those movies will finally be the thing that breaks the videogame film adaptation curse. …

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