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Name: Jamal Lee
Date registered: March 7, 2012


A patron of video game culture, especially music. I love writing and I love video games, and I would love to be a voice that people turn to for news and opinions.

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  1. Saturday Songs: Pokemon Trading Card Game — April 21, 2012
  2. Saturday Songs: Dragon Quest VIII — March 31, 2012
  3. Artist Spotlight: 8-Bit-Painter — March 9, 2012

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Apr 21

Saturday Songs: Pokemon Trading Card Game

For today’s Saturday Songs we’ll be taking a look at the older game, Pokemon Trading Card Game. One of my boyhood favorites, mainly thanks to the music! I would sometimes play this game just to hear the music. The gameplay revolved around the early set of the Pokemon TCG. The plot was set-up like the …

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Mar 31

Saturday Songs: Dragon Quest VIII

Music, a sometime overlooked but essential element to video games.  It sets the mood, prepares the players for an oncoming attack, and even lifts spirits with a victory tune.  Even a bland game can gain notoriety if it’s got an amazing soundtrack.   Today we’ll be taking a look at one my all-time favorite game soundtracks …

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Mar 09

Artist Spotlight: 8-Bit-Painter

This might just be because I’m a sucker for the classics but I was searching around on Deviantart and found a piece that made me stop dead in my clicks.  The artist is known as 8-Bit-Painter. Here are a couple other pieces of his work. Personal Favorite Check out the rest of his awesome art …

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