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A consumer of pop and video game culture. Has written about video game topics for at least a year and still loving it. Twitter - @DSDwight

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Jan 26

Tempering Expectations, Ignoring the Hype

If you live in the U.S., then you’ve heard about this interesting new show that hit Netflix called Black Mirror. I’m sure you’ve at least come across an article or two with the mentioned named since my Twitter and RSS feed can’t stop begging me to watch this show. Black Mirror is the BBC sci-fi …

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Jan 19

Just Can’t Get Into Mujo

Games make great company when sick. Sitting in bed, coughing up a lung, and playing a short session on…whatever. Unfortunately, the only games I’ve got on hand are mobile games which isn’t too bad if you’ve got the right ones. I did not.   The mobile game Mujo was free for the week of January …

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Jan 13

Reviewing 2014 Predictions and Moving Forward to 2015

That bad omen of Uncle Phil’s passing at the beginning of 2014 really did come true. Luckily, 2015 hasn’t had any of that. Then again many games press writers announced career changes from one publication to the next, or onto other projects, in the new year. It’s a new change. Whether it’s good or bad, …

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Dec 29

Mobile, the New Home for Bad Movie Tie-In Game

I recently listened to the Bombcast where the hosts discussed the enormous popularity of Marvel movies and the lack of tie-in games to follow the success. Both hosts found it weird and wondered why Disney hadn’t bothered shoving movie tie-in games alongside their movie franchises. There’s actually a very good reason for this lack of …

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Dec 22

2014: The Year Entertainment Became Political

As much as I would like to look back at 2014 and say something nice, I can’t. This was a terrible year and not just because of the real world hostility with US police force against minorities, but also some of that fear seeping into our entertainment. When people praise the progress humanity has made, …

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Dec 15

Cassandra, the Character I Wanted Lightning to Be

When discussions about strong female videogame characters come up, some of the usually suspects always show up (Lara Croft, Jade, Samus, and so on). However, there is one character I would argue doesn’t and shouldn’t even appear anywhere on that list, yet the pool she comes from is not as varied as one would like …

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Dec 10

Choices in RPGs and Learning to Stop Caring

Spoilers for the Mass Effect series, The Walking Dead S1 Episode 1, and Heavy Rain. Minor spoilers for  The Witcher 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The big decision, the choice between one or the other. No one wants to make that choice, but the game never advances if we linger on it. Whatever the case, …

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Nov 24

Goodbye Xbox 360

For a system I secretly wanted to hate, Xbox, you did a hell of a job entertaining me for years. But it seems now is the time to make the transition to your newer model because games have decided to move from the old consoles onto newer, greener pastures. No game points that direction more …

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Nov 17

BitCoin Billionaire

When a game, let alone a mobile game, shows some decency to its players, you know you’re in for a ride. The good people at Noodlecake Games and Fizz Pow have made what I would consider an average game that somehow is able to surpass the bland mindless actions most idle clicker games resort to …

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Nov 10

Unfinished Games: Mirror’s Edge

Normally I finish every game I start. Even if a game doesn’t click with me, I try to see the whole thing through before I move on. Mirror’s Edge is of the exception, and I don’t expect to go back anytime soon. Only half-way through the game, I gave up and never went back. Just …

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Nov 03

14 Social Media Advice (7 From Kim Kardashian)

There’s nothing like being duped by a click-bait article. I don’t just mean the misleading headers, rehashed posts of other posts, or an intriguing topic with two sentences in the post itself. I’m talking about a post with a title that’s clearly click-bait but still seems worth a read. Case in point, this little turd …

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Oct 27

Play a Game, Get a Game: Fat Princess

Ever played an average game, with no real quality in gameplay, only because it offered you a free game? I’m not talking about “Buy this, and get this other thing for free” type of deals. I’m talking about playing a game, which you probably had no interest in, and finishing it just to get that …

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Oct 15

The Weird, and Terrifying, Thing About Utah

If you haven’t been keeping up with gaming news lately, let me just say I envy you. No, truly I do. Some of the most horrendous shit that has been happening for the past months have not only made gaming less enjoyable, but also completely frightening. Stories of women in the industry harassed and threatened …

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Oct 13

Rewarding Gamification

The future is gaming, but not exactly in the way you think. Sure, mobile gaming is on fire now, but how about including gaming into actual life? Gamification is the new sexy term going around knocking down barriers and introducing aspects of gaming to non-gaming patrons. Some of you are probably participating in a form …

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Oct 06

Tetris Goes to Hollywood: The Brands Adapted to Film

I don’t know if you guys know this, but brands are the new stars of Hollywood. At least that’s what producer Larry Kasanoff thinks, and I’m incline to believe others in his circle of producers think the same way. Then again, the trending movies in the mainstream releases seem to echo the same sentiment as …

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