About VGologists

VideoGameologists.com is not an average gaming website. Here, we aren’t focused on posting all of the latest and greatest video game news because we know that there are already hundreds of great websites that offer the same thing. Instead, we’re here to provide you with a semi-formal opinion website filled with thoughtful and educated articles related to the gaming world. I think one of the most important things to note is that we are not journalists, most of us are still students working at earning our degrees and figuring out how to combine our goals in life with our love of video games. Because of this, our site can bring you a broader perspective on video games than other sites.

When we look at video games here, we look at four major categories of study. The first is design or how a game is crafted. How and what makes game different from other mediums such as film or books? Game design is one of those difficult to understand concepts that often don’t cross the minds of the average gamer, and we are here to kindle a greater interests in what makes games special.

The second is art. Games aren’t just a visual medium, but a combination of art and sound. Graphics, music, and cinematography all play an important role in making a video game a truly unique experience and how it affects the overall experience.

The third is story. Many would argue that the story being told in a video game is the most important aspect. The story helps us determine what actions we’re going to take, it puts certain games into context, and creates emotional investments which causes us to stick with certain games until the very end. The most interesting aspect of a video game story is that it can employed to tell a story of a certain character or event, or be totally open for the player to make his or her own story. It can be simple but still effective or elaborate and engrossing.

The fourth is culture. To many of us, gaming is more than just our hobby, it is a part of our lives. Gaming has evolved from just clusters of nerds sitting around a TV screen to an entire culture of people with different heritages, beliefs, and backgrounds. Gaming culture manifests itself in the form of fan art, music, commentary, comments on the internet, social behavior etc. and we at Videogameologists are determined to take a closer look at this culture and find all the beautiful and ugly things about it.


While we hope to have a somewhat serious tone in our articles, this doesn’t mean we have forgotten that video games are about having fun. So along with our serious stuff, we’re also going to be posting all the cool and fun stuff we find in our Extra Credit category. We also encourage that if anyone wants to have their awesome video game related project showcased, to email us at [email protected] and we’ll more than happy to post it on the front page.


We also have some forums set up where members can chat and talk about all the video game news they can find. We will be posting all the best news we can find there, but we encourage regular members to also post what they find (whether it be news, something funny, or an interesting article). We even have a section for members to post their own articles, of which, we might feature it on the front page.


Videogameologists is about taking our love of video games to the next level. It’s about having fun by taking our fun seriously and our team hopes that everyone enjoys their time here.


Explanation from Drew: We take all the shit you guys complain so much about and tell you to quit your bitching or that you’re right, that game is a humongous pile of nasty bananas. Or completely awesome. Probably the former. Maybe the latter. Could be both. The point is that we’re gamers willing to challenge what everyone else thinks and shed light on not only the gaming experience, but components, regional influences, and marketing that affects games and their histories/releases.

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