Oct 18

Dishonored Comic – “You Can’t See Me Cuz’ I’m Leaning”


Dishonored was an okay game. Talking with Drew we realized that there were some great ideas behind it but it just wasn’t executed all that well. I mean, it basically is like a great Bioshock mod since it uses the same health and mana mechanics and there weren’t a lot of powers for it being a main selling point.


Anyways, one thing that kind of bothered me was the first person stealth aspect. It’s always kind of weird because you need to be able to peek over your cover to make an informed decisions, but in the case of Dishonored you lean. So from your perspective you are totally exposed, but from the game’s perspective you’re totally hidden. There’s no indication if you’re invisible or not so it can be confusing at time.


Anyways, the artist behind this comic is named Zac Gorman and you can check out more of his art right here.

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